White wardrobe (78 photos): gloss, with a mirror, in the classic interior of the hallway

White wardrobe

    Sliding wardrobe is furniture that has a lot of advantages. Along with practicality and spaciousness, such cabinets are an adornment for any interior. Now the classics are back in fashion, and many owners are choosing light, light shades. A white wardrobe is a great addition to every room; it will not only organically complete the entourage, but also make it fresher.

    Features and Benefits

    From the point of view of color therapists, light shades always have a positive effect on the energy of the house. They fill the home with harmony and a positive attitude, banish the blues and nervous tension. In addition, white is the color most associated with freshness, purity and peace. Being very light, it will visually expand the room itself and give it airiness. Even with a little white, the room will become much brighter.

    The great advantage of the white wardrobe is that dust is less visible on it. Yes, serious pollution will be visible immediately, but you can worry less about dust than with black or colored furniture. Compared to other shades, the white cabinet looks calm and sophisticated and easily complements any style.

    No wonder a few decades ago only very wealthy owners could afford such furniture. Good light cabinets and the fact that they can be beautifully decorated on your own, for example, decoupage.


    There are several types of wardrobes, and each of them has its own unique features.

    A classic wardrobe is a real gift for those who are faithful to traditions and a little conservative. The main principle of this furniture is rigor and restraint. In this model, crisp lines are combined with rich, sophisticated carvings. To follow the rules of the classics, choose models of light shades without frills.

    Sliding wardrobes do not lose their popularity either. They are a one-piece box with a bottom, walls and a top, which can then be supplied with the necessary internal filling. Case models look equally good in any room, they can be easily disassembled and assembled if necessary. However, such cabinets do not save space at all, and this is their only drawback.

    An interesting solution in the hallway will be a built-in wardrobe. Compared to cabinet furniture, built-in furniture is more practical in terms of spaciousness. Therefore, if the closet is the main storage place, it is worth stopping at this particular model. They are also suitable for a children's room - the wardrobe will perfectly accommodate all children's things, toys and books. In the nursery, the corner wardrobe also looks original - it saves the space necessary for creativity and play.

    Facade finishing

    It is difficult to say which facade is the most popular; thanks to modern technologies, any finish can turn into a real exclusive. The gloss looks amazing - such cabinets have been in demand at all times. Attractive appearance and ability to reflect light are the main advantages of gloss. In addition, the finish is quite durable and can withstand temperature changes well.

    However, it is worth remembering that gloss and capricious - dust and fingerprints are perfectly visible on it.

    Varnish is another very interesting finish. Chipboard, from which such cabinets are made, is famous for its practicality and durability. Lacquered cabinets are always durable and, moreover, do not greatly undermine the financial budget. Thanks to this cost effectiveness, they can be installed in a wide variety of rooms, emphasizing style exactly where you need it. And additional varnishing allows for even more sophisticated, chic and durable furniture.

    It's no secret that sliding wardrobes with a mirror inevitably become classics. A mirrored facade is one of the easiest ways to refine even an ordinary and formal wardrobe. On the mirror surface, you can apply sandblasting pictures and photo printing. It doesn't matter whether it is a small modest drawing or an extravagant full-width painting, such decoration will definitely be in place and will emphasize your taste.

    Perfectly mirrored facades look with 3D pictures and additional lighting.

    An equally reasonable solution would be to purchase a facade with glass. As well as mirrors, glass lends itself well to processing and allows you to get exquisite masterpieces. Both shiny and matte surfaces will look beautiful. For example, a matte background with elegant abstraction or flowers will take its rightful place in a bedroom or hallway. You can do the opposite - pick up a shiny background with a delicate matte pattern.


    For the manufacture of white wardrobes, different materials are used, from the cheapest to the very expensive. Chipboard is one of the most popular materials in the furniture industry. The production method includes pressing wood shavings to which special plasticizers are added. Strong slabs are obtained, which subsequently go as material for partitions and cabinet shelves. For beauty, chipboard is additionally trimmed with plastic or various polymeric materials.

    In the work on the bottom of the drawers or the back walls of the cabinet, a different material is used - fiberboard. It contains various fillers and resins, but fiberboard is completely safe for health.

    Along with it, MDF is gaining more and more popularity. Unfortunately, this material of improved quality is imported only from abroad, which explains the high cost. However, compared to fiberboard and particleboard, such raw materials are much easier to work with and environmentally cleaner.

    Cabinets made of natural wood will be a wonderful decoration of the interior. They are quite high in price, but the quality is much higher from this. Recently, furniture made of oak wood has become a frequent solution, which gives the room a unique lightness. Sonoma Oak is an interesting color of light oak, which looks worthy in any setting. This color is distinguished by a large woody pattern, as well as delicate golden and smoky color transitions.

