Bath sizes (48 photos): parameters of standard and small options, 170x70 and 120x70, euro models 150x70 and 140x70, acrylic products 180x80

Types and sizes of modern baths: from mini to maxi

    The choice of a bath should be considered carefully. This is a pretty expensive purchase. If the font is chosen correctly, it will last for many years, and water procedures will only bring pleasure.

    Basics of comfort

    There are several requirements to pay attention to when going to a plumbing store to buy a bath, such as:

    • the material from which the bath is made;
    • its form;
    • bowl size (length, width);
    • depth;
    • manufacturer;
    • its cost.

    In addition, having decided on a specific model, it will not be superfluous to read reviews about it on the Internet, and before buying, clarify what is included in the package. Sometimes the legs and fittings are sold with the bath. In this case, you can be sure that the accessories will fit a specific model and will avoid unnecessary costs.

    And also it is worth paying attention to additional functions . Many hot tubs are equipped with hydromassage, the possibility of heating water, and a filling sensor. If the budget allows for the purchase, then you can purchase one of these models. However, you shouldn't sacrifice quality for the sake of additional features.


    Plumbing shops delight with the variety of shapes and sizes of modern bathtubs. It is worth considering their main types.

    • Rectangular. This classic bowl is very popular. It is usually placed near a wall. Such baths can be made of any material, including cast iron, steel, ceramics, acrylic. The size range is also quite large, allowing you to choose from the smallest to large-sized fonts.
    • Semicircular. This is most often called a corner bath. If the bathroom is small, then this option is suitable. This shape saves space by compactly placing all plumbing. For their manufacture, steel and acrylic are most often used, however, there are also models made of artificial stone. It is worth noting that such bowls are right and left, symmetrical and asymmetrical. If the size of the bathroom does not allow installing a large font, then it can be quite small, in the form of a drop.
    • Triangular. This bath is also a corner bath. It has the shape of an isosceles triangle, its two sides are equal to each other. This form is not yet popular and can become a highlight of the bathroom. Triangular bowls are usually made from acrylic, quaril, and you can also find models from marble. An individual order can be made from precious wood species.
    • Oval. This is the choice of aesthetes. This shape of the bowl will surely become a highlight in the interior of the bathroom. The oval-shaped bathtub provides an atmosphere of calm and relaxation in the room. They are made from various materials. As a rule, such hot tubs are equipped with hydromassage. It is installed in the center of the bathroom or at some distance from the wall. Beautiful legs are matched to the oval bowls so that they organically fit into different interiors.
    • Round. This option is suitable for large rooms, since it requires the ability to approach from all sides. Such baths are intended not so much for hygiene as for relaxation. Most often they are equipped with an additional function of hydro or air massage. In addition, these bowls are usually designed for several people. They are made of acrylic, you can rarely find models made of steel. If the product is made to order, it can be made of quaril, artificial or natural stone.

    When evaluating the pros and cons of each form of baths, you should focus on your needs and the wishes of family members. If a small child will use the bathroom, then a spacious shallow bowl will be the best option. Elderly people will surely appreciate the hot tubs equipped with special handles or seated models.

    Overall dimensions

    In order for hygiene procedures to be enjoyable, the bathtub must be of suitable dimensions. Its dimensions depend on the footage of the room. The standard is rectangular bathtubs with a length of 150 to 180 centimeters. They are 70 to 100 centimeters wide. At the same time, fonts that are the same in geometric dimensions may have different bowl volumes. It depends on the presence or absence of armrests, the slope of the sides, rounding of corners.

    When choosing a bath, it is necessary to consider the fullness and height of all family members. The correct position is when the chest is above the water and the legs are completely below it. In this case, the distance on the sides to the sides should be about 5 centimeters.

    Equally important is the distance from the side to the floor. For adults, the standard is a height of 65–70 centimeters. However, if the family has a small child, then it is better to choose a lower model. The depth of the bowl is the distance from the bottom of the tub to the top of the rim.

    When filled, the water should cover the person lying in the bathroom. Usually choose a font with a depth of 50-60 centimeters.

    Cast iron classic

    For a long time, cast iron was almost the only material for making bathtubs. And this is no coincidence, because cast iron bowls are characterized by durability. With proper care, they will last for decades. The water in them does not cool down for a long time, which makes water procedures more comfortable. In addition, drawing water into it is not a noisy process.

