Platbands for windows (64 photos): window products for plastic windows, decorative metal options with your own hands, installation on PVC structures

If inside the house you can allow a variety of interior design options, then outside the possibilities are significantly limited. In addition to the original color of the walls or the material with which you can decorate it, it is difficult to come up with something else. In the old days, this issue was solved with the help of window frames, which served as a real decoration of any house, showed the skill of the owner or master-creator. This tradition has survived to this day, although it has partially changed.


Platbands were traditionally used in wooden houses. They helped to decorate the windows and effectively complement the composition of the facade. With the help of such elements, you can visually enlarge the window opening or reduce it. Initially, great importance was attached to the design of the house; each owner tried to show the individuality of his structure.

With the help of platbands, you can achieve different effects.

  • Visual decoration of the house, giving it a special flavor and charm, the ability to distinguish it from a number of standard ones.
  • Giving the window a different shape using platbands of different configurations, sizes and patterns. A small window can be made large if you use openwork designs.
  • Creation of a holistic composition of all elements of the facade. The use of the same platbands on windows and doors allows you to complete the design of the house.

With the help of platbands, you can protect window openings from the negative influence of environmental factors. The seam between the frame and the house may have small gaps, into which moisture gets in during rain, and dirt gets clogged with strong winds. All this contributes to the development of harmful microorganisms that destroy wood. Therefore, the frame begins to let air through, which significantly reduces its thermal insulation qualities.

The platbands cover the very gap and do not allow moisture or dirt to get to it. In addition to the obvious advantages of platbands, there are also negative factors. It is also worth knowing about them when planning the installation of such parts on the windows of a wooden house. These include several factors.

  • The active reaction of decorative elements to weather conditions , which contributes to the deterioration of the material. To prevent this from happening, you need to treat the products with a special substance, which significantly increases the service life of the platband.
  • The need for constant care. Platbands need to be painted or varnished annually. If this is not done, then the product begins to crack. As a result, instead of decoration, it will only spoil the appearance of the house.
  • When planning the manufacture of platbands, you need to choose the right material for them. If this is not done, then it is unlikely that the desired effect will be achieved. If it is difficult to cope with such a task alone, it is better to enlist the support of a professional.

Now there are products made from modern materials that can have a wide variety of appearance. Moreover, caring for them is much easier. They are not affected by the environment, they are not afraid of moisture and even cold. They do not crack from time to time and serve reliably for many years. For aesthetics lovers, this is not the best option. But for those who want to decorate their home, diversify the appearance of the facade, this is what you need. It is such a product that will create the necessary appearance, while it will not require increased attention.


The species diversity of platbands is enormous. It also lies in the drawings that are applied to the tree, the shape of the product itself. In addition, modern technologies make it possible to create window decorative elements from a wide variety of materials.

If we talk about appearance and patterns, then there are several types.

  • Slit , through which you can create graceful and beautiful images.
  • Openwork, which are distinguished by bizarre shapes that can distinguish the hand of the master from other options. They look like a solid canvas on which they create a pattern.
  • Carved , capable of creating a unique appearance and protecting the window opening.
  • Overhead , which have a structure of complex shape, since the carved element is superimposed on the plate. Such products can be created separately or as decoration for existing platbands. In this way, it is convenient to update existing decorative elements.
  • Simple ones that have a smooth surface . There are no patterns on them. In shape, such elements can be different (with rounded edges, even, narrow and wide).

When choosing a material for a platband, it is important to understand that it should serve as a protection for a window, and therefore you should not rush to buy material without knowing its features.

The most popular decorative trims are made of wood. They fit beautifully into the design of the facade of a wooden house, so they still do not lose their relevance. In order for such parts to serve as long as possible and correctly perform the tasks assigned to it, they must be properly processed.

    If you do this treatment, the tree will not rot, moisture will not damage it. In order for wooden platbands to remain beautiful for a long time and decorate the house, it is best to open them with varnish. Today there is an alternative option that can replace varnish. It is a wax based substance. Both options preserve the appearance of the wood, give it a more elegant look, significantly extending the life of the platbands.

    In addition to wood, there are also decorative items for windows made of other materials.


    The MDF panel has a laminated coating. Typically, such platbands have the form of a strip with a pattern for natural wood. There can be quite a lot of colors and textures, you can easily choose a frame for the window opening of any wooden house.

    Plastic panels

    Products made from plastic panels are considered the most modern, because they are easy and convenient to care for. This option can be chosen by those people who do not have time to take care of their own home, but they want to see a beautiful structure that can be admired. Most often, plastic platbands are used for metal-plastic windows. However, recent trends have shown that they are well combined with wooden structures and fully fulfill their task.


    Polyurethane platbands can also be used on windows in wooden homesteads. They are lightweight and deformable, which makes it possible to bend them in the right direction. Installing such elements is quite simple, and the terms of their operation will delight anyone.


