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Orchid diseases and their treatment

One of the most beautiful is the orchid flower. But in order to admire the flowering for several months, you need to know about care, diseases and harmful insects that attack all varieties of orchids. Such knowledge is useful not only for beginners. Even venerable flower growers who have been growing these beauties for a long time may have problems.

Orchid: varieties, tips for choosing and growing

Orchid is an incredibly beautiful flower. It belongs to the orchid family, one of the oldest on our planet. The orchid family includes 750 genera, and the species number in the tens of thousands. They grow almost anywhere in the world, except for the poles. Although tropical latitudes are considered the ideal climate for them.

How to grow a violet from seeds at home?

In an urban setting, many seek to decorate an apartment with greenery and flowers that bring beauty to the house, being a part of nature. Saintpaulia has been one of the most popular types of domestic plants for several decades. This is the same flower popularly called the violet. Florists successfully breed Saintpaulias, propagate them and ensure that the plants constantly bloom, pleasing the eye all year.

Begonia: description, types and care

Begonia is a wonderful houseplant, very popular and beautiful. More than two hundred years ago, the story of the modern room begonia familiar to us began. Now she is a decoration of garden plots, park areas, city lawns. This plant blooms almost at any time of the year, for which it is highly valued by flower growers and gardeners all over the world.

The most beautiful indoor flowers

There are many ways to effectively decorate a home interior, but no solution can be compared with "living" decorations - indoor flowers. Many people choose beautiful plants for their homes, with which the environment takes on a particularly cozy, lively and welcoming look. In this article, we'll take a closer look at attractive indoor flowers.

How to prune a money tree correctly?

Pruning indoor plants helps them grow better, forms a good crown, but it is important to do it correctly. Most growers do not touch the money tree. In fact, he also needs to remove excess shoots.When is pruning necessary?There are several reasons why you might need to prune the money tree:giving an attractive decorative look;removal of diseased and fungus-infected shoots;stimulating growth;restraining plant growth.

Euphorbia: description, types and care at home

Euphorbia is well known to lovers of garden and indoor ornamental plants. It is distinguished by a huge variety of morphological characters within one genus. The plant is widely used for landscaping houses and personal plots and is loved by flower growers for its unpretentiousness and a huge variety of original forms.

Do-it-yourself flower pots

A lot of people are engaged in flower cultivation. Beautiful flowers delight the eye, improve mood, make the world more beautiful. When growing flowers, different pots are used, they can be picked up at any flower shop. But to give your home a special mood, you can build a pot for indoor plants with your own hands.

Indoor flowers with red leaves

Everyone is used to plants in the house - you will not surprise anyone with a ficus in the corner or a violet on the windowsill. Much more attention is attracted by unusual plants that catch the eye: for example, those whose leaves are not usually green, but red. They create interesting accents in the interior, participate in color design solutions and often become favorites of flower growers.

Types of flowering cacti and flowering features

The first association that arises with the word "cactus" is their prickly needles and a green trunk. However, many species of these succulents have great flowering. Consider what varieties of flowering cacti exist, and also talk in more detail about the flowering of these plants.Types and varietiesIn fact, every single cactus blooms, because this stage is quite natural for the plant.

Features of brick fireplaces and their masonry

Fireplaces create a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the room.A few decades ago, their owners could be wealthy foreigners or very wealthy compatriots. In recent years, such an attractive and extraordinary element of the interior has appeared in dachas, in private houses and apartments of ordinary citizens.

Orchid multiflora: description and care

Today, various exotic crops are grown as indoor plants, which stand out for their high decorative qualities. Orchids should be included in the list of such crops. Among the large number of varieties and hybrids of phalaenopsis, it is worth noting multiflora, which is in demand among flower growers in light of its peculiarities regarding flowering.

Amaryllis: features and types, planting and care

Amaryllis is a plant with beautiful large flowers perched on a tall and almost leafless stem. Because of this feature, he is also called "naked lady" or "naked lady". However, a real amaryllis, despite its striking appearance and unpretentious content, can rarely be seen on the windowsills of Russian apartments.

How to propagate ficus?

The genus of ficus includes more than five hundred different species of plants, both indoor and wild. But ficus is popular precisely as a houseplant. The main role in such popularity is played by the variety of forms of ficus. It may look like a small tree, liana or bush. And also the genus of ficus is distinguished by a large number of variations in the shapes, colors and sizes of its leaves.

