Staircase (57 photos): what is it, staircase design for a private house - choose a chandelier and curtain, subtleties of decoration and design

The staircase in the house is a space with an unusual layout. Choosing the right design can be difficult: it is important to take into account the style of the whole house, the features of the span and its size. Below you will find detailed information on how to choose the finishes, accessories and lighting for the staircase, taking into account all its features.

What it is?

A flight of stairs is a space along a staircase bounded by landings. Such a place is usually a small area with steps and a high wall. The window is more often located on the landing, although sometimes it overlooks the flight itself.

Stairwell ceilings are usually quite high, so it is important to use brightly colored chandeliers or lamps along the walls.

The flight of stairs is a non-residential intermediate space between floors; therefore, due attention is often not paid to its decor. Meanwhile, for the harmonious design of the whole house, it is very important that such insignificant places are thoughtfully designed. There are many different design options that will fit into any interior style.

To properly decorate the flight, it is worth considering the design of the stairs.

It usually consists of several parts.

  • Steps. They, in turn, consist of a horizontally located tread and a vertical support, are the basis of the structure.
  • Kosoura. These are the beams that hold the steps from below. They are complemented by anchoring posts.
  • Bowstrings. Beams located at the end.
  • Railing. Needed for safety and ease of movement up the stairs.


A flight of stairs is a special space, in the design of which the same rules do not always work as for living rooms.

To successfully choose a design solution for the decor of your staircase, try to take into account the following nuances:

  • Usually, in a flight of stairs, an accent is created on the wall along which the steps run. Depending on the style of your interior, the wall decoration can be discreet or, on the contrary, you can decorate it with paintings, photographs and lamps. One way or another, the design must be thoughtful.
  • Since the staircase leads to the landing, it is very important that this landing and the span are decorated in the same style. They should look as solid as possible - for this you should use the same finishing materials or similar decorative elements.
  • If the design projects of the first and second floors differ slightly, the staircase should become a kind of transitional space, combining both of these decorative elements. In addition, it is important that the staircase fits organically into the design of the first floor, as it will be clearly visible.
  • You should not decorate the flight of stairs brighter than other rooms in your house - it should not draw attention from the living quarters, but only complement them and give the interior a complete look.

Overall dimensions

Safe and reliable stairs must comply with GOST standards. For example, it is not recommended to make long straight flights of stairs more than three meters. The minimum width of a safe staircase should be 80 cm, however, if possible, it is better to achieve dimensions of 100–120 cm. The number of steps depends on the length and height - 15 steps are considered optimal for private houses, however, slightly more can be done. For convenience, the steps should not be too high.

The designs of different staircases differ significantly - you can have a spiral staircase, a straight staircase between floors, or a two-span staircase. If it is not possible to make a full-fledged staircase on turns, it is important to leave a gap of 15 cm for convenience and safety. For double-span stairs, it is better to use a full-fledged platform - its decor can become a special highlight in the interior.

Design and finishing materials

It is important that the design of the staircase is in harmony with the design of the entire interior of the house. Try to find similar materials and matching colors. It's worth starting with wall decoration. You can choose almost any finish, however, it is worth starting from the chosen style.

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After finishing the walls, you should think about the decor of the staircase itself, its steps and railings, and then you can consider accessories for placement on the wall or on the landing between the flights.

Very often, private houses are decorated in a country style - refined simplicity and natural pleasant materials will allow you to feel like a part of nature in your own home.

Consider the following design options:

  • For wall decoration, it is worth considering a beam or lining: it is not difficult to lay them out with your own hands, and such a design will look great in a wooden house. For the chalet style, choose dark wood, and for the Provencal style, on the contrary, you can paint the lining in pastel colors. In addition, you can choose a coloring: if you have a high-quality rough finish, you can simply choose the right color, and if you want to hide the unevenness of the walls, you can create an interesting texture using sprayers. Finally, imitation of stone or brickwork always looks relevant.
  • Country style is usually characterized by wooden stairs, but they can be extremely varied. You can combine different colors of wood for steps, add metal elements. You can replace natural wood with laminate - now there are very stylish and high-quality options.
  • As accessories, you can pick up wooden wall clocks, paintings in massive frames, hanging pots or decorative animal skins. False beams or simple arches made of wood can also look good, just make sure that the structures do not interfere with the convenience of the passage.

Classic, Baroque and Neoclassical styles are also popular design options for modern homes.

If you want to transform your home into a real palace, consider the following finishes:

  • The easiest way to decorate the walls is to paint them in light colors. If you wish, to make the interior look more complete, such a design can be supplemented with stucco molding, molding or decorative frescoes. If you like interesting textures, you can glue textile wallpapers along the stairs - floral ornaments made of velvet or silk fibers will perfectly fit into the classic style. Finally, the walls can be tiled with natural or cast marble tiles - this option will also look very elegant.
  • Steps made of marble or artificial stone are also typical of the classics and baroque. For neoclassicism, wooden options with a conservative design may be suitable. Among other things, steps fully or partially lined with carpet can look great. For the decoration of the railings, you can use interesting forged lattices, precious woods and golden metal elements.
  • Accessories in a similar style are minimalistic. However, clocks and paintings on the walls will always look relevant if you choose the right design. If there is a wide platform between two or three rotary staircases, you can place a table made of stone or stained glass with ceramic vases and dried flowers, living indoor plants in massive pots or a rack with books and photo albums.

