Interior doors on rollers (36 photos): hinged models on rails, how to choose the right one, interesting examples in the interior, reviews

Recently, roller doors have become very popular among modern buyers. Products with an original design can rightfully be called an innovation in the world of door production. Such structures significantly save space and perform excellent decorative functions.

The problem of missing square meters quite often worries many, because not everyone can buy spacious housing with many large rooms. That is why various "tricks" in the decoration of premises began to appear more and more often, which make life easier for a person, especially in small apartments, and among them there are interior doors on rollers, the features of which appear from the first minutes of their acquisition.


Modern interior partitions on casters can be purchased in the following options:

  • Coupe. The installation of the structure should take place at the initial stage of repair work, since there is a possibility that a redevelopment of the room will be required. In order for the door to hide during opening, you need to make a wall with the correct U-shaped groove.

If we compare this model of sliding systems on guides with other types of partitions, then it should be noted that this type is distinguished by good insulation due to the fact that the movable sash is as tightly connected to the opening as possible, and does not hang over it.

  • Roto door. When opening, the sash turns perpendicular to the entrance opening and simultaneously moves to the side. Such interior doors on rollers are in demand due to their versatility and ease of use: they move very easily, while they do not create noise, they can be easily opened both to the right and to the left.
  • Folding structures ("books" or "accordions") are often installed in dressing rooms and storerooms. They are vertical elements connected by metal hinges. The details of the canvas fold up like an accordion when opened.

In addition to the options described above, there are also cassette interior partitions. This is a kind of metal pencil case that hides inside the wall. During opening, the sash (one or two) goes into the false wall.

Advantages and disadvantages

The design of interior doors on rails can hardly be called complex and intricate. In the process of opening, the door leaf moves parallel to the wall along a special guide. The latter can be one or two - only on top of the partition or above and below. There are also single-leaf and double-leaf sliding doors. Such systems on casters move along wheel hangers.

There are a lot of advantages at the door of such a plan:

  • They save space indoors. When opening, they do not take away additional space, do not block the path, do not close individual areas of the room that I would like to observe.
  • Installed in the doorway, above it and on the ceiling, that is, in different versions.
  • Do not need a door frame.
  • Another plus of such systems is that there is no need for a threshold. With this configuration, the presence of the lower rail is not necessary at all, due to which the floor covering is not exposed to mechanical stress.
  • Aesthetically more attractive than swing counterparts.

In addition to the listed advantages, sliding doors on rollers are distinguished by a wide range of designs and materials used, so you can choose a design for any interior. They are also easy to use, they work quietly and safely, any blows against the partitions are excluded. These features increase the service life of doors and make them popular and in demand.

But despite a number of advantages, there are also drawbacks at the doors on rollers. Sound insulation and thermal insulation indicators do not always meet the expectations of buyers. The opening sash takes additional space at the opening, so this point must be taken into account before furniture and other attributes of the interior filling of the room are placed. Customers are not always satisfied with the price, although, as a rule, this criterion speaks of the high quality and reliability of the purchased product.

Materials and design

In the manufacture of roller doors, as a rule, the same materials are used as in the manufacture of classic swing structures. Doors made of natural solid wood of different types of wood have always been and remain at the peak of popularity; models made of natural veneer are often bought. This moment testifies to the fact that the modern buyer values, first of all, the safety that is guaranteed by natural raw materials, beauty and other positive qualities.

Timber gives the interior of the premises a unique attractiveness, an atmosphere of comfort and nobility.

Consumers also choose doors from MDF panels, fiberboard. Their cost is an order of magnitude less than an array of wood, but external data is no worse.

Manufacturers use glass elements and stained-glass windows as decoration. At the same time, glass can be of very different shapes, colors and textures. There are models with frosted glass, painting, silk-screen printing. With the help of such original inserts, unique solutions can be obtained. For example, doors made of wood with monograms on the glass will perfectly fit into the interior, made in the Rococo style.

Place in the interior

Roller doors are produced in a variety of versions, which is especially important at the time of interior design. If the door is mounted on a door jamb from the outside of the room, then in this case, you need to take care of the design of the doorway from the opposite side.

The design of the canvas should not differ in style from the interior decoration of the room. That is, if the room is decorated in a shabby chic style, which allows the use of various shades of pink, then the doors should be chosen in the same direction. No gray, black, brown - only rainbow colors and only their warm shades.

Models of all interior partitions retain the original integrity of the room in which they are installed. Closed doors will serve as an excellent separator for two different living areas, but with open panels, the space should become a single whole, so this nuance should be taken into account when choosing a door and creating an interior in a house or apartment. For example, rolling doors can close the work area, but when open, they can help connect the space of households together, making the living room and office a meeting room.

Sliding hinged doors are successfully mounted between living space and non-residential space. For example, they can be installed between the living room and the terrace, in the opening between the corridor and the entrance to the guest room. In the first case, the purchase of glass sliding doors will be logical. They perfectly transmit additional light, expand the space in the summer when opened.

Sliding doors can also be used for technical areas. They can perfectly separate the pantry from the rest of the area.

Care rules

To postpone the time of replacing sliding doors, you need to properly care for them and adhere to certain operating rules.

First of all, you need to ensure that moisture does not get on the door leaf, but if the liquid is still spilled, the structure must be wiped dry immediately. Otherwise, the door leaf may skew. This advice applies to timber systems. If the doors are made of a different material (plastic, glass), you don't have to worry about their wet surface.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the guides. If dust or debris has collected in the rails, stop operating the door until it is completely cleaned of dirt. Otherwise, the process of closing / opening the canvas may be difficult, and even worse, the entire system will become unusable.

Close the flaps smoothly and without sudden movements. Such careful operation will extend the service life of the roller mechanisms. The worst outcome in case of vigorous opening / closing of the door is the fall of the retainer, as a result - the leaf “flying out” from the rail guides.

In addition, it will not be superfluous to check the condition and functionality of the fittings. Timely replacement of roller mechanisms will be much cheaper and faster than replacing or repairing guides.

Cleaning of such door systems is best done with special cleaning agents. Then doors on rollers will delight the owners for many years with their beautiful appearance and excellent operational properties.

You can learn more about installing an interior door on rollers from the video below.