DIY methods of making a box from a box

Almost every home has a personal box for cosmetics, jewelry and mementos. It is not at all necessary to purchase such a thing in the store. Absolutely anyone can make a box with their own hands from a cardboard box. There is no need to have any special skills. Also, do not be afraid that you will have to use complex details, expensive decor.

Cantilever stairs: design features and installation methods

The changes taking place in the style directions of the interior partially affect the appearance of the staircase structure. The cantilever ladder has been in great demand lately. Its advantage is that the design does not interfere with the uniform distribution of light in the living space.It should be noted that the cantilever staircase will immediately amaze you with its originality and originality.

What is a winder staircase?

Today staircases are a fairly relevant type of construction. It often happens that the area of ​​the room does not always allow the installation of an ordinary one-flight staircase. But there is a way out - this is a staircase divided into two flights with a section of a spiral staircase between them.This

Living room lighting

The living room is the most functional room in the house. It is here that people meet with family and friends, relax after a hard day with their families, practice their favorite hobby or just watch TV. Everything here should be perfect and thought out to the smallest detail, from the color of the walls to the design of the furniture.

Everything you need to know about home sheds

Many owners of country houses dream of a covered porch. This is a utilitarian extension that opens up more possibilities than just an open and sometimes useless wide porch. For example, an area under a canopy can be made a summer dining room that protects households from rain and annoying sun. In addition, organizing such a canopy is not the most difficult enterprise.

Why is YouTube not working on Smart TV and what to do?

Today YouTube is the largest video hosting service that has managed to conquer the whole world. The multimillion-dollar public prefers this Internet portal for several reasons. First, it's free content for all users. Secondly, YouTube allows its users to upload their own videos and display them for everyone to watch.

Overview of species and popular varieties of lilies

Lily is a delicate and romantic flower that many gardeners grow on their site. However, not all of them know which type of lily is suitable for growing in a particular climate. The variety of its types is very great. Let's try to figure it out in more detail.What colors are lilies?Hybrid lily varieties are available in a wide range of colors.

Fireplace cladding: material selection and design examples

Almost every resident of a country house dreams of a cozy and beautiful home. To create a harmonious interior, you cannot do without a fireplace. This element can carry an exclusively decorative load, or it can be fully functional and heat the room in cool weather. It should be part of the overall space, complement and reveal it, and this often requires a beautiful cladding.