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Chickens: care, feeding and the intricacies of hatching

Most farmers prefer to breed chicks on their own, as chickens can significantly increase the number of chickens without additional help. A person will be required to create the most attractive conditions for young animals, thus reducing mortality to the minimum acceptable threshold.general descriptionProviding chickens with a warm, well-lit space, balanced feed, essential vitamins and vaccinations will not only look healthy, but they will be.

Broiler weight by day: norm, shortage, care features

Regular daily weighing of broiler chicks is an important procedure for controlling the weight gain of a bird and its health; by 3 months of age, it should gain marketable weight. We will tell you about the maximum and average growth rates in broilers, the reasons for the underweight and the rules for feeding in our article.

Чем кормить диких уток?

Утка – птица не особо разборчивая в пище. Ввиду особенностей строения, которые являются результатом длительного приспособления к определенным условиям, утка с легкостью собирает корм как на суше, так и с поверхности воды. Она отлично «ловит» пищу в толще воды и, что особенно важно, со дна, иногда просто процеживая донный ил через специальное приспособление своего клюва.Дикие утки – птицы перелетные, инст

Cages for laying hens: sizes, selection, manufacture and placement

Cages for laying hens are made with their own hands by the main component of farmers due to the multifunctionality and simplicity of the structure. There are two basic versions: with hard deck and with egg collector. The second option is more problematic to create, but more comfortable to maintain. In addition, the cages should contain lighting and feed equipment.

Turkey poults: feeding and caring for them

Breeding turkeys is an incredibly exciting activity that will give you pleasure and good mood. These tips will dispel your doubts and fears in the desire to do this business.Description of chicksBuying one-day turkeys is certainly economical, but also a tricky one. Such small turkeys are very sensitive and painful, therefore, in order to avoid the death of chicks, it is important to pay attention to their physical condition, to observe the appropriate conditions of keeping and feeding, which will be discussed below.

Choosing a brooder for chickens and making it yourself

Many farmers keep various poultry on their farms. Chickens are rightfully recognized as the most common and popular species. These individuals demonstrate high productivity if they are provided with good conditions. The brood of layers is very vulnerable to temperature extremes, so a high-quality brooder is required for them.

Colored broiler: varieties and recommendations for maintenance

Many farms breed poultry. The most popular and widespread were and remain chickens. In many farmsteads you can find popular colored broilers. These birds are distinguished by amazing growth rates, for which they are appreciated by many poultry breeders. Let us take a closer look at this type of poultry in the article and find out what breeds it is subdivided into.

Big 6 turkeys: features and cultivation

One of the most productive turkey breeds, the Big 6, was born thanks to the work of British breeders and is highly regarded by poultry farmers around the world. Impressive appearance, rapid body weight gain, intensive growth of young stock - all these qualities were formed through a long journey of trial and error.

Description of common broiler breeds

Broiler poultry species have been bred with the goal of increasing meat volume as quickly as possible. This species includes many breeds that differ in appearance, care, weight gain, feeding organization, and product quality. In order to choose the right breed for breeding, it is necessary to study the main varieties, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each species.

Broiler turkeys: description, types and cultivation

Today, raising turkeys for many people is quite a profitable occupation. These birds are quite unpretentious in terms of growing, and at the same time they will be an excellent solution if you are going to monetize the process of growing them, because they grow very quickly and after a short time they can be sent for sale.

All about chickens rhodonite

Rhodonite is not a separate independent breed of chickens, but an industrial cross. This hybrid was bred on the basis of two others: Loman Brown and Rhode Island. Both crosses are considered egg crosses. Consider the features of an unusual type of chickens, the rules for feeding them and the subtleties of breeding.

Leghorn chickens: description of the breed and features of the content

Purebred chickens are always very popular with poultry houses, one of these breeds is Leghorn chickens. The direction of their breeding is egg. High productivity, excellent characteristics, ease of care make these chickens very popular. Very often they are used for crossing with other varieties to obtain hybrids, crosses, new breeds, since the quality of the genetic material is very valuable.

Cherry Valley ducks: breed description and cultivation

Poultry farming is a popular and demanded type of agriculture, which makes it possible to provide the population with high-quality dietary meat and egg products. Large farms are engaged not only in breeding chickens, geese and turkeys, but also ducks. Duck products are in high demand and are used by both private consumers and specialized restaurant chains.

All about Maran chickens

The Maran chicken breed is considered to be quite common on farms around the world. The birds owe their popularity to the unusual chocolate-colored eggs. In addition, they have a high level of strength. Products are not the only thing that Maranov are so valued for. These chickens have many unrivaled qualities.

