Sliding wardrobes facades (75 photos): unusual novelties, a photo gallery with glass, combined, glossy and sandblasting options. Assembly, replacement and design

Facades of wardrobes

    The beautifully designed facade of the wardrobe adorns not only the furniture itself, but is also the "highlight" of the entire interior. Recently, such cabinets can be found in almost every apartment. Their impressive overall dimensions, spaciousness and wide smooth canvases, which are ideal for a variety of decor options, have made cabinets very popular and almost indispensable in a modern home.

    Features and Benefits

    The facades of sliding wardrobes give a wide scope for the most daring and creative ideas. Smooth, smooth, solid surface, divided into 2-3 or more canvases, allows you to decorate the wardrobe in an unusual, original and very effective way. Thus, this piece of furniture, necessary in everyday life, becomes not only a functional and practical assistant, but also a real gem of any interior.

    If the issue of purchasing or manufacturing a wardrobe is considered at the stage of a design project, then it is possible and necessary to decide in advance on its design, configuration, material from which it will be made and, of course, facade decor. The cabinet can be built-in and free-standing, one-, two- and three-section, made of different materials. The choice of one or another variant of its design depends on this.

    If the wardrobe is purchased in a ready-made interior, then modern manufacturers offer a wide range of models that will ideally fit both in color, and in decorative design, and in shape in a room decorated in any style.


    Facades (materials, decoration, appearance) differ significantly from each other. Moreover, for rooms of different functionality, there are separate recommendations of designers on the choice of such furniture.

    For example, a model for a bedroom should be in perfect harmony with the colors of the wall and floor covering. It is best if the furniture is made in soft, calm colors. No sharp lines or incomprehensible decorations. The ideal option is decorative elements made from natural materials or a combination of coatings of different textures.

    Furniture for a nursery should be practical and safe. This applies to the structure of the cabinet and the material from which it is made. It is not recommended to use glass or mirrored doors for decoration. Fragile materials can break and injure children from shrapnel. It is better to purchase a wardrobe with a plastic front and painted bright, colorful children's ornaments.

    Furniture in the hallway. A mirror is almost an integral part of any hallway. They look into it, putting the finishing touches on the image before going out and look when they come home. Mirror is usually combined with chipboard. This is the most practical and inexpensive combination. Sandblasting can be used for decoration. The mirror surface is covered with a film to eliminate the possibility of injury from broken glass.

    Facades can be deaf (chipboard, wood, plastic), mirrored or combined (this option can be seen most often because of its budgetary cost). In addition, the use of a mirror helps to visually enlarge a small space.

    Facades combined from different materials are divided into several groups:

    1. Classic. Classic combinations - chipboard, wood, plastic + mirror. Solid, even facades look harmoniously in any interior. They are often combined in different combinations.
    2. Geometry. The front of the cabinet is a surface divided into rectangles. Figures can be decorated with a mirror, frosted glass, chipboard.
    3. Diagonal. Angled metal strips divide the surface into rhombuses filled with glass, lacobel, varnish, stained glass, wood.
    4. Sector. The planks divide the surface into several sectors filled with different materials.
    5. Wave. Bent, curved metal waves divide the surface into sectors. This method is the most complicated of all presented, but such a cabinet looks very impressive and beautiful.


    For the manufacture of sliding wardrobes today it is proposed to use different materials that differ in physical and mechanical, strength, decorative characteristics and cost. Among the most popular are:

    1. Chipboard. A very common and frequently used option. Its popularity is due to its affordable price and good aesthetic and operational qualities. The material is durable and strong, suitable for decorating different models.
    2. MDF. Its cost is higher than that of chipboard, but there are more advantages. An environmentally friendly material that is completely safe for humans has a high degree of moisture, bio- and fire resistance.
    3. Mirror. Doors made of pure mirrors will cost much more than options combined with chipboard. The thickness of the used mirror is 4 mm, a special film is applied on the reverse side to protect the mirror surface from mechanical damage.
    4. Wood. The wooden facade is not so common today. Thanks to the huge range of high-quality and inexpensive materials, natural wood today is mainly used to decorate expensive, elite models. Decorated with carvings, glass inserts and other materials.
    5. Lacomat. This very beautiful material is obtained by etching a mirror with hydrofluoric acid. As a result, it acquires a beautiful matte translucent surface. Such glass slightly hides the contents of the cabinet from others, but also allows you to roughly see what is inside.
    6. Lakobel. Looks great in combined facades. To make it, glass is coated on one side with colored varnish.
    7. Glass. The glass facade can have a glossy (glossy) or matte surface. To decorate it, sandblasting technology is often used (a special machine applies any pattern to the surface) or etching (the surface is decorated with a matte ornament).
    8. Plastic. A very inexpensive option, available in a huge range of colors. The plastic facade can have a transparent, matte or glossy finish. Glossy coatings look especially elegant and attractive, but they also require more careful maintenance.
    9. Bamboo, rattan. These plant-based materials look perfect in Japanese or ethnic style. Lightweight, durable, beautiful materials are pre-glued to the fabric and then fixed on the facade.
    10. Decoracryl. A very original and beautiful material, which is a combination of artificial and natural components. Decorative objects of natural origin (sprigs of plants, flowers, butterflies, seashells) are located between two acrylic panels. Acrylic itself can have a matte or glossy surface. Such facades look unusually interesting.
    11. Artificial leather. The façade, decorated with artificial leather, looks especially solid and respectable. This cabinet will look great in a work area or a small library. The material has many options for texture coating, colors and shades.
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    Colors and decor

