Ikea cabinet and modular walls (30 photos): standard models of furniture for TV in the interior of the living room and mini-options for TV in the hall

Ikea cabinet and modular walls

    Ikea furniture is popular in our country. This is due to the fact that in this trade network you can buy furniture sets for any room. Among the huge variety of furniture, Ikea walls are quite popular.

    About the manufacturer

    Ikea is the world's most famous Swedish company that sells various household goods. It offers fairly high quality products that meet the highest European requirements.

    Among the products presented in the Ikea chain of stores, you will find everything you need to create an interior in your home, including lighting, textiles, everything for the kitchen, pot flowers, furniture and much more. Including you can purchase walls of various models and configurations.


    Ikea furniture has a number of features that are inherent in the walls of this manufacturer.

    • They are pretty functional. All details of the walls are thought out to the smallest detail. With such an attribute of furniture, you can replace several products at once, such as a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, shelves, a TV table.
    • They are pretty practical. They have many storage places that are hidden from prying eyes.
    • Quality. The walls are of high quality, both materials and fittings. Most of the models are made from environmentally friendly natural materials.
    • Reliability. Ikea walls have a long service life, so you will use them for many years.
    • A huge selection of models will help you choose furniture for various styles from modern to high-tech.

    Ikea walls allow you to complete yourself with additional pieces of furniture in the same style, for example, to buy wall shelves or a chest of drawers.


    The walls from this manufacturer can be divided into two main types:

    • modular;
    • case.

    Modular systems invite you to choose the storage space you need and arrange them according to your needs so that you are as comfortable as possible. To do this, you need to select a frame and fill it with the modules you need.

    Cabinet models are widely represented by various slides and small walls, which is especially in demand in the living conditions of our fellow citizens in small apartments.


    Several types of materials are used for the manufacture of Ikea walls.

    • Wood. Natural wood has always been the best material for making furniture. Products made from it are aesthetic, elegant, and have a long service life. If desired, such furniture can be easily restored. The only drawback of this material is the price. Wood today is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy furniture from this material.
    • Chipboard. This material is considered a cheap analogue of wood. It is made from sawdust by gluing them with special resins. Considering the fact that Ikea uses only high-quality glue for the production of this material, it is safe for health. Chipboard is a fairly cheap material, but it has a number of disadvantages. It is not processed, in addition, this material is very afraid of moisture and, in contact with water, can swell and lose its appearance.
    • Plastic. This material is also used in modern furniture models. With this material, Ikea creates glossy surfaces in its furniture.
    • Glass. Ikea often uses glass to lighten the appearance of the walls. In most models of walls, glass has a matte or tinted coating, which protects the contents of the shelves from prying eyes.
    • Metal. Shelving frames in modular walls are made of this material. This makes the structure quite reliable, which will withstand increased loads.

    How to choose

    The choice of Ikea wall depends on several factors.

    • For what purposes do you need this piece of furniture. So, for example, if you have a small apartment where there is not enough storage space, it is better to give preference to modular models. This will allow the wall to occupy the entire wall, placing the largest number of things in it. If you just want to buy a TV shelf and place all the necessary accessories nearby, mini-walls will suit you, in the boxes of which you can put CDs, karaoke microphones, 3D glasses, and put your TV on the shelf.
    • The piece of furniture should match the style of your room. Most of the Ikea wall models are modern in style. However, you can install several models in a modern or classic living room.
    • You need to choose a color scheme. Here Ikea offers a fairly wide range of colors. You can find models made for different types of wood, white, black. Also popular are the walls, the facades of which are painted in different tones, for example, blue, green, beige.

    How to care

    It is not difficult to take care of the Ikea wall. It just needs to be wiped with a damp cloth from dust if necessary, at least twice a week. In case of severe contamination, furniture elements can be wiped with soapy water, then remove the soap and wipe the product dry. For rubbing the glass, you can use special cleaning agents for this material.


    The Ikea wall range is quite wide. Here are the most requested models.

    BRIMNES. This cabinet includes a TV stand, as well as drawers and shelves for storing all kinds of things. The facades of the doors have an original shape and allow them to be either glazed or covered with a plywood slab of your choice. The main material from which this model is made is laminated chipboard.

    STUVA. Model for a children's room. It includes a wardrobe, shelves for storing small items, as well as spacious drawers for toys. In addition, there is a table in the wall, at which it will be convenient for your child to do homework.

    Bright tones of facades will help create a mood in the child's room. You can complement such a wall with a loft bed and additional storage racks.

    BESTÅ. Another model of the wall for the hall in a modern style. Here, glossy surfaces combine perfectly with frosted glass, making this piece of furniture not only ergonomic, but also quite stylish.

    EKET. A combination of colored wardrobes, with which you can create an interesting wall in any room of your home, including the living room, bedroom, nursery, hallway. The length and height of one shelf is 35 cm, width 25 cm. With the help of such cabinets, you can create a TV shelf, a bookcase, and just shelves for accessories. It can be supplemented with chests of drawers, wardrobes and shelves from the same series.

    ALGOT. This system allows you to add wall shelves without a back wall to the TV stand. This design greatly facilitates the appearance of the wall, making it more airy. The cost of such a wall will be minimal and affordable.


    Ikea furniture is popular all over the world. The walls are no exception.

    Reviews of this product are quite high. Many people like the modern models of this company. Also, buyers note the convenience of assembling various modules as they wish.

    The only drawback that people point out is the cost of the product. But high-quality materials and fittings from which these walls are made cannot be cheaper. And in comparison with other companies that produce quality products, Ikea walls are even cheaper.

    For more details about the STUVA model, see the next video.