Decorative pillows (85 photos): options for the sofa and covers, large models instead of the back and soft small ones in the interior

Interior design always implies a thorough study of details. It is under this condition that the image of the living space is filled with meaning, it turns out to be balanced and complete. An integral part of the modern design of an apartment is decorative pillows, designed to ensure the comfort of placement in any corner, increasing the degree of warmth and comfort in the house.

Textile accessories enhance the visual appeal of the furnishings and act as striking accents that support the decor. By their color, shape and pattern, you can easily determine the style orientation of the interior. When you do not want to resort to radical transformations of housing, but the soul requires changes, then it is with the help of decorative pillows that you can simply and quickly, and, most importantly, effectively implement your plans. How exactly, let's find out.


People receive information about the surrounding reality mainly with the help of their eyes. The main everyday irritant for many of us is the discrepancy between the appearance of certain items and our own taste. Especially when it comes to things that fill our apartments and houses.

A person is so arranged that even ultra-modern decoration, new furniture sets and "smart" technology are not able to fully satisfy his natural desire to express his individuality. It is best to entrust the solution of such a difficult task to home textiles, namely decorative pillows.

These accessories fulfill five essential functions:

  • They serve as a link between the components of the situation , making the design logical and complete.
  • They add attractiveness to the aesthetic component of the living space and the comfort of upholstered furniture.
  • Favorably emphasize the style of the interior.
  • They become accent objects , diluting monochrome or neutral designs, helping to achieve color balance.
  • Contribute to creating a relaxing, cozy, truly homely atmosphere.

Competently selected accessories can also act as a style-forming element of the interior. This result is possible if you pay due attention to the choice of decorative pillows.


Interior pillows differ in purpose, shape, size, material of manufacture of the cover and filler.

  • Functional load. The first association that arises when mentioning decorative pillows is furniture accessories. The possibilities of their application in order to increase the comfort of placement on upholstered furniture are endless. They serve as additional armrests on armchairs and sofas, where handrails are not structurally provided, or there are handrails, but hard wooden ones, act as headrests on beds and instead of backs on ottomans.

In modern corner transforming sofas, the back is equipped with cushions on lifting mechanisms. In addition to models for the sofa, there are floor-type products. They can be used as an alternative to ottomans or underfoot.

  • Exclusive items - unusual designer pillows in the original design serve exclusively as a decor. Handmade cool personalized accessories give the interior a bright personality, making it memorable. Funny children's models of toy pillows decorate the rooms of little explorers, helping to develop the child's imagination and imagination.
  • Design features. Due to the different options for fastening elements in decorative pillows, products differ in appearance and strength.

The lineup is presented:

  • Classic dumbbells are the most common type of accessories in the shape of a square or rectangle.
  • Sectional models that have two surfaces and an insert as a connecting element and to give additional volume.
  • Turkish pillows with pre-laid gathers and many opposite folds, due to which they acquire splendor. This type of accessory is characterized by a solid color scheme or a traditional oriental ornament.
  • Quilted stylish products, where the front side is decorated with neat quilting, so that the fabric does not wrinkle, and the pillow keeps its shape well.
  • Cushion pillows with a sophisticated design. It is these structures that perform, if necessary, the function of a headrest or armrest.

It is not at all necessary to choose the same models: picturesque rows of versatile pillows look no less impressive than compositions from identical accessories.


The variety of forms of interior pillows allows you to become the owner of a unique interior.

Popular geometric shapes:

  • The square is a classic version of the doom. Square models are universally suitable for decorating any models of sofas, armchairs and beds.
  • Circle and oval - these shapes are typical for Turkish accessories.
  • The rectangle is another trendy solution for standard sofa cushions. Combinations of rectangular and round accessories of different sizes look advantageous.
  • Triangle and polygon variations. The original triangular and polygonal models help to achieve a balance of shape in the design.

There is simply no point in listing all non-standard forms, because the imagination of designers has no boundaries. Products can be both flat in the form of cheesecakes, and voluminous like an apple, ball or candy, which is certainly very beautiful.


When choosing decorative pillows, it is important to adhere to the general style of the room in order to avoid contradictions. Let's find out which accessories will harmoniously complement interiors in popular styles.

