Sofa in the living room (107 photos): large sofas in the hall, stylish, classic and modern models in the interior, how to choose a beautiful and high-quality model

Sofas in the living room

    A modern living room is hard to imagine without such an important detail as a sofa. Such pieces of furniture are among the main objects in such rooms. Today, buyers are faced with a huge selection of various sofas, which are distinguished not only by the highest quality, but also by their spectacular appearance.

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    With the right sofa, you can set the overall tone of the living room. Without such a detail, the room will be not only empty, but also of little use.

    This furniture can perform several useful functions at once. For example, in many models today there are such additions as a bar, linen drawer, shelf in the armrest, folding mechanisms, comfortable headrests, etc.

    An ultramodern sofa, which has a built-in stereo system or a safe with a combination lock, is also suitable for the living room. Such options are not cheap, but with the help of them you can emphasize a stylish interior and make it more high-tech.

    One of the most popular and widespread are sofas with folding mechanisms. When folded, they are compact and mobile. If you spread them out, then you will see a spacious and comfortable sleeping place where you can accommodate guests who have spent the night.

    Many people themselves prefer to sleep on sofas in living rooms. Especially often, owners of small apartments resort to this solution, in which various pieces of furniture of large sizes simply do not fit.

    Modern manufacturers offer consumers not only ordinary rectangular sofas, but also luxurious models of U-shaped and L-shaped corner structures, sectional ones. Such specimens are comfortable and spacious.

    Do not think that a corner sofa can only be placed in a large room. Today it is possible to pick up models of various sizes that will find their place even in a small living room.

    With the help of a sofa, you can zone the space. Owners of studios and one-room apartments most often turn to such techniques.


    The sofa for the living room can be absolutely anything. Today in stores you can see a huge assortment of high-quality beautiful upholstered furniture of different styles.

      One of the most popular are the classic straight sofas. These models look great in different interiors. They can have various configurations. Most often, there are standard options with armrests and backrests of medium height.

      Today, lightweight models that do not have armrests are in enviable demand. Most often they are rounded and look very soft.

      Only one armrest can be present in the furniture. This option will be very useful if you are tall. On the only side, you can put your head and calmly stretch your legs forward - they will not rest on anything.

      Often, such models are placed in children's rooms, since they are safe and do not have sharp corners or hard parts that you can trip over or hurt.

        Luxurious corner models are another popular type of lounge sofas. They are U-shaped or L-shaped. Such upholstered furniture has a stylish modern appearance. Corner sofas are more roomy and spacious than classic straight models.

        Another advantage of corner structures is the ability to install various accessories. This can be a bar, stereo system, shelves, coffee table, etc.

        The corner sofa can be placed in a spacious or small room. The main thing is to choose a model of suitable sizes. So, for a compact living room, you can pick up a neat light corner that will not take up much space.

          Radial models look stylish and modern in living rooms. Such models are rounded. Most often they have at least three sections. The most common are quadruple products. Slightly less common are three-section options.

          Circular sofas are perfect for spacious rooms. With the help of such furniture, you can effectively decorate the room.

            If you like non-standard solutions, then you should take a closer look at unusual two-sided sofas. In such furniture, the seats are located on both sides, and the backrest separates them.

            Such products are harmonious in interiors only in a modern style. They are absolutely not suitable for the classics, even if they are decorated in neutral colors.

              The higher are the comfortable legged options. These parts are made from a wide variety of materials, but the most common furniture is furniture with wooden or metal legs. The second option is painted, unpainted or chrome.

                Lightweight guest sofas are equipped with legs. Such models outwardly resemble compact benches with armrests, backrests and soft seats. Light options do not fit into all interiors, so you should choose them very carefully.


                Large sofas are suitable for a spacious living room. Corner and oval products are common. Such types of upholstered furniture look solid and attractive.

                The length of these options can reach 400 cm, and the depth - 200 cm or more.

                Most often, there are large sofas, the standard length of which is 3 meters.

                If the area allows, then a huge sofa can be put in the living room. But do not forget that such upholstered furniture will automatically become the main element and heart of the room, so try to choose the highest quality and beautiful model.