    PVC products are considered the most common at the moment. You can find varieties of such platbands in white and a wide variety of color variations. The product is installed from the street side, it easily copes with any weather conditions. The advantages are the abundance of colors and shapes that can be given to such a material.


    Polyfoam can also be used as a material for the manufacture of platbands. For this purpose, a dense variation is suitable, which will not be as strong as a metal trim. This is the reason that such products are not used in countries with high seismic activity, where even the slightest vibrations of the earth's crust would crack the windows. The color of such decorative elements is white, but with the help of paint you can change it by choosing the one that suits the estate.


    There are also metal frames, which of all are considered to be of the highest quality in terms of protecting the window from environmental influences. For their production, sheets of metal with a small thickness are required, which makes it possible to manufacture structures of various shapes. The advantage of this option over the same plastic is the material's resistance to mechanical damage. This makes the service life longer.

    Iron products can be painted to give a fresh and interesting look, and the appearance of the house will be immediately transformed. The popularity of this type of product is also created by the price, which is quite low, given all the positive qualities of the material.

    For the installation of metal products, it is extremely important to correctly measure the window in order to install them without much difficulty. If you want to install unusual metal platbands, you can order carvings that will look interesting on the facade of the house.

    Inside, you can also provide for something similar in order to create a holistic image of the building on each side. Usually, the outer and inner platbands are quite different from each other. This is due to their functions. Facade decorative elements must combine aesthetics and quality. Otherwise, they would hardly have been used for interior decoration.


    The use of platbands on the windows of a wooden house should give the structure a complete look, make it more beautiful. Therefore, simple glossy panels are unlikely to be able to fully cope with such a task. It is best to pick up the carved elements or make them yourself.

    With a complete lack of skills in working with wood, it is better to choose the first option. But for lovers of manual labor and original products, the ideal solution would be to work on a sketch.

    The first step is to decide on the choice of the pattern that will be on the casing. For this, you can use books, the Internet. You can come up with a sketch yourself. As soon as the ideal option is found, you need to increase it to a natural scale and print. All patterns should be cut and accurately transferred to cardboard, with which the main work will already be. The piece of cardboard should fit one piece of the casing.

    It must be placed on a piece of wood and drawn around with a pencil, along which the clipping will go in the future. To choose the right pattern on the casing, it is worth making a drawing of the whole house using all the decorative elements. If the finished version turned out to be beautiful, and all the parts are in harmony with each other, then the idea was chosen correctly, you can start implementing it.

    For some houses, simple options for platbands are suitable (for example, if the estate was envisaged in a minimalist style during construction).

    If you want to create something grandiose and beautiful, you need to choose wide strips and start creating. For the production of good platbands, it is best to choose pine (especially those planks where there are practically no knots). As tools that will come in handy in the process of work, you need to have a jigsaw with a smooth start in order to manually cut all the necessary parts. In addition, useful:

    • pen drill with a diameter of 12 mm;
    • screwdriver;
    • Sander.

      The active process of working on window trims begins immediately after the entire drawing is transferred to the future product. First, they take up the inner part of the picture, making openwork details. To make the process more convenient, using a drill, you need to make several holes in the board, which will be located on the outline of the drawing. Sawing out the pattern itself is done with a jigsaw, which is inserted into the finished hole. Further, they simply lead along the contour, cutting out the necessary part.

      Once the inside of the drawing is ready, you can proceed to the outside. You need to make two cuts (at the beginning and at the end of the product) to make it easier to navigate the work.

      It is important to cut out in one motion, without stopping, so that the finished platband turns out to be as curly as possible. Such a sequence of actions is inherent for each detail in the overall design of the casing on the window leaf.

      The resulting product is far from what it should be. Therefore, you need to use a grinder, clean up all the irregularities and roughness. Only after this stage is part of the structure treated with special solutions. It can then be ready to use or paint for a more original look.

      How to do it yourself?

      Making platbands for a wooden house with your own hands is much more interesting than a banal purchase of such elements in a store, because you can choose the pattern that will meet the spirit of the owners themselves and emphasize the facade design desired by the residents of the house.

      You can pick up a wide variety of options.

      • Flat cornice . In this case, the platbands symbolize the wealth and style of the house. They are used for beautiful and elegant buildings, made in a simple style.
      • Arched top. Platbands, which are complemented by an arch on top, will be an ideal complement to window openings, which have a rounded top, rather than a standard rectangular shape.
      • Using patterns and carvings. Platbands of such a plan can give the house elegance, make it unusual and beautiful.
      • Using hinged elements. These are the details that complement the product after it has been completed. In this way, you can add what you did not manage to do initially. The use of hinged parts makes the structure more voluminous and more interesting.

      If you are going to make platbands yourself, you need to choose the right material for the future product. It is important to choose a color based on the colors of each component of the house, to find the ideal decoration for this product . You can take advantage of the offers that are in hardware stores and buy a ready-made version, which is much easier and faster. The installation of such a platband will be easier, since it already contains all the necessary fasteners, and also provides ease of installation.

