Canopy holder: types of mounts, brackets and curtain rods, support-stick for a wall model, how to attach to a crib or wall

What canopy holders are there and how to assemble them?

    The canopy will be an original addition to any bed and the best protection option for the owner of the berth. Thanks to this device, annoying insects will not be able to get into your bed, and large particles of debris and dust will not get into your bed. Today this piece of furniture is back in fashion. Our article is devoted to the holders of this design and the options for its attachment.

    Product design

    The canopy is an imitation of a canopy over the bed of both a baby and an adult. This canopy can be just a decoration, but it can also be an actively functioning device, that is, closing the bed from prying eyes.

    A special holding device allows you to firmly fix the canopy structure over the sleeping area. The moving mechanism of the product will provide an opportunity to fix it at the desired and most convenient height for you. The woven canopy can also be called one of the main elements of this device. It guarantees maximum comfort and protects you or your child from excessively bright light, various midges and litter getting into the bed.

    The canopy itself is often made of lightweight materials, half transparent. Fabric awnings are usually decorated with catchy inserts, as well as bows or delicate lace.

    Installation methods and options

    There are 3 most common options for high-quality fixing of the device for children's (and not only) beds.

    • In the middle of the long side of the bed. The canopy is mounted on the wall next to the baby's cot.
    • Placement at the head of the bed. This is the most common option as it is ideal for both very young toddlers and older kids. In this case, the base with the fabric is attached at the top of the bed, and it does not block the baby's view of the room while awake.
    • On all sides of the bed on which the baby sleeps. Here, the design is based on a frame that is attached to the stock at its 4 corners, the canopy is fixed at once by 4 holders. This type of fabric fastener is suitable for those beds in which there are no sides to protect the crumbs from falling.

    When deciding how exactly to attach the product to the baby's crib or to your bed, you should definitely take into account their location in the space of the room in relation to the walls, doors and various pieces of furniture. This information will help you quickly determine the method of fixing the product. Lightweight fabric will be attached to the holder, and it, in turn, can be fixed:

    • on the side wall;
    • on the past;
    • at the head of the bed;
    • to the wall of the room itself;
    • On the floor;
    • on the ceiling.

    Consider the 4 most popular types of canopy designs.

    • Bed options. They are attached directly to the bed and often come with a cradle for an infant in one set. There is a separate instruction for them, thanks to which you can quickly assemble the product yourself, fix it with high quality and easily hang the canopy.
    • Wall mounted. This type of clamps will allow you to choose a canopy of any desired length.
    • Outdoor. The device is installed on the floor, if necessary, it can be easily transferred along with the bed to any other place in your home.
    • Ceiling. It is also one of the most popular types of holders for children. They allow you to use the largest canopy in length.

    Bed attachment options are also called the most mobile, they are very popular with young parents. This can be explained by the fact that they are attached only to the crib. Neither the walls of the room, nor its ceiling will be used in this process, for this reason there will be no marks on them, which is especially important if you have recently completed repairs. Also, the positive side of this model is its amazing lightness. It weighs practically nothing and at the same time it is easily fixed. True, such a device has a number of disadvantages. For starters, it's worth mentioning its mobility. If you cling to this holder all the time with your hands, then one day you can completely drop it.

    Already grown up kid, out of curiosity, will obviously want to pull the holder towards himself. This action does not pose any particular danger if the holder is light, but anyway its fall is undesirable. In addition, the mobile holders do not carry any aesthetic burden, as they are entirely under the canopy.

    Stationary devices are fixed to the ceiling or wall. If this device has to be removed in order to strengthen it in a different place, then after it there will be clearly visible traces on the surfaces, so this place will need to be decorated with something, which can be very costly. Therefore, if the parents opted for wall or ceiling holders, furniture is not rearranged in the crumbs' room for a long time until the child grows up and wants to change himself.

    The positive features of stationary products are that they are the most reliable. They can be easily fixed on the surface without much difficulty. On their basis, you can build almost real decorations from a canopy. At the same time, the shape of the cape will be perfectly preserved. A stationary device is almost impossible to swing, even if the child himself wants to do it.

    In children's stores, you can choose and purchase a universal type of holders in the form of brackets. A holder called "Toddler" will help you hang a small canopy anywhere you choose. Thanks to the versatility of the attachment, it can be placed either on the side of the bed or at the head of the bed. This device has optimal parameters and can be installed in any configuration of baby cots. This kind of device is perfect for a round or square bed.

