Ceiling design in the living room (82 photos): beautiful examples-2020 of decorating a hall with an area of ​​18 sq. m, modern hinged options, which ceiling is better to make in the apartment

The design of a modern living room should be perfect, as this room is considered the "face" of the house. Therefore, in its design, great attention is paid not only to the decoration of the walls and floor, but also to the ceiling, which is the main detail of any decor. Its correctly selected shape and color will make the living room stylish and cozy, fill the space with home warmth and favorably emphasize the beauty of other interior elements. Today, there are many options for finishing the ceiling using various building materials and structures, thanks to this it is easy to choose the right theme and give the room a complete look.

Types and designs

The ceiling design in the living room can be done in different ways. Depending on the size and height of the room, both the application of a decorative layer directly to the base itself and the installation of suspended compositions using drywall and canvases are used. Simple finishes include:

  • Whitewash. This method, although it is considered "old" and is gradually losing its relevance, remains in demand among owners of apartments and houses, because whitewashing does not require special financial costs and is done quickly. To complete it, it is enough to apply a solution of chalk or lime to the ceiling with the help of a spray gun. In order for the surface to acquire the desired shade, special dyes are added to the solution. The main disadvantage of whitewashing is the need for laborious cleaning of the premises after work and in the thorough elimination of surface defects before starting the work process.
  • Painting. It is most often preferred for routine renovations in the hall. Water-dispersion and water-based paints of different colors are chosen as a coating. Painting can be done with both expensive and cheap dyes. To make the ceiling beautiful, it is necessary not only to carefully prepare its base, but also to apply paint in several layers.
  • Wallpapering. It is characterized by the cleanliness of work, it allows you to hide small seams and cracks on the ceiling surface. The aesthetic appearance of such a finish lasts up to 5 years, then restoration must be performed. For wallpapering, canvases are purchased from high-quality paper, consisting of several layers. Usually, for these purposes, vinyl-based wallpaper with a relief structure is chosen, they are durable and are not afraid of wet cleaning.
  • Pasting with tiles. Products are decorative material of various colors and sizes, made of expanded polystyrene in the form of squares or rectangles. Original drawings and patterns can be additionally applied on the surface of the slabs. Today on sale you can find smooth, rough surfaces of the material; tiles with imitation of wood and stucco decorations are also very popular. These inexpensive and easy-care products can be painted with water-based paint.

Modern ceilings in the living room are also decorated in the form of complex structures, which are:

  • Hinged. Well suited for surfaces in which you need to hide various defects and placed communications. Suspended composition panels can have any shape, texture and color. At the same time, they are necessarily complemented by beautiful lighting, which allows you to create an unusual design.
  • From plasterboard. Such a finish requires experience and skill in performing the work. The two-level ceilings, which are often made curved, look original in the living room. They have excellent sound and heat insulation, they serve reliably for many years.

But it is worth noting that a two-level frame is suitable only for high rooms. In a hall with a low ceiling, it is better not to install it, because the height of the space will decrease by 15-20 cm. The elasticity of drywall allows it to take on various shapes. Designers recommend creating from it not only simple structures, but also multi-level decorations with domes and arches. Plasterboard and stretch ceilings are originally combined, representing unusual options for design.

  • Cassette. They are installed on a prefabricated frame. The material looks like thin zinc and aluminum plates, on the front side of which a powder layer of multi-colored paint is applied. When decorating ceilings in this way, you can choose plates with a rough or smooth surface. They are quick to install, easy to clean, allow hiding ventilation systems, but are characterized by low sound insulation.
  • Mirrored. They are a kind of cassette ceilings, but they use decorative mirrors instead of metal plates. Such decorations help to visually increase the height of the hall and add volume to the room. In addition, they are absolutely environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  • Hemmed. They are curved surfaces of complex shapes, which are made of a metal frame, drywall sheets and decorative panels. They can be mounted on a ceiling, the irregularities of which do not exceed 1-2 cm. If you plan to install wiring for communications and built-in lamps, this ceiling model will not work.
  • Rack and pinion. They look original both in the design of wooden houses and city apartments. Due to the fact that the slats are made in various colors, they can be used to design any style in the living room. An unusual option is the material covered with gold or silver, chrome strips also look great. To finish the ceiling in this way, choose a slatted material with a glossy or matte surface.
  • Stretched. They look like a solid canvas, which is made from durable vinyl polymers. First, a frame made of slats is mounted along the perimeter of the hall, and then the material is pulled. An original pattern or drawing can be applied to such a soaring ceiling. The composition, as a rule, is made of different colors and textures.

