Desk height: what are the standards for the height of products and how to choose the right standard size for the rise of the table top of an adjustable model

When choosing a comfortable desk, it is necessary to take into account not only its design and materials of manufacture, but also the height parameters. This characteristic is one of the most important, despite the fact that many consumers forget about it after finding the model they like. A writing desk of an unsuitable height can lead to health problems, so it is simply impossible not to pay attention to such a characteristic of the furniture.


Users of all ages can spend most of their day at their desks. Such furniture can be used not only in home interiors, but also in offices. It is always convenient to work behind it, and, as a rule, a large number of different objects fit on the tabletops of high-quality written structures.

However, when choosing such products, you need to pay special attention to their height. And it doesn't matter at all whether you buy a table for an adult or a child.

In both cases, the furniture must be made with high quality so that the work behind it does not lead to problems with the spine.

One of the main parameters of these interior items is their height. If you buy a model that is too low or too high, then it will be very inconvenient to be behind it, and your posture can be very bad at the same time. Often, working at such tables leads to annoying pain in the neck and lower back. Sitting at a desk of the wrong height long enough can even lead to noticeable headaches that interfere with work.

This parameter is equally important if you are looking for a table for a child's room. A growing body should not be in an uncomfortable environment, even while doing homework or reading books.

As a rule, incorrectly selected tables lead to curvature of the spine of young users, which is very difficult to deal with.

Standard sizes

Few people know, but today there is a special standard system called "modulator", in accordance with which the standard parameters of absolutely all furniture of today's production are identified, including the height indicators of desks. This parameter plays one of the most important roles, because it primarily affects the position of the user sitting behind it.

Being behind an unnecessarily low structure, a person will slouch and push the body forward, but if the user works behind a too high product, then he will have to constantly raise his head.

Do not forget that the correct position means a perfectly flat back , calmly lying forearms and the absence of excessive stiffness in the shoulder area. You also need to remember that your legs should be on the floor and bent at an angle of 90 degrees.

Height in centimeters

As a rule, in the manufacture of modern desks, the average person's height is taken as the main indicator, which is 175 cm.

The creator of the useful system "modulator" Le Corbusier believed that the height of such furniture should vary in terms of 70-80 cm, so the standard size is usually 75 cm (in accordance with an average height of 175 cm, and for women - 162 cm).

Most users of a standard build can rely on such parameters, however, in modern furniture stores, you can also find non-standard options if the buyer has a more modest or, conversely, impressive growth.

In addition, the exact height of the structure can be recognized and calculated using a special simple formula, which looks like this: height x 75: 175. So, if a person's height is 169 cm, then the height of suitable furniture will be 72 cm.

If the user's parameters go beyond the standard framework, then you can choose a comfortable chair with height adjustment. However, in this case, one should not forget about the presence of a special footrest. It is necessary to ensure that the knees always remain bent at an angle of 90 degrees. However, it is also possible to order a custom-made table. As a rule, such furniture is more expensive than standard display cases, but buying it, you will get the most convenient and suitable model for you.

Other parameters

If you want to choose a desk, work at which will be convenient and comfortable, then you need to take into account not only its height, but also its ratio with the width of the tabletop. This parameter means the distance from the left to the right edge.

In the smallest designs, the countertop takes no more than 60 cm. Of course, such furniture will be a real "salvation" for a small room, but experts still recommend buying more spacious options.

Competently calculated product depth for an adult user is 25-60 cm.

The area on which the legs should be located should not be less than 52 cm. It is considered quite important to identify indicators of the width and height of the chair.

According to Le Corbusier's calculations, the most comfortable and optimal seat width is not exceeding 40 cm.As for the height, it should vary between 42-48 cm.

Adjustable model

Modern manufacturers produce not only standard stationary-type structures, but also more sophisticated specimens that can be adjusted at their discretion at any convenient time. Often these models are bought for children's rooms, as they can "grow" together with the young user without harming his health.

The essence of such table models lies in their ability to raise and lower the table top, thanks to special moving legs (as a rule, there are 4 of them).

In addition, the good thing about the adjustable options is that many of them have a tilt function.

Thanks to such useful qualities, such furniture can be used by several household members, since each person will be able to adjust the design to suit his parameters.

Such specimens are now represented by a rich assortment and are in great demand. They are made from a wide variety of materials, from cheap plastic to natural wood. There are also interesting options, combined with a chair, the height of which can also be changed at your discretion. Otherwise, such models are called desks.

How to choose?

Before you go to the store to buy a table, you should decide what kind of sample you need: written or computer. After that, the question regarding the cost of furniture should be resolved. The price of the table will depend on the following important parameters:

  • product manufacturing. Of course, variants produced under well-known brands and major brands will have a higher cost. However, such expenses are quite justified, since such products most often serve for a long time and do not lose their attractiveness even after many years;
  • material. Also, the cost of a desk is influenced by the material from which it is made. The most inexpensive are models made of chipboard, MDF and plastic, and the most reliable and expensive are solid wood structures;
  • dimensions. As a rule, small desks are much cheaper than large ones, since they use less raw materials during the production process;
  • decorative elements. It affects the price of the finished product and the presence of this or that accessories in it. The higher its quality and more interesting design, the more expensive the table as a whole will cost.

How to choose for a child?

The choice of a writing table for a children's room should be approached especially seriously and carefully so that improperly selected furniture does not adversely affect the growing spine. If you want to purchase a really high-quality and safe model, then try to follow some simple recommendations:

  • the recommended width of the tabletop in the design for a child should be at least 100 cm;
  • as for the depth, it should vary from 60 to 80 cm;
  • for the legs of the young user, there should be a space of about 50x54 cm;
  • it is recommended to purchase designs with a small footrest located directly under the table top. If this is not provided by the manufacturer, then it should be purchased separately from the table;
  • an important role in the selection of a design for a child is also played by the difference between the height of the chair and the desk. This parameter should be 20-24 cm;
  • when going to a store for such furniture, experts recommend taking the child with you so that he can sit at the table for a while before buying. At this moment, you need to control its position: the elbows and legs should be relaxed and not tense. As for the gap between the top of the table and the user's knees, it should be 10-15 cm;
  • the distance of the upper part from the user's eyes must also be taken into account. It should match the gap between the elbow and the fingertips;
  • psychologists advise taking into account the taste preferences and desires of the child. In this case, you need to make sure that the tabletop of the product is spacious enough and not too cramped, otherwise it will not be very convenient to work with such a model
  • experts do not recommend purchasing too expensive desks for children's rooms. The explanation is very simple: a child is unlikely to be able to keep an expensive model in its original well-groomed form without staining its surface or accessories with paints, ink or felt-tip pens;
  • one of the main roles is played by the safety and environmental friendliness of the materials from which the table for the child is made. It is worth noting that many plastic products contain toxic compounds that are harmful to health. When buying this furniture, you need to request a quality certificate and make sure that there are no such substances;
  • the same applies to tables made of chipboard. This material also contains dangerous formaldehyde resins, so it is not recommended to buy them for children's rooms, despite the tempting low cost. It is better to select options from safer chipboard of class "e-1" or veneered material.

For information on how to choose the right desk for your child, see the next video.