Men's wallpaper (36 photos): views in the room for men and guys 20-25 years old, for a young bachelor, examples of designs

Many people believe that the decoration and interior design of the room is more suitable for female apartments, while men's rooms are conservative and minimal.

It is believed that a sleeping place, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe are enough for a real man. But is this really so, will be discussed in this article.

Features of the male interior

The interior of a room largely depends on the person who plans or creates it. There are a large number of modern interesting design solutions that are suitable for men of different ages, looks, tastes, preferences. The most important difference between a man's apartment and the space in which a woman lives is the combination of functionality and comfort.

Everything else depends on what individual qualities the owner of the premises possesses.

The rationality that is inherent in all men is reflected in the room in which he lives.

So, a modern apartment of a young man aged 20 to 30 will have the following characteristics:

  • convenience - items should be arranged in such a way that after a hard and exhausting working day you can come and relax comfortably;
  • the presence of a minimum of necessary interior items - however, for every man there is a "minimum" (for some it is a bed and a table, but for someone it is important to have a wardrobe, dividing the room into zones, etc.);
  • reflection of individuality - only with a skillful combination of a person's inner world and external attributes can harmonious development, a feeling of comfort and personal growth be ensured, which is important for men;
  • practicality - it is important for guys that there are no unnecessary items and trinkets in the room that girls love so much. All things that are located in the apartment should be easy to clean, and every meter of the room's space should be used for its intended purpose.

Undoubtedly, everything depends on each individual person, and it is clear that a young man's apartment at 20 will differ from an apartment whose owner is already over 50.

Modern men's spaces

The traditional design of the premises has long ceased to be popular among the males. Now in this environment, modern, unusual design solutions are in great demand, which allow emphasizing the individuality and originality of the owner of the space.

The main element of any room is the walls and their decoration.

As a rule, many people prefer wallpaper to other materials applied to the surface.

For the walls of a man's apartment, you can use wallpaper that has the following characteristics and appearance:

  • the presence of a pattern in the form of lines;
  • plain wallpaper or wallpaper in a neutral color - this will visually increase the space of the room;
  • wallpaper should emphasize the overall design of the room and set the tone for it.

One of the important differences in the male space is the absence of excessive decor, floral patterns, smooth lines and curves on the walls.

Colors of men's wallpaper

Men's wallpapers differ in color from the rooms in which girls and women live.

As a rule, such wallpapers have colors:

    • purple - distracts from a bad mood, gives a certain mystery to the room and its owner;
    • chocolate or black - so that the room does not look depressing, light inserts are added to such colors - they give certainty and expressiveness to the room;
    • green - creates an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Especially often this color is used in wallpaper in rooms where a young man under the age of 25 lives. This color is also ideal for those who are engaged in mental work - marketers, analysts, heads of departments and organizations, for whom it is important to feel relaxed at home.

    In any case, the wallpaper of a young man's room should look restrained, elegant and stylish.

    In some cases, individual decor elements (inserts of stripes, squares or applications) can give the room a certain brutality that girls and women in men love so much.

    When choosing wallpaper for a men's room, apartment or house, you should remember that the classics never go out of fashion, and therefore cold gray or blue tones will perfectly fit into the space of the room.

    It is a mistake to think that wallpaper and the whole interior in a bachelor's apartment are boring and unpresentable. On the market of materials for the repair and decoration of apartments, you can find a huge variety of different options for wallpaper, which differ both in color shades and scales, and in texture.

    By correctly choosing the required option, you can give the room an interesting and bright look that will complement the overall space.

    Different men - different wallpapers

    For different men who seek to emphasize their own individuality with their home and its interior, various options for wallpaper and their combinations are suitable.

    So, creative men themselves prefer to use muted tones as colors for wallpaper in the room, but in combination with bright accents. For example, orange, red or yellow colors, which are associated with aggressiveness, strength and independence, will ideally fit into the space of such a person's premises.

    Fans of any hobby like to decorate walls with posters, photographs, paintings, this must be taken into account when choosing and buying wallpaper - they should be such that the things that are placed on top of them contrast and stand out against the general background, and do not merge into a single whole.

    Brutal and serious representatives of the stronger sex either do not use wallpaper at all, but prefer brick walls or bare concrete, or decorate the walls with wallpaper, the texture of which is similar to natural materials - rough, simple.

    Also, in this case, you should not use decor in the form of lines or bends.

    Many men prefer durable textures that can be recreated by purchasing wallpaper that looks like stone, metal, wood or leather.

    These materials have always been associated only with a masculine strong character, therefore their use in the interior will give the room additional masculinity, reliability and nobility.

    When buying wallpaper, it is worth remembering that they can differ not only in color and texture, but also in size. As a rule, men prefer wide one-meter rolls that fill more space during renovation work.

    But for a man it is important that the room is ready for living as quickly as possible and without undue effort.

    For more ideas and options for the interior of the men's room, see the next video.