Ottoman (64 photos): what is it, wooden and metal from IKEA, model Elegy 90x200, one-and-a-half and euro couch, how it differs from the sofa

Currently, not many people know what an ottoman is. Previously, this piece of furniture was considered a must-have in the home of every wealthy Asian merchant. Even now, such a sofa is popular among buyers and has many advantages and distinctive features that need to be considered in more detail.

What is it and how is it different from a sofa?

Unfortunately, very few people know such nuances. The sofa can be opened in the form of a book, and the ottoman is transformed in this way: its second part simply slides out. When extended, it is adorned with beautiful pillows. Another distinctive feature is the absence of a backrest. Instead, there are headboards, and some models are equipped with armrests.

The ottoman is also different from the couch. The second is intended for only one person, it has a headboard, but does not have a back.

Another type of furniture similar to an ottoman is a sofa. It is meant for sitting. With all its wide surface, it is not high, but, moreover, it is equipped with comfortable armrests and comfortable backrests.

Pros and cons

Many people want to save as much as possible the available small space of the room. Because of this, you have to huddle on small and uncomfortable folding sofas. But there is always a way out. In such a situation, a folding couch will come to the rescue, which will save a couple of square meters and become an original part of the interior.

In order to fully understand what such a design is, you need to consider some of the pros and cons of this type of furniture. Pros:

  • Modern models are quite diverse and have a wide range of choices. In addition, they are perfect for any type of interior and design solution;
  • The ottoman is made from ecological materials that do not harm human health;
  • It has a low price , so almost everyone can buy it;
  • With the help of an ottoman in the apartment, an extra couple of square meters are saved , since this type of furniture combines the properties of both a sofa and a bed;
  • It is very comfortable because it has no joints or seams;
  • This furniture is universal and, moreover, fits perfectly into any interior design, but it will look most interesting in an oriental style interior;
  • Another advantage is its practicality.


  • In a manual ottoman, it is very difficult to lift the mattress, especially if its frame is made of wood. This can be difficult for both young and old people;
  • In spring models, the springs themselves are very often stretched, which must be changed at regular intervals;
  • Gas models are more durable , their warranty period is 5 years. But not everyone can afford it, since the price is quite high.


The ottoman is very versatile as it can be placed in any room and even in any corner, which significantly saves space. In the modern market there is a huge selection of this furniture, depending on the taste preferences of each person. They differ in colors, designs and types, which should be mentioned:

  • One and a half sleeping. Such an ottoman will look harmonious both in the bedroom and in the living room. It is versatile, since you can relax on it during the day and use it as a sleeping place at night. In addition, it is equipped with armrests and a comfortable headboard.
  • Eurotachta. The Eurotachment does not have a specific mechanism that can break. With the help of reliable guides and rollers, it easily moves from one place to another. The technique of unfolding the Euro-mahta is very simple: you just need to remove the seat with the pillows, roll it out onto yourself and lower the back. And the orthopedic model with an independent spring block will provide everyone with a healthy sleep.
  • Transformer . If there is very little space in the apartment, a transforming ottoman will come to the rescue. It has many subspecies, referred to as: hypertransformer, book, eurobook, accordion and clamshell. Each of them has many features and benefits that fulfill a single mission - saving space.
  • With a back . This couch has a fixed mattress. It is quite comfortable and practical, besides, it will perfectly fit both in the bedroom and living room, and in the kitchen. It can be noted that there is a kind of ottoman with three backs, one of which is located at the back, and the other two are mirrored. It is usually meant for one person. The backs are decorated with carved wood, and they add sophistication and sophistication to the furniture.
  • Roll-out . With the help of a retractable mechanism, the single ottoman is converted into a double one. The lower drawer slides out, another mattress is laid out on top of it, thus, exactly two berths are obtained, which are located at different levels. This couch is a great place to accommodate guests.

You can see the mechanism of transformation of a roll-out couch using the London model as an example in the video below:


An ottoman sofa is a popular type of furniture. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to improve and modernize models, making them more comfortable. In order to make the right choice when buying, you need to consider how many people this furniture is intended for. Depending on this, the dimensions of such a structure also vary. For example, an ottoman 90x200, 110x200, 120x200 and 140x200 cm will be an excellent alternative to an ordinary sofa, and, despite its compactness, it can replace a bed and will perfectly fit into the interior design.

There is such a type of ottoman as a minitakhta, which can be found in any room. For example, it is perfect for a child's room. On such a non-standard miniature ottoman, the child will feel comfortable even just playing with toys. In addition, such mini options for children do not take up much space and fit perfectly into the interior. On such an ottoman you can place your child's favorite toys, or order special upholstery with characters from various cartoons.

A teenage ottoman will provide him with a healthy and sound sleep, since it has a comfortable design and, if desired, is equipped with orthopedic mattresses. The main aspect is the versatility of the product. Built-in drawers will help to fit various items, and comfortable armrests and a soft backrest will add convenience.

