Coffee table (96 photos): small forged and made of chipboard for the living room, a book table with drawers in a modern interior

A coffee table is now almost an integral part of the interior of a living space - an apartment or a private house.

Most often, such options are placed in the living room, in the bedroom or on the loggia. You can often find very functional models - with drawers and shelves, as well as with a wide table top, on which you can store books, magazines and small necessary things, place indoor plants. Framed photographs, clocks or vases.

Also at such a table it will be convenient to work with a laptop or drink coffee. The design of modern models is very diverse, so it is important to choose exactly the option that will successfully fit into the decor of the room.


A coffee table is usually called a rather low and miniature table that does not have a specific function in the interior. At such a table, they usually do not eat, do not work, do not place a computer on it. It is needed to satisfy a variety of needs - someone places flower ikebana on the surface, someone stores small things, and someone plays board games with friends.

Thus, the functions of a coffee table in the interior can be extremely diverse.

In addition to its practical significance, this piece of furniture can also play an important role in the design of a room. For example, if the old interior of the living room or bedroom began to seem pale or boring to you, you can diversify it by placing a bright and unusual coffee table.

If you've bought chairs or a wardrobe in a different style from the overall decor of the room, a matching coffee table can help bring the disparate elements together.

The coffee table, first of all, is distinguished by its low height, thanks to which it looks great in the interior next to a sofa or armchair. It is also not too big in size. There are very small or medium-sized models - you should choose them depending on your needs and the size of the room. Usually the diameter does not exceed 80 cm. Material, color and texture can vary greatly - in furniture stores you will come across such a wide assortment that you can surely find a suitable option for yourself.


Before planning your purchase, it is very important to decide which model will suit you best. Think about whether you need a modern or classic table in your interior, whether you are going to store a lot of things on it, and what color scheme you prefer.

Consider the following popular varieties:

  • A folding table-book is a model that owners of small apartments should like. This option folds on both sides to form a very narrow decorative table. You can place houseplants, books on it, use it for a laptop, put a tablet or a cup of coffee. If you need it, the table can be easily expanded.
  • The extendable table is another practical model for maximizing space savings in the room. Usually, such options have several tiers - directly the countertop and several shelves under it. These shelves can be pulled out to the sides, thereby expanding the table surface.

The model may appeal to people in small families who like to gather guests, but want to make the most of the room space.

  • If you do not need a table for any practical purpose, you can consider miniature decorative models on one leg .
  • The side-by-side option involves at least one smooth, straight side that can be attached to a wall or other furniture. This placement will also allow you to make the table as compact as possible - instead of blocking the room with it in the middle, you can move it to the side.

The model will look interesting and harmonious with a corner sofa.

  • Traditional side tables can have the most bizarre shapes. They come with or without shelves, made of a variety of materials and painted in any color - everything will depend on the characteristics of your interior. Among the usual fitted models, you can find quite simple familiar options, and unusual exclusive models with a modern design.
  • You can often find models with drawers . If you need additional storage space for your belongings, these options should appeal to you. In addition, it is much more convenient to store things in drawers than on the table - so dust will not accumulate on them, and there is also no risk of losing small items.

Drawers can be very small or quite roomy - it all depends on the specific model.

  • If you need to move the table frequently, you can purchase a model on casters . Usually these are beautiful side tables with shelves and drawers. Depending on the size, this model can have two or four wheels. The mobile version will be convenient if you are limited in space and appreciate the maximum functionality of the furniture.
  • Depending on your tastes, needs and budget, you can look for luxury design options . For example, products with a showcase, with a bio fireplace, with an aquarium, as well as a table-chest in a classic style are popular. Soft coffee tables look interesting - these are models with ottomans, on which glass or a wooden plate is fixed on top.
  • Miniature round options are also called coffee models, as they resemble tables in a cafe. Such products are popular not only for the living room - they are very often placed on the loggia or on the balcony.

They do not take up much space and fit very organically into the interior of a small room.


When choosing a model for a specific living space, it is very important to consider the size of the table. This is necessary so that it organically fits into the interior, does not interfere with the passage of the room and is functional. Therefore, when choosing a size, you need to proceed from the footage of the room, the number of members of your family, as well as from the purpose for which you are purchasing a coffee table.

Consider the following options:

  • The smallest coffee tables have a radius of 30 cm. Most often they are purchased not for practical, but for purely decorative purposes. Often these are carved wooden models, wicker options, as well as glass products, natural or artificial stone. Only a cup of coffee or a vase of flowers can be placed on such a small countertop.

At the same time, you can find bright modern versions of such tables, models with beautiful patterns or stained glass images - they will become a bright highlight of any interior.

