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How to make a scratching post with your own hands?

Sharpening the claws for a cat is a natural instinct: in this way, a furry predator cleans them of the stratum corneum and marks the territory. If street dwellers, as a rule, use trees for this purpose, then for pets the function of a "sharpener" is forced to perform the upholstery of armchairs and sofas, wallpaper, carpets and other home furnishings.

Dimensions and drawing of Dadan hives for 10-14 frames

The book "A Short Course in Beekeeping" by Charles Dadant, a famous American entrepreneur and beekeeper, described a new beehive invented by the author, known today by his name. The design of the hive embodied all the most modern achievements of beekeeping of the middle of the last century, combining them with the most elementary methods of building hives and optimal methods of operation.

Plywood bird feeder: pros, cons and tips for making

The bird feeder is a very useful and attractive structure. The easiest way to make it is from a plastic bottle or juice box. However, if you have some experience with lumber, you can make a very interesting bird house from a piece of plywood.Advantages and disadvantagesWhen making a feeder for feathered friends, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the climate in the region of residence.

Houses for dogs in an apartment: features, types and DIY making

Dog houses are convenient and practical designs that solve the problem of placing a pet in a city apartment. The structures simultaneously play the role of a bed and a shelter.Pros and consThe high consumer demand for home houses and the large number of accolades from owners of large and small dogs are due to a number of important advantages of these practical and functional designs.

Husky aviary and booth: types and sizes

Today Husky is at the peak of popularity, many dog ​​lovers start this breed. They are smart and friendly, but they can literally blow the house apart due to their active playfulness. Huskies are descendants of northern breeds, they endure cold weather. With the right care and attention, life outside the home may be preferable to home life. A l

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands?

Winter is not an easy test for animals that do not have their own home. Birds are one of the most vulnerable categories of living things. It is for this reason that people try to feed their feathered friends in special devices - feeders. Let's talk about what these devices are, how to make them, from what materials, and where to place them so that any bird can always find an opportunity to eat in the cold season.

How to choose a house for a cat?

Cats are rightly considered one of the most beloved pets of our time, and almost everyone has ever lived in the same house with a cat. If this is a real favorite of the family, the owners probably take care of him and are ready to create optimal conditions for him in which he will be happy.It is not surprising that in recent years, special houses for cats have become increasingly popular on the market, especially since the pussies themselves are happy to settle in them.

What and how to feed the birds in the winter trough?

Winter is a time when nature is resting and very few plants bear fruit. It is very difficult for herbivorous animals, including birds, to feed themselves at this time of the year, so people try to help the birds with food. When feeding birds, you must first inquire about what kind of food suits them.

Overview of sun loungers

Beekeeping is a rather difficult type of obtaining honey, it originated in antiquity. Along with the development of mankind, this type of activity also improved. Currently, most often for breeding bees, either stand-up hives or sun beds are used. Such names were given to them in accordance with the location of their buildings.

Scratching posts: what are they and how to choose?

If there are cats in the house, then it is full of warmth, love, comfort, fun. But when a fluffy pet appears in the apartment, problems also appear. One of them has to do with the cat's need to regularly sharpen its claws. To satisfy her whim, she uses the carpet, sofa, walls. To save pieces of furniture from its sharp claws, you can install a scratching post in the house.