White bedroom (175 photos): design in white tones with bright accents, white-green and white-blue, white-lilac and white-brown

White bedroom

    The white bedroom brings a sense of comfort and tranquility even after a very difficult day, but this color is quite capricious. There are several recommendations and rules that will not allow the resting place to turn into a lifeless "hospital ward". If they are observed, the room can not only be filled with comfort, but also visually increase.

    Features and Benefits

    White color in the interior causes a lot of controversy and discussion. For some, it is sterile and lifeless, stressful. For others, on the contrary, it symbolizes calmness, purity and spaciousness. If you choose all the interior details correctly, the bedroom will look elegant and stylish.

    White is not as simple as it seems, because it has a huge number of shades. Some of them are colder - they give blue, silver, gray shades. Others, on the contrary, are warm - with a slight yellowness, creamy, vanilla. Tinted whites are more gentle on the eyes than pure bright colors. Among the popular and most often used in interiors are: snow, ivory, antique, smoky, linen, pearl, baked milk.

    This color is basic, that is, it can become the main fill in the design. Unusual and modern ideas can be based on it, expressed in details - textiles, accessories, furniture. On a white background, accents are even more noticeable. But white itself often becomes key, in which case it is made deeper with the help of lighting, the use of different textures. In order to avoid overload and "sterility" of the design, experts advise to dilute it with some color accents.

    The undoubted advantage of the white is that, being basic, he is able to combine with any others. It doesn't matter if it is dark, pastel or neon. This ability allows you to come up with unusual combinations that can become a key feature of the entire bedroom composition.

    One of the main advantages of white is its ability to visually increase the size of the room.

    This is especially true for those whose bedrooms are small, heavy due to the small space and poor lighting.

    Despite the fact that white is a light color, dust is not visible on it as clearly as on any other, unless we are talking about glossy surfaces. Of course, pronounced stains from food and drinks, felt-tip pens and other household dyes will be noticeable in any case, regardless of the range used.

    Design projects for a snow-white room

    There is a minimalist trend in fashion, which assumes the absence of many details and objects in the bedroom, and those that are can perform several functions at the same time. And at the same time, modern style stands for maximum comfort in personal space. That is, it is assumed that if the owner of the room needs more than the basic set of furniture, then he should strive for the most convenient set of things for himself. Sometimes these two main directions contradict each other, so everyone must prioritize for themselves.

    Regardless of this, the most relevant is the multifunctionality of the room, especially in standard urban-type apartments, where there is a problem of small space. Thus, the bedroom can become at the same time a place for relaxation, an office, a dressing room and even a nursery.

    In design projects for rooms of 13 sq. m and less, there are several tricks that help to visually enlarge the room and not litter it.

    So, it is recommended to use a vertical pattern on the walls and a diagonal pattern on the floor, and choose something small and transforming as furniture.

    The design of a room should directly depend on the needs of its owner. A student or a business person who wants to make a workplace out of a bedroom should place the bed by the window, and the table closer to the door, while providing it with the necessary lighting. In a studio apartment, in which the bedroom is also a living room, you can use a sofa that can be disassembled into a place to sleep. If you want to delimit the room into zones, you can use bookcases and dressers, screens.

    White is ideal for visually increasing space, but here you should adhere to some rules:

    • In a north-facing bedroom, it is best to use warm shades of white with a tint to yellow, beige, cream, and avoid saturated or dark areas. If the windows face the south side, then, on the contrary, you should choose cold shades - blue, silver.
    • In general, in a small bedroom, it is best to use a monochrome scale so as not to overload it with different accents . All surfaces should be flat, at the same level: painted or stretch ceilings, best of all glossy, smooth wallpaper without large patterns or paint, laminate or carpet on the floor. It is allowed to decorate one wall with geometric or floral patterns.
    • In order not to overload the room, you should pay attention to the details. It is best to use small furniture, lightweight textiles and curtains such as tulle, rather than heavy curtains. Lighting devices should not be bulky: an ornate chandelier will only aggravate the situation and steal space. It is best if the furniture itself will serve as accessories, for example, a drawing on a mirror or an interesting finish of a curbstone, an armchair.
    • The spacious dimensions of the room allow the use of large furniture , complement the design with unusual details, for example, glass partitions or curtains that separate the zones in a studio apartment. In a white interior, you can include other bright and contrasting colors that can clutter up a small bedroom, but not a large one. In addition, freedom can be experienced when decorating and choosing lighting fixtures, furniture, decor. So, in a room with a high ceiling, you can hang a large chandelier, put a four-poster bed or a sculpture, and decorate one wall with variegated chinoiserie wallpaper.

