Do-it-yourself metal gazebos: drawings (33 photos): dimensions and design of garden metal options

Do-it-yourself metal gazebos

    On a hot day, you always want to spend more time in nature, avoiding imprisonment in four walls. For such a holiday, it is not necessary to go somewhere far away - it is enough just to go out into the courtyard, where a beautiful gazebo is installed. This functional addition to the site will be an ideal hideaway and at the same time a great place to meet friends. Creating a metal gazebo with your own hands is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To do this, it is enough to find all the drawings, plan the upcoming work and be prepared for all the difficulties that may arise in the process of work.


    Now gazebos are made from a variety of materials, from wood to plastic bottles. But the classics still remain relevant. The same can be said about metal gazebos. The main advantage of this design is, of course, its appearance. A metal building is usually complemented by decorations or wrought iron elements that look very sophisticated. Such a gazebo will appeal to both fans of the classic style and those who like to experiment and look for something new.

    A metal product can meet all the requirements of the site owner. It will organically fit into the landscape design and will be combined with all buildings in the yard. When building a gazebo made of metal, you can experiment with shape and design. There are designs that are square, round and multifaceted.

    In terms of decoration, everything depends only on the imagination of the creators. You can decorate the base with a variety of forged details, combining them with each other.

    In addition to the visual appeal of such gazebos, their strength is also pleasant. They are durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions or high humidity. Such a gazebo may well stand for more than one year. The rigid frame is very strong, and, accordingly, the building does not deform over time, and the base of the building does not sag.

    If you also cover the building with special means, then the gazebo will not be afraid of corrosion, or high humidity, or frost.

    Such buildings are mainly divided into two types.

    1. The first one is classic stationary buildings , which are durable and stand in one place. Usually, a good foundation is poured before their construction, and the gazebo is made as reliable as possible.
    2. Another option is a portable building . These are temporary gazebos that can be removed when moving or when severe frosts come.


    Elegant garden pavilions made of durable metal can decorate any suburban area. To install such a product, you first need to prepare a project. The preparation of sketches and drawings is a very important step. It is very important to calculate the dimensions of the future building and decide which gazebo will be installed in the yard in order to determine the amount of consumables used.

    Combined with the house

    Many owners now choose gazebos combined with a house or with a utility block. This is especially convenient in a small suburban area. If the metal gazebo stands right next to the house or summer kitchen, there is more free space in the yard. In addition, in this case, it is much more convenient to equip a dining area in the gazebo. To do this, simply put a table and a couple of chairs or benches under the canopy.

    Combined gazebos are attached to the base of the house. It is even easier to cope with this task than with the construction of a full-fledged frame.


    If you do not want an iron or metal suburban building to be joint with the house, you can put it separately. It can be located in the garden or in the center of the yard. In this case, it is worth choosing the option that will become a real decoration of the site.

    This type of gazebo is usually made round, square or rectangular. The shape and size of the gazebo depends on exactly where it will be installed and how much free space is nearby.

    Unusual shape

    Many people want to arrange some kind of unusual building on their site. It can be an exquisite octagonal tent or a large building stylized as a boat, as well as any other shape that the customer can think of.

    The choice of the project is an individual decision. But it is worth taking it, focusing not only on what kind of gazebos you like and dislike outwardly, but also on whether a certain type of construction is suitable for the existing conditions.


    The design of the gazebo also plays a very important role. When working with metal, you can be inspired by different stylistic directions. The building can be decorated in a minimalist style, or decorated so that it looks like a full-fledged architectural structure. This moment is determined by taste and budget.

    The easiest option is to decorate the building with wrought iron elements. It is very difficult to create such decorative details with your own hands, and this is a task that requires tremendous skill, but you can buy beautiful blanks or make them to order. Almost any craftsman can handle the creation of individual forged parts.

    Summer garden structures for a summer residence can also be decorated with textiles. To do this, you can choose light curtains or full awnings.

    Natural flowers can also be used as decorative elements. The stylization under the pergola looks the most beautiful. For this, climbing plants, such as wild grapes, are needed in the selected part of the yard. This kind of plant will braid the whole gazebo in just a couple of years, and it will look truly fabulous. Another option is to decorate the building with colorful potted flowers.

    Installation and construction

    Making a gazebo from metal with your own hands is a task that not everyone can cope with, so it will not hurt to repeat the step-by-step instructions for building such a structure once again.

    Choice of materials

    In order to build a beautiful gazebo, you first need to select the necessary tools.