    Color combinations

    White is one of the most versatile colors, and all because it is easy to combine with almost the entire range of shades. However, there are combinations that look the most advantageous. The black and white wardrobe is a time-tested classic, elegant and sophisticated. These wardrobes are best combined with a modern interior - minimalism, hi-tech, modern. It is imperative to have accessories that match the atmosphere - stylish figurines, large floor vases, photographs in modern frames, minimalist paintings.

    The combination of white and gray also looks good. This is not so strict colors, but the aesthetic appearance allows it to take its rightful place in the interior. The white and gray wardrobe is very well complemented not only by pastel and white, but also by bright colors. Bright oranges, reds and purples in a room are great choices. Stylish cushions, an armchair-drop, a floor lamp perfectly accentuate and set off the cool restraint of gray.

    Cabinets with multi-colored inserts are also being sold intensively. Here you need to remember that such inserts should fit the environment. Red, yellow, purple, blue shades are becoming popular solutions. The finished model looks rather unusual, but interesting. The color option is well suited to a bedroom or children's room, where there are usually a lot of bright colors.

    A white cabinet with gold looks very nice and gentle. Few people use the golden color in large quantities, it is too pronounced. However, stylish gold patterns, small abstract or floral designs, thin edging will help turn a simple wardrobe into a work of art. It is impossible to overestimate the restrained richness of this color, so you need to put the cabinet in a prominent place so that everyone can admire this masterpiece.

    Tips for choosing

    The subtleties of choosing a white wardrobe completely depend on where it will be placed:

    • Large hallways can be beautifully complemented with long built-in or cabinet wardrobes. If the facade is mirrored, then the sandblasting drawing will look perfect along the entire length of the cabinet. A bolder solution is photo printing. Abstractions, city panoramas, black-and-white drawings look amazing.
    • In a small hallway, pick up a narrow or corner wardrobe, this will help to save space. In a small room, it is better not to think about bright colors or three-dimensional patterns. A plain or mirrored facade is best suited, you can order a delicate edging or a thin sandblast pattern. If you still want brightness, then photo printing will also look good.

    However, do not occupy the entire surface, it will be enough to place the picture at the top, bottom or in the middle.

    • A light wardrobe in the bedroom will allow you to relax after a hard day and have a good rest. White color will calm and tune in a positive mood. Regardless of the size of the room, built-in or corner models are a good choice. This will save space, which can be occupied by interesting accessories or other furniture. Solid white wardrobes will suit different styles, but the favorites are minimalism, modern, Provence.
    • As for the images, sakura, a night city, voluminous flowers look quite elegant. Relaxation and tranquility will be brought by the stunning landscapes of mountain rivers, the sea coast, and the spring forest. In sandblasting drawings, choose smooth abstractions, natural and floral motifs, water surface. Cabinets made of natural wood, suitable for the Provence style, can be decorated with decoupage yourself. As an additional entourage, decorate the room with dry flowers, rustic paintings, voluminous curtains in lavender or pastel colors.
    • A white wardrobe can be installed in the living room, where guests are most often located. Such a wardrobe will only expand a spacious and bright room, creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The same goes for a study or office. It is always pleasant to work in a light and cozy atmosphere.

    Preference should be given to classic models with a minimum of decor.

    • Placing a white wardrobe in the nursery is a good solution. It will calm and relax even the most active children, it will not act as an irritant. However, a monochromatic model is not suitable for a nursery, you should think about beautiful drawings. The easiest option is photo printing, where you can depict a scene from a cartoon, your favorite character, or just a calm landscape. Colored inserts, natural abstractions, flowing multi-colored ornaments, animals are well suited.

    Interesting solutions

    The classic white wardrobe will perfectly fit into any interior. It is very good to place such wardrobes in modern bedrooms or living rooms. The room should be dominated by light shades. But the mirror cabinet is interestingly in harmony with bright colors. Warm greens and browns in furniture and accessories only accentuate the freshness of the white.

    A glossy wardrobe with a delicate finish can create a romantic mood in the bedroom. Intricate lace patterns add soft elegance to the room. The glossy facade is also appropriate in the hallway. Wonderful models of white facades with a pattern in the middle will leave no one indifferent. From accessories you can pick up a bright ottoman and potted plants.

    Sandblasting is an excellent solution for both matte and mirrored facades. Large orchids will act as a beautiful addition on a matte background, and small floral patterns on a mirrored background. Photo printing on the entire surface will look gorgeous. Volumetric flowers will perfectly decorate the living room or bedroom.

    The cabinet model with a black and white pattern of wood and birds will become extravagant and unusual.