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Nicknames for horses: beautiful and famous names

The name of a horse speaks not only of the breed, color or thoroughbred, but also endows it with a certain character, which, together with the name, will remain with the stallion for life. Some horse breeders prefer sonorous and great names, hoping to assign some unique qualities to their horses, while other owners are interested not so much in the beauty of the name as in its practicality.

List of the best rabbit breeds

Rabbits belong to the herbivore family. They were originally wild animals. In the writings of Ancient Rome, there is a mention of their domestication. Rabbit lovers have developed new breeds, and now rabbits are bred for different purposes: obtaining meat, skins, fluff, and as pets.Meat types and their descriptionBreeding meat-hides is a difficult but profitable business, so breeders are constantly improving the profitability and fertility of the breeds.

Overview of decorative breeds of rabbits

Decorative rabbits are becoming more and more popular as pets. These fluffy lumps are touching with their touching and charming appearance.Appointment of decorative rabbitsThe name itself contains the purpose of these cute animals. They are not raised for production needs - meat or fur - but are pets.

Rabbit mother bed: what is it and how to make it yourself?

Every farmer knows firsthand: in order for animal breeding to bring pleasure and a stable income, it is important to properly care for the animals, provide them with everything they need and try to comply with living conditions close to ideal. And if it comes to baby animals, then there should be no disputes - it is important to comply with all conditions so that newborns grow up strong and healthy individuals.

All about giant rabbits

The largest representatives of hares are giant rabbits, their average weight exceeds 5 kg, and in some species it reaches up to 10 kg. The popularity of this breed is due to the high yield of meat under simple conditions. It should be noted that each type of animal is characterized by its own rules of cultivation and has different indicators in productivity.

Mini-pigs: description of breeds, rules of care and feeding

Mini pigs are small piglets that are very popular. Previously, such animals were most often used for various kinds of research (most often medical), but today such a pig is kept as an original and in its own way exotic pet. Dwarf piggies as pets have a number of advantages and disadvantages, as evidenced by the reviews of their owners.

Popular goat breeds

Goat breeding is one of the most popular and promising livestock industries. Many private farms are engaged in breeding goats - this is due to low costs and high productivity. Indeed, such pets require a minimum of care, consume very little food, but at the same time provide a person with milk, meat, skins and wool.

How to determine the gender of a rabbit?

Determining the sex of an animal is not always an easy task, even for an experienced farmer. In certain situations, breeding becomes impossible without exact knowledge of the sex of individuals. Today we will take a closer look at how you can determine the gender of rabbits, based on various signs. Why do you need to know the gender?

Flandra rabbits: description, selection, care, reproduction

Rabbit breeding is a fairly popular industry. People breed rabbits for meat and fur. There are many breeds of this animal, however, the Flandr rabbit is especially popular when grown at home, which has a lot of advantages over its relatives.CharacteristicThe flanders rabbit is grown not only on large farms, but also at home.

Pregnancy in cows: how to determine how long it lasts and how it proceeds?

Knowing how long a cow is pregnant is essential for every farmer. This is necessary primarily in order to properly plan the care of the animal and provide it with the most comfortable conditions necessary for the correct formation and development of the fetus. In addition, knowing the exact time of calving, the owner of the cow will be able to organize her dry period in time and correctly receive the calf.

All about the cow hotel

Experienced livestock breeders are very responsible for breeding cows. Any of them knows that calving of the cow plays an important role here. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this process correctly, to launch the animal on time, and also to prepare it for childbirth.SignsCalving involves not only the birth of the calf itself, but also the time of the cow's pregnancy.

What vegetables and fruits can be given to a decorative rabbit?

Rabbits are very often chosen as pets, they are very pretty, fluffy, children love them. Rabbits are kept in apartments and in private houses. Animals are unpretentious in care, they do not need to be walked outside, it is enough to clean the cage and feed them properly. In order for their health and development to be harmonious, it is necessary to correctly organize the nutrition of the pets.

DIY goat feeders

A feeder is a device used for the controlled feeding of animals. It provides effective feeding, prevents the process of spoilage of feed materials that can fall on the ground or floor in the utility room. The feeder can also be used to feed liquid feed without wasting it unnecessarily.The goat is a domesticated animal belonging to the artiodactyl species from the family of small ruminants.

All about nutria

Traditionally, nutria are considered farm animals. They are bred for delicious dietary meat and valuable fur. Also, these animals can be kept at home as pets. The main features of their breeding, the intricacies of maintenance and care will be discussed below.Characteristics and lifestyleNutria, or, as it is also called, marsh beaver or coypu, belongs to the nutria family and is its only representative.

Horse pregnancy: duration and care features

Every horse farmer should be well aware of how a horse's pregnancy should proceed. He must know how to ensure the correct conditions for her detention and how to deliver in order to be warned against various kinds of complications. It is worth considering in more detail the features of the course of pregnancy in horses, how to diagnose pregnancy, how much care is needed for a mare, as well as signs of an approaching foal.