    The design of rooms in country cottages also depends on the total area. Separately, we can say about the bedroom in a wooden house, because the floor, walls and ceiling there are made of natural material. In such an environment, both eco-minimalism and luxurious classics with tapestries and wrought-iron furniture are appropriate. In houses, an interesting design solution can be a beveled ceiling or large windows. The white color is perfectly complemented by natural wood, and together they create a beautiful and light atmosphere.


    Due to its versatility, white is used in many styles. Often it is precisely the basis for various details that create a special atmosphere of one direction or another:

    • Sophisticated and sophisticated, the classic style , which originates in the Renaissance era, embodies the sublime taste of the creators of those times. It is characterized by the use of symmetry and regular geometric shapes, as well as luxury in details. In a bedroom made in a classic style, stucco molding, columns, carved furniture must be present in one way or another. If the size of the room allows, then it is best to put a four-poster bed. White is diluted with gold, ivory, ocher, gray, peach, beige. These shades are easy to add with decorative elements, which are used in large quantities in the classical direction. This is especially true for textiles: blankets and bedspreads, tapestries, heavy curtains. Moreover, it is best to choose expensive materials - silk, velvet, satin.

    The disadvantage of the classic style is that in all its glory it will be out of place in a small room, as it will visually reduce an already small space.

    • The Scandinavian style allows you to embody the idea with a bedroom in white to the fullest. In general, it can be called minimalistic, since it is customary to use unpretentious classic furniture in it and to be restrained when decorating. A room designed in this direction is undoubtedly bright, free and comfortable. The Scandinavian style bedroom interior is simple, not cluttered with unnecessary details. Typical for this design trend is the use of natural materials or their imitation - stone, wood, ceramics, cotton, flax, leather. The furniture is simple, solid and practical.

    White is the most popular color in this direction, and for an overall harmonious picture it is combined with other delicate and light shades - beige, blue, gray, brown. You can choose turquoise, blue, yellow as bright accents.

    • The Mediterranean style is light and sunny in feel, which is why it is popular in colder regions. It is simple and comfortable and does not use luxurious furnishings. Convenience, accessibility and functionality are among the main principles of style. In this direction, preference is given to natural materials and natural colors. In the Greek variety, it is customary to complement the white color with blue and blue shades, emerald, lemon, and in the Italian one - orange, olive, bright yellow.

    Mosaic tiles, stone and ordinary plaster, rough boards, as well as items with a marine theme: shells, chests, ship details can be called noticeable distinctive features of the decor decoration.

    • The minimalism style completely displaces unnecessary and even more luxurious furnishings. This is the most functional and simplified direction in which industrial and natural materials are used in their original form. The room should be spacious, not cluttered with unnecessary furniture. The style assumes a play of contrasts - white with gray, black, brown. Walls, ceilings and floors are predominantly monochromatic. Most often it is textured plaster and ordinary wallpaper, linoleum, tiles, laminate. The furniture is wooden and stylish thanks to the presence of aluminum, glass, leather parts.

    Since this style requires you to hide everything unnecessary from your eyes, it is advisable to put multifunctional furniture with built-in drawers in the bedroom. An unusual solution can be a podium with free space inside.

    • Provence style , on the contrary, is very romantic. It can be embodied with the help of soft featherbeds, wicker furniture, delicate tulle on the windows, intricate lampshades, fresh flowers and floral prints. The direction is characterized by the use of lace, embroidery, knitted elements. The furniture and decoration of the bedroom are made of natural materials, often with an aging effect. White is combined with pastel blues and pinks, lavender, muted yellows and greens.
    • Another French, but already more active style is Art Deco . It embodies glamor and luxury, which is reflected in the interior decoration of the bedroom: everything shines thanks to lacquered and glossy surfaces, polished wood and metal, and a large number of mirrors. Silk, velvet, satin, satin, natural fur are used as textiles. Geometric motifs and shapes are popular in this direction: zigzags, clear lines, streamlined curves, as well as animal and ethnic ornaments. White is the basis of Art Deco and is actively used in combination with black. In addition to them, the colors of precious metals and stones are welcomed - emerald, sapphire, gold.

    Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

    To prevent the room from looking uniform and annoying, you should take care of the details, including the decoration. Its different types will help to achieve certain goals, for example, to fill the bedroom with warmth, if it itself goes to the north side.

    Natural materials such as wood and stone work well with white. If the second is rarely used in the design of bedrooms, then the first is often, especially for the floor. Dark wood looks harmonious with white walls and ceilings, and also makes the overall space more correct and defined from a geometric point of view. The floor is enough to be the only accent in the entire bedroom to give comfort and tranquility to the atmosphere.

    Also, wood can be used as wall cladding. In this case, it will perform the same functions as with the floor - it will bring "warmth", focus attention and visually delimit the room.