                The length of such models often exceeds 450 cm, and the depth is 160-250 cm.

                For small living rooms, small sofa models are best suited, which will not take up much space and block the passage. Compact copies can be placed along the wall or in the center of the living room.

                Narrow and low sofas are suitable for small rooms. If there is a spare bed in such products, then it is compact and most often single.

                Color solutions

                Let us consider in detail several attractive varieties of upholstered furniture that are in demand recently.

                • It is unlikely that the classic brown or chocolate sofa will ever go out of fashion. This piece of furniture fits perfectly into many styles and interiors, which is why it can be called universal.
                • Sofas with blue upholstery look spectacular and attractive. Such models are combined with many shades. These can be both contrasting and neutral tones of furniture or wall, floor and ceiling finishes.
                • Purple and lilac sofas will not be ignored in the interior. They can be played up with green or golden pillows, as well as decorating the living room in pastel and calm colors.
                • Green color has a calming effect. Furniture in such a design will not only please the eye, but also dispose to friendly communication and balance the emotional state.
                  • Turquoise sofas can boast of a beautiful appearance, but such models are recommended to be installed in rooms made in light colors. A dense turquoise shade in a dark setting will "press" on the eyes.
                  • Sensual people will love the red sofa. As a rule, these types of upholstered furniture are placed in living rooms with contrasting finishes (white, beige, black), since shades of red look more harmonious in such conditions.
                  • The classic colors are white and beige. People often hesitate to buy furniture in this design, fearing that it will get dirty easily and quickly lose its original appearance. A sofa with leather upholstery does not know such problems, since any stains can be easily removed from its surface.
                  • Burgundy sofas look aristocratic. These models look great in both modern and classic styles.
                  • A delicate and cozy living room will turn out if it is complemented by a light blue sofa. Charming celestial models look best on a white background.
                  • A black sofa is not suitable for all living rooms. Spacious furniture in this design is not recommended to be placed in small rooms with poor lighting, otherwise you risk forming an even more gloomy interior.
                  • Lovers of bright and rich colors should take a closer look at orange and yellow sofas. Such pieces of furniture can liven up the living room and decorate it with subtle notes of positive.
                  • The pink sofa boasts a special charm. Such furniture is not suitable for dark and gloomy rooms. A well-lit living room in neutral or crisp white tones is ideal for a charming pink sofa.
                  • Olive, pistachio and mustard colors have a special charm. Upholstered furniture of this color looks cozy. It can be placed in a living room decorated in yellow, gray, green, caramel, beige and white.
                  • A terracotta sofa is not suitable for all living rooms. Such a piece of furniture looks good in an ensemble with walls that have a light and muted finish. In bright and rich ensembles, this color will look inharmonious.
                  • The hit of recent years is the mint sofa. Furniture in this color scheme looks fresh and original, but it is a brand, like the white models.
                  • The ginger sofa will look great even if the living room finish is contrasting. For example, a leather triple copy on metal legs can be placed near a deep blue wall.


                  For the upholstery of sofas, natural leather, leatherette or fabric is used.

                  The highest quality and most durable material is natural leather. Sofas with such upholstery serve for a long time and do not lose their visual appeal.

                  The natural material is durable and durable. But real leather sofas aren't cheap. Upholstered furniture upholstered in leatherette or eco-leather will cost less. Outwardly, such materials are in many ways similar to natural ones, but are less durable. They do not like temperature extremes and damage easily remains on their surface.

                  Eco-leather is softer and smoother than leatherette. Today, such raw materials are widely used in furniture production, as they are inexpensive and look attractive.

                  Fabric sofas are also popular today. The most commonly used fabrics for upholstery are flock, plush, velor and matting.


                  Consider several harmonious combinations of sofas in the living room interior.