The most practical and comfortable is the 2-bed ottoman. Thanks to the ability to transform, it saves space and is distinguished by its versatility, since it immediately combines the function of a bed and a sofa.

A narrow ottoman can be placed in the hallway, since it does not take up much space and, thanks to a rather narrow surface, will create convenience when removing / putting on shoes.

Do not forget that such furniture is made for both living space and offices. Depending on this, styles are also distinguished, ranging from classic to modern.


Upholstered furniture such as a sofa or ottoman should be made of quality wood, premium upholstery fabric or natural flooring material. In order to make sure of the absolute quality of the purchased furniture, it is necessary to consider the main components from which it is made.


The wooden frame of the ottoman is usually made from solid wood, mainly pine or spruce. More expensive models are made of ash, oak or beech. As a rule, special attention is paid to wood moisture. If the frame is made of raw material, then over time it will begin to shrink and lean to the side. The withdrawable mechanism will begin to wedge over time.

Humidity does not affect the forged metal ottoman in any way. Its basis - the frame, legs and back, are completely made of metal, so this structure can be installed in any room. Forged furniture can have inserts made of other materials. An example would be a seat, which must be soft. The color and texture solution of this design is usually matched to the interior design, making it refined and sophisticated.


The most important part of the ottoman is, of course, the upholstery. It is to her that a person pays attention in the first place, comparing the option of interest with the design of the room. Let's take a closer look at the main upholstery options:

  • The button tightening is now widely used, thanks to the interesting appearance that it gives to the ottoman;
  • Hos Aubin popular fabric upholstery , which offers a variety of species.
  • It is impossible not to mention the leather trim , because it is she who is an indicator of a high position. It, unlike leatherette, is very strong, durable, wear-resistant and, moreover, has a pleasant-to-touch texture. And proper care for it guarantees long-term use of such an ottoman;
  • Leatherette or artificial leather furniture has a rather aesthetic appearance, despite its low cost, in addition, it can be placed both in the bedroom and in the living room. For example, a leatherette ottoman in the modern market has a huge range of design solutions. It can have a different texture and palette of colors, you just need to make a choice. The only and key differences between artificial leather and natural leather are the quality of the material, wear resistance and durability. Its main disadvantages are temperature instability and flammability.

Transformation and lifting mechanisms

Basically, the ottoman is equipped with a gas or spring mechanism. The second is not practical enough, since it is not designed for heavy weight. The gas one is able to withstand more than 60 kilograms due to the built-in shock absorbers. But in order for such a mechanism to be of high quality, it is necessary to pay attention to what the frame and frame are made of. Only if the indicators are satisfactory, he will be able to withstand a heavy load.

In order to fully understand this issue, you need to consider the main mechanisms used in transformation.


Eurobook is the most demanded of all mechanisms. It is quite convenient and practical, since when unfolding, neither the flooring nor the ottoman itself is damaged. The principle of operation is quite simple: the seat rises, moves aside and falls, then the back rests in the place of the vacated space. It develops according to the same simple principle. For greater ease, the ottoman is equipped with specially designed handles.

This design is based on the movement of the pendulum, which is why it is also called tick-tock. When unfolding, the seat does not slide to the side, and the bottom of this type of furniture is equipped with rubber pads or wheels that prevent the floor surface from scratching. The main advantages of such a mechanism are ease of use, durability, preservation of the floor covering, absence of squeaks, the presence of drawers and a perfectly flat sleeping place.

Simple book

This mechanism has two main positions - a sofa and a double sleeping place. When unfolding, you need to take into account that space will be required to recline the backrest so that it does not come into contact with the wall. The mechanism is composed of a wooden or metal frame with springs or latex filler.

An ottoman with a book mechanism always has a lower compartment for linen, which is very convenient. It is necessary to lay out such a structure strictly in the middle, since if you take one of the sides, this will lead to inevitable breakdown. Such an ottoman has a reasonable price, good quality and convenience, since you can fit on it alone, without even laying it out.


This mechanism, in fact, is an improved version of the "book". It can be laid out on three levels - sitting position, lying down and relaxation position. Such an ottoman can have both a linen drawer and ordinary iron legs, bringing grace to the image of furniture. The back reclining back can have several basic positions: a place for sleeping, a traditional position in which it is convenient to watch TV, the surface is folded at an angle at which the back is completely relaxed.

This design, when fully unfolded, has no depressions and is comparable in length to an ordinary bed. It is also equipped with soft covers, which, if desired, can be replaced with a mattress or simply changed to more suitable for the interior.