    Some styles include wood furniture. For example, in country there are such chairs and armchairs. Beds are often made with this natural material. All of them can play an independent role of accents or complement the overall interior, in which the decoration on the walls or floor has already been used.

    It is not necessary to use natural wood in the design, because it has a high cost.

    In urban apartments, the most relevant is the use of laminate - it retains a natural pattern, while it is much easier to care for it.

    On the walls, you can use paint or wallpaper, as well as facing materials. They can be monochromatic and stand out, for example, with a velvety texture, or they can have prints and patterns.

    In design in white tones, the technique of highlighting one wall is often used, and in the bedroom it is often this one that adorns the head of the bed. It is simple in execution - a section or a whole accent wall differs significantly in color or texture. It can be colorful wallpaper with a pattern and simply darker or more saturated in color, as well as the usual brick, wood finish.

    The basic character of white allows you to enrich the interior with a combination of textures: different materials dividing the room into zones, different finishes on opposite walls, and so on. So even in the white variation, a painted brick wall or a fleecy carpet on the floor will become necessary accents, making the atmosphere more voluminous.

    White is the most common color in the design of the ceiling, as it visually makes the room taller, even if we are talking about ordinary Khrushchevs. Its decoration should depend, first of all, on the characteristics of the room. If the dimensions of the bedroom are small, then it is better to simply level the top, for example, using a suspended ceiling with a glossy surface. If the size of the room allows, then you can make multi-level structures from drywall or combine it with other materials, for example, wood and textiles.

    Curved ceilings with bevels, slopes and unusual shapes are not common in ordinary apartments, but are common in cottages and houses. This feature allows you to make the finish to a minimum, since the design is interesting in itself. You can use plain paint or wallpaper.

    Choosing and arranging furniture

    In the bedroom, the bed plays a key role. Her choice should depend on how many people live in the room, in what relationships they are, as well as the size of the room itself. If it is necessary to put two beds in the bedroom for two children, teenagers or adults, it will be better if they are completely the same. A two-tier structure can act as a space saving.

    If the room is small, then you should choose minimalistic design options without bulky details, for example, a chic wrought-iron back.

    Large elements will visually reduce an already small room.

    The size of the bed should depend on the physical characteristics of the person, but on average, a length of 190 cm and a width of up to 150 cm is enough.There are also less standardized options, for example, huge super king beds, which are only suitable for large bedrooms.

    If the bedroom is also a living room, then a disassembled sofa would be a good option. There are many types of transformation mechanisms, for example, folding or roll-out. Sizes also range from a small single couch to a full sleeping area for two. When installing such a sofa, the transformation method should be taken into account, because additional space against the wall or free space for a sliding platform may be required.

    Bedrooms are rarely complete without wardrobes for storing clothes. Sliding wardrobes with sliding doors significantly save space. Opening doors assume free space in front of the furniture. Often there are models of cabinets with additional open shelves, on which you can put books, souvenirs, frames. Glass doors will visually increase the size of the room.

    Sideboards are completely optional in bedrooms, especially if the wardrobe contains all the things. However, small bedside models are often placed in which you can store all the necessary trifles. The dressing table and chair can also serve as a workplace. It should be installed only if the size of the room allows or there is no other place in small apartments. Another optional purchase for a bedroom is an armchair, which should be placed there only if there is free space.

    In small apartments, it is better to refuse to use a large amount of furniture, as it clutters up the space.

    An excellent option would be multifunctional and transforming items, such as ottomans with a drawer inside, a sofa with linen sections in the pallet.

    If the owner of the room has a goal of filling it with white furniture, then a modular bedroom would be the ideal option. It is a set of items required to fill a room. Most often, the set consists of a bed, several cabinets, a wardrobe, but you can find more varied options. Modular furniture is good in that each item is made in the same style, adheres to one concept, and therefore harmonizes with each other. Thus, the bedroom furniture is a single whole.

    More complete modular bedroom sets include not only basic items, but also necessary ones, for example, for a work or dressing area. The sets contain mirrors, tables, chairs. Most often, catalogs immediately offer a design option for arranging furniture in a room, which can be taken as an example. Modular furniture is able to completely force the bedroom into which it will remain to add a few touches - decor and textiles.

    White furnishings can be the perfect backdrop for any creativity. Posters, photographs, paintings on white walls will look more intense. This applies to figurines, sculptures, vases and other decor on the floor or shelves. This color helps stand out objects to play with new colors, and the monotony of the overall design helps to focus attention on interesting details.

    This feature of white can be used if the apartment or house has unusual finishes on ceilings, walls or floors. This is how you can give new life to vintage furniture, old mosaic parquet or fireplace.

