Ikea loft bed (45 photos): the best models with a working area and their placement in the interior

In the modern abundance of furniture complexes, a huge variety of goods is provided to equip the bedroom with everything you need. Often, many of these products stand out from the competition not only in comfort and splendor, but also in limited availability for the average buyer. A large number of young families still live in very small areas, which results in the difficulty of choosing furniture. In this situation, bunk beds come to the rescue, which have earned confidence in terms of efficiency and are in great demand among buyers. The giant company IKEA is the monopoly among the suppliers of this kind of beds.


Each product from IKEA is a part of the overall design project. The purchase of furniture has always been a serious and responsible business, for this reason one should not rush here, focusing on the design features. When choosing a loft bed, it is possible to pick up additional elements for different occasions - a chest of drawers, a table or accessories for a nursery:

  • The two-tier bed , made of wood and equipped with a sturdy staircase, as well as side cabinets and boxes under the steps, looks interesting .
  • The IKEA metal bunk bed , designed according to the standards of the concept of minimalism, will be an excellent choice for teenagers, especially for boys who are not particularly prone to a lot of frills, but rather prefer versatility and comfort. The bed is presented in several types, which, in addition to the surface sleeping space, can also include a desk, pull-out sofa or wardrobe. The table can be used to create a complete work area for the student.
  • The simplest model is a bed at the top and a table at the bottom . For better use, other models are additionally equipped with small wardrobes and bedside tables, consisting of several sections.
  • A bunk bed with a retractable berth , which provides an opportunity to put three children to bed.

Popular models

Today it is not difficult to find an IKEA store, almost everyone knows about it. Of course, bunk beds can be used as a sleeping place for adults, however, the main users of such products are still children. In IKEA hypermarkets, a huge assortment of goods is presented to attention, created primarily for children. The models are made from a wide variety of materials, have a rich configuration, as well as functional productivity:

  • Kura. A crib for children, a four- or even three-year-old child can sleep on it, if the baby is used to sleeping without a mother. This model is created from durable pine, and covered with transparent varnish. You can change the appearance of such a bed thanks to the multi-colored panels. IKEA makes it possible to modify the design of the bed with an arched fabric curtain. Such models are extremely convenient. At the age when the child is still small, the bed is downstairs: the child himself is safe, and the mother can quite simply change his bed. When the baby grows up, the structure is placed in a standard way, and a large playground appears on the first tier.
  • Tromso. Robust and reliable design of the IKEA Tromso model for the room of a young or middle-aged child. Such a model of steel is being developed. It is quite difficult to damage the bed: the cover is very resistant to moisture. From floor to bottom, the height of the structure is 164 centimeters. With such parameters, a full-fledged workplace can be organized for a child. The total height of the product is 216 centimeters. IKEA advises taking such a model with high ceiling parameters - 2.6-2.7 meters. In size, the model is considered one and a half sleeping (140x200 centimeters). In this model, the sides are high, which protects the child from falls.

An important point here is that instead of a vertical staircase, there is an inclined staircase; moreover, such a bed can be installed both on the left and on the right.

  • Stuva. The Stuva model bed appears to the buyer as an assembled workstation for the student. The height of this structure is 193 centimeters, and the dimensions of the lounger are suitable for the size of a single bed. This type of model is presented in several different variations. The end of one side of the bed is a kind of compartment with shelves or even a combination of shelves and a compartment for a children's wardrobe.

A truly multifunctional writing desk with a chest of drawers is located on the first tier, here the buyer can choose a complete set with open shelves, with one or even with three or four drawers.

  • Swart. Metal based construction in its "traditional" steel finish. Of course, this is not at all the original color of the metal itself, since the base is necessarily processed with a polymer composition. Such a coating protects against spontaneous destruction of the metal and is quite comfortable to touch, not at all cold, like ordinary metal. The sleeping dimensions of such a model are suitable for the template characteristics - 90x200 centimeters.
  • Sturo. Sturo is considered the second highest altitude among the varieties of IKEA models. The wooden base is treated with stain, getting a stylish black shade, and varnished. The total height of such a crib is 214 centimeters, and the distance to the bottom is 153 centimeters. A large sleeping space - 140x200 centimeters will be convenient not only for the younger generation, but even for adults.The ladder in this model can be attached both to the left and to the right. The set also includes a rack bottom.


Among the endless abundance of choice of material, the following is in great demand among buyers: wood, metal and plastic:

  • Oak beds have an almost unlimited lifespan , they are quite durable and reliable, they are ideally combined with home decor, and are also completely silent. High quality and luxurious models are made from birch base. Beech, alder or ash wood has an unrivaled color and will transform any room with its presence. Solid pine is the most commonly used component when designing a loft bed.
  • The metal base of the bed is a durable support, which, with all this, adds a kind of plasticity to the bed and retains undeniable reliability. An iron bed always looks more reliable than analogues made from other materials.
  • Plastic is often used to create bunk beds for the little ones. These cribs are presented in a rich color palette and variety of models. The appearance of such creations, as a rule, is based on fairy-tale themes.


When choosing a two-tier structure, its size is an important factor. When a bed is bought for a teenager or adult, its parameters must be at least 90x200 centimeters. It is important to remember that for a child who is still growing up, the bed should be purchased, adjusted for additional space.

Provided that the height of the ceiling in the living area is rather limited, and we all know that children love to have fun on the bed, a sleeping area located under the ceiling can cause physical injuries. Therefore, when buying a crib for a child, the choice should be given to a product with a height of 160 to 180 centimeters.


Reliability is fundamental to any IKEA baby product. When creating furniture, extremely reliable elements are used to ensure good fixation of the bed and its immobility. The presence of raised sides with a rigid transom filling is a separate plus. IKEA experts advise kids over 6 years old to buy a loft bed.

Such beds allow you to create space for entertainment or a workplace on the first tier, which means that the distance from the bottom of the bed to the floor is more than sufficient for the child to be able to move freely under the second tier. Consequently, the height of such a model will be impressive - up to 206 centimeters. Width - Measured by the size of the upper sleeping area.

Beds of the Stuva variety, for example, are 99 centimeters wide, while Tromso has an upper double bed. If there is free space on the lower level, the base of the bed can cover a fairly large part of the area. It is also necessary to take into account the interesting fact that the bed, without reducing the space of the room, superficially reduces the ceiling area and prevents full lighting. This point should be taken into account when buying such a bed, you may need additional room lighting.

Most loft beds from IKEA are equipped with an additional fixation function. This moment does not depend on the weight of their little owners, but on the increased dynamic load that they create.

Ideas for placement in the interior

A variety of design solutions makes it possible to fit the structure into almost any interior. Sleeping on a loft bed is always much more interesting than on a regular model. Beds of this type provide the opportunity to use the space twice. In the case when the bed is used on the first tier only as a guest bed, adding just a few decorative pillows will turn the bed into a comfortable sofa. At the same time, there is a lot of space under the loft bed and can be used for any purpose.

Customer Reviews

In general, reviews of beds from IKEA are more than positive. Many buyers note a truly high level of reliability of all models, children's satisfaction with such lock beds, as well as the quietness of wooden options. A separate plus is the democratic cost of the company's products. Buyers especially note that almost every young family with a child or children can afford loft beds.

In the video below, you can clearly appreciate all the advantages of Ikea cribs.