Do-it-yourself Swedish wall: dimensions, diagrams and drawings, instructions for assembling a children's and adult wall made of wood or metal

It is very important to maintain your health at any age. Now there are a lot of gyms, but the problem is that some do not have the opportunity and time to visit them. An excellent option is to make your own wall bars for your home. You can use such a homemade wall for both adults and children.

Required tools

To equip a sports corner, you need the following elements:

  • lumber (2 main wooden racks having a length of 2 m, and 2 crossbeams having a length of 0.8 m);
  • 1 sheet of birch plywood 13 mm thick;
  • to make the sidewalls, you need to use pine slats with a length of 231 cm, a width of 13 cm and a thickness of 3.6 cm;
  • materials for the crossbars - you can use the shovel cuttings and process them well, you will need 12 handles, each of which has a diameter of 4 centimeters;
  • if you need to make children's crossbars, then it is better to use cuttings with a length of 121 cm;
  • fasteners - furniture bolts, metal corners or anchors, dowels, screws;
  • materials for surface treatment - wood stain, colored paints, varnish, primer, sandpaper;
  • tools - an electric drill (you can use a hand swing), a screwdriver, wrenches, screwdrivers, a hammer drill or an impact drill with victorious drills, wood crowns (special drills with a large diameter), an electric jigsaw, a set of files for wood, a hand electric grinder

If the Swedish wall is made of metal, then the following elements are required:

  • for the manufacture of sidewalls, 2 metal tubes are needed, having a diameter of 31 mm and a length of 2.6 m, and if there are no tubes, then they can be replaced with metal profiles with suitable dimensions;
  • to make the crossbars, you need 8 water pipes with a diameter of 31 millimeters;
  • electrical or gas welding equipment;
  • you need an angle grinder to clean weld seams and burrs;
  • consumables (grinding discs, welding electrodes);
  • fasteners for fastening to the wall (dowels or anchor bolts, metal corners).

If all the necessary tools are prepared, then you can start work.

In order to make the equipment yourself, you need a project, or you can think about the position of the product yourself and, if you wish, add such things: a rope, rings, a rope ladder, a crossbar, a horizontal bar.

Preparatory work

Before manufacturing equipment, you need to know the required work order and prepare the lumber. Before buying racks, you need to think about how to strengthen them, and if possible, purchase additional racks. To make the crossbars more reliable, you need to round off the corners and make recesses. It is necessary to strengthen the crossbars to the posts at an angle of 81 degrees. This provision will be able to ensure the reliability of the product, the product itself will be able to withstand a sufficient mass.

Usually the Swedish wall is made with your own hands from pine lumber and cuttings. You need to fasten the racks and crossbars with furniture bolts. Such bolts can reliably hold the product and withstand enormous loads. Use 4-5 bolts on each side.

Now you need to prepare the steps. As steps, you can use ready-made shovel cuttings, with suitable diameters. It is necessary to choose the width of the stairs, cut the material, make holes in the main racks using a drill, into which the steps will be inserted. The depth of all holes must be the same.

Now we need to process the surfaces. The product can be painted with varnish or colored paint. You can create different color combinations, draw patterned designs on the racks. To make the product more durable, all parts must be well primed. It is better to paint the wall in 2 layers.

The rules for strengthening the product against the wall are as follows. Use metal corners to secure the equipment to the wall. Fasteners must be screwed to each rack at different heights, their number should be about 3 pieces. Holes need to be drilled on the wall in advance, into which anchor bolts must then be driven.

When the structure is located at the place of reinforcement, it is necessary to drive the anchor into the wall through the hole in the metal corner.

For ordinary wall bar exercises, you need to tie a simple, standard ladder to the ceiling beam. The dimensions of the Swedish wall should be as follows.

  • Span over crossbeams (crossbeam length) - 810-910 mm.
  • If home and children's structures do not fit in the house or apartment, then the length of the crossbar can be reduced to 605 millimeters.
  • The distance between the axes of the crossbeams in height should be 151 mm.
  • If the equipment is intended for an adult, then the distance between the axes of the crossbeams in height can be 221-261 mm.
  • For adults, a crossbar diameter of 41 mm is suitable. For little ones - 25-31 mm.
  • The bottom bar should have a distance of about 151-221 mm from the floor.
  • For an adult, the number of crossbars should be 13-19 pieces. For children - 11-16 pieces.

Weight that the Swedish wall must withstand:

  • if adults do exercises 2-3 times a day, then the wall should withstand 181 kg;
  • for children's sports exercises, the wall must withstand 151 kg;
  • a home wall for children should be able to support about 121 kg.

Usually the product is made from materials such as wood and metal. Wood is a natural material, and metal is a sturdy frame that can support several children and adults. But before making the Swedish wall, it is necessary to prepare construction drawings in order to correctly calculate the parameters. It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the future product.