    The support is absolutely reliable and has increased strength, because it is made of high quality materials. With this holder, you can easily and quickly enough hang a stylish canopy over the little man's bed and thus protect it from insects, dust, as well as dangerous drafts when ventilating the room. The holder called "Chamomile" is installed on the back of the baby's bed. The height of the device can be easily adjusted. The holder is suitable for any model and the cots themselves, and capes. After mounting the holder, the product will be able to protect the baby from various unpleasant factors and will give the room a special touch of charm. A bed with this kind of canopy will look very cozy.

    The cape holder in shape can be:

    • oval;
    • round;
    • rectangular (with U-shaped or L-shaped bracket).

    It is difficult to answer the question which of these types is the most preferable, because they are all quite popular and are used in various interiors to organize a cozy bed. Holders for a canopy are made mainly of aluminum - this is an extremely light and inexpensive material that perfectly fulfills all its functions, but holders made of plastic are often found in stores. Holders made of plastic and aluminum are the choice for children's beds, but if you dream of arranging a canopy over the marital bed, then it is better to choose a stronger material for these purposes.

    When buying a holder, you should make sure that it is made from environmentally friendly materials and is completely harmless. If it is made of plastic, then the product should not have a strong odor. A metal device should be as durable as possible.

    Build and install

    Wall construction

    First you need to find a place to mount a sturdy tripod. It is selected taking into account the location of the bed relative to the wall. The next step is to choose the method of attaching the canopy to the tripod (with a solid or split ring).

    • In the first version, the canopy will be attached to the tripod thanks to special Velcro and straps, and the fastening point itself can be hidden behind the frills.
    • Option with a separating ring. The bar of the ringlet must be threaded into a special sleeve provided in the canopy. You will need to remove the loop from the tripod, then spread its edges. They are pulled into the sleeve, and so the material is attached to the loop, forming beautiful folds. The edges of the loop, which remained outside, are connected to each other with an elastic band and they are lowered into a tripod.

    Next, all parts of the base are fastened and neatly corrected. The entire installation is attached to the headboard with special screws. The screws are hidden under the decorative caps. It is imperative to check the resulting device, how strong it is so that the product does not suddenly fall on the sleeping person if he accidentally touches the edge of the curtain with his hand in a dream. One of the most interesting options for attaching a canopy is the use of forged products that are attached to the wall. The forged product in the form of a semicircle is neatly mounted into the wall, and the canopy itself is attached to it with the help of strings. The fasteners should be as reliable as possible so that the big or small owner of the room cannot pull the device out of the wall.

    Ceiling option

    The step-by-step instructions for mounting are as follows.

    • First you need to free the perimeter around the crib.
    • The place on the ceiling where the cornice will be installed is marked. In its capacity, you can choose a metal strip that will be attached to the ceiling with self-tapping screws.
    • Then it will be possible to attach the material to the cornice using ribbons and Velcro.
    • The attachment point is hidden by another piece of drapery or a special lambrequin. The length of the canopy can be adjusted using stylish clamping elements or beautiful bows.

    The method of attaching the product to the ceiling is suitable if the latter is durable. You can mount an impromptu cornice on a concrete ceiling. But this option is better not to use if you have plasterboard ceilings. The kid can accidentally pull on the canopy, hang on it, accidentally catch on or just touch it. The base of the cornice with part of the ceiling may fall, which can injure the baby and disrupt the appearance of the room.

    DIY canopy

    To create the simplest canopy you will need:

    • 2 wooden sticks (slats) and 1 block 1 meter long;
    • screws and dowels;
    • piece of fabric 1.5x5 m.

    Manufacturing scheme:

    • we select a place at the head of the bed where the device will be fixed;
    • we leave marks on the wall covering 1 meter higher than the center of the head of the bed;
    • then holes are drilled in the designated place and, using dowels, the bar is attached to the wall;
    • at the ends of the timber, the slats are perpendicularly attached with self-tapping screws;
    • you can throw fabric on the finished structure and distribute it as you like.

    When choosing a canopy for the baby's bed and the fasteners to it, pay special attention to how safe and reliable they are. The standard height of the product is usually 1.5 meters, but it can be easily adjusted using special mounts. They allow you to move the structure to the required height and guarantee the most restful and sweet sleep.

    For how to install a canopy on a crib with your own hands, see the next video.