I am a management consultant turned ocean rower turned coach, and my mission is to help people find greater courage, success, self-confidence, fulfilment, wellbeing, and inner peace.



I believe that my clients are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and on some level already know the answers to whatever challenges they face. My role as your coach is to create a safe and confidential space, where I ask powerful questions to help unleash those deep answers, and work with you to develop strategies to bring your goals into reality. I listen and empower, as we take a journey together to discover the dreams, skills and creativity you already possess.

I seek to inspire people to feel engaged in and passionate about their life and work, see the good, get curious, communicate confidently, become visionary, feel more alive, connect deeply to others, give real meaning to their lives, think much bigger, become great leaders and make a difference in the world.

Oh, and I’ve rowed solo across three oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian) which has given me plenty of time and opportunity to figure out a few things about life purpose, motivation, and getting things done – especially things that might initially seem daunting or even scary.

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I am based in Windsor, just outside London, but no problem if you’re on the other side of the country or the other side of the world – or the other side of the universe, provided you have a phone.

We start with a 1.5-hour Discovery Session. In advance of the session I will send you a questionnaire to ask about what you want to get out of our coaching sessions, and to find out about you, your life, your work, your goals, your values, and so on. It will take you about an hour to fill out the questionnaire.

During the Discovery Session we will dive deep into what is going on in your life, and design the outcomes for our coaching collaboration. We will agree a timeframe and schedule, and these will form the basis of our Coaching Contract. The frequency, number, and duration of our sessions will depend on where you are now and what outcomes you want to achieve. Each programme is tailor-made to suit the client.


  • help you identify your highest purpose, your role in the world, the legacy you want to leave behind
  • inspire you to be courageous and bold in pursuit of your vision
  • help create a roadmap of inspiring but achievable goals that will support that life purpose
  • support you in creating strategies and habits that will allow you to achieve your goals effectively and on time
  • develop the innate strengths, values and belief systems that will support your desired outcomes
  • help you find ways to overcome obstacles, including self-limiting beliefs
  • hold you accountable for the deep inner work that you undertake to do in between sessions
  • encourage you to celebrate your successes, and to use them as stepping stones to greater achievement

I will also, on occasion and as appropriate, offer suggestions and new perspectives. Generally my philosophy is that it is your life and so you are the expert, and it is my job to ask you the questions that help you arrive at the strategies that work best for you, but with your permission will I can offer more direct forms of input. We will discuss during the Discovery Session what works best for you, and can revisit the question at any point during our coaching relationship.

Our sessions are completely confidential, so this is one place you can feel safe saying things that possibly can’t be said to colleagues, bosses, or even friends or spouses. I am your confidante and cheerleader, and my role is to create a haven where you can step out of your busy life and get some perspective in an atmosphere of safety and non-judgement.

“Roz made me think about my life and what I want to achieve. She’s made me braver about taking risks & pushing myself out of my comfort zone.” — Clare Balding, BBC TV/radio presenter

“Roz is not only the most empathic, kind hearted and encouraging coach I’ve encountered, she also outshines any of my previous coaches (and I’ve had quite a few). Roz has an innate ability to bring out the best in people, to help them find their true selves and encourage the self-work we all so deeply desire and need. 

Each of us is on our own journey, and often what we need most is not someone who will tell us how and why, or who will give us all the answers; what we need most, is someone who will facilitate our work, help us seek out the answers for ourselves and encourage us to find the strength and belief to grow. What Roz is able to do is something every coach should learn – to help you find within yourself, the courage to let ourselves be truly seen, to shine and to realise our true purpose and potential. 

Thank you for changing my life, for facilitating my journey with such grace, and for allowing me to grow fearlessly into the person I know I am capable of being.”

– Faith Shorney, Change Agent

“Speaking with Roz was an incredibly insightful experience; she helped me step away from my feelings of indecision and to gain a new perspective. Through both practical and spoken activities we worked together to overcome self-limiting beliefs, and to develop positive stepping-stones towards the development of my adult life and professional career. I came away feeling in touch with my inner feelings, and inspired and motivated to work towards achieving my life goals.”

– Abbie Barnes, aged 18

“What I love about working with Roz is her innate ability to help ME find the answers. She has this sense of calm, human connection that allowed me to be open, honest and vulnerable without judgment. This allowed for us to look in deep and with her help I shifted my perspective that dissolved the lines of limitation I had unknowingly set for myself. Thank you Roz, you are a true gift and I hope to one day give back to others the little bit of greatness you have given me.”

– Casey Sheppard, Artist, Mountain Biker, and Community Gatherer

“Roz and I worked together to find me a realistic and inspired structure for me to build upon and create the future life I really want! Thanks again so much Roz for a fabulous, inspirational, truly supportive coaching session!”

– Samantha Murphy

“Roz’s insightful questions and exercises helped me remember the things about myself that I had forgotten.  She helped me realize the answers I already had.  She is a kind, patient and a curious listener.”

– Vesna Taneva-Miller, businesswoman

“I found our coaching session very helpful. Roz is a very nurturing coach, she helped me bring awareness as to where I am in my life, to realise the areas in which my life is ok and those that need a little adjustment. The exercise we did together was calming, she guided me to find peace within, at a time when I was focused on the outer circumstances as a condition for my happiness. I appreciated when Roz checked in with me later and sent me helpful information to read on my own. She brought hope to me and that is why I am looking forward to working with her for a longer time. I recommend Roz to anyone who is seeking guidance, peace and encouragement in order to achieve greater things in life.”

– Analia Schiavo, 38 yrs old, attorney, lives in Argentina

“Roz’s energy, generosity, and flexibility in meeting me where I was at, as well as her skills as a coach, made my session with her invaluable. I moved past stuck, gained new perspectives, and walked away with assignments essential for my success with my goals.”

– Heloise Jones, author

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