  • A small compact table , which will be quite suitable for working at a laptop and board games, should measure about 50-60 cm . Such models are quite functional and do not take up too much space - for maximum space saving, you can consider a narrow or corner option. Small-sized models can be made from a wide variety of materials. Often they have one leg in the center - this is typical for square and round options. Most often these are rather low products - due to this, they fit perfectly into any interior with upholstered furniture.
  • A large table can have a diameter of about 1-1.5 m. Typically, such models are chosen for spacious rooms - in particular, most often such tables are placed in the living room. For a bedroom or loggia, it is better to choose small-sized options. A large tabletop will be functional if you decide to dine in the living room or, if you have a large family, at such a table everyone can go about their business and not interfere with each other. For greater convenience, such tables are usually made high enough.


The shape of the table is almost as decisive in the interior as the color palette. Usually, if your decor has mostly smooth lines and streamlined shapes, the table should be similar. If you prefer right angles and geometric shapes, rectangular and square models can look quite organic.

However, if the area of ​​the room is large enough, many designers recommend combining both geometric and streamlined shapes to make the interior more interesting - this is especially typical for modern eclectic environments.

Consider these trendy coffee table options:

  • Square coffee tables can look great in a wide variety of modern interiors. Usually these are low and miniature models that can become a bright and interesting accent in the living room, hallway, bedroom or on the loggia.
  • A rectangular coffee table is the most classic option. It can be made of wood, stone or glass. Such options are very different - high and low, large and small, narrow and elongated or close to a square.

Of course, you can find a rectangular table for almost any setting.

  • Ellipse models are popular for classic and continental interiors. If you put such a model in a small room, the table will visually make the space more elongated and spacious.
  • Round tables are usually small and fairly tall. Glass models with stained-glass windows are very popular now - they can interestingly complement almost any interior.

However, you can choose a less extravagant option - for example, a wooden or plastic table.

  • Triangular patterns are not so common now, but they can also look quite original. Their main advantage is maximum space saving - such tables can be easily placed in a corner. They are suitable for laptop work, reading and handicraft. Often they are placed as an additional table in the bedroom or on the loggia.

Triangular products can also perform a purely decorative function - you can place a vase, sculpture or houseplant on the surface.

  • Nowadays, unusual modern models are becoming more and more relevant . In search of new interesting ideas, designers offer the most unexpected solutions. For example, cubes made of wood or plastic that play the role of a coffee table are popular, as well as models of abstract shapes or options decorated with flowers, trees, animals, a steering wheel or a car.


The materials of modern coffee tables can be extremely diverse. It can be wood, stone, metal, glass or artificial materials. The choice should only depend on the rest of the furnishings of your apartment. In addition, natural stone or metal can be quite expensive, so they are often replaced with more affordable counterparts.

Consider these popular content options:

  • Cheap options are plywood or compressed wood fiber: MDF is often used - wax-coated and hot-pressed fibers.
  • You can also find models made of chipboard - these are slabs of sawdust and wood shavings treated with resins. Usually chipboard is suitable for the table frame, and the tabletop itself is made either from MDF or from laminated chipboard - boards subjected to grinding. As a result, they are smooth and pleasant to the touch, so that they almost resemble real solid wood.

Some people make their own stylish pallet tables - these are simple wooden pallets that can be varnished and secured with nails.

  • Products from a bar or boards can be perfect for a country-style interior. These are simple models that will not stand out unnecessarily from other furniture and will allow you to set off other accents in the interior. Such options made of natural wood are not too expensive, but they will allow you to join nature and feel like you are out of town even in a city apartment.
  • Carved wood tables can look very elegant. The product can be carved from pine, walnut, slab, hevea, beech or oak. Nowadays, both simple ornaments and whole paintings created with relief on a solid piece of wood are popular.

If you value natural materials in your interior, you will certainly be able to find something to your taste in the huge assortment of carvings.

  • For classic interiors, stone tables are often chosen . These are expensive products, but they can be used in more than one generation. In addition, the fashion for stone tables is not too changeable - usually these are traditional simple options that will always be relevant. Usually, products are purchased from onyx, marble or malachite.

Combined options are also possible - for example, on a wooden base or on a metal frame with a marble top.

  • Metal tables are also relevant now. It can be forged metal or cast iron fittings, or if you're looking for a premium item, consider a bronze table. They are also very practical models that will last a long time. The price will depend on the complexity of the pattern and the size of the model.

Now the combination of metal with glass is very popular - it can be transparent, colored or stained glass countertops.

  • Wicker tables are also in great demand today for use in a wide variety of interiors. It can be a table made of artificial rattan or natural fiber. Such products look great in oriental interiors, as well as in country and eclectic interiors.
  • Epoxy resin tables look extremely unusual . They usually have a piece of wood that sits inside a layer of transparent resin. Shades can be absolutely any. Such tables look very unusual and modern - if you value originality, you will surely like these products. In addition, this unusual material goes well with furniture in any style.
  • Plastic options are usually modern models that have an unusual design form or an interesting color scheme. If you choose a quality product, it will last a long time and retain its original appearance for many years.
  • Leather side tables are also popular. Most often, glass is placed on the skin so that the surface is as smooth as possible. You can find both simple models that resemble ottomans, and original options - for example, tables from a suitcase are now in fashion.

