Ikea laptop table (28 photos): choose a small side table on wheels and practical folding models

Ikea laptop desks: design and features

    A laptop gives a person mobility - it can be easily carried from place to place without interrupting work or leisure. Special tables are designed to support this mobility. Ikea laptop tables are popular in Russia: the design and characteristics of this furniture are suitable for a variety of purposes.


    The two main features that distinguish laptop desks from conventional computer desks are portability and portability. If computer tables are often especially ergonomic, with great functionality, then tables for laptops are much less "fancy". But they take up a minimum of space, and some models can even be taken with you on vacation or business trip.

    There are several of the most popular laptop desk designs:

    • Stand table on wheels. The design is a mobile stand on which the equipment is placed. The tilt angle and stand height can vary. Such a table is convenient for those who like to "move" with a laptop from the kitchen to the sofa in the living room, to the bedroom. However, it can be easily thrown into the toilet.
    • Portable table. The model is a table with low legs, which is convenient for work, lying or half-sitting on a sofa or in a bed. Often this model has an extra space for a mouse and an insert for a mug with a drink. The angle of inclination of the laptop is adjustable for many models. This table is multifunctional - it can be used for breakfast in bed, it will be useful for babies who are still uncomfortable sitting at a large table.
    • Classic table. The model created to work on a laptop is usually very small and has special holes that prevent the equipment from overheating.

    Foldable holders and stands are very popular, which are placed on regular tables, but allow you to raise or tilt the laptop for convenience.

    There are several models of laptop tables in Ikea catalogs:

    • The simplest models are portable stands. These are the Vitsho and Svartosen models. They do not have castors and "work" as an extension to a sofa or armchair.
    • For leisure or entertainment, the Brad stand is suitable - you can put it on your lap or on the table.
    • Models in the form of full (albeit small) tables - "Fjellbo" and "Norrosen". They have different functionality and design. The Vitsjo series also has prefabricated shelves that allow you to assemble a storage system around the table. The result is a compact and modern workplace.


    Among the most popular models are the following tables.

    Vitshyo stand

    The most attractive option from the catalog. It has a simple rectangular shape, supports are made of metal, the table itself is made of tempered glass. The design of the product is minimalistic, looks modern, fits perfectly into the high-tech style. It has no additional functions.

    The height of the table is 65 cm, the width of the table top is 35 cm, the depth is 55 cm. You will need to assemble the table yourself.

    This stand has very good ratings from buyers: the table is lightweight, can be assembled in no time (even women can handle it), due to the simplicity of the design, it fits into any interior. It fits a laptop and a cup of drink.

    It is convenient to use it as a side table for a dinner while watching a movie.

    Stand "Svartosen"

    It has an obvious plus - its height is adjustable from 47 to 77 cm. The table itself has the shape of a triangle with rounded corners, the support is on the crosspiece. The table is made of fiberboard, the stand is made of metal, and the base is made of plastic.

    If we compare this model with the Vitsho stand, the latter can withstand a load of 15 kg, while Svartosen is only 6. The Svartosen table is small, the manufacturer limits the size of a laptop that can be placed on it to 17 inches. The table top has an anti-slip texture.

    Buyers note the successful design and simplicity of construction. However, many users have noticed that "Svartosen" staggers (the tabletop itself while typing on a laptop).

    Model "Fjellbo"

    This is a table that will create a complete workplace. Its height is 75 cm (the standard height of a table for an adult), the width of the table top is exactly one meter, and its length is only 35 cm. With such dimensions, it fits a laptop, a table lamp, stationery and a cup of drink. At the same time, the table takes up very little space in the apartment due to its small width.

    There is a small open drawer under the countertop for papers or books. The base of the table is made of black metal, the top is made of solid pine in a natural shade. One sidewall is covered with a metal mesh.

    An interesting detail: on one side the table has wooden casters. That is, it is quite stable, but if desired, it can be easily rolled by tilting it slightly.

    This model was chosen not only by those who work at a laptop, but also by lovers of sewing - the table is ideal for a sewing machine. Metal hooks can be hung in the mesh on the sidewall and various little things can be placed on them.

    Table "Norrosen"

    Lovers of classics will love the Norrosen table . This is a simple small wooden (solid pine) table that does not look like furniture for computer equipment. However, inside it has dedicated openings for wires and a place to store the battery. Also, the table is equipped with an almost invisible drawer where you can put your office supplies.

    The height of the table is 74 cm, the width of the table top is 79 cm, the depth is 40 cm. The model will fit into a light classic interior and will be appropriate in any room - in the living room, in the bedroom, in the office.

    Vitsho model with a rack

    If you need to equip a small-sized, but stationary workplace, you can consider the Vitsjo model with a rack. The set includes a metal table with a glass top and a high rack (base - metal, shelves - glass). It is a good and economical option for offices or apartments with a modern design. The combination of metal and glass will look good in loft interiors, high-tech rooms and minimalist spaces.

    There is a small open drawer under the table. You can keep papers there or put a closed laptop in it if you need to write something by hand. The kit includes self-adhesive wire clips to help you place them discreetly and neatly.

    The manufacturer recommends fixing the Vitsjo kit to the wall, as the rack can tilt under the weight of objects.