The ceiling in the bedroom (77 photos): which one is better to do, beautiful options-2020 ceiling design in the interior of a small room

The construction market offers a huge variety of materials for wall and ceiling decoration in any buildings and structures. A wide selection makes buyers think about optimal, beautiful and simple ceiling solutions. The bedroom is a place where choice must be careful and thoughtful.

Our article will tell you why you should pay special attention to this, and which surface is better to stay on.


A bedroom is a room in a house or apartment where there should be maximum comfort and coziness. After a hard day's work, you come there to rest, relax and sleep.

The ceiling in this room is probably looked at much more often than in the rest (lying on the bed). Therefore, the choice of ceiling covering in the bedroom should be thought out exactly for your taste and for the specific features of the room.

Deciding what type of ceiling finish to use is based on its functionality:

  • Color and pattern should be calm, relaxing and in harmony with the walls and floor.
  • The recessed lighting can be adjusted with different finishes to get rid of unnecessary lamps on the walls.
  • The coating device can hide imperfections in the shape and size of the room.

Finishing options

First of all, it is necessary to consider what finishing options can be applied in modern conditions and how they differ.


This method has long been familiar to everyone, which was used to decorate almost all apartments until recently. Its undoubted advantage was considered budgetary and simplicity in design.

A significant drawback is the need for thorough surface preparation. No paint is capable of hiding irregularities, cracks and other defects in the substrate. Therefore, it was necessary to carefully plaster the ceilings, sometimes in a very large layer, which is undoubtedly very laborious, and it is difficult for an unprepared person to achieve a good result.

The main dyes used:

  • Whitewashing . Traditional finish, economical and easy to handle. There can be no question of any interesting design, but if the surface of the ceiling allows it, and you need to quickly and cheaply update and refresh the look of the bedroom, then you can do with this.
  • Acrylic paint . A more expensive material that is not afraid of moisture and is also easy to apply. A wide range of colors makes its use more profitable.
  • Latex dye is hardly a budget option. The ability to mask small cracks is considered a significant advantage. Latex does not deteriorate from moisture and makes the substrate breathable. In the bedroom, this is true.
  • If you are worried about the high humidity in the house, then you can choose a silicone coating . It is an elastic liquid that covers minor defects and has an antimicrobial effect.


It is more time consuming than paint application. But the result will be more interesting.

There are two types of materials for application:

  • Wallpaper . There are a lot of options for such a finish. It can be breathable and eco-friendly paintable non-woven wallpaper. The patterns and textures are varied, plus you can choose paint of any shade. It is quite difficult to glue them alone due to the large weight of the canvases.

Other types of rolls for pasting will be cork or bamboo wallpaper. This is a product based on natural wood that decorates the interior very effectively. The natural theme is very relevant, and the bedroom will be safe with such a ceiling covering . The choice of wallpaper patterns depends on your preference, but you can change the visual perception of the bedroom.

For a narrow room, for example, pick up striped wallpaper and place it parallel to the short wall. In a small bedroom, it is best to avoid bright and large patterns on the ceiling.

  • Tiles . Some time ago, this type of finish has gained great popularity as a replacement for the boring whitewash and white paint. Plates are made of expanded polystyrene. Lightweight products are quite easy to stick, having previously marked the base. Many types of material can be painted. Styrofoam ceiling tiles can be of various shapes: rectangular, square, rhombus or hexagon.

Most often, square products are used. They are more familiar to the eye and easier to assemble for any shape of the ceiling.

The texture can include laminated, embossed, smooth tiles, imitation of carving and stucco molding, as well as leather, stone, wood or concrete. Budget coating options can acquire a yellowish tint over the years, but this can be dealt with with the help of periodic staining . The main disadvantage of expanded polystyrene products is their inability to pass air.

Suspended ceiling

This type of finish is quite common nowadays. There are several different types of materials for the installation of suspended structures:

  • Drywall . First of all, when they talk about suspended ceilings, they mean exactly the finish with plasterboard sheets. The cover consists of two surface layers of cardboard and a layer of gypsum between it. The canvases are quite heavy and can break at the same time, so it is better to install them to the ceiling together or entrust it to a professional team.