All about muraya

The evergreen muraya plant is extraordinarily beautiful and its fruits have exceptional health benefits. In an apartment, only two species out of ten can grow: muraya exotic and paniculate.What it is?Muraya was discovered in the 18th century by a Swedish scientist named Murray, who named the plant after his own name and made a description of it.

Reproduction of orchids by cuttings

Many gardeners breed orchids using cuttings. This is not difficult to do, you can propagate the plant at home, you can even do it in a bottle. To breed an orchid, you need to know some of the nuances. This will determine whether your plant will grow or not. To plant the sprouts, you need to know how to properly cut the cuttings.

Propagation of begonias by cuttings at home

Begonia is a beautiful flower that you can buy and grow yourself at home. The plant can decorate houses, apartments, summer cottages, garden areas or parks. This flower is widespread in almost all countries of the world.Features:Native begonia from the rainforests of South America, Asia and Africa. The plant is rich in species diversity and has more than 900 species.

Houseplants with large leaves

Indoor plants with large leaves fit perfectly into the interiors of apartments and offices. They come in different types: flowering and non-flowering, high and low. But their common feature is beautiful ornamental leaves. Thanks to unpretentious care and rapid growth, large-leaved flowers will be an excellent decoration for any room.

Types and varieties of Crassula (fat women)

Crassula (she is a fat woman) is a cute and unpretentious plant that does not require complex care. You just need to provide her with the necessary environmental conditions. The fat woman should be in a place with good lighting, optimal air temperature and humidity levels. There are several subspecies of this attractive plant.

Fireplaces: types and their features

Originally, fireplaces had one function: to heat the house. Over time, their structure and appearance have changed. In modern society, the opinion has formed that fireplaces are more likely an element of luxury than a heating system. However, with its help in a house or apartment, you can create a feeling of warmth and comfort, especially since the market offers various models - from huge street ones to miniature ones.

How to transplant ficus?

Ficuses are graceful indoor plants that are popular with flower growers due to their amazing decorative effect. So that these unpretentious creatures can fully grow and develop, delighting their owner with emerald glossy foliage, it is important for them to provide comfortable living conditions. One of the important nuances of growing ficuses is associated with their transplants.

Orchid baby: what is it and how to plant it at home?

Orchid is a very beautiful flower that can beautify almost any environment. But this lovely plant differs not only in its beautiful appearance, but also in its "capricious character". Caring for any type of orchid is not an easy task, especially if a novice florist is doing this. It is very important to water, fertilize and plant the orchid correctly.

How to propagate a money tree?

An indoor plant with the interesting name "money tree" has become very popular lately. To a large extent, this was facilitated by the opinion that a self-planted and grown plant will bring prosperity and prosperity to the house.Features:Crassula (Crassula) is a plant of the Crassula family, widespread in southern latitudes, especially in South Africa.

How to make a do-it-yourself floor vase?

Today, rarely any interior, like the landscape, does without expressive and spectacular accessories. One of them can rightfully be called a floor vase. In order for it to look stylish and harmonious in the designated place, it is not at all necessary to buy a finished product. It is quite possible to do it yourself, which will be discussed in this article.

Cambria orchid: species, reproduction and care

The Cambria Orchid is a showy blooming hybrid that is becoming more and more popular. It does not require much attention to planting and care, but to keep the plant healthy, it is still necessary to take into account some features of watering, lighting, and humidity levels.Features:The cambria orchid flower makes it special in the fact that there is no need to carry out complicated events for it to show its color.

Драцена компакта: описание и уход

Одно из любимых растений садоводов – драцена компакта или экзотическая драцена. Пестрые листья этого кустарника отлично смотрятся в интерьере квартиры, оформленной практически в любом дизайне. А неприхотливый уход делает ее эталоном для домашнего содержания. ОсобенностиПервое упоминание о драцене встречается в работе Карла Линнея, опубликованной в 1767 год

Какой грунт нужен для замиокулькаса?

На сегодняшний день существует множество самых разнообразных по форме и размеру домашних растений. Некоторые из видов известны лишь узкому кругу цветоводов, а другие, напротив, популярны и любимы многими. Одним из таких известных растений является замиокулькас или, как его ещё называют, долларовое дерево.Особенности пересадкиЗавезённое в середине 90-х годов прошлого века в

How to make a wooden flower stand with your own hands?