The dimensions of the wall bars should be such that it does not touch the floor below, and from above it should not touch the ceiling.

Manufacturing of walls

There is an opportunity to make a product at home with your own hands. There are 3 options for making this design.

Made of wood

The first method is to prepare a wooden wall. The required elements are:

  • boards having a thickness of 3 centimeters, a width of 11 cm and a length of 5 meters;
  • 4 things. shovel handle, 121 centimeters each;
  • set with tools;
  • liquid Nails;
  • screws.

First you need to prepare the racks and beams. Measure the correct length for the uprights and cut the board in half. Using a jigsaw, round off the ends of the bars, grind with a plane and sandpaper. It is necessary to measure the distance of the crossbars (about 31 cm), using a thin drill, mark the places of the holes. Since the beams are about 61 cm long, cut the cuttings in half. To avoid roughness, it is necessary to process the bars and crossbars with a stain, then cover them with varnish or paint.

Now you need to start assembling the structure. As soon as the bars are dry, holes need to be made on them. But the hole must be made blind so that it is possible to still fix the steps with screws and glue. Now the product needs to be assembled, the ends of the crossbars must be processed with glue, insert 1 rack, and then fix the second rack up. Using self-tapping screws, you need to connect the rack and the step.

It is necessary to take metal corners and reinforce the wall. First you need to mark the holes at the required height. Pick up dowels with the appropriate dimensions and parameters, fix the ladder to the wall. Now you need to make a removable crossbar. Crossbars are made in some types: one-piece sidewalls can be cut, they can be assembled from two strips, connected at an angle, or welded from metal pipes, if the ends are bent into hooks.

You can use a jigsaw to cut the necessary parts from thick plywood (19 mm). Next, you should make 2 identical sidewalls, which are triangular or L-shaped with cut off hooks. With their help, the horizontal bar clings to the crossbar. To make the crossbars more securely embedded in the grooves, you need to take a strip of plywood, whose dimensions will be slightly smaller than the length of the crossbars, and fasten it behind the sidewalls.

The sidewalls have a protruding side, at its end you need to make a hole, insert the crossbar, then strengthen it with a self-tapping screw. That's it, now the product is ready.

It is more suitable for children, since it is better for an adult to construct a metal Swedish wall.

Made of metal

This design will not be simple. If you purchase some items in household goods, then there will be less worries. For example, pipes that will be purchased from a store will not need to be cleaned of old paint and rust. To make a product, you need the following details:

  • 2 square shaped tubes 26 × 26 mm, having a length of 7 meters;
  • pieces of half-inch tubes, the length of which is 51-61 cm;
  • sections of profile tubes for fixing the horizontal bar, the dimensions depend on the length of the outboard side;
  • corners designed to be reinforced against the wall.

It is necessary to cut the racks to a height of the projectile of about 2.6 m. The remaining tubes must be used for portable parts, they must be welded to the top of the racks at an angle of 91 degrees. Next, using welding, you need to connect the crossbeams to the posts. This wall will turn out to be sporty, it is possible to add hinged bars, supports for the barbell and benches for the press to it.

Since the outboard side on the horizontal bar can bend, reinforcements should be made. It is necessary to measure the length between the end point of the upper extension and the stand so that the mount can form the third side of the triangle. It is necessary to cut the tubes to the required size. Weld the mount on 2 pillars of the Swedish wall. From the back to the entire length of the racks, it is necessary to weld the cuttings of tubes with nuts. With their help, the structure is mounted in the wall. The last step is to prime the surface and paint it with paint or varnish.

Made of plastic

The third way is to make the Swedish wall from plastic. Such a gymnastic wall, made with your own hands, will be cheaper than a purchased one. It can carry around 81 kg. A wall made of plastic is good for children and can help strengthen their muscles. Required materials and tools for manufacturing:

  • inch plastic tubes having a diameter of 34 mm;
  • fitting for pipes;
  • soldering iron for polypropylene pipes.

First you need to calculate everything and cut the blanks. It is necessary to solder the nodes. All ends of polypropylene pipes must be sealed with plugs. Paint the base in any color.

To make the transitions smooth, you need to use masking tape.

Now we need to attach the Swedish wall. For the entire length along the sides, holes must be made in the tees. It is necessary to make holes in the wall with plastic inserts. From the back of the surface, you need to substitute the pre-cut and painted pieces of the tube and screw it into the wall using long bolts.

You can make gymnastic rings from the tube. To do this, heat the tube to its full length and use a type of pipe template with a wide diameter, and then leave it to cool. Next, you need to solder it with a jumper and bend it in the shape of a ring. If the bar made of plastic is intended for children, then you can buy a rope in addition. So, anyone can make and assemble a Swedish wall with their own hands if they follow the drawings, diagrams and instructions. A beautiful product will not take up much space and will be beneficial to health.

To learn how to make a Swedish wall with your own hands, see the next video.