Features of the legbar chicken breed

Legbar is a popular breed of chickens that has an interesting appearance, good fertility and other positive qualities. Breeders often pay attention to this breed of birds, but sometimes they face various problems.Before you start chickens and roosters of this breed, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of their content, as well as their characteristics.

Chicken Nickname List

Chickens and roosters are believed to be animals kept with other livestock in a stable for breeding. And few people know that you can have a chicken as a pet. In recent years, many cartoons about the life of chickens have been released on screens, and keeping exotic animals in the house has become fashionable.

Особенности инкубации яиц индоуток

Индоутки или мускусные утки – один из перспективных видов домашней птицы. Быстрый рост, неприхотливость и большой выход мяса – вот небольшой перечень достоинств этой домашней птицы. Искусственное выведение утят в инкубаторах позволяет в значительной степени повысить плодовитость птицы и выживаемость потомства, снизить влияние сезонных

Description and maintenance of chickens of the decalb breed

In a farm of any scale, chickens occupy a leading place, since they are able to provide the breeder not only with meat, but also with egg products. Among the many breeds of such birds, in terms of egg production, it is worth highlighting decalb chickens, which are undoubted leaders, in light of which they are actively grown all over the world.

Uzbek pigeons: features, types and cultivation

Uzbek pigeons are one of the most beautiful birds that are used for keeping in captivity. Their unusual appearance provides opportunities for obtaining aesthetic pleasure from contemplation. The peculiarities of this fighting breed are also interesting, the two-toed and decorative species of which are distinguished by a very energetic and daring disposition.

Mini-chicken coop: projects, construction and arrangement

Many summer residents, in addition to the vegetable garden, also have various animals - goats, ducks, turkeys. Chickens are considered one of the most popular types of domesticated birds. Below is how to equip a small chicken coop on your garden plot.ProjectsThere are many different projects for building a chicken coop.

Automatic chicken feeders

Whichever options are available for automatic feeding of chickens, they all serve one important purpose - the regular supply of dry feed for the normal breeding process of poultry. Today it is not uncommon for models with a hopper or products with a timer.After all, the main task of using such a feeder model is to ensure the continuity of the feed supply.

Araucana chickens: description, care, reproduction

The main distinguishing feature of chickens belonging to the Araucana breed is their extraordinary color. In addition, some individuals have no tail at all. What other unusual characteristics are distinguished by breeders and poultry farmers in this breed, what should be fed and in what conditions non-standard animals should be kept - let's talk about this in our today's material.

Minorca: features of the breed, conditions for keeping chickens

When breeding chickens at home and on small farms, their indicators such as egg production and nutritional quality come out on top. Both of these characteristics depend on both the breed of birds and the correct breeding. Therefore, it is worth considering the main features of Minorca chickens and finding out what conditions need to be created for their maintenance.

Geese mamuty: features and care

Breeding geese of the Mamut breed is a profitable activity for farming enterprises. Poultry that are unpretentious in keeping quickly gain weight, are distinguished by high quality of feathers and tender meat. They are recommended for large poultry farms and personal subsidiary plots. They do not require special care, they are perfectly adaptable to different conditions and are suitable for novice poultry breeders.

Day-old chickens: what to feed and what conditions are needed for keeping?

Newly hatched chicks are very vulnerable in the first days of life and often die under unfavorable conditions. But if the poultry farmer competently approaches the choice of feed and conditions for keeping day-old chicks, the mortality rate will significantly decrease. What are the features of keeping chickens and their feeding, how you can exclude diseases common among young animals - we will consider all these important issues in our article.

How long do pigeons live?

Pigeons are one of the most common birds for humans. For many of us, doves are a symbol of peace and love. They can be found everywhere - in the city, and in the countryside, and outside. Pigeons inhabit almost the entire globe, with the exception, of course, of the northern regions of the earth. Some people even breed them at home, but few people know that in addition to domestic and urban, there are also wild pigeons.

All about Pavlovsky chickens

Pavlovsk chickens are considered one of the most beautiful domesticated animals. Their appearance is the ideal of chicken beauty. The Pavlovsk breed appeared in the distant 17th century, and the history of its development was rather difficult.However, despite this, the breed of Pavlovsk chickens still exists today.

Chick heating lamps

An important factor in the proper development of chicks in a hen house is a sufficient level of heat and a correctly selected light regime. All this can be achieved using special lamps.Light modeThe duration of daylight hours is very important when raising young chickens - proper lighting largely regulates the physiological activity of chicks.

Pheasant: features, types and maintenance at home

The pheasant is a very beautiful bird that looks exotic. In any courtyard, such birds look original and bright. Against their background, all other birds, if any, fade away. However, these birds can not only please the eye, but also produce excellent meat and eggs. Today we will take a closer look at such individuals and find out how they should be kept at home according to all the rules.