Table by the window in the nursery (40 photos): a writing and working tabletop with shelves along the window in a room for two children

Table by the window in the interior of the children's room

    The location of the desk by the window in the children's room is not at all a stylish design solution, but a manifestation of care for the child's eyesight. Getting enough daylight into your work area can help reduce eye fatigue during extended sessions.

    Benefits of a table by the window

    Artificial lighting will never compare with daylight in its benefits for the human body:

    • natural light has a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
    • promotes the production of vitamin D;
    • maintains clarity and health of vision;
    • gives a charge of positive energy.

    Lighting plays an important role in the development of visual perception of a growing organism. And new trends in design allow you to combine business with pleasure. For example, combine a desk with a windowsill. Modern window blocks perfectly retain heat and protect from extraneous noise from the street. This means that a study table instead of a window sill along the window will be not only comfortable and well-lit, but also a safe place to study.

    What to look for?

    A few rules to consider when creating a countertop near a window.

    • If the windows face the sunny side, it is necessary to purchase blinds or curtains to adjust the light intensity.
    • Thinking over the table under the window, you need to take into account the heating battery under it. So that it does not interfere with moving the furniture close to the window.
    • Installing a countertop instead of buying a window sill and a desk separately will help save space and money.
    • The table should not be too wide so that it is convenient to open the window sashes to ventilate the room.

    The table by the window in the nursery can be equipped with shelves for books and drawers for stationery. A large table top will allow you to place everything you need for board games and exciting learning new and unknown on it.

    Table for two children in one nursery

    A window seat is ideal for setting up a work area for two children living in the same nursery. The spacious table can be divided into two halves, each with shelves for individual use. Thus, each young tenant in the room will get his own working corner. In the course of classes, children will not interfere with each other, and the material will be assimilated much easier. A writing desk built into a window niche instead of a window sill is unrealistic to purchase in a furniture store. Such designs are made exclusively to order according to individual measurements. Most often, they order a long corner model that combines the study and computer areas and has space for storing everything you need for classes.

    The window in front of the table does not need to be covered with curtains. Otherwise, the meaning of the location of the table by the window is lost. Maximum - translucent tulle on the hooks or light roman blinds that rise in the daytime to allow light to enter the room. Models built into the window sill can be absolutely any design. Everyone decides individually which parameters and materials to use for making the table.

    The form

    Thinking over a model of a table to order, first of all, you need to proceed from the shape and area of ​​the room where one or two children live.

    There are several standard but interesting solutions.

    • A long table top extending along the length of the window sill or occupying the entire wall space along the window.
    • Corner model, advantageous in small rooms with irregular shapes.
    • Oval writing desk. A stylish move for spacious rooms in which there is no need to save square meters.

    The variant of the corner arrangement of the table allows you to add a convenient pencil case for books and souvenirs to the design. It is also often equipped with a wardrobe and shelves for equipment. Schoolchildren will need shelves for a printer, keyboard and system unit. For kids - drawers on wheels for storing and sorting toys.

    Design and colors

    Having decided on the design, it is time to choose the color of the facades of the future table. There are many separate ready-made solutions for a girl and a boy. But you can take the initiative and create a unique object for classes by the window. Where it will be most convenient and pleasant for your child to do all their business.

    Girls are most often happy with delicate, pastel shades or bright drawings on the facades and glass of cabinets and drawers in the table. Peach, white, mint, cream, pink and turquoise colors are preferred. Or the compatibility of these colors in one set of furniture. Models made of natural wood, not painted in any of the listed colors, are also often chosen when arranging a desk in a girls' room.

    Natural wood has a unique natural pattern and does not need additional decor. In addition, you can add grace to a girlish set not only with the help of color, but also with beautiful accessories and decorative elements. The frosted glass in the door of the bookcase looks beautiful using the sandblasting technique, decorated with a delicate pattern or intricate ornament. Flower-shaped drawer handles or similar embossing on the front is a great step that any little princess or growing schoolgirl will appreciate.

    Boys also prefer the natural color of wooden facades or the bright, rich shades of olive, blue, blue, orange and gray. Their tables often resemble pirate ships and space rockets. And older children make a choice in favor of minimalist forms and calm, discreet shades. By complementing such a workspace with a comfortable chair, you can easily organize a favorite place for a teenager's free time. When planning the design of a table in a children's room, in any case, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of the child and his hobbies. Then he will be engaged with pleasure and benefit.

    Designer Tips

    Before you go to the store at the table or order it from the master, in addition to the quality of the product, you need to take into account such data as the gender of the child, his age, height and preferences. The color scheme of furniture facades and countertops also matters. Colors can have an impact on the child's psyche. What shade prevails in the space will directly affect the mood and performance of the child.

    The children's table is staffed according to the age of the student. For preschoolers, simple models in the form of a table top and several drawers and shelves for books and board games are preferred. The school work area is given maximum attention. Every 10 cm of space is carefully planned. After all, they can usefully accommodate a lot of the necessary elements for a growing person. When decorating a working area, the presence of green will benefit learning. Especially if they are soft shades of green. Also, experts recommend, if possible, arrange a desk in the northeastern part of the room. It is believed that it is in this area that the sector of knowledge and wisdom is located.

    For the same reasons, it is better that the child is not facing a blank wall during class. A table opposite a window or balcony is a great option for gaining knowledge without psychological barriers and obstacles, for the flow of positive energy from the external space. A corner study table by the window will save space and make it possible to rationally arrange bookshelves and drawers for the necessary accessories at arm's length. Design ideas for decorating the school area will be an excellent stimulus for learning new things in the world of science and the world around you.

    Quality of furniture for children

    The table you choose must meet high quality standards and be environmentally friendly. This will help the child grow up not only smart but healthy as well. When purchasing furniture for a child's work, preference should be given to natural materials. The furniture should not emit strong and unpleasant odors. On the plastic table, you must take a quality certificate from the seller. All parts must be safe, cuts - processed, without sharp edges. The fittings are reliable, the drawers are easy to slide out, the table top is smooth to the touch. The paint is abrasion resistant and non-toxic.

    Table selection according to the child's height

    Please note that the height of the tabletop should be set according to the child's height. Otherwise, he will be uncomfortable studying at the table. In addition, there is a risk of incorrect posture formation.

    Calculating the correct height is easy using the following guidelines:

    • for a child with a height of 130 cm, the height of the tabletop should be 52 cm;
    • with a child's growth from 130 to 145 cm, a tabletop with a height of 58 cm is relevant;
    • if the child's height is within 145-165 cm, the table must be positioned at a height of 64 cm;
    • a teenager with a height of 165-175 cm will comfortably sit at a table 70 cm high.

    When purchasing a table for a child of a younger age category, during the period of his active growth, a height-adjustable table will be a good solution. This tabletop can be raised to the required height as needed. The chair can be chosen similar, with an adjustable seat height. Normally, the legs of a child sitting on a chair should stand on the floor, in no case should they hang down. Only with the correct seating at the table will you provide your child with quality classes and healthy vision and posture.

    For information on how to make a table by the window in the interior of a children's room, see the next video.