Bush lilies: an overview of varieties, planting and care

The bush lily is the cherished dream of many novice florists and amateur gardeners. Indeed, the lush caps of numerous flowers in plants often referred to under the indicated name cannot but arouse admiration. However, experienced flower growers deny the existence of this type of lily, and the unusual structure of plants is explained by completely different reasons.

Expansion of the balcony

Expanding the balcony is a legal and fairly simple way to increase the area of ​​an apartment. Of course, it will not grow by 5-10 square meters, but enough to stop storing old skis and moth-eaten sweaters on the balcony, and think about a study, a playground or a home greenhouse.The waysThe choice of a way to increase the space on the balcony depends on the type of balcony and its size, floor height, current operational state, and the ultimate goal of redevelopment.Balc

Orchids from Vietnam: features and care

Orchid is one of the most exquisite flowers. Since the orchid does not grow in open ground in the Russian latitudes, it is very pleasant to receive this flower as a gift, because it is not like any other and at the same time is incredibly beautiful.Vietnamese orchids are often "hunted" by tourists (especially tourists), who, wanting to plant this beautiful plant in their home, take out its bulbs in their luggage or hand luggage.

Bookcase in the interior

Books are something that never loses its relevance, even in our time, despite the development of electronic technologies. Almost everyone has paper books at home. Everyone knows that they need to provide proper storage conditions. For printed editions, bookcases are purchased, which are distinguished by their diversity.

Pillowcase with ears: features and sewing technology

The modern rhythm of life takes up more and more free time. Career growth, family and occasional outings with friends. What can we say about a hobby or business for the soul. All the things that are only necessary for life are available on the shelves, and if they are not there, then online stores can always help out.

All about breeding cacti

The sight of a blooming cactus arouses genuine admiration even among people far from indoor floriculture. During this period, a modest-looking plant is covered with bright and spectacular flowers, which give it a special decorative effect. Very often it is the luxurious look of the cactus, decorated with unusual flowers, that inspires and motivates breeders to expand their green collection.

How to properly water a money tree at home?

A fat woman or a money tree in the interior is placed not only by lovers of indoor plants, but also by experts in feng shui. It is believed that in this way you can lure financial luck. However, the successful cultivation of a fat woman is possible only if some important conditions are met, including those related to watering.

Ladder stringers: what is it and what are they?

A beautiful home means, first of all, well-designed details. Coziness and comfort should be present in every corner of the space, which is why it is worth approaching the creation of an interior thoroughly, thinking over every little thing.The staircase should not only comply with building codes in such a house, but also be attractive.

Standard sizes for teenage beds

A child in the process of growing up becomes an almost independent person. He needs a separate room and also needs a comfortable and cozy place to sleep. You should choose a bed according to the size of your child, so that his body is formed correctly during rest.Teenage bed sizesChildren of all ages spend about 10 hours a day in bed, so size must be taken into account when choosing a place to sleep.

Saxifrage: description, types, planting and care rules

Saxifrage is a graceful unpretentious perennial widely used in modern landscape design. Attractive appearance, variety of colors and the ability to take root in difficult conditions made this plant one of the most popular and demanded among gardeners.DescriptionBased on the name of this plant, it is easy to guess about its amazing ability to transform boring and monotonous landscapes dominated by natural stone.

Types and varieties of spirea

Perhaps not a single owner of a personal plot wants anything to grow there. Everyone seeks to decorate and refine their living area by planting beautiful trees and shrubs. One of these plants - spirea - will be discussed today.DescriptionSpirea is a deciduous shrub that grows up to 2 meters in height.

Veranda: features and types of designs

The veranda is strikingly different from the terrace. Many do not take this fact into account before choosing a design. They mistakenly believe that they are the same thing, and as a result, they do not achieve the desired result. Before deciding what exactly you want to see - a veranda or a terrace, you need to get acquainted with the general information on the topic.

Renovators: what is it, what is it for and what types are there?

The multifunctional renovator tool appeared at Fein half a century ago. Initially, this device was used to repair the bodies of cars and trucks. Ten years ago, the patent ended, this wonderful tool began to be produced by various companies, which found wide application for it: it is in demand in many different areas.

Tulip Bieberstein: description of the species, planting and care rules

Tulips are beautiful and at the same time unpretentious spring plants. Most of the varieties are perennials, which not only professional flower growers prefer to plant, but also just amateurs. One of the most interesting species of such plants is the Bieberstein tulip, which grows in the wild. Next, we will take a closer look at the Bieberstein tulips, find out their description, the nuances of planting and growing.

The computer does not see the column: causes and remedies

While using a personal computer, the user may encounter certain problems, including the lack of reproducible sound. There can be many reasons for such a malfunction, and only a thorough check and diagnostics of the device will allow them to be identified and eliminated.CausesIn order to eliminate such a malfunction, you must first find out its cause.

Pheasant: features, types and maintenance at home

The pheasant is a very beautiful bird that looks exotic. In any courtyard, such birds look original and bright. Against their background, all other birds, if any, fade away. However, these birds can not only please the eye, but also produce excellent meat and eggs. Today we will take a closer look at such individuals and find out how they should be kept at home according to all the rules.

How to charge the battery from a screwdriver without a charger?

Recently, the screwdriver has become an indispensable device for repairing removable structures and helps to quickly cope with small repairs. Considering that this is a non-stationary device, the worker often has to deal with the problem of fast discharge. The material in this article will acquaint the reader with the methods of charging the battery without a native stationary charger.

How do I connect speakers to my computer?

For many users, the answer to the question of how to properly connect the speakers to a personal computer is relevant. It's no secret that you need the appropriate audio devices to watch videos, play games and listen to music. However, despite the apparent simplicity, sometimes certain problems may arise when connecting them.

Radial wardrobe

Today, when arranging their homes, more and more people prefer functional furniture, overshadowing standard products. And this does not surprise anyone, because modern home interior elements combine the characteristics of their predecessors, but at the same time they are more unusual and improved in manufacturing, both in terms of design, and in terms of functionality and practicality.