Modern curtains (88 photos): fashionable curtains 2020 - which are in fashion now, stylish curtains on the windows of a private house and in an apartment

Modern fashion curtains

    A modern cozy house without window decoration will not have a complete look. However, window textiles fulfill not only decorative but also functional load. Beautiful, lightweight curtains will help shelter from the sun and prying eyes. With their help, the interior of the room is completely transformed. Our article is devoted to modern fashionable curtains and current trends in the field of window decoration.

    Popular models

    Fashion influences all spheres of our being: clothes, shoes, hats, furniture, dishes. The curtains were not ignored either. Every season we are offered a huge selection of new products - a variety of color recommendations, unusual types of fabrics, accessories.

    And here there is no need to rush and follow fashion trends in everything. Seek professional advice. They will help to effectively transform the interior of your home with fashionable products.

    It is logical to start the selection of curtains for window decoration in a country house or city apartment with the main components. This is the product style and color. We offer you to get acquainted with the most current styles and models of curtains and curtains.


    Regardless of the time, classic-style curtains always remain in demand and do not lose their relevance.

    A special role is given to noble textiles and luxurious accessories:

    • lambrequins;
    • various braids (for decorating the edges of curtains);
    • harnesses.

    Classic curtains, curtains, drapes are floor-length.


    Austrian curtains differ from other types by combining traditional features of French curtains and Roman curtains. This is an original combination of lush folds from French trendsetters and a laconic Roman mechanism that allows you to collect the curtain in a horizontal plane. The curtains are decorated with heavy cords with beautiful tassels.


    French curtains, which became fashionable during the reign of Louis XIV, have outlived their creator. Today they are at the height of fashion - solemn, luxurious, refined. In addition to restaurants, theaters and similar institutions, they are successfully used in the interior of houses. They differ from other products in structure (they rise in cascades) and scallops of the same size, which are interconnected. The curtain fabric, folded into smooth semicircular bends in each scallop, brings sublime touches to the environment.


    London curtains are the frank "epigones" of classic Roman curtains. Their modern look is almost identical to those products that were in vogue in London salons several centuries ago. Today they are also in demand. These products are a kind of lifting curtains. Their distinctive feature is the presence of two types of draperies on one canvas - horizontal and vertical (scalloped and bow). This cut of the curtain gives it a restrained coquetry.


    This year one of the most popular types is Italian curtains. Today they are appropriate in any style of room decoration. However, they look nobler and most luxurious in classic interiors. The two vertical canvases that make up the Italian curtain do not fully extend. Thanks to the hooks located above the level of the window sill and fixing these panels, its two parts rise diagonally.

    These curtains are easy to use: their curtains do not need to be moved or pulled apart. During the day they are tied up, at night they are dismissed, thereby closing the window.


    Today, the eyes of trendsetters are increasingly directed to the Land of the Rising Sun. The Japanese style of the interior attracts designers with its laconicism, naturalness and airiness. Japanese curtains give the environment a subtle sophistication, spontaneity and a pleasant personality. Japanese screens have only one drawback - the shape. Such curtains are only rectangular.

    They have much more advantages:

    • ease of care;
    • curtains, unlike curtains with folds, practically do not collect dust;
    • multi-layered construction allows you to quickly change the atmosphere in the room.


    Chinese products have advantages over other curtains, which earned the attention of lovers of beautiful window decoration. The ability to adjust the length, easy to care for, as well as durability and high quality have made these curtains a trend this year. The design of this style is notable for the lack of luxury, but at the same time expensive and sometimes collectible translucent materials are used for these curtains.


    Windows that are exposed to sunlight throughout the day need extra cover. The curtains, decorated with a kind of crossed draperies, will create a cozy twilight in the room. And today this type of curtain is very fashionable and relevant.

    There are quite a few ways to drape curtains:

    • an attractive version of the "accordion", which allows you to create narrow vertical folds on the curtain, but has a small minus - a lot of fabric is needed;
    • the “pinch” version, which is a fan fold, is difficult to manufacture and requires meticulous attention to various details (accurate calculation of the width of each individual fold and the distance between them);
    • drape in the form of a glass, etc.


    This year has brought laconicism and sophistication to the window decoration. Therefore, the curtain-screen (curtain with a stitched narrow strip for the braid) is quite in demand today. The special design of such a curtain makes the room simple and unique at the same time.


    The best designers this year offer their clients roman blinds. The main advantage of this type of blinds, which brought them to the top of excellent products, is the atmosphere of home comfort. They are a great alternative to classic curtains. But do not forget that these curtains perform more a decorative function than protection from the penetration of bright sunlight. The design of these products is simple: a flat canvas, divided into sections of equal size. It can be adjusted (closed or opened) manually and by remote control. Any fabric is suitable for these curtains. They are compact and easy to use.


    Everyone wants to see their home not only cozy and beautiful, but also reliably protected. Fabric roller blinds, which are fashionable this year, do an excellent job with a variety of functionality - during the day they protect from heat and bright light, in the evening - from street view. Plus, they look great on the window.