      If you have a firm intention to do everything yourself, there are several options for making beautiful platbands.

      • The slotted version is a product that has an inner pattern and a beautiful border. Traditionally, such a casing is white or light in color, it is attached to buildings with a contrasting shade of the walls.
      • An overhead thread is created by cutting out individual elements and gluing them or nailing them onto a solid wooden canvas that will serve as a casing. This design option makes the drawing three-dimensional and airy at the same time. With the help of such overlays, you can decorate any platband.

      If the house already has carved platbands, but they require repair, you can remove all or part of the structure and restore it. If it is not possible to repair some part, you can remove it completely, replace it with a new one. If there is a need to make completely new structures for windows, you need to prepare all the necessary inventory, which includes:

      • jigsaw;
      • plane;
      • grinder;
      • cutter;
      • sandpaper;
      • strips with a section of 30x100 mm.

      This is what you need to create simple platbands. To start work, it is necessary to process all future details with a plane, and then use a cutter to give them a finished look. In order for the product to have a presentable appearance, it is sanded with sandpaper. This is the simplest option for making platbands, which does not require great skills. If you want to make something original and beautiful, you should choose a carved type of product. For such work, you need to add curly chisels to the main inventory.

      For the manufacture of the platband, you can use two technologies (conventional and invoice). In the first version, the cutout of the pattern goes on the strip of the casing itself. In the second, it is done on an additional bar, which is then attached over the main element.

      For your first attempts at woodcutting, it is best to choose the simplest patterns so that you can handle them easily.

          If the platband is made with an overhead option, then the work process will go in the following sequence:

          • processing planks with a planer;
          • preparation of overhead strips with a thickness of at least 10 cm;
          • the formation of the future drawing on cardboard and its cutting;
          • transfer of a drawing from a stencil to an overhead strip;
          • drill you need to make holes throughout the picture;
          • with the help of a chisel, you need to finish all the carved elements;
          • grinding the finished lining;
          • fastening the lining to the casing with glue or self-tapping screws;
          • collection of every detail of the casing;
          • installation of a finished structure on a window opening.

          The installation of finished structures on the window can be carried out using nails, screws or glue. Most often, platbands are placed on the sides and on top of the window, sometimes there are lower parts of the structure. To correctly and aesthetically join the edges of each part, they need to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees using a hacksaw or a miter box. If the wall is concrete, dowels and screws are needed for reliable fastening.

          As soon as all the elements are installed on the window, it is necessary to treat them with a solution to prevent damage to the tree, so that it retains its aesthetic qualities for as long as possible and does not deteriorate (it does not undergo rotting and attacks of parasites). Only at the end of this stage can decorative elements be painted with paint or varnish, giving them a finished look.


          To decorate the window of a country house beautifully, you need to know not only the basic information, but also some of the nuances, without which it may not be possible to create a truly wonderful example of manual creativity. Several factors relate to such moments.

          • When choosing boards for the manufacture of platbands, it is better to give preference to those options, the thickness of which will be equal to 3-4 cm. It is much more difficult to work with thicker materials, especially to perform curly cutting.
          • When starting work on carving platbands for the first time, it is worth taking a simple pattern and polishing it, after which you can try something more complex and interesting.
          • In addition to the thickness of the wood for the platbands, it is worth taking care of the correct selection of its width, because the main purpose of these elements is not so much in the decor as in protecting the window.

          The platband should cover the opening between the wall and the window frame.

          • When planning to cut out any drawings, it is worth placing them correctly on the board so that they go along the grain of the tree, and not across.
          • When choosing a drawing for the first attempts at carving platbands, you should look at something large with convex shapes, which will not be difficult to do, and the result will delight you with its beauty. If you choose a small ornament, in case of an unsuccessful outcome, the platband will look sloppy. This will spoil the impression of the exterior facade of the house.

          Making platbands on the facade of a house is a long process and requires perseverance. Therefore, it is worthwhile to clearly assess your strengths before starting work. The choice of the right material, the right pattern, the successful implementation of it in life is only half the battle. This is followed by an equally laborious process of processing the platbands so that they serve for a long enough time, while performing their functions efficiently.

          The final stage of work with these decorative elements is their installation. At each stage there is a certain choice, the result of all work depends on the correctness of its acceptance.

          Beautiful examples

          When planning the manufacture or purchase of platbands for a wooden house, it is worth choosing the option that is best suited for a particular building.

          With the help of the Internet and other sources of information, you can see sketches of drawings, ready-made works, which will give food for thought.

          The use of wooden platbands, even with a metal-plastic window, looks appropriate, thanks to the correct choice of pattern and design of the entire structure. The use of only three curly platbands makes the design more sophisticated. It is a kind of minimalism, but at the same time, it is the detail that completes the image and gives the house a beautiful, sophisticated look.

          For how to make do-it-yourself window frames for windows, see the next video.