  • Shabby chic. Any exotic options from natural / artificial fur, in the shape of hearts, lips or sweets, richly decorated with ruffles, bows, rhinestones, sequins, bugles are appropriate here.
  • Modern . In cases with modern 3D photo printing, wavy patterns, floral ornaments. Materials - linen, cotton, burlap. Classic colors - white, black, beige, additional - red, purple, green. If the pillows are arranged asymmetrically, it is not scary, democratic modernity welcomes some rebelliousness in the design.
  • Provence . Classic, round, oval or log-shaped with ruffles and a button in the middle. Light, mostly light, unobtrusive shades. Colors - polka dots, stripes, with small flowers or with a rooster - the symbol of France. Decorated with hand embroidery, lace, applique, flounces.
  • Oriental style. Bright colors and luxurious materials, decorated with gold tassels, embroidery, fringe. Don't forget about the floor cushions, which can be scattered randomly on the soft carpet, giving the interior a similarity to the Scheherazade tent.
  • In the sea. Solid white, blue, beige or light brown to match furniture or wood floors. Rollers and pillows with striped patterns in white and blue tones emphasize the marine nature of a romantic, cozy and airy interior. Fantasy thoughts - lifebuoys will come in handy in the nursery.
  • American. White, black, gray or combined options from similar colors, square, can be flat. Beds are decorated with a wide variety of pillows, a style that welcomes the abundance of soft decor in the bedroom.


The standard dimensions of a classic sofa accessory are 40x40 cm.For the design of non-standard furniture, models 50x50 cm or large rectangular models 50x70 cm are used.Children's furniture can be interestingly beaten with small 20x20 cm dummies, and massive furnishings in spacious rooms can be supplemented with large accessories. To complement large-sized furniture, products of 70x70 cm are used.


A pair of covers are provided for the interior pillows. The first, inner, dense material contains the filling, and already on top, the product is closed with a decorative outer cover.

Fabrics for covers

Coarse calico or high-density cotton is required for the manufacture of the inner cover. While external decorative covers are sewn mainly from upholstery fabrics.

Accessories are:

  • leather, eco-leather. The advantage of natural material is a presentable appearance, an artificial analogue is no less beautiful, but it is much cheaper;
  • from felt - a light, soft, smooth fabric with an unusually pleasant texture;
  • velvet - a luxurious material that will not electrify and attract dust;
  • tapestry is considered one of the most beautiful, due to the use of exquisite tapestry with a variety of ornaments;
  • chintz - a natural, environmentally friendly material, thin and very delicate to the touch. Great summer option;
  • made of flax - a thin, but strong, durable fabric with high hygroscopicity.

Fur models and unusual pieces deserve special attention, where the design provides for bonded aluminum plates like an ancient chain mail. Products are selected according to the criteria: durability, tactile qualities, individual aesthetic preferences.


Decorative pillows can have natural or artificial filling.

Modern manufacturers use the following types of natural fillers:

  • Goose / swan feather / down with good thermal insulation properties. They clearly outline the anatomical curves of the body and have the ability to quickly regain shape.
  • Camel / sheep wool - moisture resistant materials with unsurpassed thermo-regulating properties.
  • Silk is a wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, durable material with hypoallergenic properties. Provides maximum tactile comfort regardless of the season.
  • Bamboo fiber is an environmentally friendly material that is pleasant to the body and does not cause unwanted reactions.
  • Buckwheat husk with medicinal properties and orthopedic effect.

From synthetic fillers, preference is given to:

  • holofiber;
  • Fiberlon;
  • komfortel;
  • hollophane;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • latex;
  • tempura;
  • PPU (polyurethane foam).

General characteristics of these materials:

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Good dust-repellent properties.
  • Does not accumulate static electricity.
  • Not susceptible to foreign odors.
  • Low hygroscopicity.

The listed fillers fix the head and neck in the correct position, ensuring proper rest. As for the price, foam pillows and synthetic winterizer products are cheaper than others, but they will not last long.

Colors and prints

The ability of color to influence our emotional state is a scientifically proven fact. Considering that decorative pillows in the interior play not the least role, try to choose the color scheme of accessories thoughtfully.

It is important to consider:

  • functional purpose and dimensions of the room;
  • general palette and color temperature of the interior;
  • design style ;
  • coloristic performance of the available textiles.

Pillows of what colors will organically look in thematic interiors:

  • Indian - red, yellow, green, decorated with golden tassels. Another option is a series of the simplest monochromatic pillows, but in different shades.
  • Ecodesign - beige, gray, brown and pale blue accessories.
  • Fusion accepts a large number of multi-colored pillows in warm, rich shades of background or bright print.
  • Grunge - in neutral shades of beige, brown, milky, graphite blue. Accent combinations contain noble shades of gold, copper, silver.
  • Vintage - romantic pastel shades - lilac, pink and blue, playful prints with cats or touching stripes.
  • Safari - under a tree or leather with images of representatives of the animal world of Africa - with tigers, lions, panthers, zebras.
  • Pop art - with photo prints, bright abstract designs or geometric patterns.
  • Japanese - monochromatic or bicolor with hieroglyphic inscriptions.
  • Mediterranean - warm shades of beige, orange, yellow and rich gradations of turquoise.
  • Moroccan - purple, blue, yellow, lilac, always red, symbolizing the element of fire.