Finishing materials

The design of the ceiling in the living room is made out with various materials, the choice of which depends on its design features. It is important to consider the correct placement of light sources and hide the electrical wiring. At the same time, any type of decoration must be performed with ecological products that would not only harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room, but also meet the conditions of safe operation. So, choosing a "flat" version of the ceiling for design, you will need wood, plaster, paint or wallpaper. As for multi-level structures, they can have a mirrored, glossy or matte appearance, which is usually created using drywall, PVC panels and plastic boards.

Recently, the combined version of the ceiling, in which a suspended structure is made and decorated with wooden beams and tension canvases, is also very popular. The finishing touch in this decor is moldings and stucco moldings.

For many, single-level ceilings may seem unpresentable and simple, but if you choose the right finish, you get a completely original picture. For example, a ceiling pasted over with ordinary wallpaper will look faded, but if you apply beautiful canvases based on non-woven or fabrics, then its appearance will change.

Regardless of what type of ceiling will be chosen for the interior of the hall, it is necessary to use high-quality materials for its decoration, it is advisable to give preference to natural products. Great attention should also be paid to their texture and color.


The living room is a continuation of the overall design of the house. Therefore, in order to distinguish it from the background of other rooms in an original way and fill it with an unusual atmosphere, it is recommended to apply a certain stylistic direction in the decoration of the ceiling. Today there are many styles for decorating ceiling coverings, but the most important of them are:

  • Rococo. It is characterized by a perfectly flat surface in beige, blue or white. In this case, the ceiling should smoothly transition into the walls. Often, frescoes or modeling are used as decorations, and they also try in every possible way to fill the background with a bronze and gold tint. The chandelier is usually located in the center of the ceiling and is a huge piece decorated with crystal balls and pendants.
  • Egyptian notes. They are characterized by relief painting with antique themes. The ceiling is made simple, its only decoration can be a multi-figured bas-relief or cornice. The surface may be painted with floral ornaments. The color scheme is usually dominated by blue, yellow, crimson and green.
  • Gothic. The ceiling is made in the form of wooden beams or vaults. In order to properly decorate, it is recommended to use exclusively natural wood species. A beautiful example is the white background of the walls in the hall, complemented by the black ceiling.
  • Country. It is as close to nature as possible and does not tolerate excesses. For him, ceilings made of wooden beams are also used, from which unusual shapes are laid out. The color scheme is chosen in space, and it is dominated by yellow, beige, brown and light chocolate shades.
  • Classicism. The walls are separated from the ceiling with beautiful cornices or friezes. Often the surface is decorated with gilded ornaments and stucco moldings. Colors are chosen light, bright colors are completely excluded.
  • Renaissance. Its distinctive feature is clarity and simplicity, so contrasting compositions are not allowed. As lighting, you can use both spotlights and modest chandeliers. The ceiling is installed at different levels, but straight lines must be present in each of them. The color scheme is selected depending on the general background of the living room.
  • Kitsch. It is a bright and exotic option for the ceiling. Provides for the use of different colors, which may not be combined with each other. For example, the base is made bright blue and framed with eaves decorated with sparkles or stars. Kitsch is often chosen for living rooms decorated with bay windows.
  • Eclecticism. An interesting direction that combines both Western and Eastern motives. Such ceilings, which combine modern, baroque and high-tech at the same time, look unusual. In this case, the ceiling can be either monochromatic or include separate color inserts. An original addition to the design in this case will be a forged chandelier and embossed baguettes.
  • The classic is characterized by such a finish in which the ceilings always look individual and unique. Classic décor is usually dominated by light and pastel shades. Designs can be single-level and stepped. Beautiful chandeliers are used as lighting and supplemented with illumination from spotlights. Such ceilings, decorated with stretch canvases, pasted over with wallpaper or covered with decorative plaster, look great.
  • Modern. Suitable for home owners who love everything new and modern. In this finish, contrasting compositions, inserts of mirror surfaces and photo print are welcome. For the living room in this direction, 3D ceilings are well suited, creating an unusual feeling of lightness and weightlessness.


