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Fan pipe: the nuances of installation and connection

Sewer pipelines are well known to modern people. But it is not only the wastewater and solid particles themselves that need to be discharged outside - various odors are no less a nuisance, which the drain pipe helps to fight.Features:The waste pipe is a piece of the sewage system that connects the riser that removes the sewage with the atmosphere.

RCD for a water heater: what is it?

Electricity is a versatile energy source that can be used to heat water. This principle is very often applied in modern water heaters. However, water is a universal conductor, therefore, contact with conductive elements with it should be limited.Basic conceptsElectric water heaters are devices in which current energy is converted into heat and then transferred to water.

All about durite hoses

Durite hose is an excellent alternative to rigid pipes and is widely used in many areas of human activity. The high performance of the sleeve is due to the design features, the distinctive feature of which is the multi-layer and carcass base.What it is?Durite sleeve is a rubber-fabric hose that combines high strength with good flexibility and elasticity.

Why doesn't the gas column ignite?

The serviceability of the column is influenced by many factors, although it would seem that it itself is arranged quite primitively. And the option to remain without hot water immediately becomes the number one problem. Therefore, if the column has stopped working, it is important to establish the exact cause before undertaking repairs.

Why doesn't the pumping station turn off?

Pumping stations are designed to improve the water supply system and are used in private houses and dachas. These structures provide automatic water supply, which is very convenient. But sometimes there are malfunctions in the operation of equipment - the station simply does not turn off, and often the owners have no idea why this is happening.

How is the water metering unit arranged?

During the Soviet era, water could be used in unlimited quantities for a very small fee. But unfortunately, water resources are not endless and their number is decreasing. Today, water is becoming closer to oil in importance, which means that accounting for its consumption is stricter. Currently, there is a federal law according to which all consumed water must be counted using special devices.

How to decorate a well beautifully: design recommendations

Since ancient times, wells have adorned the local areas. But if earlier they performed a utilitarian function - they served as sources of water, now it is rather a decorative element of landscape design. The recommendations of designers will help you to beautifully design the well and harmoniously fit it into the style of the site.