Trendy colors

The color of the table in the interior is especially important. Consider the following trendy trending options:

  • White tables can look great in a minimalist interior. If you value conciseness, but want to make the space visually brighter and more spacious, this option will be the best for you. In addition, white will suit any furniture and finish. You can consider plastic models, options from painted wood or marble.
  • Black tables are just as common in modern interiors. Usually these are very miniature models - large monochrome black items will look rough in most interiors. Models made of black glass are in great demand now, but plastic and wooden products are also worth considering.
  • Chrome metal tables are in fashion. It is a cool silvery shade. The texture can be glossy or matte.
  • Red tables can become a bright accent in the interior. For more traditional settings, choose natural red wood tones. If you have a modern eclectic interior, bright red shades will do. The main thing is that the bright table in the interior does not compete with other massive bright furniture - there should not be too many saturated colors.
  • The natural color of wood always looks noble. The most popular material is walnut - it has a light brown tint. Sometimes models of a similar color can be found not from natural wood, but from chipboard - they will be much cheaper. A darker wood color is called mahogany - this is a red-brown version.
  • Transparent glass tables are also popular. This may be a model entirely made of glass, but such options are often too fragile - it is better to choose glass with a metal or wood frame.


Modern table styles are also very diverse:

  1. Modern unusual high-tech models will perfectly fit into fashionable eclectic or minimalist interiors.
  2. Traditional stone tables will appeal to connoisseurs of tradition.
  3. Wood options in continental and country styles are almost universal. They will perfectly complement many popular interior options.
  4. If you want to add a trendy vintage touch to your decor, you can opt for an antique decorated piece. It will look good with both modern and retro furniture.


Before deciding on a purchase, consider the following trendy design options:

  1. A glossy mirror table is an unusual idea that will fit into a modern interior. In addition, such a surface will reflect light, making the room visually more spacious.
  2. Forged options look very interesting - they are usually complemented with stained glass.
  3. Nowadays, tables with photo printing are in vogue - you can depict any favorite picture, ornament or yin-yang sign, and it will cost quite inexpensively.
  4. Painted tables in traditional style will complement the modern interior in an interesting way.
  5. Tables with painting through tulle have come into fashion - they have unusual textile patterns.
  6. Aged tables again become relevant for a variety of interiors.

Furniture manufacturers

It is important to choose a bona fide manufacturer.

Consider the following brands from around the world:

  • In Malaysia, they make interesting wooden tables in a traditional style - the WoodVille factory is especially popular in Russia.
  • Italian tables are distinguished by their original and sophisticated design. One of the elite brands is Sim Trade, although the models have rather high prices.
  • American products are practical, have a simple, laconic design and are inexpensive. Ashley Furniture offers good options from plastic and wood.
  • Japanese brand Muki Mikado offers modern glass and plastic tables with extremely unusual designs.
  • Magetwood is a factory in Indonesia that offers inexpensive and stylish natural wood tables.
  • The Belarusian shop "Hermes-Mebel" offers a wide range of various traditional tables at reasonable prices.

How to choose?

To find the best option, consider a few nuances:

  • Refined and graceful options in the room should be combined with the rest of the interior. If you choose simple models, the decor should be concise.
  • For two, do not take too small or narrow models.
  • If you are looking for a table under the sofa, it is better to stick to the low version.
  • For small rooms, corner or rectangular tables are suitable.
  • Do not be afraid to combine different colors and textures - the table should not match the rest of the furniture or match it in material.

How to care?

Any tables will require special care.

However, there are both more unpretentious models and models that need careful cleaning:

  • It is important to regularly wipe glass tables and avoid streaks. Dust will be especially visible if you have dark tinted glass.
  • Wooden models and chipboard options should be protected from excess moisture.
  • Plastic models are easy to clean, but you should always handle them with care to avoid scratches and chips.
  • Stone products are unpretentious. At the same time, cleaning may also be required often, if you have chosen relief models - dust will accumulate in the section.

Stylish options in the interior

A coffee table will come in handy in almost any interior. The main thing is to choose the right model.

Consider these trendy ideas:

  • For a living room or hall, it is better to choose fairly practical options. The table should not be too miniature, because it should be convenient to read or work behind it. Most often, models are placed near a sofa or armchair, but everything will depend on your layout.
  • In a studio apartment, using a narrow coffee table, you can easily divide the space into zones.
  • In the hallway, coffee tables are usually purely decorative. Many people choose tall and miniature models made of metal or wood. A similar table may be required only for storing some small things. You can place a stylish vase or sculpture on it.
  • Often, coffee tables are also placed on the loggia - at them you can have a cup of coffee or read a book in the fresh air. Usually these are models with an average height made of natural materials - wood, metal or stone.

It is worth choosing small options, because the space of the loggia is often very limited.

  • The bedroom may also require a separate coffee table. Usually they are also miniature and short models. Often they are made in a traditional style, but everything should depend on the interior of the room.

When choosing a shape and size, be guided by the purpose for which you need a table.

You can learn more about what modern coffee tables are in the following video.