The staircase can also be finished in a modern high-tech style: minimalism, laconic decorations and unusual shapes are inherent in it.

Consider options for such a decor.

  • For such an interior, you can glue the popular wall murals on the walls. It can be an image of nature or a metropolis, color or black and white. For such wallpapers, an empty wall is required, which is difficult to distinguish in a living room, however, along the stairs, they can look very organic. Monochromatic wall painting is also characteristic of a modern interior - deep dark colors and complex composite shades are especially popular: instead of scarlet, you should take burgundy, instead of light green - olive, and instead of blue - turquoise.
  • Modern style staircases can be very interesting - first of all, all kinds of spiral staircases are popular. Direct options may also be relevant if you value a simpler design. The steps can be made of metal, plastic or wood - the main thing is to choose simple and unusual shapes.
  • As accessories, mirrors, unusual sculptures, photo frames, or massive canvases with abstract painting can be suitable. At the same time, you should not choose too many accessories so that the design of the span does not turn out to be overloaded - it is better to arrange it concisely.

Windows and lighting

Good lighting of the stairwell is very important. If there is a window along the flight or in the landing, it will provide daylight. In addition, the window can be accentuated in design by choosing an interesting decor for it. Consider the following options.

  • Stained glass is now back in fashion. Colored glass will create a unique atmosphere in the room and is perfect for both classic and modern interiors. You can make a real forged stained-glass window to order or paint the window glass with special stained-glass paints. Depending on the idea, you can make all the glass colored or leave transparent parts. One has only to take into account that stained glass will transmit less light than ordinary glass.
  • For a tall window, you can choose long heavy curtains that will look great in both traditional and simpler interiors. You can complement them with tulle or various decorative elements from textiles.
  • For a small window in a modern style, blinds made of metal or plastic are suitable, and if you have a country style, you can choose options from cane. In addition, ordinary short curtains can also look relevant. They will perfectly fit into the Provencal style, modern or eclecticism - everything will depend on the specific material and print.

Even with a window, additional lighting is also needed. If there is no window, you should take special care of bright lamps. Often, massive and long pendant chandeliers are chosen for stair flights, which provide high-quality lighting.

    If you are planning a suspended structure, you can make a fully luminous ceiling with LEDs - this option will provide a stylish and original design, as well as good bright lighting: you can choose ordinary white or multi-colored LEDs. Small built-in lamps may work only if you have a miniature staircase and low ceilings.

    You can place lamps on the walls - this will create an even soft light along the entire span. Three bright lights are usually enough for one middle span. They can also be used as additional lighting, combined with a chandelier or LEDs.

    Tips & Tricks

              For a competent design of the flight of stairs, take note of the tips from the designers:

              • Make sure the living area and staircase fit into a seamless ensemble. If it seems to you that they do not look harmonious, try combining them using accessories or finishing materials - for example, you can decorate the stairs with the same kind of wood as the furniture in the rooms, or place similar paintings in the living quarters and along the stairs.
              • Consider the dimensions of the ladder. If it is wide and short, it can be visually stretched out in longitudinal stripes on wallpaper or similar accessories. If the stairs are narrow, use cross strips. Do not place many pictures and photographs on the wall along the narrow stairs - the space will be overloaded.
              • Make the stairs comfortable. Do not experiment with the shape of the railings or place large accessories on the steps. If you hang three-dimensional items on walls, make sure that they are high enough and cannot be hit while driving.
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                Beautiful options in the interior

                If you have not decided on the design for your flight of stairs, take note of a few original ideas.

                • If the interior in gray tones seems boring to you, and you want to diversify it, you can place family photographs decorated in vintage style along the stairs. Print black and white photos and place them in light massive frames. If the rest of the decoration is simple, you can take a lot of frames and arrange them randomly on the wall. At the same time, so that the vintage interior does not look old-fashioned, do not be afraid of interesting color combinations - for example, dark wood elements are perfect for a gray color scheme.
                • For staircases, lamps of an unusual shape are relevant. In particular, you can pick up a small chandelier decorated with a lantern. This simple yet unusual solution will perfectly complement the simple wall design and wrought iron grating.
                • A simple and laconic flight of stairs can look great in a Scandinavian-style house. If you are looking for a staircase to a house with a light finish, it is important that it looks light, but at the same time does not merge with the walls in tone. For a white finish, light wood steps with a laconic but stable structure may be ideal. Silvery metal railings and glass support structures can be made for comfort and safety.

                In the next video, you will see how to decorate concrete stairs with wood in a private house.