    First of all, you need to choose the material that is used to create the base of the building. As a rule, these are metal pipes. They can be hollow, with a square or rectangular section, or profiled. The second option is used more often. It is recommended to select strong profile pipes. Ideally, the wall thickness should be at least two millimeters. By the way, when buying pipes, it is worth considering the fact that the cost of the material also depends on their weight. The heavier the profile pipe, the more expensive it will cost.

    Next, you need the brackets that are used for installation, metal rods, and the material that is used for sheathing the roof, and in some cases, the walls. To work with metal, you will also need tools such as a grinder, a hammer drill and a building level, with which you can check how smooth the lines and edges are.

    Create a pipe frame

    Summer gazebos made of profiled pipes are a fairly common option. Ideally, they should be installed, if not on a full-fledged foundation, then on a strip foundation base. The frame of such a building is easy to make with your own hands, while it is not much more difficult to disassemble at the onset of autumn and hide it until warm times.

    From above, this frame is covered with either a bright fabric cover or a special moisture-resistant fabric that can withstand bad weather conditions. Welding a frame from individual iron pipes is not difficult. You need to decide on the shape of the gazebo, measure the location of the pipes using a corner or level and weld all the individual parts. Such a simple instruction allows you to create homemade metal gazebos even for those who are completely far from the world of construction work.

    Choosing a suitable site

    In order to build a beautiful gazebo, it is very important to be able to choose the ideal place where it will be installed. This is not difficult to do, the main thing is to focus on your own needs. The gazebo should be located where it will be convenient for the whole family to relax. It is for this reason that very often the welded structure is located either in the center of the site, or in a prominent place.

    The next important point is the search for the ideal building parameters. The gazebo should be neither too big nor too small. It is easiest to determine the parameters yourself, given your height. The standard option is a two meter high building. The width depends on how many people should be comfortable inside the gazebo. And, of course, this parameter is often limited by its capabilities, since it will not be possible to arrange a huge metal tent in a small area.

    When everything is already clear with the size of the gazebo, you can proceed to preparing the territory. To do this, you just need to clear the entire area of ​​debris and vegetation. After that, ideally, you need to fill the area with sand and, flooding with water, tamp it well. This simple preparation process ensures that the gazebo stays level and doesn't sag.

    Roof work

    It has already been said about working with a metal base, so it's time to talk about the roof. It must be durable and of high quality. This is important, since rainy weather is not uncommon in our country.

    The roof can be made of profiled sheet or polycarbonate. Plating with such a material is not difficult. The easiest option is to simply lay the sheets on the frame and secure them with self-tapping screws. If you want to add originality to the building, you can bend or twist the edges of the sheets, giving them an unusual shape.

    Tips & Tricks

    Finally, it is worth talking about additional tips that experts give to those who are just going to build a gazebo from metal with their own hands.

    First, you need to be prepared for the fact that all metal parts are assembled by hand. If a temporary building is being made, and not a stationary one, then it is better to select the appropriate types of fasteners. Typically, this is a reusable connection that can be easily disassembled and reattached.

    Secondly, you can buy blanks instead of making individual parts with your own hands. This makes the work so easy that the entire process can be completed in just 40 minutes, maximum - in an hour.

    And, finally, if you still cannot make the gazebo yourself, it is better not to waste your time and materials, but to contact the specialists. In almost any workshop, the frame of a metal gazebo will be made in a couple of days, asking for a little money for the work. Decoration, of course, will cost more and take longer.

    Beautiful examples

    There are many beautiful examples of gazebos, suitable for both huge lots and compact courtyards.

    The first example is a small gazebo that can decorate almost any site. It looks simple enough and doesn't take up much space. Inside there is a table and benches where the family can gather for barbecue or just spend summer evenings.

    Another option, on the contrary, is distinguished by special luxury. This is a beautiful building in which the metal base is elegantly decorated with textiles. Inside the round gazebo is a table with chairs to match the metal base. Along the entire perimeter, the gazebo is fenced with a low ornate metal fence, and the round roof makes the structure really look like an oriental tent. Such a gazebo will decorate the site in a classic or oriental style. It looks great both surrounded by a huge amount of green space, and on a deserted courtyard.

    The last gazebo is very simple and cheap. The metal base is complemented by a light transparent roof. There is no need to waste time and money on pouring the foundation or finishing the walls and doorway. At the same time, the design looks very elegant due to the forged elements on the fence and pillars.

    A metal gazebo with your own hands is always something original and beautiful. Knowing the basic rules and taking into account all the recommendations, you can easily create such a structure even on your own, decorating a site of any size and shape in just a couple of days.

    For information on how to properly make a metal gazebo with your own hands, see the next video.