If even the simplest interior pillows can revive the atmosphere, then what can we say about accessories intricately decorated with all kinds of decorative elements:

  • with tassels at the corners and fluffy fringes - ideal for oriental styles;
  • with puffs - voluminous assemblies and folds - such pillows look lush and airy;
  • with lace that completely covers the front side or lace inserts, which always looks elegant;
  • with edging around the perimeter , which gives expressiveness to the pattern or with braid as decoration for ruffles and flounces;
  • with bows - single large ones or a composition of several bows;
  • with appliques on various themes, decorative lacing and buttons;
  • with embroidery with satin ribbons , embroidered with rhinestones, beads, sequins and decorated with multi-colored feathers.

How to choose?

We found out everything about the color, shape and design of decorative pillows. How to achieve a harmonious design? For the result to meet expectations, it is enough to use one or more basic principles.

  • Tone-on-tone decoration is a universal option. Monochromatic doodles on a corner sofa of a similar shade are a winning combination for restrained and austere classic interiors.
  • Monochrome design - here pillows act as independent elements, not taking into account the color of the existing furnishings. A wide sofa with black and white accessories will organically fit into modern interiors.
  • Accents . The cushions are used to create a spotted effect to attract attention. A wooden sofa bed in neutral shades or black upholstered furniture is decorated with bright, lush cushions without / with a print.
  • Multicolor design. Suitable for modern, neutral, oriental interiors. Corner sofas with large doors and bolsters in all colors of the rainbow will make the atmosphere lively, adding dynamics, and cheerful.
  • Two plus one scheme. The original pallet sofas with two-tone cushions that support the upholstery tone are fresh and unusual, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. This solution is also suitable for an angular kitchen sofa.
  • Combination method. The listed schemes effectively interact with each other, you just have to show your imagination and observe the measure.

And the last thing. The permissible number of shades is five, it will create more color vinaigrette, and this already smells of bad taste.


As with any home textiles, interior pillows require regular maintenance. Products with natural fillers are systematically treated with a quartz lamp and ventilated. Fabric covers are washed, with the exception of velor and velvet, which are recommended exclusively for dry cleaning with a special brush.

A couple of times a year you need to use dry cleaning services: professional steam treatment of pillows and special. works wonders by means. Such procedures are able to return an attractive appearance to products, which is especially important for expensive accessories made of genuine leather.

Beautiful interior design ideas

The ideal of everyone is to have a comfortable and stylish apartment. Decorative pillows in this business are excellent helpers. Whether you want to make a cozy nest, create a glamorous interior, a minimalist design, or have not yet decided on the style of decoration, but just want to refresh the existing environment - perhaps our tips and suggestions will suit your taste. And the examples in the photo gallery will help the puzzle come together or direct thoughts in the right direction.

    • The restraint of Scandi design and the neutrality of the dominant snow-white range are diluted with accent pillows in rich shades of blue, terracotta, orange and fuchsia. Form compositions from solid, two-color pillows and accessories with themed ornaments of snowflakes, zigzags, deer.
    • If you want your interior to be different, use embroidered pillows. This exclusive is versatile and equally transforms a prim English bedroom, an ultra-modern high-tech living room and a simple country house.
    • Multifunctional floor pillows serve as poufs, armchairs, couches and even sofas. Due to movable propylene balls, which are used as filler, you can change the shape of the "furniture" at any time. Therefore, the interior always looks fashionable and stylish.
    • Nowadays, the options for decorating modern interiors with pillows in accordance with the seasons are extremely in demand. In winter, plush, knitted and fur accessories are used. In the spring, the covers are covered with blossoming flowers and trees, in the summer the fruit and berry theme dominates, and in the fall - the red-yellow-orange range.
    • A trendy trend is the use of natural and artificial skins of exotic species - leopard, tiger, giraffe or zebra skins. Furs or pillows with animal prints combined with hide on the wall, furniture or floor look very impressive and tie the design together.
    • Floor cushions are a highlight in an ethnic oriental interior. Lush slides of silk and velvet cushions of square and round shapes on magnificent handmade Persian carpets with a nearby low table crowned with a hookah - this is how an oriental idyll looks.
    • The bed is large and comfortable, but is there something missing? Perhaps the most romantic accessory in the world of interior design is the canopy. The canopy can be made of silk, satin or light transparent material, decorated with tassels and fringes. For completeness, look for pillows in the same fabric and decor.

    Decorative pillows can be sewn by hand. How to do this, see the next video.