RCD for a water heater: what is it?

Electricity is a versatile energy source that can be used to heat water. This principle is very often applied in modern water heaters. However, water is a universal conductor, therefore, contact with conductive elements with it should be limited.Basic conceptsElectric water heaters are devices in which current energy is converted into heat and then transferred to water.

Clove herb: description, planting and care

Each plant attracts with its original shape, color and flowering, only the best species are cultivated and grown as flower beds and ornamental. Carnation herb is an unpretentious and interesting plant that, with proper care, can significantly decorate any landscape. Gardeners wishing to grow this variety of carnations should be well aware of the features of its planting and germination, otherwise the decorative effect of the bush will be lost.

Garden ivy: features, planting and care

Evergreen ivy (Hedera) is a well-known plant. When meeting with him, the imagination involuntarily conjures up associations with the views of English mansions entwined with climbing vines. Easily twists and attaches to any walls, fences and supports, thanks to which it is widely used in creating landscape compositions.

Чем кормить диких уток?

Утка – птица не особо разборчивая в пище. Ввиду особенностей строения, которые являются результатом длительного приспособления к определенным условиям, утка с легкостью собирает корм как на суше, так и с поверхности воды. Она отлично «ловит» пищу в толще воды и, что особенно важно, со дна, иногда просто процеживая донный ил через специальное приспособление своего клюва.Дикие утки – птицы перелетные, инст

Pigsty projects: what are there, how to build and equip inside?

The main question that arises when you want to breed pigs is the placement of animals. If the plot is small, then it is most profitable to keep them for fattening from spring to autumn, at this time they do not need capital buildings for maintenance. If you decide to breed breeding pigs, keep in mind that the pigsty must be warm in winter.

How to upgrade an old cabinet?

In modern life, nothing stands still. Tastes, preferences, home interior are changing. Therefore, often after the completion of the repair, the main question becomes what to do with old furniture, especially wardrobes.You can, of course, purchase a new model of a chic wardrobe that would harmoniously fit into the new design of the room, but if the previous design option is made of high-quality material or natural wood, you should not rush to throw it away.

All about indoor cypress

An evergreen coniferous plant from the cypress family grows up to 80 meters in natural conditions. Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary cypress, which makes it easy to confuse cultures. The cypress branches are flat, small in size, the crown is pyramidal, like that of a thuja. Cypress trees are native to East Asia, North America.

Talcochlorite: features, properties and use

Many of you probably steamed in a bath at least once in your life. Its beneficial properties have been known for a long time. Under the influence of high temperature and the generated steam, the whole body is heated. But few people think about what is the secret of such healing properties of the bath.

The subtleties of the layout of the bath

Almost every Russian person has ever been in a bath. For some, the sensations that it brings are so pleasant and memorable that they are thinking about building their own bath. To do this, of course, is not as easy as it seems, because there are certain subtleties of the layout of the bath, which must be paid attention to.

How is a spruce different from a Christmas tree?

A tree and a spruce are not always the same. A Christmas tree is a collective household term that denotes both an artificial product resembling a Christmas tree and a real spruce brought from the forest where it grew. Also Christmas trees are celebrations during the New Year and Christmas holidays. In a broad sense, a Christmas tree is a coniferous tree, dressed up for the New Year (it can be not only a spruce, but also a pine or fir).

Comfortable toilet height: what should it be?

The dressing room is not the last place in the house, the comfort and tranquility of the consumer depends on its design. With the development of new technologies, some nuances of installation and fixing of the toilet have appeared, taking into account individual factors (size of the toilet room, consumer preferences).

Разновидности зимних теплиц

В настоящее время садоводы-любители стремятся радовать себя и своих близких овощами и фруктами круглый год. Зимняя теплица прекрасно для этого подходит. Кроме того, она может стать не просто инструментом для урожая дачника или цветочного хобби садовода, но и прекрасным источником для бизнеса (в зависимости от конструкции и желаний её владельца).ОсобенностиNowadays, a greenhouse on a private plot can rarely surprise anyone. Winter greenhouses are a special project that is equipped with everything you need to grow crops in the cold season.This is a real find: for both ordinary amateur gardeners an

How to choose wallpaper for the corridor that expands the space?

The corridor is the place where we find ourselves, crossing the threshold of the house. The first impression of your home is formed by the guests immediately after they get into this room. To make everyone like the room, you need to choose the right wallpaper for your corridor.Most often, corridors in apartments have a small area.

Growing cyclamen from seeds

Cyclamen is a flower of the primrose family of the Mirsin family. Other names: dryak, alpine violet. There are many subspecies of this plant, which, depending on their characteristics, grow in different regions of the world, differing from each other in climate, soil composition and other features. Cyclamen is a perennial plant that allows you to grow it at home.

Orchid multiflora: description and care

Today, various exotic crops are grown as indoor plants, which stand out for their high decorative qualities. Orchids should be included in the list of such crops. Among the large number of varieties and hybrids of phalaenopsis, it is worth noting multiflora, which is in demand among flower growers in light of its peculiarities regarding flowering.

Installing a hygienic shower: a step-by-step guide

Fifteen years ago, having a hygienic shower was exotic in a living space. Today you will hardly surprise anyone with this device. Without a doubt, using a shower for sanitizing intimate areas is much more comfortable, even when compared to a bidet.Features:First of all, it is recommended to decide whether you really need a shower for intimate hygiene.

How to wipe off the Moment glue?

Moment glue is often used in everyday life for minor repairs of various products. Sometimes the mixture remains on hands, clothes or other objects. The composition quickly sets and hardens on the surface, which complicates the task of its removal. It is useful for everyone to know how to wipe off the glue moment without spoiling the contaminated thing.