How to use an electric stove? How to turn on the oven in the electric stove? Rules and instructions for use. Can I put the stove next to the refrigerator?

For quick cooking, you can use various household appliances, but stoves are still considered the main ones. Gas stoves are found in almost every home, but their use is not always convenient, because the cost of gas is quite high and there is always a danger of contact with an open fire. Electric stoves can be called safer. To use them comfortably, you need to know the basic rules and features of handling this device.

Where is the best place to install the stove?

The electric stove works from the mains, therefore, it cannot be installed anywhere in the kitchen, due to the danger of an emergency. After the purchase, you should carefully examine the kitchen in order to find the right place for the new appliance. If there was a similar stove earlier, then a new one must be put in the same place , because everything you need is already nearby: an outlet and a hood.

If you have to install an electric stove in a new place, then this should only be done taking into account safety standards.

It is worth remembering that there should be no neighborhood with the sink , because water ingress on an electrical appliance can cause a short circuit. It is not recommended to place your purchase next to the refrigerator, because the high temperature can cause the body to melt. It is also not necessary to hang the microwave near the electric oven , because the temperature during cooking will be quite high, which will cause a disorder in the operation of the household appliance and damage it.

In the kitchen, everything should be thought out in advance, ventilation connections , organization of wiring and grounding , so that the operation of an electric stove is safe. Following the safety rules will allow you to protect your apartment from adverse situations that arise due to human carelessness and incompetence. All kitchen appliances have their own rules for installation and operation, buying it, you should take it seriously.

How to turn on?

Having bought an electric stove, it is worth checking whether the kit contains instructions and operating rules that will be useful, especially if there was no previous experience with such a device. Before turning on the device, it is worth inspecting it and checking the integrity and consistency of the package, so that in case of any problem, return the purchase to the store and not risk your health. If the device is in good order, it is worth preparing it for work. It is important to wipe off any dust and grease that may remain after assembly. If this is not done, there is a possibility that an unpleasant odor will appear after switching on the appliance.

The electric stove is turned on by means of a socket, after which the device itself is controlled.

Operation with the stove may differ depending on the type of hob.

  • In the case of a dependent type, the electric stove will be built into the oven, and the control panel will be common at the same time for the burners and the oven. You can find it on the top of the device.
  • If the electric stove does not depend on the oven, then the control system will be autonomous, it can be in the form of switches or be touch-sensitive.

To unlock the hob, you need to turn the handle and place it in the position required for cooking. To unlock the touch plate , you will need to find the power button, and then set the power level, from the weakest, indicated by one, to the maximum.

To light such a stove it was convenient and there was no confusion with turning on the desired burner, there is usually a short diagram of the device on the panel . It is necessary to turn off the electric stoves in the reverse order from the turn-on procedure. If there is a need to completely turn off the device, then you just need to disconnect it from the network.

Temperature control

In order to choose the optimal temperature regime, you need to turn on the stove and select the desired temperature using the rotary levers or a sensor , depending on the type of surface. On touchscreen models, heating will be indicated by "+" and "-" signs, and the power has a digital equivalent, usually from 1 to 3, from 1 to 6, or from 1 to 9. The maximum temperature will have a higher number. After purchasing the stove, it is worth trying its capabilities as much as possible, because the burners should be warmed up at the highest power.

Such manipulation will allow you to understand what exactly the device can do and what temperature to select for certain cooking processes.

    The temperature of the hotplates varies depending on the type of hotplate, which can be as follows:

    • Spiral - are the most outdated option and represent a spiral hidden under the plate. The heating and cooling process will proceed more slowly, which must be taken into account when preparing food. It is worth working with such equipment very carefully and accurately.
    • Corrugated - a more modern version, where instead of a spiral, a corrugated tape is installed. This option has become more progressive due to greater performance and safety.
    • Halogen - the most modern, they have burners that work from halogen lamps. This surface heats up and cools down very quickly, making it safer to use.

    The process of selecting the temperature regime takes place only taking into account the type of burner and the power of the stove itself, because for each brand and brand these indicators can differ significantly. When it comes to the oven, the thermoregulation is carried out depending on the type of oven. With electronic and touch control, it is possible to select a specific numerical value that is necessary for the preparation of a certain dish.

    Modern devices have modes in which the oven temperature parameters are automatically set :

    • inclusion of upper and lower heating - for cooking food with a homogeneous composition and structure;
    • use of convection - switching on an annular heating element with a fan that evenly distributes warm air.

    The more functions on the control panel, the easier it is to set the desired temperature or adjust it for a specific dish.

    What kind of utensils can I use?