    To make the bedroom more comfortable, you should use natural materials: cotton, linen, wool. Items with different textures add richness to the overall atmosphere, so you can safely combine metal with wood, porcelain with silver, fur with mirrored surfaces. Live plants also have a positive effect on comfort - the main thing is to choose those that do not have a strong aroma.

    Adding bright accents

    White color is universal in combinations, which should be used when thinking over the interior. By adding dark, bright or pastel colors, you can make it richer, deeper and more comfortable. When placing accentsit is not recommended to use contrasting, variegated and very dark colors in case the bedroom has small dimensions.

    In the case of a small space, it is better to use calm combinations.

    One of the first to consider is the combination of white with other basic colors:

    • Black is a timeless classic, which, however, should be used with caution. If you make it more active, then the interior will turn out to be more gothic, and not light and light. If only a few details are maintained in this color, for example, a bedspread or curtains, you will get an elegant and modern design. You can use black and white patterns on wallpaper or bedding, which will also look harmonious and not flashy.
    • Gray and silver can convey the spirit of Art Nouveau and Industrial, modernize the interior. It can be present both in wall decoration, for example, under natural stone or concrete, and in the form of textiles or decorative elements. Gray-painted furniture is common. You can add color to a room in a variety of ways, from wall and floor decoration to decor details. With the help of bed linen, bedspreads, blankets, pillows and rugs, you can completely create a different mood, periodically changing the overall color scheme.
    • Curtains, tapestries, carpets, large wall decorations, large decorations such as floor vases and flower pots will become more permanent. They can be bright and catchy enough without becoming irrelevant spots. White, on the other hand, will help them stand out neatly and tastefully. We are talking about such colors as turquoise, purple, lilac, green, lilac and others.
    • Red , burgundy, dark blue heavy curtains look unusual and fashionable , even if they are the only color accent in the bedroom.
    • While saturated colors become active elements of the interior and draw attention specifically to themselves, pastel shades - beige, light blue, pink - fit more smoothly into the light design .
    • Gold and silver colors can be of different saturation. They are good for creating classic and luxurious interiors, they can be present in the form of forged details on furniture, embroidery on curtains or blankets, wallpaper designs.

    Natural shades are versatile and most easily fit into designs. They are not as contrasting as bright colors, nor do they create a monochrome effect like black.

    • Different shades of brown , from chocolate to nutty, are easy to incorporate into the interior with laminate flooring, wood beams on the ceiling, parquet and, of course, furniture.

    It is thanks to the color accents that the white interior ceases to be boring and acquires dynamism. It is not necessary to use many bright details, even a few are enough - vases and frames on the wall or curtains. They can make the environment interesting and at the same time comfortable, depriving it of "sterility".


    To prevent a white bedroom from looking lifeless, it is very important to choose the right light. He will be able to give the atmosphere warmth or, conversely, compensate for its excess with cold shades. Also, despite the light interior, there will still be dark corners in it that need to be illuminated.

    In the bedroom, you should use lamps that are not very bright or those that have the ability to adjust the lighting power. Thus, if necessary, for example, for reading books or documents, you can increase the brightness of the lighting device, and then let your eyes rest after a long day by dimming it.

    It is not recommended to use different "temperature" lighting in one room. Moving from one range to another will irritate the eyes and create a messy environment. On the south side, you can choose lamps with a cold shade, and on the north - warm.

    Natural light can also be manipulated, although in a city apartment it is much more difficult than in your own home. In the last dark room, more light can be given by placing windows on the entire wall. To create a unique atmosphere, you can use stained glass models.

    In apartments, however, you can only not interfere with natural light from entering the bedroom by hanging thin curtains. An excellent option would be a set consisting of thin and dense curtains that replace each other with an adjusting cord. Thus, it is light during the day, and in the morning the sun will not dazzle in the eyes.

    You can evenly scatter natural light around the room using mirrored surfaces. A mirror on the whole wall or on the cabinet doors will be just the way, besides, they visually expand the space.

    Beautiful ideas in the interior

    A delicate bedroom can be done with subtle color accents. Light pink cushions and soft padding on the ottoman, as well as golden décor elements add a romantic touch to the overall atmosphere. This is facilitated by a functional table and a crystal chandelier.

    A minimalist design in white with a mattress on the floor instead of a full bed. The main highlight of the interior is the photo wallpaper with the image of the mountains. They are the main accent color

    Monochrome black and white interior. White floors and walls can be visually diluted with items such as a floor lamp, painting and bedding. In such a minimalistic environment, instead of a closet, you can put a floor hanger.

    For information on how to focus on one of the walls in a white bedroom, see the next video.