Traditionally, living rooms have a large chandelier in the center of the ceiling, but this option is usually suitable for simple decor. As for complex and multi-level structures, it is necessary to use other more stylish methods of organizing lighting to illuminate them. For example, spotlights, which can be complemented by a large shade with an original design, would be a good choice. The area of ​​the room also plays a huge role in the choice of light sources. For small rooms, ordinary chandeliers are suitable, and living rooms with low ceilings are best decorated with several built-in lamps and place a floor lamp in the room.

Recently, homeowners prefer to make ceilings that consist of many levels. Such an architectural composition looks presentable, but if you do not worry about lighting it, the decor will be ruined, especially if brown is chosen for the ceiling. To avoid this, it is recommended to mount several types of lighting in the living room.

It is a good idea to use backlighting to highlight unusual details on the ceiling. It will be complemented in an original way by a stylish glass lamp, while it is best to choose soffits for the decoration of such a plafond, they will originally shimmer in various shades and create a romantic atmosphere in the room. Overhead devices are also very popular; they are presented in various saturations and colors.

Tips for choosing

Before decorating the ceiling design in the living room, it is recommended first of all to make a good repair in it and expand the space. If this is a private house with high ceilings, then its interior can be diversified with multi-level structures. In a "Khrushchev" setting, where the room is small and its area does not exceed 18 square meters. m, you will need to apply various design ideas and visually raise the space.

To make the ceiling stylish and unique, you must adhere to the following tips:

  • Choose natural materials for decoration. They are not only considered environmentally friendly, but also look great against the general background of the interior. Both wooden structures and products that imitate stone will be suitable.
  • Consider geometry. Recently, clear lines with proportional shapes are in fashion. At the same time, the surfaces can be decorated with patterns or designs with unusual geometric shapes. Compositions in the form of squares, triangles and ovals look original.
  • Pay attention to the color scheme. Today, satin stretch fabrics imitating metal are very popular. Ceilings with a shade of tin, copper or brass can be an excellent choice for this.
  • Use minimalism in the decor. Simplicity and modesty are always in fashion. To diversify the plain background, you can apply a painting with folklore motives to the base of the ceiling.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • The most beautiful ceiling for a living room is a suspended structure decorated with canvases; it looks fresh and stylish. In addition, its installation is quick and allows you to perfectly level the surface, and a wide selection of materials and colors suits any design style.
  • Suspended ceilings with photo printing deserve special attention; their original design can be represented by various patterns and compositions. Variants with images of the sky are suitable for the living room, thanks to their volume effect, the living room becomes spacious and open, the effect of infinity is created in the room.
  • Also interesting are ideas with 3D canvases in the form of drops. They expand the space in a special way and fill the hall with an unusual atmosphere. Various sizes can be selected for the patterns. Such ceilings are well suited for living rooms decorated in the Art Nouveau style, as well as for homeowners who prefer everything unusual in design.
  • Often in the design, a combination of a stretch canvas with drywall is used. It is best to choose a plain, glossy surface. It looks noble and helps to further emphasize the interior of the room.
  • Ceilings with beams look special both in an apartment and in a country house. Natural wood gives the living room coziness and a feeling of natural warmth. At the same time, beams of dark shades are recommended for decor, which will beautifully fit into the overall decor of the room.

Such structures are considered an excellent choice for all types of styles, they do not need additional finishing, they can be applied both to single-level and stepped ceilings. To emphasize their beauty favorably, it is necessary to lay a laminate or parquet in the room, and place furniture made of natural wood.

For information on how to choose a design for your living room, see the next video.