Metal beds (88 photos): with an iron frame and a headboard, white metal for a bedroom, DIY assembly, reviews

A person spends a third of his life in the bedroom, therefore a good choice of design and, of course, the central element of the room - the bed, is the most important criterion for a good mood and good rest. The correct bed should fit into the interior as well as possible, combine convenience and reliability - metal models meet all of the above requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of iron models

Like any other material, metal has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Speaking about the advantages of a metal frame, first of all it is worth mentioning that metal beds are the most durable and reliable in comparison with models made of other materials. This bed eliminates loosening and is as wear-resistant as possible. In addition to wear resistance, we can say that metal has the ability to withstand any stress, which is why double beds with a forged frame are so popular.

Metal is a non-combustible material, which means that it is as safe as possible for use in an apartment, in addition, this material is absolutely hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. An additional positive quality of these models is a huge assortment of design options, you can choose a suitable design for almost any interior solution.

The main disadvantage of the iron versions is that the metal is a rather cold material and can cause unpleasant feelings when it comes into contact with the skin. However, modern manufacturers use a special treatment of bed parts, which excludes cooling of the material, so today metal models do not have significant disadvantages.


There are many types of metal beds today.

All of them can be divided into several classifications:

  • For example, all models can be divided by class into economy and luxury models . They will differ in the quality of the material in the method of applying the dye and, of course, in the price.
  • By shape, all models can be divided into standard ones - these are ordinary rectangular models of various sizes, as well as non-standard ones. This type includes such models as round, square or other unusual design solutions.
  • By the number of seats, the most common options are : single, double, as well as king size or triple.
  • In addition, the beds can be divided into groups by owner . It can be a model for an adult, as well as a child. These beds will differ primarily in size and shape. Children's models, as a rule, are produced with three backs or also equipped with a fourth for very young children.
  • There are models that will become real helpers in small rooms , they are able to provide a comfortable sleep, but do not take up much space, as they can transform into other interior items. So, a folding bed can be lifted towards the wall and turned into a wardrobe. The pouf bed can be easily transformed from a full bed into a small pouf that you can sit on, and the sofa bed is an ideal folding model that can be transformed from a seating position into a full double bed. In addition, many models have a roll-out system for storing linen and other things.
  • Beds may differ in the base material of the niche with the mattress . For example, an orthopedic model most often has bases made of wooden slats - lamellas; models with laminated chipboard, as well as with a metal armor mesh, are also found, however, they are less and less common. The reinforced model has a metal frame at the base, to which the base for the mattress is attached.
  • The design of the bed model can be either made of one type of material or combined , for example, with a metal frame and with a wooden headboard. In addition, the wooden headboard can have a carved structure, which will allow the bed to be used in various interiors.


Thanks to the abundance of different options, the metal bed can fit into almost any style solution of the space. One has only to choose the right backrest design and the right accessories.

You can fit a metal bed in a retro style, Provence or any other:

  • Modern styles of minimalism, hi-tech, loft accept the simplest models with straight crossbars on the back, which form a kind of lattice. This bed can be made in white, black or steel colors, and in addition it is acceptable to use bright accents in the form of pillows or bedspreads.
  • White metal beds with patterned headboards will add romance to the room, and a light canopy of light colors will be a great addition here.
  • Exquisite ornament, rich decor, colors of precious metals will be an excellent option for a bedroom in Art Nouveau or Baroque style.

Manufacturing options

Of course, there are many options for making metal bed models; they can be created in various ways from different materials in production, as well as at home with your own hands. There are two main ways to create a metal bed - forging and welding, therefore, having the skill of this work, you can create the necessary thing with your own hands.

Making a bed with your own hands is a rather laborious process, however, the result is worth all the effort. So, if it was decided to create a model with your own hands, then you need to be patient, the necessary tools and materials and start creating. The first step towards a dream bed is to determine the size of the future bed, this will depend on the number of people who will simultaneously use the bed for its intended purpose. In this case, it is easy to create a stock of non-standard sizes, which will cost several times cheaper than a custom-made version in an unusual design.

Having decided on the size and approximate appearance of the product, it is necessary to draw up a construction plan on paper so that it is more convenient to bring the idea to life, as well as to purchase all the necessary materials. It is necessary to start the creation from the backs of the product, so it can be a purchased forged or welded structure of various shapes, designs, as well as a self-created back from metal, however, this will require special equipment and the skill of working with an anvil or welding.

When the backrests of the desired size and shape are ready, you can start creating the frame. A metal frame is created, to which a wooden or metal base for the mattress is then attached. The backrests are welded to the frame and the frame is thus finished. All seams and welds must be sanded for a cleaner look. Further, if necessary, the structure is painted.