Any furniture should have three fundamental points - comfort, quality and appropriate color. If it knocks out of the interior color scheme, then the choice was unsuccessful. The ottoman is no exception. In order for harmony to reign in the room, it is necessary to consider in detail several color options:

  • Monochrome. The ottoman must be combined with the walls, but have a different shade. For example, the walls are green - the ottoman is light green, or the walls are yellow - the ottoman is lemon, and then according to the same principle;
  • Neutral . If the walls are gray, white, or brown, the furniture can have the same neutral tint. But you can also combine colors. For example, put a gray ottoman against the brown walls;
  • Colored interior with neutral ottoman . If the design of the room is bright and colorful, a sofa in neutral shades will look quite balanced: gray, beige, white or black;
  • Neutral interior with colored ottoman. The colorless interior, made in beige tones, looks inconspicuous. A bright sofa-ottoman, for example, bright purple, can dilute this silence. With the help of such a contrasting spot, the room becomes more harmonious. Bright curtains in the color of the furniture will look just as impressive in the interior, which, undoubtedly, focus on themselves;
  • Combined . This plan combines the presence of several colors. For example, orange wallpaper can be complemented by a bright blue product or the same curtains.

It's easy enough to come to the right choice, but only if you decide what kind of interior you want - catchy or more discreet.

Brands and popular models

In the modern market, there are a huge number of firms engaged in the production of furniture. But not every company can boast of high quality and the same high demand for its furniture products. But there are also flagship enterprises that prove for a single year that their products are the best.


One of them is Ikea. It is the furniture presented by her that is distinguished by reference quality, since not the slightest flaw can be noticed in it, functionality, because every detail is brought to an ideal state and comfort, since the mechanisms have an orthopedic design.

It should be noted that furniture from IKEA, in particular, sofas and ottomans, are very easy to assemble, especially since they are accompanied by instructions that are understandable for everyone. It is in the store of this manufacturing company that you can find not only furniture suitable in design, but also interior items that emphasize the originality and sense of taste of the owner.

Borovichi furniture

Another brand that deserves attention is Borovichi-furniture. This is a Russian company that has achieved remarkable success in the production of furniture not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries, as well as Germany and the Baltic States. The high quality of the manufactured goods and the use of European technologies helped to achieve this success.

If you need to purchase high-quality, and most importantly, inexpensive furniture, you should rely on the Borovichi-furniture company, which is popular among buyers. It has a wide variety of furniture that will suit everyone's taste. Among the upholstered cabinet furniture of this company, one can note the leading models of the ottoman. This is, first of all, the Soft model, which is distinguished by high quality and convenience due to soft spring blocks.


The same flagship option is the Elegia, a model that is equipped with a lifting mechanism, and therefore, large spacious drawers for bed linen. The main advantage is that such an ottoman saves space and is not inferior to a sofa in terms of comfort. In addition, despite the huge number of advantages, it has a reasonable price.

Julia Lux 90

Model Julia Lux 90 also deserves special attention. It is she who immediately catches the eye of every person. The ottoman has a lifting mechanism with an orthopedic lattice, due to which even a child can feel quite comfortable and relaxed on it. Such a model will perfectly fit into the interior and will become its irreplaceable and integral part.

Stylish interior design options

Small spaces tend to limit the choice of furniture. In this case, an ottoman can help, which saves space as much as possible and attracts attention, because it looks spectacular and interesting. In order to harmoniously furnish a room, you need to look at several options for a stylish combination of an ottoman with the existing interior:

  • The neutral-colored ottoman is eye-catching as it is the premier piece of furniture in the room. It is in perfect harmony with the wall and curtains, does not stand out from the general style in terms of color. It is in such a room that complete comfort and absolute harmony are felt;
  • White color is a symbol of nobility and purity, the room decorated in it looks quite discreet, but at the same time very interesting. Attention is drawn to the olive-colored ottoman, which stands out noticeably against the background of other items. The main thing is that its beauty is complemented by high functionality, since the structure has shelves where you can put books or other interior items. This model is indispensable for a living room where you need to fit a large number of guests. It is not only practical, but also effective in its appearance. The neutral interior of the room, made in white colors, is diluted with bright contrasting spots that perfectly complement it, give it tenderness and freshness;
  • There are also interesting children's options for an ottoman. Such a model not only saves an extra couple of square meters, but also cheers up the child. Depending on his personal wishes, you can choose an upholstery with your favorite cartoon characters or just a soft cover in your favorite color;
  • The ottoman fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, making it light and airy. In addition, it significantly saves space, has the ability to fit several guests or a large family at once. This option is an impeccable play of colors, since bright plants in a vase and greenery outside the window bring notes of tenderness and comfort, which is sometimes so lacking;
  • On a small balcony, such an ottoman looks just great. She, like no other furniture, fits perfectly into such a small space and complements it. A huge plus is the built-in drawers, in which you can fit a lot of things that do not fit in the apartment. Such a small structure, a couple of flower pots and soft pillows will bring coziness, warmth to the balcony, and turn it into a great place to relax.