    Thanks to the dense layer of enamel that covers the cast iron bath, there are no restrictions on the use of any cleaning agents. This makes the process of caring for her less time consuming.

    However, such bowls also have a number of disadvantages.

    • Cast iron baths are heavy, about 150 kilograms. A solid foundation is required to install it. If the apartment is not located on the ground floor, then it is also very difficult to bring such a bath into the apartment.
    • Despite the strength of the enamel, it can be damaged. But it is difficult to recover. If you leave a crack in the enamel, then dirt will accumulate there over time.
    • Forms do not please with variety. Since cast iron is not plastic, such baths are presented mainly in a rectangular shape.
    • The dimensions are also not encouraging with a large selection. They come in the following sizes: mini with a size of 70x120 centimeters; standard, the length of which is 140-150 centimeters, and the width is 70 centimeters, sometimes you can find bathtubs measuring 170x70 cm. If you want to buy a bath of a non-standard shape, you should pay attention to other materials.

    Metal bowls

    For a long time, steel baths were the only alternative to cast iron. Now their popularity is also very high. This is due to the relatively low price and a large selection of various shapes and sizes.

    On sale there are fonts made of stainless and structural steel. The first option is quite rare, as such bowls tend to be expensive. This is due to the lack of enamel coating. The surface of such a bath is polished metal.

    To prevent it from corroding and oxidizing during operation, manufacturers have to use food grade stainless steel.

    Structural steel bowls are much cheaper. Basically, the buyer chooses just such options. They have a relatively low weight, as a rule, no more than 30 kilograms, which greatly facilitates their installation and transportation to the desired floor. Another advantage of steel baths is the variety of their shapes. They can be both classic rectangular and oval, angular, round.

    Typical dimensions for steel baths are 150-180 centimeters long and 70-85 wide. For small bathrooms, you can find models with a length of only 120 centimeters. 150x70 cm is the standard size of a steel bowl.

    The disadvantages of iron bowls include noise when drawing water. This can be corrected by proper installation. If the space under the bathroom is filled with polyurethane foam, polystyrene or mineral wool, then there will be no noise when drawing water. And also it is worth paying attention to the reliable fastening of such a font, since its weight is small.

    Another disadvantage is that if the walls of such a bowl are made of steel less than 3 millimeters thick, then, most likely, they will bend under the weight of water, which cannot but affect the service life. In addition, the water in the steel bath cools quickly, since the metal has a high thermal conductivity.

    Acrylic and quartz fonts

    Acrylic bathtubs are gaining in popularity. They are lightweight, only 15–20 kilograms, presented in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The water in such a bowl remains warm for a long time. Many models are equipped with additional functions such as hydromassage, air massage. The price range for acrylic baths is also quite large. It all depends on the manufacturer. The better the materials used in the manufacture of the bowl, the higher its price.

    The sizes of acrylic baths are very diverse. The length of the bowl can be from 120 to 190 centimeters, and the width from 70 to 170 centimeters.

    Despite all these advantages, acrylic bathtubs also have disadvantages. These include the fact that caring for her requires special attention. Detergents with abrasive particles can damage the bowl lining. In addition, if the bathtub is made of low-quality material, its walls can bend under the weight of the water.

    It should be borne in mind that the melting point of acrylic is +160 degrees, so this option will not work for lovers of hot baths. Hot water can deform the font.

    Quaril baths are a good alternative to acrylic baths. They are made from a mixture of acrylic and quartz. By weight, they are heavier than acrylic, however, and stronger than them. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

    The length of such bowls ranges from 160 to 190 centimeters, the width is 70–75 centimeters. However, there are models with a width of 90–95 centimeters. If the bathroom is small, then you can find a model measuring 140x70 centimeters. Kvarilovye hot tubs are durable, have good sound insulation, the water in them remains hot for a long time. They are easy to clean, but abrasive products are not recommended.

    Almost a pool

    If the bathroom is large, for example, the length of one of the walls is 1700 centimeters, then you can pay attention to the overall bathtubs, which are designed for several people, as a rule, for two. However, you need to be prepared that such a purchase is an expensive purchase.

    The shapes of the large fonts are amazing. You can find both classic rectangular and round, oval, square and even multifaceted bowls. If you want to choose a hot tub for two, you should take a closer look at the corner models, since they are less bulky. Also, bowls in the shape of an eight or a heart are popular.