Sheets are attached to profiles for strength and stability. In the bedroom, ordinary plasterboard material is suitable, because water resistance is not required. The main advantage of this type of finish is the ability to embody any designer's fantasies. The material bends well, so you can make multi-level designs with roundings , and place lighting around the perimeter. This can be used both for zoning a spacious bedroom and for a spectacular ceiling view.

A U-shaped design or a circle above the location of the bed draws attention to it as the central detail of the interior. For rooms with high ceilings, drywall is the best way to decorate the upper part of the room. It is better to select one-level canvases of light colors for low walls.

  • Plates . In residential buildings, this type of decoration is rarely used. Square or rectangular slabs with dimensions of 60x60 cm or 60x120 cm are attached to a frame consisting of profiles and guides. Products can be smooth or embossed (with cells, stripes and other patterns). The most common color is white, but other options can be ordered if desired. Such a ceiling is easy to create, inexpensive and quick to install.

If you have communications from above that you may need to access, then with this finishing option it will be easy to get to them. The mineral fiber from which the tiles are made is quite brittle and therefore easily damaged. But the replacement is done without problems. Often this is how office space is finished.

  • Cassettes . In installation, this type of ceiling decoration is somewhat similar to the previous one. Squares made of steel or aluminum 60x60 cm in size are superimposed on the frame. In this case, the base can be partially visible, but in most cases it is completely covered with a cassette mesh.

This method has a lot of advantages: it is easy to assemble, as a constructor, you can partially replace the elements, get to the wiring and communications. The cassette cover is fire resistant and water resistant and easy to maintain.

The main advantage is the variety of designs: matte, polymer, metallized or even mirrored ceilings. The only thing is that this system is expensive.

  • Rack ceilings . Such a coating is made from long slats. A metal alloy or polyvinyl chloride is taken as a base. Fragments made of aluminum are usually small in width, up to 200 mm. But any format will be made to order.

Shades of metals look spectacular: gold, chrome, bronze, silver, but thanks to staining, you can give any other color, from pastel to acidic. According to the structure, you can choose strips with a mesh, perforation or ordinary smooth.

You can find not only straight-line options, but also products in the form of waves, V-shaped and others. There is huge scope for designer fantasy.

PVC slats are budgetary, easy to maintain and versatile. They imitate wood, marble, fabrics, can be absolutely any color, glossy, matte, mirror.

  • Tension canvas . The most demanded option at the moment for decorating rooms. A PVC cloth and, in some cases, cloth are attached to the metal frame. Cutting is adjusted to each specific room. Surfaces can be matte, glossy, satin sheen, patterns and any shades.

The method, like the suspended one, is good for imperfect basecoats. All defects will be hidden using the applied canvas. In the case of stretching film or fabric material, you need to immediately think over the placement of the lamps and the method of attaching the curtains. They can be hung from a wall cornice or attached to the ceiling during installation. The disadvantage of this finish is its rather high cost, especially for spacious bedrooms.


If you have chosen a certain style for decorating a bedroom, it must be supported by a ceiling.

  • Any modern design will decorate a trendy stretch or suspended ceiling. Multilevel designs and a combination of several methods will be trendy additions to a stylish interior. Plasterboard structures on the ceiling with rounded shapes, emphasized by lighting, will fit well into a modern bedroom . Cassette inserts with a mirror or glossy surface will also be effective.
  • For fans of minimalism, stretch satin or matte fabrics with hidden curtain rods are suitable. Contour lighting will help to dilute the laconic design. In the case of suspended ceilings, you can combine two different flooring colors at different levels, for example black and white.
  • High-tech can be accompanied by a large number of inserts, transitions and broken lines. Built-in multi-colored lighting will emphasize the high-tech style. Both glossy textures and rich bright shades will be appropriate.
  • Finishing in a classic style can be done both with a stretch ceiling and with plasterboard. Coatings in white and beige with a satin sheen or matte options will look great. The classics are successfully combined with imitation of stucco molding, carved ceiling cornices, painting on a stretch canvas.
  • Niches with gold carving, blue color, round shapes and imitation domes will emphasize the royal Empire style . But these types of finishes are available only for large rooms.


