Wooden boxes for flowers (44 photos): how to make a box out of wood with your own hands? Features of decorative floristic models

The dream of every grower is to have a small paradise where his most beloved, and most importantly, plants grown by his own hands will grow. This place will become a place of tranquility where you can sit and relax from the hustle and bustle of the day and work problems. But how to create this piece of paradise and what is required for this remains a big question.

The solution to this extremely difficult task is eco-friendly wooden boxes in which you can grow plants of all types, shapes and sizes. They can be purchased ready-made in any design and color, or made by hand.

Thanks to the special "aura" of wooden products, you can not only create a blooming paradise, but also introduce some changes to the interior of an entire house or apartment.

Unusual box as decoration

Today, many flower and hardware stores can offer their customers a wide variety of different flower growing boxes. These can be the most ordinary rectangular containers, to which everyone has long been accustomed to and sees them almost every day, or special stands with decorative elements - each individual option is designed according to a special design. Unusual shapes and color palette will allow you to choose the most suitable options for the room used as a mini-garden.

In the process of making such stands, a wide variety of tree species are used. The protection of the wooden structure from bad weather conditions is provided by a special coating, which is applied to each individual part of the container. In these boxes, you can plant not only indoor plants, but also flowers of the same age.

A wide assortment of exclusive wooden containers allows you to choose a special model of construction, made in a specific style. It is worth noting that the boxes for growing flowers offered by manufacturers can be installed not only on straight surfaces, but also hung on windows or walls.

If the specimens of pots on the market did not cause much trepidation, you can contact the carpentry workshop and order the product from them. At the same time, the customer expresses his wishes regarding the required product or shows a pre-developed design example.

Main advantages

For every grower, self-grown plants are a lot like a small child. They need to be looked after, watered regularly and flavored in a timely manner. In the old fashioned way, all indoor plantings are planted in pots, but wooden boxes can also become a place for breeding them. Such a container can be used as a planter for several plastic pots - the space of the newfangled design allows the plants to dissolve the roots, due to which they feel free and grow much faster.

In addition, there are a number of additional advantages to using wooden crates.

  • The main and most important advantage is the ability to transfer the container with growing flowers to another place. In the summertime, plants must be hidden on the shady side so that the bright rays of the sun do not scorch the leaves. During the cold season, flowers are brought into the house so as not to freeze their root system. The boxes in which the planted plants have already faded can be removed to the far corner, and the next year they can start growing new flowers again.
  • Such containers do not require the use of a large amount of soil. The wooden base itself contains all the necessary useful elements and minerals with which it feeds the earth and the root system of plants.
  • If you have a small garden area, it is extremely inconvenient to grow plants on the ground. The use of wooden structures allows you to solve this issue in a short time. To reduce the area used for the flower garden, the boxes should be placed along the wall of the house. Thus, the garden area will not seem cluttered, the containers will not interfere with the passage, the flowers will be conveniently watered and (if necessary) brought into the house.
  • Wood itself, as a material, is in perfect harmony with any type of interior of apartments and houses. Accordingly, wooden boxes will not interfere in any way with the external beauty and layout as a whole. Thanks to the ability to install boxes not only on the floor, on flat surfaces, but also to hang them on the wall, you can create an unusual composition of flowering plants in a separate room.

Application methods

    Wooden flower boxes are mainly used in apartments. Special models with hanging hooks can be placed on balconies. Square or rectangular tubs are set at the corners of the room used for the flower garden. Hanging structures can be hung on the windows from the inside or on the walls. Fans of eating fresh herbs install wooden boxes right in the kitchen, where not only flowers are planted and grown, but also onions, dill or celery.

    For interior decoration of cottage houses, suspended structures of wooden containers are mainly used. They are hung from the outside of the windows using strong brackets or metal hooks.

    In the modern world, the use of an ordinary metal fence has become irrelevant. Cold colors, rusting, annual painting are all pretty exhausting and boring. Instead, they use real hedges.

    To create a floral fence, you will need several containers of flowers. They can be arranged according to a previously thought out scheme or hung in a chaotic manner at the places you like.

    Floor boxes are best placed in one row.

    Thanks to the special shapes and sizes of the manufactured wooden boxes, you can create a unique mini-garden. Due to such structures, you can hide any unnecessary items in the garden, for example, a sewer hatch.

    In addition to home use, wooden plant containers are used in industrial areas. Quite often you can find such decoration at the entrances to cafes, shops and other establishments. In kindergartens, similar containers are exhibited in the images of fairy-tale characters and animal figures, from which you can create an unusual fairy-tale composition.

    Do it yourself

    In the modern world, flower cultivation containers are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But it is not always possible to find the perfect model that will fit into the interior. And the color scheme also does not always correspond to the required parameters.

    The solution to this issue is to make a decorative box with your own hands.

    In order for the first attempt at self-production of the tub to be successful, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with several drawings of different models in advance.

    Before starting work, you need to prepare the required tools and materials:

    • plywood will be required, the thickness of which should not be less than 1 cm (otherwise it will crack under the influence of tools);
    • tape measure;
    • a sharpened saw so that the cuts turn out without chipping and knots, otherwise you will have to use a sander;
    • glue for wood;
    • metal triangles;
    • drill with various drills;
    • wood stain (in case of its absence, you can use any paint for wood);
    • screwdriver for tightening fasteners;
    • pieces of foam or ceramic shards.

    The manufacturing process is quite simple and does not require any special skills. The main thing is to follow the step-by-step instructions and not go astray.

    • It is necessary to saw off 2 rectangles, the height of which is 20 cm, and the length must correspond to the dimensions of the chosen installation location.
    • With the help of wooden slats, prepared screws and glue, the base of the structure is assembled.
    • The prepared metal corners must be fixed on the inside of the container walls so that they do not move.
    • Drainage holes need to be drilled. For this, a drill with drills was prepared.
    • Then you need to prepare a small amount of foam in the form of small pieces or tiles. These pieces will act as a kind of drainage. They should be located at the bottom of the structure.
    • The outer side is covered with wood paint or stain.
    • On the made flower garden it is necessary to make handles in order to transfer the structure from one place to another. They can be made from wooden slats, but it is best to use a drill and sturdy rope.

    Thus, you can create the most unusual design boxes in different shapes, sizes and colors.

    How to make a wooden flower box is shown in the next video.