Comfort and coziness in the room can be created in various ways, but the simplest and most effective will be the use of colors in the design. Correctly chosen green spaces and their appropriate location in the room will fill it with the missing warmth and create a pleasant atmosphere.In the case of a large number of plants or a small amount of space to place them, you can use a wooden stand, which can be purchased in the store or made by hand.

The most unpretentious indoor plants

After another busy day, a modern person wants to relax, relieve stress, plunge into an atmosphere of peace. If there is a green corner at home, then this is much easier. But not everyone has the time and skills to care for plants. So that home flowers do not become a burden, you can pick up unpretentious species.

Indoor flowers with purple leaves

Indoor plants with leaves of an unusual purple color can organically fit into any interior, becoming its main decoration . Their spectacular appearance, health and well-being largely depend on the conditions of detention. What types of indoor plants with purple leaves are popular with flower growers?

Неприхотливые цветущие комнатные растения: виды и уход

Любой интерьер жилища можно украсить с помощью домашних декоративных растений. Кроме того, они вырабатывают кислород и обладают бактерицидными свойствами. Особый интерес вызывают неприхотливые цветущие комнатные растения. Они украшают жилище своими изумительными бутонами и не требует тщательного ухода.ОсобенностиНекоторые комнатные растения, цветение которых происходит круглый год, отличаются неприхотливостью.

Indoor trees: varieties and rules of care

To make your home look unique, you can buy stylish furniture, expensive curtains or make original wall decoration. But some people refresh their rooms with houseplants, which can be in the form of a bush or tree. The vegetation in the room is beauty and comfort, however, on top of everything else, it is also a responsibility for the owner, since the trees require attention and respect.

Soil for succulents: requirements and manufacturing methods

To make indoor plants feel as comfortable as possible, it is important not only to create suitable conditions for their maintenance, but also to choose the right soil. In the article we will tell you what the soil for succulents should be and how to prepare the composition with your own hands. Features:Representatives of the flora belonging to the succulent section are easy to grow in houses, apartments and other enclosed spaces.

Крассула «Хоббит»: описание, уход и размножение

Крассула «Хоббит» была впервые представлена селекционерами в середине прошлого столетия, когда вышло знаменитое произведение Р. Толкиена «Властелин колец». Свое необычное имя растение получило в честь героев этой книги. Еще одно название цветка – «ушки Шрека». В народе растение так называют потому, что его толстые листочки напоминают ушки одноименного героя мультфильма. ОписаниеКрассула относится к расте

Methods for treating Kalanchoe from diseases and pests

Kalanchoe is a calm flower that responds well to leaving. But he is also susceptible to diseases that can be easily "viewed". If you are a novice florist, then do not wait until the deterioration in the appearance of the Kalanchoe grows, diagnose and start treatment. How exactly the flower is sick, how it is expressed, and how to help the plant, we will tell you point by point.

How to transplant begonia correctly?

Begonia is a beautiful and undemanding flower that feels great at home. It can often be found in educational institutions or different offices. The attractiveness and non-capriciousness of begonia makes it so widespread and popular. However, it is not enough just to choose a flower of the kind you like.

Cactus mix: types and features of care

Cactus mix is ​​a composition of small cactus plants grown in one pallet. Many lovers of these plants are attracted by this particular form of cultivation. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right cacti in a set, how to care for such plants, how to propagate these representatives of the flora. Bef

Euphorbia Mila: description, reproduction, pruning and care

Most pet flower lovers do not know the exact names of their green pets. One of these common plants is euphorbia. There are more than a dozen varieties of this plant. The article will focus on its brightest representative - Milkweed Mil, which belongs to perennial shrubs and is a succulent. To amateur flower growers, it is also known as the beautiful euphorbia, euphorbia, Milius euphorbia.

All about the orchid flower

The flower stalk is a special orchid shoot, on which buds appear, after which they transform into beautiful flowers. It is important to be able to recognize the peduncle at first glance in order to provide it with proper care and conditions. Features:The peduncle looks like a rather long and flexible stem, resembling a bird's beak.

Types of monstera and their features

Many legends and myths are associated with the monster. Some associate it with a monster and are afraid to grow it in living quarters, and some believe that the flower got its name from the word "miracle". In any case, this is a very effective ornamental plant that harmoniously fits into any interior, bringing in notes of freshness, luxury and style.

What indoor flowers can be grown from seeds at home?

