List of the best rabbit breeds

Rabbits belong to the herbivore family. They were originally wild animals. In the writings of Ancient Rome, there is a mention of their domestication. Rabbit lovers have developed new breeds, and now rabbits are bred for different purposes: obtaining meat, skins, fluff, and as pets.Meat types and their descriptionBreeding meat-hides is a difficult but profitable business, so breeders are constantly improving the profitability and fertility of the breeds.

Chickens: care, feeding and the intricacies of hatching

Most farmers prefer to breed chicks on their own, as chickens can significantly increase the number of chickens without additional help. A person will be required to create the most attractive conditions for young animals, thus reducing mortality to the minimum acceptable threshold.general descriptionProviding chickens with a warm, well-lit space, balanced feed, essential vitamins and vaccinations will not only look healthy, but they will be.

Как надеть балдахин на держатель?

Сделать спальню более уютной, а спальное место – защищённым от проникновения солнечных лучей, можно при помощи балдахина. Подобная конструкция отличается по-настоящему сказочным внешним видом, поэтому с ней интерьер детской приобретает особое очарование. Балдахин можно установить над кроваткой самостоятельно, но для этого необходимо следовать инструкции. Сегодня мы узнаем как нужно правильно надевать подобное изделие на держатель.Что собой представляет держатель?Прежд

How high should the chair be?

The convenience and comfort of a seated person directly depends on the size of the chair, therefore, due attention must be paid to the choice of this piece of furniture. The main criteria will be the characteristics of the customer's physique, the purpose of the chair, the room or room for which the item is purchased.

How to make a radio antenna with your own hands?

Radio has long been one of the ways to communicate with the outside world for people of all ages. It will be especially valuable in some hard-to-reach places where there is no television and even more so such a thing as the Internet. Any radio receiver needs such a thing as an antenna to work. It is not always possible to purchase it, but you can do it yourself at home.

Rimless toilets: advantages and disadvantages

A rimless toilet is more popular today than a rimless toilet. It has many advantages, so modern manufacturers also offer a variety of rimless models.Features of the deviceThe rimless toilet practically does not differ from the standard version. The peculiarity is hidden in a small structural change that affects the flow of water when the tank is drained.

Monolithic frame houses: pros and cons

The construction of monolithic-frame houses today is widespread, due to the many advantages of the finished object. The essence of this technology comes down to pouring pre-prepared frames with reinforced concrete. This article discusses the features of this method.Features:The technology of erection of frame-monolithic buildings, which was originally used for the construction of commercial facilities, is becoming more widespread in urban, private and suburban construction.

The best varieties of petunias

Petunias are one of the most popular flowers in flower beds and lawns. There are many varieties of petunias. Therefore, novice owners must definitely understand all the nuances of each type, and in general terms.Features:A plant like petunia owes its name to the famous botanist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

How to grow a violet from seeds at home?

In an urban setting, many seek to decorate an apartment with greenery and flowers that bring beauty to the house, being a part of nature. Saintpaulia has been one of the most popular types of domestic plants for several decades. This is the same flower popularly called the violet. Florists successfully breed Saintpaulias, propagate them and ensure that the plants constantly bloom, pleasing the eye all year.

Begonia: description, types and care

Begonia is a wonderful houseplant, very popular and beautiful. More than two hundred years ago, the story of the modern room begonia familiar to us began. Now she is a decoration of garden plots, park areas, city lawns. This plant blooms almost at any time of the year, for which it is highly valued by flower growers and gardeners all over the world.

The most beautiful indoor flowers

There are many ways to effectively decorate a home interior, but no solution can be compared with "living" decorations - indoor flowers. Many people choose beautiful plants for their homes, with which the environment takes on a particularly cozy, lively and welcoming look. In this article, we'll take a closer look at attractive indoor flowers.

Plastic paints: compositions and colors

Often, various plastic products that could serve their owners for a long time lose their original appearance. Visible cracks appear on their surface, objects become too dull. Many people are confused about which paint is best for applying a new coat to things made of plastic.Features:Today on the construction market there is a huge variety of different types of paint for plastic.

Dimensions and drawing of Dadan hives for 10-14 frames

The book "A Short Course in Beekeeping" by Charles Dadant, a famous American entrepreneur and beekeeper, described a new beehive invented by the author, known today by his name. The design of the hive embodied all the most modern achievements of beekeeping of the middle of the last century, combining them with the most elementary methods of building hives and optimal methods of operation.

Beautiful bath designs

The bathhouse has become a traditional resting place in our country for a long time. Today it is a great opportunity to combine wellness procedures and socializing with friends. This is the best remedy for winter depression and boredom. Bath today is an integral part of most projects of country houses and summer cottages.

Broiler weight by day: norm, shortage, care features

Regular daily weighing of broiler chicks is an important procedure for controlling the weight gain of a bird and its health; by 3 months of age, it should gain marketable weight. We will tell you about the maximum and average growth rates in broilers, the reasons for the underweight and the rules for feeding in our article.

Varieties and advantages of boxes for radiators

In modern interior design, homeowners are often faced with the question of how to hide heating radiators and their piping. One way is to use special boxes that give the room an elegant and original look, while hiding the batteries out of sight. These decorative elements can be installed not only in residential buildings, but also in offices, enterprises and social facilities.