Many people are afraid to use non-standard color solutions for ceilings in the bedroom, preferring white. Modern materials will allow you to beat any range of shades. A dark ceiling is best left for spacious bedrooms. Intense variations of chocolate brown, burgundy, malachite, purple and deep blue will add coziness and comfort to your relaxation room.

Interesting ideas with the allocation of ceiling niches in the area above the bed. It can be accentuated by patterned wallpaper, moving from wall to ceiling. Canvases with imitation of fabric (silk or jacquard) or large patterns in oriental style will fit especially well.

The glossy beige range will sparkle in a new way. Combine with plaster ornaments or ornate skirting boards and a crystal chandelier to create a neoclassical bedroom . For romantic natures, preferably female, a great solution would be to stay on a pink ceiling. Satin or glossy shine, delicate white lighting and laconic lamps will emphasize the spring freshness and tenderness of the interior.

Ideas with a blue tint can be reflected both in the classic palace theme and in fancy ceilings, creating the effect of a clear, bright sky overhead. To further enhance the feeling of open space, the use of stretch canvas with photo printing , which depicts clouds. Photo canvases give a lot of room for imagination: you can decorate the bedroom with orchids, paintings, small floral patterns.

Bold design solutions suggest imitating space or a starry sky on the ceiling. Mirrored coverings in the upper part of the room are suitable for extraordinary people , but the interior will be extraordinarily effective and trendy.

Tips for choosing

There are certain nuances that should be observed, no matter what type of ceiling covering you choose:

  • To design any kind of ceiling, you need to know exactly the height of the walls. Suspended and stretch ceilings of several levels must be installed in rooms of at least 250 cm in height.
  • If the windows face north, it is better to use light and warm colors in the decoration. A glossy ceiling will reflect more light. This will visually make the room more comfortable.
  • With a ceiling, you can create an additional zest in the design, considering who it is for. For babies, it is better to choose neutral shades of ceilings with dull patterns. For an older girl or boy, you can focus on photo canvases with stars or clouds, flowers and butterflies. A girl's room can be romantic and airy due to unusual lighting, floral patterns. It would be appropriate to use metallized inserts and lamps.
  • Almost all types of ceiling finishes are safe for health, but for fans of natural style, it is worth paying attention to roll natural wallpaper or wooden slats. There is nothing more environmentally friendly than real wood. This is an expensive and effective finish for a cozy bedroom in an eco-style or rustic style.
  • Rooms with sloped ceilings have certain design features. Most often these are bedrooms located in the attic of country houses. It is better to arrange a low room with a slanting ceiling with built-in lighting instead of a bulky chandelier. An excellent solution would be to install a window in an inclined surface. If this is not possible, you can get out of the situation with the help of matte translucent panels and decorative lighting.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The bedside area is highlighted with light wallpaper with a large pattern and plasterboard structures that form a niche in the wall and ceiling. The dark color adds mystery and luxury. And hidden lighting adds warmth and comfort.

In a small room, if you want to use a multi-level suspended ceiling, it is better to opt for a light shade and correct shapes. The circular recess is accentuated by spotlights and draws attention to the crystal chandelier in the center.

In a large classic bedroom, you cannot do without a canopy over the bed. It can either completely cover the sleeping area or serve as a decorative element. In any case, the hanging ledge will help to correctly decorate this structure.

The dark color of the ceiling is combined with the catwalk under the bed. The glossy sheen counteracts the gloomy perception of the interior, while the rest of the ceiling and walls in beige tones will calm the background.

Rack ceilings with wood imitation will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a city apartment and a country house. It is better to choose a plastic strip of a lighter shade than the floor.

You will find even more options for beautiful ceilings for the bedroom in the next video.