Traditionally, gardeners germinate seeds for horticultural and horticultural crops, but in addition to the usual seedlings, a houseplant can be grown from seeds that will be best adapted to your conditions. Growing indoor flowers from seeds is a fascinating activity, and despite the fact that the growth process of a flower will be slow, you will have the opportunity to observe its entire life cycle of development with your own eyes.

Wooden flower boxes: original ideas for home

The dream of every grower is to have a small paradise where his most beloved, and most importantly, plants grown by his own hands will grow. This place will become a place of tranquility where you can sit and relax from the hustle and bustle of the day and work problems. But how to create this piece of paradise and what is required for this remains a big question.

Gel candles: features and manufacturing methods

Candles have gained immense popularity since the Middle Ages. At that time, they were available only to people with high incomes, therefore their cost was high. They were made from various materials, for example, paper, papyrus, plants, fat. Nowadays, candles are not something very expensive and unaffordable.

Ampel indoor plants: types and secrets of care

Indoor flowers are a decoration of any interior. They can be with decorative foliage or abundant flowering. But a special place is occupied by plants that are grown in hanging pots. They are called ampelous.Features:Ampel indoor plants are a wonderful decoration for a house or apartment. This name was borrowed from the German language, die Ampel means "hanging flower vase".

Bulbous and tuberous indoor flowers

Indoor plants are the most successful decorations for any interiors and adjoining areas. With such decorations, the home becomes more comfortable and attractive. There are many different types of indoor flowers. Among them, there are both capricious and demanding, and unpretentious specimens that are grown easily even by inexperienced growers.

What is a family photo frame and how to choose one?

In the digital age, most people store their photos on digital media and rarely admire them. Photo albums made of paper and cardboard with plastic "pockets" have long faded into the background. However, there is a device that will allow you to beautifully arrange your photos and at the same time will not collect dust in the closet and take up space there - this is a family photo frame.

Varieties of pelargonium Bold and their cultivation

Pelargonium is an attractive plant of the Geranium family. It stands out as a special kind. Within the genus, the Bold group deserves close attention.Description of varietiesPelargonium Bold includes many varieties that are very popular.CarmineCarmine belongs to the zonal group. The plant produces large flowers of double and semi-double type.

How to choose a pot for zamiokulkas?

Zamiocalcus is one of the most popular indoor plants today. It was chosen by many flower growers because of its bright green foliage and massive stems. But for good growth and appearance of the dollar tree, careful care, suitable soil, timely watering, lighting, and also the right pot are needed. Care featuresThis unpretentious plant requires good care.

How to plant a cactus correctly?

Cacti occupy a special place among indoor plants. Sympathy for them is understandable - this is facilitated by both an unusual appearance and the absence of difficulties in leaving. If you follow some recommendations, growing cacti will be a pleasure and turn into a pleasant hobby.Choosing a pot and soilThe first thing to take care of is choosing a container for a cactus.

Dracaena leaves turn yellow: causes and solution to the problem

Dracaena is one of the most popular plants chosen for decorating an apartment or private house. She, on the one hand, has an attractive appearance, and on the other hand, does not present any particular difficulties in terms of care. Nevertheless, the owners of this plant are often faced with the fact that the leaves begin to turn yellow and even fall off.

Types of garlands from balls and master classes for their production

A garland of balls is an elegant decoration that people turn to for a variety of reasons. There are many interesting combinations of such decor. They can differ not only in their shape, but also in colors. Today we will find out what types of ball garlands exist and how you can make them yourself.Features:Today, there are many decorative additions used to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

How to plant an orchid?

Anyone who loves to plant flowers and is especially fond of orchids knows that they will have to face the transplantation or initial planting of such exotic plants. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know how to properly transplant orchids into a pot. You can keep a wide variety of these flowers at home, but everyone needs to be able to create the right conditions.

How to make a wall clock with your own hands?

When equipping a home, many do not pay enough attention to small details and accessories. Meanwhile, they are an integral part of the decor. Their presence gives the room a special flavor, gives the room comfort. Various figurines, all kinds of dishes and textiles, selected in a certain style, instantly transform the room.

Cacti without thorns: types and rules of care

At the mention of cacti, the idea of ​​powerful plants protected by sharp thorns with a massive trunk involuntarily pops up. In fact, everything looks different: in nature there are cacti without thorns, which successfully settle in rooms.Varieties of succulentsMany types of cacti do not look like succulents at all, but they nevertheless belong to this genus. Bel

Winter begonia care at home

Begonia is a plant that has certain characteristics of life in winter. Taking proper care of the flower at this time will keep it in good condition. Let's take a closer look at how to properly care for this plant at home.Features of winter careBegonia is a plant that is constantly growing, with virtually no period of absolute dormancy.

All about gloxinia: description, care and disease

Gloxinia, or beautiful sinningia, attracts indoor plant lovers with rich shades of its buds, lush greenery and a very decorative appearance. Easy home care makes it an excellent choice for growing on a windowsill or spacious balcony, terrace or veranda. Indoor varieties are quite diverse and allow you to bring a real riot of colors to the interior, and planting with a tuber prevents possible problems with growing a seedling.

Cake fireworks candles: characteristics and instructions for use

Not a single birthday, especially for a child, is complete without a bright cake. It can be decorated with regular colored wax candles, but many people prefer something more interesting, so they prefer fireworks candles. Blowing out candles is a memorable moment that many take on camera or photograph, in addition, the custom brings good luck and makes wishes come true.

Seed myrtle: tips for breeding and growing

Every modern apartment and house has indoor flowers. Their presence in the room not only creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, but also promotes well-being. This is due to the properties of plants, the main of which is the release of oxygen. The assortment and selection of indoor plants is quite wide and varied today.

Ficus: features and homeland of origin

Ficus is a plant included in the list of the most popular acquisitions of indoor floriculture lovers. Ficus has long been associated with domestic culture, although in the natural environment it is considered a tree, and not the smallest one. It grows in the Malaysian tropics and subtropics, in the Philippines, as well as in southeast Asia.

How to prune hibiscus correctly?

Hibiscus is a popular indoor and greenhouse plant from the extensive Malvov family. This flower has several names: Chinese rose, Sudanese rose, Egyptian rose, hibiscus. In Europe, the first hibiscus, according to legend, appeared thanks to Charlemagne, who was allegedly a big fan of hibiscus tea. In Russia, the shrub form of the plant has been known since the 19th century, the plant quickly gained popularity and began to be called an unusual name - rose tree.

Choosing a land for ficus

Most indoor plants are very demanding on the composition and properties of the soil, the quality of which determines not only their appearance, but also health, and even life expectancy. Ficuses, so beloved by flower growers, are, in this respect, quite whimsical plants that place increased demands on the quality of the substrate.

Benjamin ficus bonsai: features and rules of care

The art of creating dwarf trees has the Chinese name bonsai, which literally means "grown in a tray" and perfectly characterizes the peculiarity of cultivation. The Buddhists who developed this art compared a man who grows bonsai to a god who creates his own garden.Features:According to legend, one old Chinese emperor ordered to build a miniature empire for his beautiful daughter with tiny palaces, rivers, forests and mountains.

Orchids from Vietnam: features and care

Orchid is one of the most exquisite flowers. Since the orchid does not grow in open ground in the Russian latitudes, it is very pleasant to receive this flower as a gift, because it is not like any other and at the same time is incredibly beautiful.Vietnamese orchids are often "hunted" by tourists (especially tourists), who, wanting to plant this beautiful plant in their home, take out its bulbs in their luggage or hand luggage.

All about breeding cacti

The sight of a blooming cactus arouses genuine admiration even among people far from indoor floriculture. During this period, a modest-looking plant is covered with bright and spectacular flowers, which give it a special decorative effect. Very often it is the luxurious look of the cactus, decorated with unusual flowers, that inspires and motivates breeders to expand their green collection.

How to properly water a money tree at home?

A fat woman or a money tree in the interior is placed not only by lovers of indoor plants, but also by experts in feng shui. It is believed that in this way you can lure financial luck. However, the successful cultivation of a fat woman is possible only if some important conditions are met, including those related to watering.

DIY methods of making a box from a box

Almost every home has a personal box for cosmetics, jewelry and mementos. It is not at all necessary to purchase such a thing in the store. Absolutely anyone can make a box with their own hands from a cardboard box. There is no need to have any special skills. Also, do not be afraid that you will have to use complex details, expensive decor.

Fireplace cladding: material selection and design examples

Almost every resident of a country house dreams of a cozy and beautiful home. To create a harmonious interior, you cannot do without a fireplace. This element can carry an exclusively decorative load, or it can be fully functional and heat the room in cool weather. It should be part of the overall space, complement and reveal it, and this often requires a beautiful cladding.