The sizes of standard beds include three main dimensions - the width, length and height of the berth. So, in width there are 4 main groups of size series.The width depends on the number of people using the berth, and on their build:

  • Single-bed models. These beds are ideal for a small apartment, studio apartment, for one adult or a child. The width of single-bed models ranges from 70 to 90 cm.
  • One and a half sleeping. The most comfortable models for one adult. The width of such models usually ranges from 100 to 140 cm.
  • Beds with greater widths from 150 to 200 cm are double models.
  • Models with increased bed width. Here, the width exceeds the mark of 200 cm and such options are called king-size beds.

As for the length of a standard bed, it can range from 160 cm for teenage models to 200-220 cm for adults. The correct selection of the required length will be facilitated by a special formula in which the length of the bed will consist of the height of the sleeping person and 20-30 cm of the stock. So, among the most common bed options, the following bed sizes are found: 800x1900 mm, 90x190, 90x200, 120x190, 120x200, 140x190, 140x200, 160x200 cm.There are also models with non-circular intermediate sizes, they fit well into non-standard designs: 1450x650, 1650x1950, 1450x1950 mm and others. The two-story structure maintains the same dimensions, regardless of the floor, the beds are of a standard size, like conventional stationary options.

The last measurement of the berth is its height. There are three main options for measuring height:

  • Low. Here, the height will fluctuate in the range from 20 to 40 cm, it should be borne in mind that these models are not suitable for an elderly person and people with joint problems, since this will be too low and inconvenient option, which, in the presence of certain problems, can provoke their development. However, a healthy person should not be afraid of such a height and you can safely select a low bed for an interior in Japanese style or minimalism.
  • Medium height, most comfortable and suitable for any person. This height ranges from 40 to 60 cm. If you stand at the edge of the bed, the correct average height should be right up to the middle of the kneecap.
  • High. It has a height of 70 to 90 cm. Not the most convenient option, however, it looks very advantageous, which allows you to neglect some degree of convenience for the sake of a beautiful interior.


Modern technologies today make it possible to apply high-quality durable spraying of almost any color to forged products, be it chairs, beds, tables or any other furniture. Therefore, finding a metal bed in blue or red colors will not be difficult. However, with all the abundance of the color palette provided by manufacturers today, forged options without a colored coating are most popular: a natural dark or steel color is the most in demand in the furniture market.

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White backs or trims in this color also sell well. A white bed can add lightness, airiness and light to the interior. In addition, this color is the most suitable for design solutions in the style of Provence, country, modern. Minimalism and hi-tech also favor white in a room setting.

The black model of a metal bed is quite common. Forged elements in this color scheme look the most advantageous, in addition, this color is universal, it is easy to choose companion colors and textile accessories for it.

How much does it weigh?

The weight of metal models directly depends on the size, the number of beds on the bed, on the chosen method of creating the model. Depending on the design and additional decor, the weight of the final product may also vary.

A rather heavy structure can be both a plus and a minus of a berth. High weight, provides strong construction as well as stability. The bed will not move on the floor as if it were made of chipboard. And the same weight can become a minus, it will be difficult to move the bed in space, and if it is necessary to transport it to another apartment, you cannot do without special companies involved in cargo transportation. At the same time, metal versions are capable of withstanding loads of up to 300 kilograms.

The simplest forged models, without much decoration, can weigh from 20 to 50 kg. Double models with voluminous decor, additional elements, design special solutions can reach a weight of 100 or more kilograms.

Life time

The lifespan of any piece of furniture is determined by the frequency of use, the method of cleaning the product, its care, humidity in the room, as well as the original quality of the product. At the same time, metal models have the longest service life of all known materials from which beds are made. In these models, there is simply nothing to fail, especially if the base for the mattress is also made of metal tubes. Metal options with a lamella base will last a little less, however, with proper use and a good dense mattress, they will delight you with a high service life: from 15 years without restoration and various kinds of additions.

A high-quality forged model with a long-lasting color coating can last 20 or 30 years without changing its appearance. The mattress, of course, goes out of use a little earlier, however, high-quality and correctly selected models in terms of size and durability can also last about 10-15 years without replacement.

Additional elements

Such elements can provide furniture with additional functionality as well as new design possibilities. The most common additional element that can expand functionality is a niche for linen and other things storage. Such niches can be stationary and located under the base of the frame; in this case, the mattress will be lifted manually, on gas lifts or springs.

