Alkyd enamel: properties and application

Alkyd enamel is one of the most popular types of paints and varnishes, which boasts versatility and durability. Due to its unique properties, this material can even be used for exterior decoration of premises. Features:Alkyd enamel appeared relatively recently and in a short period of time was able to gain popularity, displacing other types of paint and varnish coatings.

Gray floor in the interior: advantages, disadvantages and finishes

The overall perception of the interior is largely influenced by the shade of the floor. The gray floor covering looks noble and calm, while not taking attention to itself. The range of colors and materials of the ash floor is so wide and varied that it will fit into any style direction.Pros and consThe main advantage of the gray floor is its variability and plasticity, thanks to which it can, without exaggeration, fit into any interior.

How to make a lampshade with your own hands?

Lighting plays an important role in the home. A well-chosen light source is a combination of the correct brightness and power with a beautiful design of the lamp. A good solution would be a chandelier, floor lamp or lamp under a shade. But if neither the stylization for the past century, nor the modern product was suitable for the interior, you can make a lampshade with your own hands!

French windows in interior design

Surely each of us would like to have a lot of light and space in his apartment or country house. Floor-to-ceiling French windows with panoramic views will visually expand the space and allow maximum sunlight into the room. It is worth carefully weighing the pros and cons, deciding on such panoramic glazing, since it is ideal for country houses, and in city apartments it can have many nuances.

Arbors from a bar: pros and cons

There is no better material for making a gazebo than natural wood. It not only looks solid and natural, but is also environmentally friendly. Such designs can be purchased or made independently. Today we will take a closer look at what the pros and cons are characteristic of timber arbors.Features:Gazebos are cozy structures that not only function as a secluded corner for relaxation and friendly gatherings, but also decorate the site and landscape design.

Small dressing room

Even if you live in a small apartment, you probably want all your clothes to be laid out in their places and can be found without much effort. Designers recommend paying attention not to wardrobes, but to small dressing rooms that can accommodate an incredible amount of things.Features and BenefitsA small dressing room is a great alternative to a closet, since it is comfortable, functional, holds a lot of clothes and shoes, thanks to its compact size it will fit even in an ordinary apartment.

Flowers on the balcony: names, location tips

Many people dream of fully using their living space, using absolutely all of its components. The balcony is no exception. Flowers can be an excellent option for decorating a balcony, which will not only decorate the interior, but also benefit.Features:It's no secret that plants not only decorate the living space, but also perform the function of purifying the air and energy that reigns in the apartment.

Propagation of begonias by cuttings at home

Begonia is a beautiful flower that you can buy and grow yourself at home. The plant can decorate houses, apartments, summer cottages, garden areas or parks. This flower is widespread in almost all countries of the world.Features:Native begonia from the rainforests of South America, Asia and Africa. The plant is rich in species diversity and has more than 900 species.

Houseplants with large leaves

Indoor plants with large leaves fit perfectly into the interiors of apartments and offices. They come in different types: flowering and non-flowering, high and low. But their common feature is beautiful ornamental leaves. Thanks to unpretentious care and rapid growth, large-leaved flowers will be an excellent decoration for any room.

Long TV stands in the interior

In the modern world, the main item of the living room interior, around which the furniture is arranged, is the TV. Many people spend all their free time watching TV. For a convenient location of the TV in the room, special long stands are often used. We will talk about this furniture in the article.Features:Almost every house or apartment has a TV, and sometimes not one.

Планировка ландшафтного дизайна участка

Планировка ландшафтного дизайна участка доступна каждому человеку. Чтобы оборудовать территорию, которая понравится каждому, нужно ознакомиться с основными правилами создания проекта.ОсобенностиЕсли вы стали обладателем дачного участка, вам потребуется много времени и сил для того, чтобы его облагородить и превратить в комфортное для пребыва

Rabbit mother bed: what is it and how to make it yourself?

Every farmer knows firsthand: in order for animal breeding to bring pleasure and a stable income, it is important to properly care for the animals, provide them with everything they need and try to comply with living conditions close to ideal. And if it comes to baby animals, then there should be no disputes - it is important to comply with all conditions so that newborns grow up strong and healthy individuals.

How to paint wallpaper correctly?

A few years ago, residents of a large country were forced to be content with the wallpapers that were offered to them in hardware and hardware stores. But as time went on, production technologies changed, and modern paper was replaced by modern ones. People have the opportunity to paint the wallpaper in a color suitable for the design.

Types and varieties of Crassula (fat women)

Crassula (she is a fat woman) is a cute and unpretentious plant that does not require complex care. You just need to provide her with the necessary environmental conditions. The fat woman should be in a place with good lighting, optimal air temperature and humidity levels. There are several subspecies of this attractive plant.

Fireplaces: types and their features

Originally, fireplaces had one function: to heat the house. Over time, their structure and appearance have changed. In modern society, the opinion has formed that fireplaces are more likely an element of luxury than a heating system. However, with its help in a house or apartment, you can create a feeling of warmth and comfort, especially since the market offers various models - from huge street ones to miniature ones.

Combined wallpaper in the hall: design ideas

The appearance of a room and its mood starts from the walls. It is often difficult to choose the right color and texture for the wallpaper, especially if the hall has non-standard dimensions. In this case, designers advise combining them, resulting in an unusual and modern interior, unique in its kind.

Desk height: how to choose the right one?

When choosing a comfortable desk, it is necessary to take into account not only its design and materials of manufacture, but also the height parameters. This characteristic is one of the most important, despite the fact that many consumers forget about it after finding the model they like. A writing desk of an unsuitable height can lead to health problems, so it is simply impossible not to pay attention to such a characteristic of the furniture.

Cages for laying hens: sizes, selection, manufacture and placement

Cages for laying hens are made with their own hands by the main component of farmers due to the multifunctionality and simplicity of the structure. There are two basic versions: with hard deck and with egg collector. The second option is more problematic to create, but more comfortable to maintain. In addition, the cages should contain lighting and feed equipment.

Battery Powered Wall Lights

Nowadays, the choice of functional and beautiful wall lamps is striking in its diversity. Not so long ago, very convenient and mobile devices that do not have wires appeared on the market. With the help of such lamps, you can provide very high quality and pleasant lighting in the room.Features, advantages and disadvantagesModern and high-tech battery-powered devices do not require additional power supplies.