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Flowers on the balcony: names, location tips

Many people dream of fully using their living space, using absolutely all of its components. The balcony is no exception. Flowers can be an excellent option for decorating a balcony, which will not only decorate the interior, but also benefit.Features:It's no secret that plants not only decorate the living space, but also perform the function of purifying the air and energy that reigns in the apartment.

How to make shelves on the balcony?

A balcony is an additional space in the house that can be used for different purposes. One way to increase the usable floor space is to install multiple shelves. You can place everything on them: flowers, old things, do-it-yourself conservation, etc., and also use it as a countertop.KindsBalcony shelves can be used to solve various tasks, which leads to the appearance of many types of such structures.

Balcony railings

Railings on balconies are needed not only to prevent people from falling, but also to give the facade a beautiful and harmonious appearance. These important parts come in different materials and designs. Before starting direct installation, it is necessary to study the features and characteristics of all types of railings and how to install them.

How to make a balcony with your own hands?

Balconies, although they are a very functional and irreplaceable part of the apartment, yet not all houses are equipped with them. Often there are layouts where the balcony is simply absent. But do not despair - you can also design a balcony with your own hands.Let us consider in more detail all the details regarding the construction of balconies, as well as the main stages of insulation, decoration and arrangement.

Expansion of the balcony

Expanding the balcony is a legal and fairly simple way to increase the area of ​​an apartment. Of course, it will not grow by 5-10 square meters, but enough to stop storing old skis and moth-eaten sweaters on the balcony, and think about a study, a playground or a home greenhouse.The waysThe choice of a way to increase the space on the balcony depends on the type of balcony and its size, floor height, current operational state, and the ultimate goal of redevelopment.Balc