The biggest pigs

Unlike other domestic animals, pigs are prized as a source of meat. They cannot be driven, milked or otherwise used. Among the breeds, there are real champions, however, some individual specimens were even included in the Guinness Book of Records.Pigs from the Guinness Book of RecordsThe largest pig in the world, who entered the book as a record holder, lived in the province of China.

Sheep pregnancy: how to determine and how long does it last?

Pregnancy is an important event in the life of any creature, both human and animal. But in some situations it happens that you need to accurately determine its presence. So, for example, people who breed sheep are interested in the timing of pregnancy. You also need to have knowledge of when and how to start insemination.

The largest bulls and cows in the world

The first cattle were domesticated almost in the XI century BC. e. This happened in areas where agriculture was most developed: Mesopotamia of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the territory of the Indus River, Egypt. People have tamed the tours - the progenitors of modern bulls and cows. They had an aggressive character and were often deified.

How is a hare different from a rabbit?

No matter how much a hare and a rabbit are similar to each other, there are still differences between them. Not everyone will be able to name them, and not everyone will be able to distinguish one animal from another. We decided to fix this situation so that there was no more confusion between hares and rabbits.

Mustang horses

Mustangs are a fairly recognizable breed of horses, we have known them since childhood from books about the American prairies. This horse has a rather complex character and is almost impossible to train. At the same time, the strength, grace, incredible speed of this horse very much draw attention to it.

Calf feeding: rules and regulations

After birth, the calf needs special care. It is very important to ensure the optimal maintenance of the animal and the observance of the feeding rules - only in this case it is possible to achieve the growth and full development of heifers and gobies, which will allow them to be used in the future to obtain good milk yield or use for breeding purposes.

Names for rabbits: what to give and how to accustom to it?

When a new living creature appears at home, be it a child or a pet, we immediately ask ourselves the question - what to call it? And if children are named according to the calendar or in honor of grandfathers and grandmothers, for example, then how to choose a suitable name (nickname) for an animal is a big question.

Pinto: what color is it, history and care

The pinto is one of the rarest horse colors. It is famous for the fact that it has a rather extraordinary color (sometimes called "cow"), attracting many horse breeders, as well as ordinary people who can admire such an interesting animal for a long time. Horses of this breed have a very strange and rich history, however, more on that later.

How long do sheep live?

Sheep breeding is a very rapidly developing agricultural industry. Sheep are unpretentious animals, they can adapt to different climatic conditions, as they have a high level of endurance. The animals are ruminants, and their diet includes growing grazing feed. This option is considered economical, because when spring and summer time comes, there is no need to purchase additional feed for the animals.

Cowhide cow: what it means, causes and control measures

A cow is an adult animal that does not produce offspring for a certain period of time. As a rule, in healthy and young individuals, calving occurs annually. As a result, one to three calves are born. Three months after their birth, the animal is again ready to reproduce.Barrenness - what does it mean?

How do you know how much a pig weighs?

Most livestock breeders who raise pigs at home are interested in their charges gaining as much weight as possible. To do this, they feed on specially developed methods and are required to constantly monitor the weight of piglets and adults. At the same time, the pig does not always agree to stand calmly on the scales, therefore, several ways have been invented to find out the mass of a living animal.

What and how to feed sheep at home?

People have been raising livestock for a long time, this process has its own nuances. If a farmer wants to breed sheep, the question may arise about the correct diet for these animals.What do sheep eat?Keeping sheep implies not only caring for them, but also proper feeding. They feed on plant foods, including weeds, hay, thorns, and grain.

Breeding and keeping rabbits in the pit

Breeding rabbits is considered to be quite profitable, interesting, but troublesome. In order to create the most natural living conditions for animals, many rabbit breeders equip them with housing in the form of digging holes. Such houses must comply with all standards and be located in special places.

All about gulaby goats

Gulabi goats are a Pakistani dairy goat breed. They give a lot of milk, they are also appreciated for their decorative appearance and unpretentiousness. Unfortunately, on the territory of Russia, this amazing breed is practically not found either in households or on livestock farms.The history of the breedThis breed was obtained through simple selection by the peoples inhabiting the territory of Pakistan and India.

Pregnancy in rabbits: symptoms, timing and care

All rabbit breeders sooner or later think about how much the rabbit walks pregnant and how to determine this condition. After the mating process, fertilization occurs in most cases. This can usually be determined by the behavior of the animal. And here it is important to provide proper care and conditions of detention in order to minimize all risks.

Hornless cow: description of the breed and the subtleties of its content

Kolla is a genetically determined absence of horns in livestock. Basically, this term is applied to cows, since it is this animal in most cases that is associated with a characteristic distinguishing feature - the presence of horns.Among this species of animals, there are individuals who inherited hornlessness in a natural way, as well as those who have been artificially grafted with the corresponding gene.