Bulbous and tuberous indoor flowers

Indoor plants are the most successful decorations for any interiors and adjoining areas. With such decorations, the home becomes more comfortable and attractive. There are many different types of indoor flowers. Among them, there are both capricious and demanding, and unpretentious specimens that are grown easily even by inexperienced growers.

Lily: species, varieties, planting and care

Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers, very often used for making bouquets. Despite the fact that you can always find it in a florist store, it is much more interesting and useful to grow a crop yourself, experimenting with different varieties and enjoying the attractive view of your garden plot.

Metal beds

A person spends a third of his life in the bedroom, therefore a good choice of design and, of course, the central element of the room - the bed, is the most important criterion for a good mood and good rest. The correct bed should fit into the interior as well as possible, combine convenience and reliability - metal models meet all of the above requirements.

Wallpaper in the men's room

Many people believe that the decoration and interior design of the room is more suitable for female apartments, while men's rooms are conservative and minimal.It is believed that a sleeping place, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe are enough for a real man. But is this really so, will be discussed in this article.

Choosing a design for a narrow bedroom

The arrangement of any room raises many questions. During the development of a design for a narrow bedroom, even more of them arise: where and how to put the bed and bedside tables, how to arrange furniture so that the room does not seem narrower, or how to visually expand it. These and other aspects of the interior design of such a bedroom will be discussed in this article.

Overview of acacia species

The origin of the word "acacia" has several versions. One of them refers to the Greek translation - "sharp", the other - to the Egyptian - "thorn". The acacia genus belongs to the legume family, includes more than 1,300 species, and many of them do not have thorns.Such parts of the world as Africa, North America, Australia, Asia, concentrated 80% of these beautiful plants on their territories .

Linoleum with imitation laminate: subtleties of choice and options in the interior

Modern technologies have significantly improved the consumer qualities of linoleum. Today, linoleum under the laminate, combining practicality, versatility and high quality, successfully withstands the competition among other floor coverings.KindsLinoleum, including those similar to laminate, is classified by type depending on the materials of manufacture, design features and directions of use.

What is a family photo frame and how to choose one?

In the digital age, most people store their photos on digital media and rarely admire them. Photo albums made of paper and cardboard with plastic "pockets" have long faded into the background. However, there is a device that will allow you to beautifully arrange your photos and at the same time will not collect dust in the closet and take up space there - this is a family photo frame.

Log gazebos: advantages and disadvantages

Natural wood is rightfully recognized as an eternal material that will never go out of fashion and will not cease to be desired. A variety of items are made from such raw materials, from furniture to fences and decorative elements. Today we will talk about cozy log gazebos and get acquainted with their advantages and disadvantages.

Features of the propagation of geranium by cuttings at home

Before considering and talking about the methods of breeding geraniums at home, you need to give a description of this flower. Geranium belongs to the genus of semi-shrub herbaceous plants. And also in nature there is a plant similar to geranium - pelargonium.Geranium has regular flowers with five petals and fruits with long tails.

How simple and beautiful to attach a gazebo to the house?

Recreation in the fresh air is necessary for a person, while he wants to spend it with complete comfort. The way out will be the construction of a gazebo, which should be connected to the house. It is not difficult to make such a structure on your own, because it will not take up a lot of money, but the result will certainly please, and the process of work can be enjoyable.

Choosing a knife for linoleum

There is nothing difficult in cutting linoleum. The main thing is to choose the right tool. After all, it is difficult to cut through the facial layer with an ordinary knife or scissors due to its density. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special tool.How to cut: types of toolsIf you are laying linoleum on a felt basis for the first time, then you need to choose a tool for cutting linoleum of the size you need.

Varieties of pelargonium Bold and their cultivation

Pelargonium is an attractive plant of the Geranium family. It stands out as a special kind. Within the genus, the Bold group deserves close attention.Description of varietiesPelargonium Bold includes many varieties that are very popular.CarmineCarmine belongs to the zonal group. The plant produces large flowers of double and semi-double type.

Automatic chicken feeders

Whichever options are available for automatic feeding of chickens, they all serve one important purpose - the regular supply of dry feed for the normal breeding process of poultry. Today it is not uncommon for models with a hopper or products with a timer.After all, the main task of using such a feeder model is to ensure the continuity of the feed supply.

How to sow petunia seedlings?

Among the wide variety of flowering plants, petunia is one of the most beloved by flower growers. It is widely used to decorate flower beds and flower beds. This is due to its colorful and long flowering. But for the successful cultivation of petunia in the ground, you need to know how to properly grow it for seedlings.

Thuja diseases: types and their treatment

Thuja is a tree that belongs to the class of conifers and is evergreen. However, it is not characterized by thorny needles, but softer to the touch greens and an original appearance, which attracts the plant and gardeners. However, like any representative of the flora, thuja can undergo a number of diseases that can have a strong negative effect on its condition and appearance .

Gate hinges: types and fastening

Gate hinges are a metal device, thanks to which the gate is fixed on the posts. And, accordingly, the quality and reliability of the functioning of the entire structure, as well as its service life, directly depends on them.Features:Speaking about the design of the gate, we must not forget even about the little things, especially about such an important component as the hinges.