Entrance groups (83 photos): repair of entrance groups in private houses and cottages, production of a project, choice of doors in combination with design

Entrance group projects for private houses

    The facade of the house, and especially how the porch is decorated, can say a lot about the tastes and preferences of the owner. The ability to correctly design the entrance group will add a special flavor to the entire structure. There are many varieties of facade groups. Let's take a look at everything in order in our article.

    What it is?

    Structural parts of buildings are constructed taking into account certain functional features. Performing their functions, these elements add comfort to the inhabitants of the structure. The first thing that a person sees when approaching any building is the front door. The visual feel of the design is important to the creation of the experience.

    The service of installing and arranging the landscape of entrance groups is extremely popular today , and not only among private homeowners, but also among organizations and enterprises. For the latter, the quality of workmanship of all elements is very important, since they affect the reputation.

    Entrance groups to a private house or cottage are a complex of parts made of different materials using a specific design.

    If the elements are made according to all the canons, then they will create the right impression. Therefore, organizing the registration of these details requires responsibility. The design should not only be created in a single stylistic solution with the house, but also be safe for people entering.

    An important detail of the complex is the door frame. Doors must be designed in accordance with safety parameters as well as functional purpose.

    The choice of a successful option is responsible for the functionality of the doors:

    • swing;
    • radius;
    • pendulum;
    • sliding.

    The option chosen should provide maximum comfort for visitors.

    Another important structural element of the entrance group is a canopy. It is usually located above the entrance. In another way, this element is called oning. It requires a frame, which is then attached to the walls of the building and covered with materials. For greater comfort and safety, lighting is installed under the canopy.

    The canopy plays the role of a protective visor. For example, durable materials that do not corrode will save from atmospheric precipitation.

    The third element of the entrance group is a porch.

    This element has a complex design, but experts distinguish three main types:

    • open;
    • covered;
    • closed.

    Taking into account the main types, projects of winglets are carried out, of which there are many.

    Modern design bureaus offer a huge selection of entrance group projects. So that after the implementation of the chosen project in reality it is not necessary to make repairs, it is important to evaluate the structure in identical conditions. For this, there are special programs that provide clear visualization. You can also understand in more detail the existing types of entrance groups.


    The simplest and most accessible type for self-design is with a metal-plastic swing door. The structure includes a metal-plastic door and a canopy.

    There is no need for this option in the porch. The main detail of the project is landscaping of the area at the entrance. So that the swing doors do not interfere with the plants, you can also consider sliding options. For greater originality, the entrance facade, door and canopy should be matched in a single or contrasting color scheme.

    For example, designers strongly advise a white metal-plastic door to a classic brick facade. At the same time, it is good if the base is painted dark gray. The canopy in this design can be made of polycarbonate. The highlight of the awning will be the forged fasteners installed directly on the wall.

    A warm entrance group with a terrace looks like a more practical design option. A small terrace will serve as a recreation area, and in winter, a place for placing green plants that require shelter. There will be a lot of light on such a terrace if its roof is covered with polycarbonate.

    The rabbit will become reliable protection from wind and rain. Terrace finishing materials can be natural or artificial. The main thing in embodiment is compliance with the parameters of harmony. For example, professionals usually subdivide entrance groups by type, according to the location of the structure.

    For example, an entrance lobby for a store should be as functional as possible. Doors of such an entrance group can be hinged or sliding, but they must provide a comfortable temperature inside. Since frequent use of doors is planned, the fittings to be installed should be of especially high quality.

    Entrance groups for the suburban should serve as reliable protection. Therefore, in such a structure, a warm vestibule with powerful doors is often designed, which is made in accordance with the design of the entire exterior.

    Entrance loops for cafes and restaurants usually serve as an advertisement for the establishment at the same time, therefore, in such structures, much attention is paid to design.

    For offices and banks, it is customary to choose one-piece glass structures that emphasize the openness of the company. Hinged doors are usually chosen as they are intuitively considered more reliable.

    Oversized entrance lobbies are being constructed for hotels, as usually there are already large halls inside. Hinged doors are more often chosen, they are made in accordance with the general style of the institution.

    Design ideas

    Any construction starts with a project. The idea should be transferred to a paper drawing. The device of the entrance group can include a variety of architectural delights. Columns are often used for a residential mansion built over several floors. Architectural decoration will add splendor to the facade and indicate the wealth of the owner. The canopy and porch in a project with columns can be made in concrete, brick or stone. Marble or granite will look good.

    The glazed porch with a ramp is functional. The glazed structure will ensure the preservation of heat inside the room, and will not allow weathering.

    It is better to entrust the creation of a glazed entrance group project to professionals.

    Polycarbonate entrance group designs are very diverse. Today this type is used not only for summer cottages. Designers successfully combine this extraordinary material with various stylistic designs. For example, the complex looks great, where the visors are made of polycarbonate in combination with the landscape design of the minimalism style.

    For example, the idea of ​​a complex a la "fairy hut" is popular. Branches and tree roots are used as materials for decorating the porch and canopy in such options.

    The originality of the idea will be added if you apply a competent combination of light and dark tones in the design.

