Неприхотливые цветущие комнатные растения (26 фото): какие домашние цветы самые простые в уходе? Самые красивые и долгоцветущие цветы

Любой интерьер жилища можно украсить с помощью домашних декоративных растений. Кроме того, они вырабатывают кислород и обладают бактерицидными свойствами. Особый интерес вызывают неприхотливые цветущие комнатные растения. Они украшают жилище своими изумительными бутонами и не требует тщательного ухода.


Некоторые комнатные растения, цветение которых происходит круглый год, отличаются неприхотливостью. Таким образом, они идеально подходят для жителей мегаполисов, чей образ жизни можно назвать активным. Подобные декоративные цветы не занимают большое количество пространства, создавая при этом в любом жилище «райский уголок». Как правило, простые декоративные растения для дома располагают в горшках и ставят на подоконник. Также домашние цветы могут расти в объемных напольных вазонах, при этом не требуя тщательного ухода.

The reasons for the popularity of unpretentious indoor plants lie in their ability to grow and develop without regular watering and sufficient lighting. Their owner will be able to safely leave them in the apartment unattended during a travel or business trip. However, when choosing certain varieties of decorative flowers, it is still necessary to take into account their characteristics and personal preferences.

Beautifully flowering species

Plants, whose captivating inflorescences amaze with their luxurious appearance, include the following.


A graceful plant with an original name, it is great for beginner gardeners, as it does not require constant monitoring. It perfectly tolerates long-term lack of watering and does not require additional lighting. The features of the plant include elongated shoots and snow-white buds. Spathiphyllum is often used in the preparation of wedding bouquets. The plant blooms all year round, and the peak falls just in the summer.

However, the graceful "handsome" cannot stand drafts. Therefore, the most comfortable location will be a coffee table.


Beautiful, bright and unpretentious flowers. For those who want to admire the plant all year round, it is better to plant several varieties of this amazing variety at once. The most popular are Persian and European cyclamens. In the former, the flowering period is from September to March, and in the latter, on the contrary, from spring to autumn. The plant prefers a bright, warm place, and also needs moderate watering. Cyclamens grow well and thrive in miniature pots. The color of the inflorescences is varied. There are pink, lilac and white flowers.


A flowering unpretentious plant with a massive stem and dense leaves. Kalanchoe refers to succulents. It blooms very beautifully and magnificently. Besides its presentable appearance, the plant is known for its medicinal properties. Its juice has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. The plant prefers diffused lighting and tolerates high temperatures well. In summer, Kalanchoe is watered no more than 2 times a week, in winter, watering is reduced to 1 time in 7 days. There are over 200 types.

The main varieties are known for their vibrant red flowers. For lush flowering, it is enough to apply mineral fertilizers 1-2 times a month.


Amazing home flower with red, purple and white buds. Rooms with diffused lighting and average humidity are considered comfortable conditions for him. In a dark place, flower growth may stop. Fuchsias are especially unpretentious in winter. It is enough to send the plant to a cool, dark place.

The fact is that the flower throws off the foliage with the arrival of cold weather. In order for the plant to please with lush flowering, you need to pluck it regularly . Also, if fuchsia has grown from a pot, then a transplant is required. As for the soil, a mixture of earth, peat and humus is suitable for the plant.

Popular varieties

Among domestic long-flowering plants, such are distinguished.


A beautiful variety with yellow buds that looks like a maple tree. The peak of flowering occurs in the summer. Abutilon pleases its owner from early summer to late autumn. The miniature "maple" is included in the winter recreation area. With regular watering and artificial lighting, a spectacular plant will bloom all year round. Abutilon needs to remove incorrectly growing shoots. There are hybrid varieties. Their color and shape of the buds is striking in its variety.


An amazing, long-flowering plant that has a pronounced aroma that repels annoying insects. In addition, geranium cleans the air of bacteria and viruses. As for the color, the buds of the plant amaze with a riot of colors. There is a geranium with raspberry, scarlet and snow-white inflorescences. A favorable place for a flower is sunny and dry. In a cold, damp room, the plant will die. In the sultry summer, the flower requires frequent watering; in the winter, geraniums are watered less often. For a plant, it is not necessary to buy a roomy pot, a small container will do.

For intensive growth, geranium transplantation can be carried out in the spring. A suitable soil for geraniums consists of a mixture of turf and humus.


A beautiful indoor flower that pleases with its flowering every year. He loves light and warmth. However, too bright lighting can harm it. Balsam requires watering, especially in summer. Many connoisseurs of ornamental plants call it "light". Differs in lush flowering. The buds are colored red or crimson. From a distance, the flower really resembles a small fire.

However, this plant does not like touch. As soon as a person's hand touches the balsam, the seeds begin to fly in different directions. In this regard, many call the indoor flower "touchy".


A fascinating ornamental plant resembling a sprawling shrub with bowl-shaped buds. The inflorescences are painted in a bright purple hue. However, there are varieties with snow-white and raspberry buds. Hibiscus blooms all year round and does not require much maintenance. It is enough to water it in a timely manner and protect it from drafts. Also, the plant needs a lot of light and timely fertilization.

Gardenia (jasmine rose)

A delightful decorative flower that looks like a rose. However, the plant is quite capricious. He needs sufficient lighting and regular watering with acidified water at room temperature. At the same time, almost all connoisseurs of beautiful ornamental plants adore gardenia for its amazing appearance.


Outwardly, the flower resembles everyone's favorite violet, however, it differs from it in its unpretentiousness. It is a miniature shrub with leathery leaves and vibrant buds. Requires moderate watering and prefers a dark place. It is better to cut withered buds.


All indoor long-blooming flowers, even the most unpretentious ones, require some control. So, the owner shouldn't forget about:

  • watering;
  • top dressing;
  • maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity.

Indoor flowers also require transplanting if the pot has become cramped. Subject to all the above manipulations, the flowers will delight their owner with lush flowering and amazing aroma.

For an overview of the most unpretentious flowering plants, see below.