Vanilla kitchen (37 photos): a choice of glossy and matte vanilla kitchen sets for the kitchen interior. The combination of wenge, moco and eggplant colors in the headset

Every housewife dreams of an exclusive kitchen interior. Someone prefers calm and cozy shades, someone likes bright and flashy colors. With your own hands, you can create an unsurpassed and unique project using vanilla tone.

Vanilla is the color of positive

Vanilla is considered neutral as it balances between warm and cold. It can be felt in different ways at different times of the year, it also depends on the additional lighting in the room. In psychology, this color is described as a shade that favorably affects the emotional state of a person, since it gives a feeling of comfort and security. A room with a vanilla-colored headset always evokes an appetite, because thoughts of something tasty, sweet arise in my head, maybe that's why the tone is becoming more and more popular in combination with other shades, for example, eggplant and vanilla or mocha and vanilla.

Any housewife would like a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort to be created in the kitchen, which is why most prefer not bright and saturated colors of the headset, but more calm, natural ones.

From a design point of view, the vanilla shade is not so simple, there are rules according to which it is necessary to use it, otherwise the interior will turn out to be inharmonious.

  • You should not use vanilla alone, it always needs to be emphasized with brighter shades. For example, it goes well with any pastel orange tones.
  • It will be necessary to be determined not only with the color and finish of the headset, but also with the material that will be used for the work surface. In this case, it is better to opt for natural stone of sand or brown tone.
  • It is not necessary to use only one specific style, you can organically combine classics and hi-tech.


You can use vanilla in furniture design both as a main color and as a finish. What is good about the described tone is that it is ideal for small rooms.

    Visually, such a headset will expand the space. The monochrome model looks advantageous, but in this case accents are required on the walls and floor.

    You can highlight the work area and make it darker, like the chairs and dining area. As for the materials of manufacture, a modular model using PVC or laminate will also look great. These headsets are much cheaper than the array, but they have a huge number of advantages:

    • durability;
    • ease of care;
    • many options for execution.


    Designers see no style restrictions when choosing a vanilla headset. If this is a classic, then it is desirable that carved elements adorn the furniture. This neutral tone goes very well with the color of wenge, if you use a beige and brown palette, then there is no need to add accents. Wenge itself is a very dark tone, you can slightly dilute the setting and use chocolate instead, someone likes coffee more. Vanilla will become a good neighbor for a mint shade, blue or even lilac. Most of the coral tones are also amazingly combined with the described color.

    You can create a modern interior by ordering a headset in which matte or glossy plastic will be used. In the first case, furniture will become a wonderful decoration for a room with large windows, when there is already enough light to increase the visual perception of the space. Gloss is best used with complex kitchen geometry so that it reflects light, thereby illuminating the most secluded corners, which is important for models made in a U-shape.

    Design selection

    Neutral vanilla furniture is a unique way to introduce a pale hue into your kitchen, allowing it to play freely with other colors and lights. Monochrome interiors are very popular these days. The simple lines and beautiful shape of the cabinets easily match the color of the walls. You may not be a fan of bright orange or green, but a muted vanilla shade in combination with them will change the atmosphere and make you feel comfortable inside the space.

    Those opting for a contrasting color can try olive, lime, green or turquoise as they pair perfectly with vanilla. Colors such as chocolate, taupe or gray will add a modern touch to the kitchen. Red and vanilla are increasingly used in minimalist design. You can combine these two colors, using them both in furniture and on the wall, thereby erasing the usual boundaries.

    When using the classics as the main style, you can buy furniture with a patina that will look unusual, but very elegant. In the Art Nouveau style, plastic furniture is considered one of the most popular. If viewed from the point of view of practicality, then there is no equal to it, since there are no stains from the hands, they are cleaned simply and quickly.

    You can order a set with chrome handles; let the apron in the model be as dark as open shelves and a work surface. In the overall design, it is worth highlighting the dining area, making it darker by several tones. Pistachio, light green or apple shades will help freshen up the interior. That is the advantage of vanilla tone, that it can be combined with a huge number of others. If you have a good imagination, it is not difficult to order a wonderful headset that will differ in individuality.

    When choosing the design of future furniture, it is worth considering not only the color combination, but also its future shape.

    When using two of the same shades, for example, vanilla and eggplant, but in different types of cuisines, their combination will differ. For example, corner models look good when using a dark top and a light bottom, you can combine colors with each other. In the corner version, when one part is close to the window, it can be completely decorated in a darker color, leaving the vanilla tone for the second part of the kitchen.

    With U-shaped versions of kitchen sets, it is very important not to darken the space even more , since they are already a trap for light. In this case, it is necessary that the kitchen be predominantly white, let only handles, shelves, frames and other minor elements be highlighted in dark tones. The main thing is to maintain harmony in every detail, vanilla color in this case is universal and very difficult to spoil, but it is possible if you do not follow the simplest recommendations of designers.

    For more on vanilla-colored kitchens, see the video below.