                  • A large U-shaped sofa in dark gray or black can be placed in a spacious room opposite the windows. Such upholstered furniture will harmoniously look against the background of white walls and a beige floor, complemented by a fleecy carpet of creme brulee. It is worth adding decor in orange tones to the interior (vases, paintings, etc.).
                  • A white L-shaped sofa with cushions in red and purple will find its place in a living room with white or cream walls, light beige laminate flooring and a snow-white stretch ceiling. The interior is completed with a beautiful red chandelier, mirrored wardrobe, wooden bookshelves and large wall paintings above the sofa.
                  • A cream-colored leather sofa will look spectacular against the backdrop of dark walls and a gray floor lined with matte tiles. Opposite the furniture, you can put a black and brown coffee table and lay a beige carpet with a high pile under it. To dilute the gloomy atmosphere should be the design of one of the walls in white and a decorative monochrome picture.
                  • A purple and cream straight sofa can be placed in a small living room with cream walls and brown laminate flooring. Light shelves for books should be hung above the furniture, and a white table of an unusual shape should be placed in front of it.
                  • A turquoise sofa will look spectacular against a backdrop of cream-curtained windows, white walls, and dull brown floors. Opposite it should be placed a glass table with black legs, and on the sides - glass tables under round purple lamps.


                  A laconic and discreet sofa with regular and angular shapes is suitable for a modern living room. Most often these are models of white, gray, black and beige shades.

                  The English style is characterized by the presence of wooden parts with decorative carvings in the furniture. For living rooms in this vein, it is better to choose a massive sofa with wide armrests and furniture studs.

                  In the living room in the neoclassical style, an elegant small sofa or a couch with an intricate ornament will look harmonious. Upholstered furniture in such interiors is most often placed in the center of the room. Interesting models made in the style of Louis XVI are ideal.

                  For a loft-style room, a massive sofa with leather upholstery is ideal. It is not recommended to choose graceful models with wavy lines. In such a living room, rough models of neutral or classic colors will look better.

                  High-tech style is similar to minimalism. Upholstered furniture for premises in this vein should be selected in a strict design with clear geometric shapes. It is recommended to buy sofas that have chrome details.

                  Tips for choosing

                  It is necessary to select the perfect upholstered furniture based on the basic style of the living room. If this room in your home is spacious, then a beautiful and comfortable corner sofa would be the best option.

                  Models with bar counters, shelves and other additions will look gorgeous. Such products are ideal solutions for relaxation and meeting guests.

                  For a small living room, a popular sofa without armrests or a standard model of small dimensions is suitable. Be careful with dark colored specimens.

                  Today, original super-sofas of a semicircular or oval shape are wildly popular. These pieces look great in a large living room. Between them you can put an ottoman in color or a round glass table.

                  If you want to purchase an unusual design model, then it is better to contact manufacturers from Italy. Firms such as IB Gallery, Grand Manor or Natuzzi produce the finest and trendiest pieces to transform any living room.

                  Placement in the interior: fashion trends

                  Before buying a sofa, you need to decide where you are going to place it. Most often, upholstered furniture is installed:

                  • in the middle of Hall;
                  • in the bay window by the window;
                  • along one of the walls;
                  • under the stairs (if there is one in the house or apartment).

                  Both in small and spacious rooms, a wall with a niche for a sofa looks spectacular, but for it you should select furniture made in the same style and ideally suited to the size of the niche.

                  Many people ask the question: how to arrange two or three sofas in the living room correctly?

                  The most common is the angular arrangement of two sofas: one is placed along the wall, and the other opposite it in a lateral position.

                  A little less often, upholstered furniture is placed back to back. So, you can subtly divide two zones in the living room. For example, put a chess table in front of one sofa, and a TV in front of the second.

                  If the area allows, then you can arrange furniture opposite each other. An ottoman, table or square / rectangular rug will find its place between the sofas.

                  Three sofas are most often placed with the letter P. With the help of this technique, you can expensively and beautifully arrange a spacious living room.

                  To decorate the wall behind the sofa, you can choose a suitable plaster, as well as ordinary or photo wallpaper. Often, shelves for books, cabinets, tall shelves and bookcases are located behind upholstered furniture. The latter can also be placed around furniture.

                  The bar counter looks spectacular behind the sofa. As a rule, owners of studio apartments resort to this arrangement. In such dwellings, elegant zoning with an arch under the sofa is often found.