Cake fireworks candles: how to light cold fountain sparklers? Are they harmful? Description of pyrotechnic sparking candles

Cake fireworks candles: characteristics and instructions for use

    Not a single birthday, especially for a child, is complete without a bright cake. It can be decorated with regular colored wax candles, but many people prefer something more interesting, so they prefer fireworks candles. Blowing out candles is a memorable moment that many take on camera or photograph, in addition, the custom brings good luck and makes wishes come true.

    The custom of blowing out candles originated from the Greeks, and then was borrowed by Germanic peasants in the Middle Ages. There, the inhabitants inserted candles into the holiday baked goods, and they burned until the cake was eaten. The number of candles was equal to the age of the birthday man. Since ancient times, lighted candles in the cake promise the fulfillment of what you want - if you make it up, and then blow out the candles with one breath, then it will definitely come true.

    But the candles, which will be described in the article, are not blown out, they are designed to bring solemnity to the event . You can do the following: first, traditionally blow out the wax candles, and then simply exchange them for fireworks candles. It is safe and not harmful, but do not forget about the basic safety rules.

    Types of cold fountains and their characteristics

    A cake for a holiday, of course, is an integral part of the event, but it is not enough to bake it, it is also important to present it correctly. In order for the celebration to be remembered for a long time, “cold fountain” fireworks candles were invented. They are divided into two types: stage and household.

    More about this:

    1. Scenic. Typically, such candles are used at concerts, major holidays (like New Years), weddings and other events with a fairly large room. Such a sparkling fountain up to 2 meters high leaves an unforgettable impression on all guests.
    2. Household. Sold in the form of sticks in the shape of a candle, which are set in a cake or pie. The sparks are 50 cm high. Household candles are suitable for home to celebrate a birthday or other event within a small circle of guests.

    For reference: the combustion temperature of such a product does not exceed 70 degrees, therefore the cold fountain is named so.

    Key features of tabletop fireworks candles:

    ease of use - just select a place on the cake and install:

    • small height of sparks (up to 50 cm) - knowing the height, you can prepare places for guests “at a distance” in advance, so that they feel comfortable;
    • the time of the sparkling stream - lasts no more than 50 seconds, during this time you can manage to delight all guests with a magnificent fireworks;
    • package dimensions - due to its small size, the table fountain is easy to transport;
    • convenient cap - each candle has a cap on the stem, so they are easily and firmly placed on the cake;
    • ease of ignition - the paper film is simply set on fire (for example, with a lighter), and after a couple of seconds the cake or cake shines with magnificent sparks.

    Please note: fountains with fireworks for a pie or cake are made of food-grade plastic, after they burn, there are no traces, and they have almost no smell (it is, but not as pungent as from sparklers). For safety reasons, you need to take precautions: stay away from the flame.

    The sparks of the fountain are both silver and gold, which makes any festive occasion solemn. It is worth knowing that there are also candles on sale with fireworks of colored sparks, but coloring chemicals are usually added to such products, so they are not suitable for the home or any other enclosed space in general.

    Pros and cons

    The first advantage that I want to mention at the beginning is that a cold fountain brings such solemnity into any atmosphere that it is simply difficult to remain in a sad mood if you had to experience it. Guests looking at the fireworks will remember the celebration for a long time, in addition, pleasant emotions are very useful for the mental state. The flammable particles are burnt in the air, so there is no need to worry about injury to guests. In addition, these candles do not pollute the room.

    The disadvantages include the fact that a cold fountain is still pyrotechnics, so no one canceled unforeseen situations. However, observing the safety rules, you can be almost sure that the festive event will pass without consequences. Also, the disadvantages include such a nuance: incorrectly installed fireworks candles in the cake can cause undesirable consequences - sparks will fly in different directions.

    Precautionary measures

    Even if simple household cold fountains are used in honor of an event, do not forget about safety rules. They are pretty simple, they just need to be remembered and used in practice.

    • Distance must be maintained when the product is on fire.
    • Cold fountains should face upward - not sideways or tilted.
    • There should be no flammable objects, be it cloth or paper, near the treat (cake or pie).
    • The extinguishing of the wick does not mean that there will be no more sparks. Therefore, it is undesirable to bend in front of him. It is recommended to check the fireworks only after 3 minutes.
    • Children should not be allowed to light a cold fountain.
    • Before using a cold fountain, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions - each has its own rules and features.

    Please note: The tabletop fountain can be used in conjunction with birthday cake wax candles. The only drawback is that it will be difficult to blow them out with sparkling fireworks.

    The fountain does not leave smoke and carbon deposits in the room, which is a huge plus. Also, there are different sizes to choose from: small and large, which is very convenient.

    Suitable premises

    Most of the festive events in Russia are held in a small and closed room: in a house, apartment or in a restaurant, so the creators of the festive fireworks took into account these nuances. And if earlier it was possible to launch fireworks only in the open air, now you can safely use it indoors.

    However, if we are talking about large floor fountains (stage), then pyrotechnic products cannot be used in confined spaces with low ceilings. The acceptable ceiling height for stage fountains is 6 meters, and the distance from people is 5 meters. Despite the fact that fireworks are safe to use, they are a bunch of burning particles that scatter in different directions at an incredible speed.

    User's manual

    Of course, if there is a desire to try the fountains in practice, then the question arises of how to set them on fire. We will consider the answer below.

    You will need a Bengal candle. Fireworks candles are lit in this way quickly, and most importantly - safely and effectively. To do this, light a Bengal candle, bring it to a fountain mounted on a confectionery, and a larger fireworks are lit with a small fireworks. Done, now it remains to enjoy the sparkles and enthusiastic looks.

    The candles are lit with a lighter, from the opposite end of the cap with the stem. The flame is simply directed at a thin layer of paper, and then the candle is held in the hands for a moment. As a rule, a cake or pie with sparks is brought into the room, congratulating the birthday person (tsu). The main thing is to make sure that there are no flammable objects nearby and nothing gets in the way under your feet.

    The cold fountain fireworks candles are a spectacular pleasure that leaves all guests in awe and delights. It doesn't matter if you are planning a big social party or a birthday in a small circle of your family - you can always create additional solemnity. In addition, they are inexpensive - their cost starts from 100 rubles, so everyone can buy.

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