In addition to stationary niches, there may also be additional roll-out boxes that are created according to the size of the bed and built into the frame. However, such options are not as relevant and convenient for use in comparison with stationary ones. Since dust can collect in such boxes, and their capacity is noticeably less. For children's beds, additional backrests on the sides of the bed can become an additional functional element, which will restrict the child in sleep and protect him from falling, such elements can also be permanently attached and be part of the overall structure, or they can exist separately and be attached if necessary.

As an additional element that performs an aesthetic function, one can note special mounts for the canopy and the fabric itself of this structure itself. Light fluttering materials, from which such curtains are most often created, add lightness, airiness, romance to the interior. That is why it is this element that is most often used in the design of a girl's children's room in the style of a princess, because it is from beautiful fairy tales about princesses that most people know about such a device as a canopy.


Today, most sleeping furniture manufacturers have metal models in their collections in various colors, sizes and designs.

As for Russian manufacturers, among the companies focused on broad demand, there are very few of those who are concentratedly engaged in the production of metal models. As a rule, there are 1-2 combined variants in the collections, which does not allow us to speak of giants of production as manufacturers of metal sleeping places. But individual manufactories dealing specifically with forging and cooking models are quite widely developed, have an extensive client base, as a rule, deal with individual orders and are able to guarantee the excellent quality of their goods.

Among such manufactories is the Woodman company, which is the production of elite unique models. The cost of models starts from 120 thousand, which is not cheap, however, at the exit, the consumer receives a completely unique product of the required size, color and texture. The factory takes Italian bed models as a basis, brings its vision to them and communicates it to the buyer through its product. The manufacturer's warranty is 10 years, which allows you to judge the decent quality of the product.

But in the economy class, the MilSon company is quite popular. The average price for a high-quality metal bed is about 12-13 thousand rubles. For this price, of course, it will not be possible to get an exclusive model, but the company can guarantee a comfortable and durable place to sleep.

Many European manufacturers are ready to present their products to the consumer, for example, the Feretti & Feretti manufactory from Italy or the German company Geha.

Models made in Malaysia are very popular. First of all, this is due to the low price of the finished product and the uncompromising quality at this cost.

As a result, having chosen an option within the means and with a suitable design, all that remains is to choose a suitable mattress and enjoy the beauty and convenience of the chosen product.

How to choose furniture?

The choice must be taken with full responsibility, because such a purchase usually involves long-term use:

  • The first thing to pay attention to is, of course, the size of the bed . For a child, the sizes can be specially reduced. For the smallest, the length can be 90-100 centimeters, for older children, the length can reach 160 centimeters, for adolescents and adults, the most correct size will be a bed with a length equal to 190-200 centimeters. In any case, the formula will help in choosing this parameter: human height + 30 cm = ideal length of a berth.
  • As for the width, there is no definite formula , however, this parameter can be easily determined empirically. To do this, you need to lie down on a bed, turn to one side and bend your knees. If at the same time the legs remained on the bed, the knees did not protrude beyond the edge, then this width is correct and most suitable. If we single out the most popular options, then among single beds this width is 90 cm, for double beds the most popular option, which is suitable for most people and fits into the dimensions of standard Russian rooms, is 160 cm.
  • Another important criterion for a successful purchase is choosing the right mattress as well. It is he who will create the most convenient and comfortable place to sleep. It will help get rid of lack of sleep and spinal problems caused by sedentary work and sleep discomforts. The mattress must be expensive, it is absolutely impossible to save on this component. It is necessary to choose a mattress with hypoallergenic filler, especially for a children's room.

The rigidity will depend on the filler, so you should choose it based on your feelings.

So, a mattress with coconut fiber will be as hard as possible, and latex and holofiber in the composition, on the contrary, will soften it. The mattress cover should contain the maximum percentage of cotton in its composition, so that the linen will not slip, air will easily pass through the material, and dust will not linger in it. In addition, you can pick up a special mattress topper that will protect the mattress cover: for children's options there are mattress toppers with different prints, often different for girls and boys.

The bed frame can also be a selection criterion. The most convenient and durable options are where the base consists of wooden lamellas, which must be located at an equal distance from each other. Another convenient and most durable option is a base made of metal tubes soldered to the frame of the frame; such a base is just most often used in metal models.

Of course, it is important to pay attention to the design of the bed when choosing. Compare it with the overall design of the bedroom, they must definitely complement each other. Correctly chosen color, shape, decor will help not only to provide a comfortable bed, but also to support the chosen line of interior design of the room.

Beautiful bedroom interior designs

A beautiful bedroom design is made up of many elements. They must be correctly matched in color, shape, style, then in the aggregate a beautiful interior will be created that meets the needs and preferences of the owners.

You can see even more varieties of metal beds in the next video.