Water heater 80 liters Thermex: operating instructions and boiler design

Nowadays, the main equipment for providing hot water supply is electric water heaters. They are popular with buyers due to their good performance and readiness for use at any time of the day. When choosing a boiler, the buyer prefers well-known manufacturers such as, for example, Thermex.

Thermex company produces boilers of various designs and sizes. Each model of the water heater is thought out to the smallest detail. The most popular and demanded in the model range of Thermex electric water heaters are structures with a volume of 80 liters.


Thermex products attract customers with their many features and their versatility. The manufacturer has a rather narrow specialization, so all efforts and attention are focused on the development and production of water heaters.

High quality and reliability of manufactured equipment is achieved due to:

  • own scientific laboratory;
  • central design bureau;
  • manufacturing equipment plant;
  • an enterprise for the manufacture of electrical components;
  • the plant for the production of the Thermex boilers themselves.

In addition, all models of water heaters have characteristic features, among which should be highlighted:

  • fast heating;
  • practicality;
  • unusual design.
  • non-standard tank shapes;
  • wide dimensional grid;
  • high power.

In addition, the Thermex brand owns the development and production of a model with a width of 15.9 cm, as well as an innovation in the use in the production of a unique material - bioglass porcelain.

If we talk about the characteristics and design features of models with a volume of 80 liters, then they are as follows:

  • the outer side of the device body is made of durable wear-resistant plastic;
  • the inner part of the tank is made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion processes;
  • the presence of a magnesium anode, which softens the water and cleans the entire heating system from the formed scale;
  • LCD-display functions as a tuner of all necessary parameters;
  • the assembly of the structure and its parts is carried out by means of special electron-beam welding, which prevents deformation and corrosion;
  • body width does not exceed 45 cm;
  • water heating takes up to three hours;
  • a stable temperature level can be maintained up to 7-9 hours;
  • variety of shapes and sizes of models.

The most popular models of this manufacturer are several boilers.

  • Thermex Sprint 80 SPR-V. The model is equipped with mechanical control and is installed vertically, has a flat shape. The tank is made of stainless steel and covered with bioglass porcelain, which regularly maintains the desired temperature. The design is endowed with the innovative Turbo Boiler technology, which contributes to fast and economical heating of water, and a magnesium anode. In addition, the boiler is protected against power surges and hydraulic pressure surges.
  • Thermex Champion ER 80V. The model has a cylindrical shape and is mounted vertically. The tank is protected by a special bio-glass porcelain coating. Mechanical control, there is a thermostat. The heating function is performed by the heating element, so the process of heating the water is delayed up to three hours. To avoid heat loss, the tank has an additional layer of polyurethane insulation.
  • Thermex Flat Plus IF 80H. Compact model with horizontal installation, which has all the necessary functionality. It has its own characteristics: electronic control, thermometer indicator, comfortable bottom connection, excellent power. A feature of the model is the presence of a special pipe designed for more convenient drainage of water from the internal tank.
  • Thermex Champion ER 80H. The model has a cylindrical shape, but it is installed horizontally. The inside of the tank is made of glass-ceramic. The device is controlled and adjusted mechanically.
  • Thermex IF 80V. The storage boiler, the tank of which is made of stainless steel, has a high power. The structure is installed vertically, equipped with a magnesium anode for the prevention of seams, and has a mechanical control. Heating of 80 liters of water is carried out in 2 hours 10 minutes.
  • Thermex Flat Diamond RZB 80-L. The stylish design of the model will fit into any interior and complement it. The water heater has a thin metal body and a streamlined flat shape. The model has electronic control and is installed vertically. The tank is made of high quality stainless steel. In addition, the boiler is equipped with an accelerated heating option and a self-diagnosis system.

To understand how the boiler works, it is enough to familiarize yourself with its design and electrical circuit. The product structure is similar for all 80-liter models. The Thermex Flat Plus IF 80V model is taken as an illustrative example.

The boiler consists of several important elements.

  • Plastic housing with top and bottom covers. The bottom cover has hatches that can be latched to allow easy access to the heating element.
  • A pair of tanks made of high quality stainless steel with a special coating that resists corrosion and deformation. All seams are made by means of electron beam welding, which gives the product reliability and security.
  • On the left side of the tank there is a pipe for the intake of heated water, one end of which is attached to a stainless steel pipe, and the other goes up.
  • On the right side there is a branch pipe and a hose for a set of cold water.
  • The design provides an additional drain pipe, on which a safety valve is installed.
  • Below and above there are special strips with which the boiler is attached to the wall.
  • The space between the tank and the body is equipped with an additional heat-insulating layer to prevent heat loss.
  • Inside the structure there are two heating elements, consisting of a nichrome spiral and a copper sheath.
  • The boiler has a magnesium anode, which extends the product's service life, and an electric thermostat located inside the flange.
  • The product has an electronic control panel equipped with an LCD display, where one of three operating modes can be selected.

In addition, the device is equipped with a power cord and is endowed with a self-cleaning and draining system. The electrical circuit of the water heater is quite simple, so any user can understand it.

Pros and cons

Having decided on the brand and model of the water heater, you should study in detail all the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and only then purchase.

Thermex electric boilers are manufactured using the latest technologies and developments, therefore they are endowed with many advantages.