    An interesting variant of the bathroom is divided into two parts, each of which is intended for one person.

    Large bath sizes vary. The length can be from 150 to 300 centimeters. Their width ranges from 80 to 90 centimeters. However, it should be borne in mind that a bowl, the length of which is more than 2 meters, will be convenient to use only for a person who is above average height. Still, the optimal size is models with dimensions of 180x80 or 180x70 centimeters.

    Compact babies and vertical designs

    Many of us live in Soviet-built apartments. Bathrooms in such houses are quite small. A compact bathtub would be a good option for such rooms. They come in a wide variety of forms. Manufacturers are trying to make mini-baths comfortable, so even the smallest model allows a person to take at least a reclining position when carrying out hygiene procedures.

    In general, fonts are considered small if they are smaller than the standard 160x70 centimeters. Due to their small size, they are also called children's. Such bowls have various shapes and configurations. In addition to rectangular, there are models in the form of a circle, an oval, a triangle. Corner baths are widespread. In addition, you can find design options in the form of a fan or a drop.

    The sitz baths are very popular. Their size is 120x70 or 130x70 centimeters. This option is very convenient for the elderly. If there is very little space in the bathroom, then you can pay attention to the shower trays. They are shallow containers with a minimum size of 70x70 centimeters. It will be possible to enjoy water procedures only while standing, however, it will be possible to save space in the bathroom.


    For those who like to soak up often in warm water with foam, this option is ideal. The jacuzzi is ideal for home spa treatments.

    The jacuzzi bath is always equipped with additional functions. In simple models, only hydromassage or air massage is presented. Expensive options can be equipped with a control panel, chromotherapy, aromatherapy. For additional comfort, such fonts are equipped with handles, headrests, a water level control system, self-disinfection, and an acoustic system.

    Jacuzzis are made of acrylic, cast iron, marble. Options from precious woods can be made to order. Jacuzzi size is limited only by imagination and budget. There are compact options for very small bathrooms, but they tend to be seated. If funds are not limited, then you can purchase a jacuzzi the size of a pool.

    Non-standard solutions

    Today on sale you can find baths of various configurations. There are round, square bowls, in the form of a polyhedron, asymmetric models. You can find a hot tub for any room design project. However, it is worth remembering that when purchasing a bowl of a non-standard shape, it must fit into the interior. If you choose a round model, then the approach to it should be possible from all sides. It looks good on a pedestal.

    The design of the square bowl is rather laconic and requires additional details. For example, a decoration made of decorative panels will organically complement such a font. Like the round model, it will look good on a plinth or catwalk. You can place the square version near the wall or in the corner. An interesting solution is to place it in the center of the bathroom. When choosing a bathtub with a non-standard shape, you need to remember that such fonts look good only in large rooms.

    Accommodation in the interior

    With a large bathroom, it is easy to figure out where to place the bath. Many of us live in five-story buildings, in the so-called Khrushchev buildings. In such apartments, the size of the bathrooms leaves much to be desired and you have to work hard, carefully thinking over the interior so that all plumbing items fit properly.

    Based on the footage and type of room, you should choose plumbing.

    • If the bathroom is long and narrow, then it is better to place the plumbing along the walls. This will maintain access to all equipment.
    • If the bathroom is large, then the bathtub looks best in the center of the room. The only condition will be to bring the plumbing through the floor to hide the pipes. Besides, it's worth worrying about additional lighting. You will need not only an overhead light, but also a lamp on the wall.
    • If the bathroom is rectangular, then corner fonts are best. This will save space and leave room for a washbasin, toilet, cabinets, washing machine.
    • Owners of small square bathrooms have the hardest time. It is unlikely that it will be possible to place a full-fledged bath in such a room, therefore many people prefer shower cabins or trays. However, for those who do not like to carry out water procedures in the shower, this option will not work. In this case, you should take a closer look at compact bowls of minimal sizes. Corner models are well suited for these types of rooms, as well as short seating fonts.

    Whatever the shape of the bathroom, one should not forget that it is recommended to keep the distance from the font to the door at least 70 centimeters.

    In addition, hiding the piping and meters under the tiles, you need to install special hatches to facilitate access to them. You should try not to overload the bathroom with electrical appliances, so as not to have problems with electricity and not constantly knock out plugs.

    For information on the types and sizes of modern bathtubs, see the following video: