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Varieties and advantages of boxes for radiators

In modern interior design, homeowners are often faced with the question of how to hide heating radiators and their piping. One way is to use special boxes that give the room an elegant and original look, while hiding the batteries out of sight. These decorative elements can be installed not only in residential buildings, but also in offices, enterprises and social facilities.

How to make a screen for a heating battery?

Renovation in the apartment is complete, but old radiators or even the latest heating radiators are attracting attention, beating out of the carefully thought out image of the room. A decorative screen will help to disguise them by entering into a single style of the room. Despite the large number of ready-made solutions available for sale, they are not always suitable for a particular room in terms of size, design, and functions.

How to hide heating batteries beautifully and correctly?

Heating batteries can not always serve as an interior decoration. Therefore, they have to be hidden, decorated in all possible ways. Let's try to figure out how to do it beautifully and correctly.Features and requirementsDecorating heating radiators is not as easy a task as it might seem at first glance.

Malfunctions of Vaillant boilers and their elimination

Modern heating systems are quite reliable. But still we have to state the fact that they can all break arbitrarily. At the same time, no brands and models, no diligence of engineers exclude such a problem.Repair of various modelsAccording to the manufacturer's instructions, the Vaillant TurboTEC Pro 28 kW gas boiler must not be repaired in such a way that changes occur in the boiler itself, on the lines supplying water or gas, in the electrical network or in chimneys.