    Curtains made of natural and environmentally friendly bamboo have become fashionable products this year. A popular trend today is increasingly being used by designers, creating a spectacular and unique interior. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle prefer to see bamboo curtains on their windows, especially since feng shui experts also recommend it. In their opinion, such curtains are able to neutralize unfavorable, negative energy. Such a curtain is folded with a control cord. You can attach it to the ceiling, in a window opening or to a wall.


    A new trend in the field of window curtains today is the pleated blind. These products are made from materials that are safe for health and have different density and texture of fabric. The range of colors is extensive, the design is diverse. Such structures are installed both on ordinary windows and on ceiling windows, French and others. Models of curtains have been developed that allow light but not heat to pass through.


    Blinds have long been successful in the window curtain market for a private house, apartment or office. And if recently they performed a purely protective function, today their meaning has changed. Products have become fashionable thanks to the variety of materials from which they are made, as well as unusual, original decorations.


    Rope curtains complete the list of fashionable models this year. In some sources they are called thread curtains. Coming from the East, they quickly took a leading position in the textile industry and became a fashionable element in window decoration. Hundreds of threads transform the interior, thanks to the unique play of light and shadow, a variety of color palette and structure.


    It is also worth mentioning that mesh curtains are in fashion now. This is a versatile, stylish and practical option that fits perfectly, for example, in a young man's room. Such a model will look good both on the balcony and in any other room. This year is rich in curtain styles. There is plenty to choose from, what to combine with, what to give preference to. Not the last place in the design of the window is the color of the products.

    Here, the designers settled on three options:

    • it is advisable to use curtains lighter than the basic color of the room;
    • the second option of choice is directly opposite to the first, that is, the shade of the curtains may be darker than the color of the room;
    • color spot - curtains of a bright shade, which is almost absent in the interior.

    Use in the interior

    Each room in the house is endowed with certain functions, so much attention is paid to the design. And windows are no exception.

    Living room

    This room is significantly different from the rest. Here they receive guests, meet friends, celebrate important events. That is why the hall must combine the practical side and the decoration in every detail. Today so-called 3D curtains have appeared in window decoration. It is fashionable, original, unusual. The living room is the most suitable room for this type of window decoration.

    Specialized stores offer a huge selection of similar products. Curtains decorated with colored prints, images of fruits, berries, landscapes are very popular among consumers. Such a bright accent deserves attention. If the room is decorated with patterned wallpaper, use plain curtains. If the walls are plain, then it is advisable to choose curtains with an ornament.

    The advantage of these curtains is simple and easy maintenance. The products are cleaned dry, but they can also be washed. With proper care, they will last quite a long time, remaining luxurious without losing their original appearance.


    The kitchen is the place where real culinary works of art are prepared. Accidental splashes and stains are indispensable. Therefore, taking care of the curtain on the kitchen window is of particular importance. Nevertheless, one should not forget about beauty.

    The best option for the kitchen this year is roman blinds. They are fashionable, practical, elegant, easy and simple to care for. If you prefer dry cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner. If wet, wash it. What type of cleaning to choose - find out from the information on the material from which the curtains are made.


    The intimate and quietest corner in the whole house is the bedroom. Laconicism is an important element here. Classic-style curtains will create an atmosphere of comfort and love in the room. Experts recommend choosing tulle with a delicate pattern and plain curtains to decorate the window. This will give the appearance of harmony and neatness.

    A small nuance in the approach to window decoration: if the bedroom is at the disposal of one person, curtains with volumetric patterns will do. If there is a couple in the bedroom - curtains made in pastel colors will be the best option.


    This room speaks for itself - comfort and an atmosphere of joy reign here. Therefore, stylish curtains here should be very attractive for their little inhabitants. This year, unusual curtains with images of fabulous flowers, animals, characters are offered for kids. For the smallest, decor in a calm pastel color scheme is suitable.

    The older ones will be more attractive with colorful curtains with different patterns. The child himself can be involved in the choice of curtains. And do not forget about the safety of both the materials from which the product is made and the fastening elements of the curtains.

    Subtleties of design

    You need to start the process of decorating a window by determining the general style of the room's interior and new products in the field of window curtains.

    • Use curtain fabric in the window decoration of the room, the interior of which is designed in a minimalist style. The curtain fabric will refresh the space.
    • If your room is decorated in the direction of Provence, then the window decoration will be curtains with a colored pattern and interesting hooks.
    • Baroque and Empire styles are wonderfully complemented by antique curtains with lambrequins.
    • Spicy muslin looks good in many variations.
    • Roman curtains on the windows in a modern apartment will emphasize the good taste of the owner.
    • For country style, a classic tulle framed with curtains would be a suitable option.

    How to choose?

    When choosing curtains, regardless of their style and fashion trends, it is necessary to take into account some criteria:

    • if there is wallpaper with a bright pattern in the room, stop at plain curtains and curtains of calm tones;
    • matte tapestries will benefit in combination with silk curtains;
    • drapery with vertical stripes will visually enlarge the room, and horizontal stripes will expand the space;
    • products with lambrequins will be lost in a room with a low ceiling.