Light laminate in the interior of the apartment (40 photos): shades of bleached and mountain oak in combination with dark doors and skirting boards

Light laminate looks very good in the interior of the apartment. This floor covering is successfully combined with various room design options. However, light laminate is not suitable in all cases. Choosing the ideal option for your apartment, you need to take into account a variety of nuances.

Advantages and disadvantages

Light laminate has many advantages - this is what explains the great popularity of such a material.

The main advantages of this coating:

  • The ability of such a laminate to combine well with a wide variety of styles, and some of them are even impossible to imagine with a dark floor.
  • For a designer, a light background is a "blank sheet" on which you can create anything you want. In such an environment, various bright elements, accessories, and unusual furniture stand out favorably. You can focus on your favorite piece of furniture.
  • Design in light colors has a positive effect on people, it pleases the eye, contributes to the creation of lightness, relaxed atmosphere. This option is especially relevant for rooms with large windows.
  • If the room has a light floor, less bright light will be needed. It will be possible to get by with a minimum number of lamps. This is very important for offices or apartments that are on the north side.

In such rooms, it is better to paint even the walls in light colors. You will not only be able to save money, but also save your eyesight.

  • The light floor visually increases the space. This option is ideal for small rooms - a dark coating will make such a room look like a closet.

However, such a laminate has not only advantages, but also some disadvantages. Many people refuse to use a light floor, because such a coating is impractical - the dirt on it is very noticeable. However, modern materials are resistant to household chemicals, it is quite easy to care for the laminate. Just remember to clean regularly and your floor will always be perfect.

You can also choose a darker version - for example, the shade "mountain oak".

Shiny light coatings usually look unnatural, give off cheapness - even if they are made to look like expensive wood. Consider all possible options so as not to be mistaken with the choice.

In some cases, it is better to purchase a matte finish that cannot be compared to cheap linoleum or plastic tiles.

Try to imagine how such a floor will look in a particular room. Make sure it doesn't blend in with your furnishings. In some cases, furniture in the room, walls affect the floor, as a result of which unattractive shades appear on it. Few people are satisfied when, under artificial lighting, the coating turns yellowish. To avoid this, do not opt ​​for a creamy laminate.

Special attention should be paid to lighting. For beige or other light colored laminates, halogen or daylight is best.

Combination with walls

Choosing a combination of a light floor and wallpaper should be as careful as possible - it is very easy to make a mistake here.

The following recommendations should be considered:

  • If you want to brighten the room, opt for yellow wallpaper and wood flooring.
  • If you want to create an air of austerity in the room, choose hardwood floors and brown walls, wood laminate and white, black wallpaper.
  • If you want to visually make the room more spacious, add lightness, choose a white floor and brown or yellow walls.
  • Bright red wallpaper and a bleached oak shade are suitable for a living room or kitchen.
  • White laminate flooring and blue walls can be chosen if you want an atmosphere of freedom and lightness.
  • White floor and crimson wallpaper is an option that suits a wide variety of interior styles.
  • White floor and purple walls are a combination that can also be called universal.
  • Gray laminate goes well with bright yellow elements on the wallpaper, but keep in mind that there should be few such details.
If you want a modern and trendy interior, look at the bleached oak laminate flooring and bright red wall coverings. However, in such a room there should be white elements to make the perception a little easier.
  • Gray laminate flooring looks good with purple and bright orange walls. This option is very unusual, but at the same time very original and effective.


Light-colored laminate is a good option for many interior styles:

  • high tech;
  • minimalist;
  • Provencal;
  • Scandinavian.

To visually increase the space, you can combine light doors and light laminate flooring. The "Scandinavian" rooms are characterized by a large number of light colors in the room. A light oak floor will look good with a Scandinavian design.

To make the room not look like a hospital ward, use a variety of bright accessories: paintings, beautiful vases, pillows, lamps, carpets, bedding. Such elements will "liven up" the situation.

For Provence, it is better to choose pastel colors, not white. It is recommended to pay attention to items with different floral patterns. With their help, you will only emphasize the beauty of the light laminate.

For minimalism, a combination of light colors with a large space is suitable. There should be little furniture.

Ideal - when it contrasts with the floor.

If the room is decorated in a high-tech style, a combination of a white floor and rigor and clarity will do. In this case, you can choose a glossy finish, since the atmosphere of naturalness is not suitable for such rooms. White looks good with black as well as grayish tones.

How to choose?

When choosing a light laminate, you need to remember that a glossy finish does not look good indoors in all cases. Sometimes it even spoils the impression of the interior design. If you want to avoid this, consider every nuance or opt for a matte laminate. It doesn't look like linoleum or faux tiles and doesn't look cheap.

Pay attention not so much to the color as to the design of the flooring. In addition, the light in the room is very important. The shade of the coating will depend on how the lamps are located, as well as the color of the objects in the room. Remember that light colored flooring is not suitable for high traffic areas.

Many people prefer to combine light laminate with light walls. So you can visually enlarge the room, but do not use only light colors in the room, otherwise it will become impersonal, cold. Don't forget about the various striking elements.

To complete the look of a light laminate, you can use a skirting board. It should be darker and match in tone with any piece of furniture.

A great option is when the shades of the baseboard and the door have something in common.

A black skirting board looks very unusual in combination with a light floor covering. Such premises are distinguished by their expressiveness and clarity. For the concept to become unified, different elements of the interior must be black.

The color of the laminate should be several shades lighter than the furniture, otherwise all the elements will merge. It looks ugly. This option is only allowed if there is a dark carpet on the floor.

So, we can conclude that light laminate can both decorate the room and spoil the whole design. It all depends on how you use it. Think over several options, try to imagine how the interior will look like.

For information on how to choose the right laminate, see the next video.

How to care?

Maintenance of a light-colored floor covering should be regular. Many people choose waterproof materials. Such coatings are more expensive than conventional ones, but they are much more convenient with them.

If you use a regular rag, ugly marks will remain on the floor. To avoid streaking, opt for a special microfiber fabric. It is best to use only mild detergents.

If you are cleaning the surface with a vacuum cleaner, use a special nozzle that is designed for carpets.

It is also recommended to use felt stickers: they cover the furniture legs. This will prevent scratching the floor.

Interior options

Light laminate flooring looks great in a Scandinavian-style kitchen. The floor covering works well with other interior elements.

The light-covered terrace has a light atmosphere.

A laminate with an aging effect looks very interesting, this material gives the room a chic.

The combination of white walls and light colored flooring contributes to a visual increase in the space in the room.