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Roster: what is it and what is it for?

The roaster is a popular household appliance and successfully combines the functions of an oven, microwave, bread maker and toaster. Its main difference from the listed devices is its miniature size, which makes it easy to place it in the interior of the smallest kitchen.What it is?The roaster is a compact household appliance, for the manufacture of which heat-resistant ceramics or stainless steel are used.

Vanilla kitchens

Every housewife dreams of an exclusive kitchen interior. Someone prefers calm and cozy shades, someone likes bright and flashy colors. With your own hands, you can create an unsurpassed and unique project using vanilla tone.Vanilla is the color of positiveVanilla is considered neutral as it balances between warm and cold.

How to use an electric stove correctly?

For quick cooking, you can use various household appliances, but stoves are still considered the main ones. Gas stoves are found in almost every home, but their use is not always convenient, because the cost of gas is quite high and there is always a danger of contact with an open fire. Electric stoves can be called safer.

Размеры газовых плит

Вопрос о размере газовых плит становится особо актуальным для обладателей небольших кухонь. Действительно, как же разместить семье всю кухонную утварь на 4 квадратных метрах в той же хрущевке, когда нужны шкафчики да полочки под посуду, кухонные полотенца и прочее? Вот и приходится зачастую руководствоваться при покупке газовой плиты не своими предпочтениями в той или иной фирме, а обращать в первую очередь внимание на габариты техники.ОсобенностиОсобенность габаритов газовых плит

Gas hob dimensions

Gas hobs have become an integral part of kitchen sets, replacing standard gas stoves. They blend harmoniously with the kitchen design thanks to a variety of sizes and designs, as well as modern control systems.Shape and number of burnersThe surface shape can be different: from standard and usual options to original design ones.

Electric oven power

The oven is a device that no self-respecting housewife can do without. This appliance makes it possible to bake various products and prepare amazing dishes that cannot be prepared in any other way. But there are various models of such devices, which differ greatly from each other, not only in characteristics and appearance.

Exhaust socket: where to locate and how to connect?

The installation of electrical wiring in the kitchen is not an easy task, because if the electrical outlets are not correctly located, they can interfere with the installation of furniture and equipment, spoil the interior design and even pose a threat to the safety of your home.The outlet for the exhaust system requires special attention.

Electric stove power and electricity consumption

When purchasing an electric stove, any housewife will definitely keep in mind both the options included in her kit and her energy consumption. Today, on every household appliance there is a designation of the amount of electricity that is consumed by one device or another, and electric stoves are no exception.