    Modern electric stoves have many advantages, but they also have weak points. For cooking, you must use only specialized utensils that will not scratch the hob. Old pots and pans will be discouraged in this case. In order to operate an electric stove with a modern hob for a long time, you can use:

    • enameled dishes, which must be new;
    • pots, ladles, etc. made of stainless steel that does not have a corrugated bottom;
    • glass ceramics specially made for use on slabs;
    • cast iron utensils with a flat bottom.

    An electric stove with a glass-ceramic coating needs not only special care, but also the selection of dishes that will not spoil its surface.

    Rough, uneven, aluminum or copper bottoms are not suitable for this type of oven.

    If the surface is induction, then the most suitable cookware material would be:

    • copper;
    • aluminum;
    • ceramics;
    • heat-resistant glass;
    • brass.

    When choosing utensils, you should give preference to those options that have a thicker bottom, which will ensure durability and comfort when cooking. It is worth paying attention to the color, it is best if the bottom is dark and dull , which will speed up the heating of the container. A bowl from a multicooker will not be the best option for cooking on an electric stove, but with a perfectly flat bottom and a clean surface, you can try to cook something, although it is better to use such a container for its intended purpose.

    Less requirements for cooking utensils can be distinguished with induction hobs, it is desirable that the bottom matches the burner, but not necessarily. The materials can be the same, including heat resistant glass. In order not to buy a fake, you should bring a magnet with you to the store and hold it along the bottom of the dishes, if you feel attraction, then the container is suitable for use, if not, you should choose another option.

    The most suitable option for induction ovens is considered to be stainless steel cookware.

    If we are talking about an oven, then the use of dishes can be as follows:

    • containers made of ceramics and clay;
    • cast iron products, which can be made from plain or cast material.

    Another important factor to be aware of when cooking on modern electric stoves is the size of the dishes . Its value should not exceed or be less than the burner, the discrepancy may be within one centimeter and no more.

    How to use the oven?

    The electric stove has two types of ovens: with a thermostat and devices without it . The principle of operation of each of them is not much different, therefore it is worth paying attention to the main points that the consumer of this household appliance should know. The basic rules of operation include the following.

    • For stewing and baking, you need to place the baking sheet in the middle of the oven, and also place the food in the center so that it bakes faster and better. In the lower part of the oven, you can boil vegetables, preserving the maximum taste and health in them.
    • When baking or stewing, it is necessary to change the temperature regime twice. The maximum temperature is set first and the lowest temperature is set from the middle of the cooking time.
    • If the oven has a thermostat , then determining the temperature inside the oven will be easy, if not, you can use plain paper. The white sheet is placed on a baking sheet and placed in the oven. If the temperature is maximum, it will turn yellow in 3 minutes, if the minimum - in 10.
    • Having a new electric oven with an oven, it is worth purchasing new dishes. It will be much more convenient to use ceramic, cast iron, glass or clay containers in the oven. For such a household appliance, it is permissible to use baking foil.
    • During the cooking process, it is worth opening the oven door as soon as the cooking process steps over the middle.

    Correct use of the device will make it possible to get tasty food in the shortest possible time. The service life of the hob and oven will depend precisely on the conformity of the actions performed in the kitchen, safety standards and the main recommendations of the manufacturer.

    Safety engineering

    So that the operation of the electric stove is not disturbed, it is important to use it correctly, not forgetting the basic safety principles, which are as follows.

    • Check the dishes in which the food will be cooked; the bottom must be clean and even. If this is not the case, the resulting food may smell or taste strange.
    • Before placing the dishes on the electric stove, make sure that they are completely dry. Failure to follow this rule can cost the device a breakdown or short circuit.
    • For the dishes, it is worth using the lids that originally came with it in the kit in order to minimize the risk of it rolling and falling onto the hob, a crack may appear on it, and the performance will be significantly impaired.
    • Leaving the hob unattended in the switched on mode is possible only for a short time, because the contents must not be allowed to boil out or burn to the bottom.
    • After the cooking process, it is important to disconnect the electric stove from the mains in order to de-energize the device and make it completely safe. The same should be done when cleaning the surface, the turned on electrical appliance will be too dangerous, especially when wet cleaning.

    The use of an electric stove does not cause any particular difficulties, therefore people of all ages can buy it.

    In order for the cooking process to deliver only pleasant emotions, it is worthwhile to study the instructions for the stove well and follow the safety rules impeccably. If you neglect them, you can get serious problems. If, after cooking, you forgot to turn off the stove, it will be energized, and any contact with water or careless handling may end badly, in the worst case, the stove may even explode.

    For helpful tips on how to use your electric stove correctly, see the video below.