  • Economical energy consumption. Regardless of the volume, the device consumes 1.5-2 kW. Thanks to additional thermal insulation, the required water temperature is maintained for up to nine hours.
  • The ability to properly distribute energy. Regardless of how far the boiler is from the point of water consumption, the temperature remains unchanged; both pipes and walls do not heat up.
  • The presence of an automatic shutdown system in emergency situations.
  • High degree of strength and reliability of structures. It is due to the use of high quality materials in the production - plastic and stainless steel.
  • Easy to install and connect to the mains. A three-phase power supply is not required to connect the device.
  • Environmental friendliness. Each device has an antibacterial system that prevents the development of microbes.
  • Variety of shapes (flat, cylindrical) and sizes, thanks to which the model can be installed both in a small room and in a closet.
  • Long operational period. Feedback from the owners of boilers indicates that the devices can work without breakdowns and failures for 7-8 years.
  • High performance: 80 liters of water can be heated in 1.5-3 hours.
  • Water supply to several points.
  • High safety performance.
  • Some models have a silver heating element.
  • Resistant to corrosion and deformation.
  • High class of protection against moisture.
  • Most models have a self-diagnosis system.

Despite the huge number of advantages, Thermex water heaters have disadvantages:

  • high price segment;
  • the need for an additional filtration system that protects against water with increased hardness.

In addition, boilers from this manufacturer require special maintenance: regular cleaning of the tank, heating element and replacement of the magnesium anode.

How to choose?

Any electrical appliance is selected according to certain criteria, and the boiler is no exception in this matter.

When choosing a water heater from a well-known manufacturer Thermex, you should pay attention to some factors.

  • A heating element. It is preferable to choose a model with built-in heating elements, and not spirals, since the latter quickly burn out.
  • The material for the manufacture of the tank and case, since the duration of the device's operation depends on this. It is also desirable that there is an antibacterial coating and protection against corrosion and mechanical stress.
  • The presence of a safety valve, which is necessary to drain water in the event of a long break in the operation of the device.
  • Anti-corrosion anode with a cleaning and protective function.
  • Protection class. The high quality of the device is ensured by the protection level IP 24 and IP 25.
  • The power of the water heater and the presence of different modes, with the help of which you can significantly save electricity, and therefore money.
  • Installation method: vertical or horizontal. With the horizontal arrangement of the device, an even distribution of water of the same temperature occurs.
  • Device type - storage, instantaneous or combined boiler.

After purchasing a water heater, you must carefully study the instructions for use, and only then use.

The instructions for use contain information of the following nature:

  • the purpose of the device;
  • main technical characteristics;
  • equipment;
  • detailed description and operating principle of the water heater.

The last one is the paragraph, which includes precautions, where everything that cannot be done is spelled out:

  • turn on the boiler when there is no water in the tank;
  • while the device is in operation, remove the cover;
  • use the boiler in the absence of a filter, etc.

Connection rules

The installation and connection of the purchased water heater should be carried out exclusively by a specialist, since an independent connection can lead to the complete cancellation of the factory warranty, but, deciding to do with your own knowledge and efforts, you need to remember the following:

  • the installation of the device is best carried out near the point of use, then there will be no loss of water temperature;
  • the wall for fastening the boiler must be strong and stable, since the water heater has an impressive mass and dimensions;
  • the floor of the room where the boiler is installed must be fully waterproofed.

In addition to the electrical appliance (water heater), you need to have on hand anchor fasteners, pipes for wiring, nozzles, flanges and fasteners.

The installation and connection process consists of the following steps:

  • fixing the boiler;
  • connection to the water supply network through a filter, the connection points are sealed with flax (the process is described in detail in the diagram);
  • connecting the device to the mains.

The connection for all models of water heaters is approximately the same, it does not depend on whether the device is with a dry heating element or not, what type of suspension is horizontal or vertical. To understand everything and avoid mistakes, you need to study the instruction manual.

Maintenance and repair

During the operation of the device, the heating element accumulates salts and other deposits, as well as sediment accumulates on the inside of the flask, which eventually leads to its failure. In addition, sensors and relays break down.

Signs of a boiler malfunction include:

  • water heating takes longer than expected;
  • the appearance of extraneous sounds inside the tank, which were not observed before;
  • RCD is triggered;
  • the unit does not heat the water at all;
  • the quality of the outlet water has changed;
  • the absence of a signal about the power supply, or the device does not turn on at all.

In addition, some breakdowns can be repaired on their own, for example, the appearance of leaks, wear of the anode, cleaning the heating element, flushing the tank. If the control unit is out of order, then you will need the help of a specialist.

Before disassembling and carrying out repair work, including replacing a broken part, the boiler must be de-energized and drained, and, if necessary, completely dismantled. Eliminating a breakdown on your own or with the help of a specialist, you always need to find out the reasons for what happened in order to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

The most common breakdowns and the reasons that led to them are several points.

  • Tank leaking. This happens due to wear of the seal (s). They need to be replaced and rewound on the flange connection areas. Tank leakage can provoke corrosion, which in this case cannot be repaired.
  • The water has stopped heating, but the heating element is in perfect order, then you should pay attention to the thermostat.
  • Breakdown of the heating element can be eliminated by cleaning it from scale and salts. To check if the heating element has burned out, it is necessary to remove the boiler cover so that access to the terminals appears, and check the flow of current. If the voltage is present, and the heating element does not heat the water, it must be replaced.

In order not to harm the device by independent interventions, it is better to contact a specialized service center, where qualified specialists will quickly solve the problem.

To extend the operational life of the boiler, you must use it strictly for its intended purpose , and take preventive measures, which include annual cleaning of the heating element from accumulated calcium and magnesium deposits. A regular solution of citric or acetic acid will cope with this. In addition, you need to use high-quality filtration systems and special water softeners.

How to connect and install a THERMEX water heater with your own hands, see the video below.