    Today it is difficult to surprise someone with an unusual color of a wardrobe. The range of shades and tones has expanded so much that you can choose almost any color so that the furniture is in harmony with the interior. Facades of different shades of green, blue, red, purple look very interesting. So that the cabinet does not look too flashy and bright, the saturated color is muffled with a darker shade.

    The most popular color scheme for facades includes all shades of natural oak, birch, maple, ash, apple, pear, alder and other trees. The facade, designed "like wood" always gives nobility and sophistication to any interior. Even if budget materials were used in its manufacture.

    As for the decoration options, a lot depends on the very material from which the facade is made. If it is a mirror, then sandblasted ornaments or etched designs are often used to decorate it. They do not look too pretentious, but very gracefully and subtly emphasize the beauty of the mirrored facade.

    Photo printing is also very popular. It is mainly used to decorate living room or bedroom wardrobes. Photos can be portraits, beautiful landscapes, still lifes, or any other kind of painting.

    In the trend of the last few years, decorative facade decoration with multi-colored stained-glass windows. The drawing, created from small and large colored glass, looks very much like pictures from a children's kaleidoscope. Such stained glass mosaic looks very expensive, resembling the decoration of luxurious ancient palaces.

    Tips for choosing

    When choosing a facade design option for your closet, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

    1. Depending on where exactly the cabinet will be located, you need to select a suitable facade. For example, a bright, large drawing, applied using photo printing, is unlikely to look appropriate in a small hallway. This is an option for a spacious living room or bedroom. The classic version with a combination of fiberboard, MDF, plastic and mirrors will perfectly fit into any interior.
    2. Mirror and glass surfaces are pre-protected from the inside with a special film that will prevent the glass from crumbling into small pieces and injuring a person. However, for children's rooms, it is best to choose the safer option (plastic, MDF).
    3. The color of the cabinet should be in harmony with the shade of wall and floor coverings, other furniture and decor items.

    How to assemble with your own hands?

    The sliding wardrobe can be easily and quickly assembled with your own hands, even without special experience in furniture business. To do this, you need to perform all actions in the following sequence:

    1. Preparatory stage (prepare the necessary tools and a workplace, lay out and consider all the details of the future cabinet).
    2. The first stage (the basement and legs are assembled).
    3. The second stage (the side walls of the cabinet are installed, if they are provided for by the design of the model. The building level will help to mount them perfectly evenly).
    4. The third stage (installation of shelves, drawers, rods for hangers).
    5. The fourth stage (door installation).

    How to assemble a wardrobe on your own, see the video below for more details.

    In addition to the fact that assembling a wardrobe is quite a simple matter, you can also do it yourself.

    How to remove a wardrobe with your own hands is seen in the video below.

    The easiest option is from chipboard or MDF. The facade can be blank or decorated with milling. Many companies offer this service today.

    If, for some reason, a replacement of the facade is required (the glass is broken, the door is deformed), then it can be done independently without the help of specialists. You can update a boring interior by using one of the following facade decor options:

    • pasting with film, wallpaper, cloth;
    • painting;
    • creating a slate surface;
    • mosaic facing;
    • artificial aging.

    Spectacular solutions

    Light plastic with a glossy finish creates a very even, smooth, shiny surface. Such a wardrobe looks much more expensive than it actually is, thanks to the correctly selected facade.

    Lacomata decoration helps to turn a classic furniture model into a stylish and original interior decoration.

    Built-in wardrobes are made in a combination of mirror cloth and photo printing. Large red carnation buds sumptuously complement the interior, designed in warm, restrained colors.