Desk height: how to choose the right one?

When choosing a comfortable desk, it is necessary to take into account not only its design and materials of manufacture, but also the height parameters. This characteristic is one of the most important, despite the fact that many consumers forget about it after finding the model they like. A writing desk of an unsuitable height can lead to health problems, so it is simply impossible not to pay attention to such a characteristic of the furniture.

Cages for laying hens: sizes, selection, manufacture and placement

Cages for laying hens are made with their own hands by the main component of farmers due to the multifunctionality and simplicity of the structure. There are two basic versions: with hard deck and with egg collector. The second option is more problematic to create, but more comfortable to maintain. In addition, the cages should contain lighting and feed equipment.

Battery Powered Wall Lights

Nowadays, the choice of functional and beautiful wall lamps is striking in its diversity. Not so long ago, very convenient and mobile devices that do not have wires appeared on the market. With the help of such lamps, you can provide very high quality and pleasant lighting in the room.Features, advantages and disadvantagesModern and high-tech battery-powered devices do not require additional power supplies.

How to transplant ficus?

Ficuses are graceful indoor plants that are popular with flower growers due to their amazing decorative effect. So that these unpretentious creatures can fully grow and develop, delighting their owner with emerald glossy foliage, it is important for them to provide comfortable living conditions. One of the important nuances of growing ficuses is associated with their transplants.

Turkey poults: feeding and caring for them

Breeding turkeys is an incredibly exciting activity that will give you pleasure and good mood. These tips will dispel your doubts and fears in the desire to do this business.Description of chicksBuying one-day turkeys is certainly economical, but also a tricky one. Such small turkeys are very sensitive and painful, therefore, in order to avoid the death of chicks, it is important to pay attention to their physical condition, to observe the appropriate conditions of keeping and feeding, which will be discussed below.

How to disassemble a JBL speaker?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to disassemble a JBL speaker. After reading our article, parsing the original and Chinese portable Bluetooth speaker will not give you much difficulty. We'll show you how to open a column and give you some helpful tips.Disassembly featuresFirst, make sure disassembly is really necessary.

Balcony and loggia repair

Quite often, when doing repairs in an apartment, many overlook such a part of it as a balcony, leaving part of the living space unused due to the lack of any interior decoration. But balconies and loggias can be as functional as indoor spaces, you just need to correctly decorate the interior.Let's take a closer look at how easy and simple it is to make repairs on the balcony and loggia, as well as how to correctly delimit the space, making it more functional and stylishly decorate the interior of the room so that it is always pleasant to be in it.

How to connect the intercom handset yourself?

Now almost any entrance of multi-storey buildings, office buildings is equipped with an intercom. This is done in order to prevent unauthorized entry into the territory, access to which is by definition limited. What is this device, how exactly is it arranged?Device and principle of operationThe intercom is an electromagnetic locking device with the ability to remotely control the opening-closing process from the remotes (tubes) located in apartments or offices.

Air conditioner indoor unit dimensions

Installing an indoor unit of an air conditioner is not easy to fit into the interior of a room next to a chest of drawers or above a desk near a window. Often, the installation of an air conditioner is coordinated with the changes planned due to the complete redevelopment of an existing house or apartment or in a newly commissioned new building.

Choosing a brooder for chickens and making it yourself

Many farmers keep various poultry on their farms. Chickens are rightfully recognized as the most common and popular species. These individuals demonstrate high productivity if they are provided with good conditions. The brood of layers is very vulnerable to temperature extremes, so a high-quality brooder is required for them.

Features of painting walls in the bathroom

Painting the walls as a decoration for the interior of the bathroom is gaining popularity and is replacing the tile. Most people are attracted to this option by the ease of use and affordable prices. Before starting work, you should study the features of the process and the differences between the types of paints.

Colored broiler: varieties and recommendations for maintenance

Many farms breed poultry. The most popular and widespread were and remain chickens. In many farmsteads you can find popular colored broilers. These birds are distinguished by amazing growth rates, for which they are appreciated by many poultry breeders. Let us take a closer look at this type of poultry in the article and find out what breeds it is subdivided into.

What is a roof drip?

The roof structure contains many elements - these are both load-bearing and directly protective. Its main function is to protect the attic and the house itself from various negative environmental influences. However, for this function to be performed properly, additional elements (additional parts that increase the life of the roof) are important, including a drip for the roof, which will save the pediment and cornice from natural precipitation.

All about giant rabbits

The largest representatives of hares are giant rabbits, their average weight exceeds 5 kg, and in some species it reaches up to 10 kg. The popularity of this breed is due to the high yield of meat under simple conditions. It should be noted that each type of animal is characterized by its own rules of cultivation and has different indicators in productivity.

Roof pediment: what is it, why is it needed and how to make it?

To properly build a gable roof in a private house, you need to competently approach the installation and decoration of the pediment. This detail, along with the rafter system, ramps and roof covering, is the most important in housing construction. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the roof pediment, what it is, why it is needed and how to make it yourself.

How to make a brazier from car disks?

It is difficult for car owners to part with old rims. What if they come in handy! And they lie in garages and dachas, and wait for their finest hour. And now it has come! There is a great idea to use rims under the barbecue. A specialist with golden hands can easily collect a useful thing for himself and will enjoy the quiet summer evenings with the aroma of fried kebabs or pilaf.

Sauna in the apartment: how to arrange it correctly?

Sauna warms up and heals, brings a lot of pleasure. Many people visit the sauna regularly and note the positive rejuvenating effect of its healing steam. How can you make the sauna accessible at any time, and so that you don't go anywhere, and not in a spacious private house with a large plot, but in an apartment?

How to make a TV bracket with your own hands?

After purchasing a new TV, a large number of people have problems with its compact and comfortable layout for viewing. Since there is often not enough space in the room for which these household appliances were purchased, it becomes relevant to mount the TV on the wall using specialized brackets (holders).