    The main types of the design of the complexes are convex and deepened. The first option is good if you need to advertise a place. Additional architectural elements will help guide the person towards the entrance. The complex will be more visible from a distance.

    The second option allows you to more competently use the space in front of the entrance. It will also grab attention. For example, the territory is often used for arranging outdoor advertising. Further, it is worthwhile to understand in more detail the generally accepted options for the compatibility of various materials.


    For the manufacture of industrial and private entrance groups are used.

    • Metal. This is an inexpensive option for arranging the entrance group. But in comparison with polycarbonate and plastic, it is heavier, moreover, it often requires additional noise insulation.
    • Glass. For the entrance group, durable safety glass is usually used. Mounts are usually used special. Before installing the glass, additional finishing works are carried out.
    • Polycarbonate and plastic. Polycarbonate and plastic are lightweight materials and can be easily installed by yourself. The materials themselves are cheap.
    • Wood. This material is a classic design option. The advantage of the material is its excellent compatibility with all other options.
    • Double-glazed windows. This is a great option for sound insulation, besides, it is also a heat-insulating material. It is easy and simple to maintain.
    • Forged items. They often play the role of decorative decoration. Sometimes these elements are designed for protection, such as forged gratings.
    • Private entrance groups are also made of brick or granite.

    When choosing materials, it is worth considering the features of the project, in particular, the purpose of the structures, as well as the functionality of decorative elements. All these nuances must be taken into account when choosing options for the stylistic design of entrance groups.

    Design options

    The entrance arrangement is very diverse in design. Particularly quirky options can be seen in private homes. When choosing a design option, it should be borne in mind that the entrance lobby should remain comfortable.

    The simplest design of the entrance is a porch with a plastic door and double-glazed windows. For weather protection, it is usually sufficient to provide a visor. The location of this option is desirable on the leeward side. Otherwise, double-glazed windows may collapse in strong winds. Another point is that the standard fittings in the elements of the glass unit are not very high quality.

    You can build an entrance group without a double-glazed window, but take into account a deeper visor, which will cover the structure by a meter or more. Another design option for an entrance group without double-glazed windows is a terrace. This is a separate recreation area that plays the role of a resting place. Heat-loving plants are sometimes placed on the terrace. If the terrace is equipped with double-glazed windows, then it will already be called a veranda.

    For the arrangement of the entrance group of a private house, wood is traditionally used. Modern protective equipment allows you to keep the wood in its original form. Painting will add unity to the building, and the color can always be changed according to wishes. The color of the plastic cannot be changed; besides, the tree is stronger, which means it is more durable.

    Wooden elements are easier to connect to each other, and if necessary, damaged elements can be replaced.

    An entrance group made of decorative stone is usually used when the walls of the house are brick or block. The stone is highly resistant to fire, and this material also looks quite beautiful. However, a stone entrance group will require powerful financial investments.

    Concrete has similar strength characteristics. Paving slabs look beautiful together with concrete. Above your head, you can make a visor with forged metal parts. The general view of such an entrance group will turn out to be no less solid.

    Recently, the design of the entrance group in the loft style has been in great demand. A characteristic feature of the style is free space (large area, high ceilings). The entrance group, decorated in a certain style, should not stand out from the general exterior of the territory.


    In summer cottages, in country houses, in recent years, you can observe beautiful ideas of incarnations, combined with landscape design. You can designate the entrance area as a connecting element between the house and its external environment. This is a private place that is usually closed. The fenced area is also characterized by laconic design in accordance with the style of the garden. Often the projects of modern designers reflect not the unity of style, but its characteristic embodiment.

    The old dacha style is characterized by some neglect of vegetation, is simple, has no frills. This landscape design is suitable for areas where houses are located in the depths. Garden paths are the decoration here.

    The entrance group is designed in the form of a covered veranda, which can be reached by a wide staircase. Among the arrangement of the veranda there is solid wicker furniture. Planters with petunias and geraniums, as well as fragrant flowering bushes planted along the wall will add special charm to the landscape arrangement.

    If the house building is made of timber, and there are trees on the site, then the embodiment of the Russian style becomes available. The main detail of such an entrance group is an open terrace decorated with carved wooden railings. A special highlight of the design is the area lighting, which is provided by street lamps. As a landscape decoration, containers with flowering annuals will be successful.

    Landscaping of the entrance area in the Art Nouveau style will add some extravagance. Flowering bushes are acceptable as garden decorations. The main element of the entrance group is the original patio.

    For lovers of modern combinations, a minimalist landscape design is suitable. Glass, concrete, metal, a garden with all kinds of lighting - these are the main characteristic features of the style. For the landscape in the minimalist style, cereals and succulents are used.

    These are the main design styles of entrance areas. You can arrange a simple version in the Russian style yourself. The main thing is to take into account the sequence of work.

    Work progress

    The stages of work are determined by the selected configuration of the entrance group. For example, for an entrance group with a wooden terrace, an important point is the arrangement of the foundation. It can be slab or tape.

    Installation of the first option is possible in two ways: with or without formwork. The arrangement of both options begins with marking. Then you need to make a pit, the depth of which will be from 30 to 50 cm.At the bottom of the pit, you need to install a pillow of sand and gravel, the layers of which are carefully compacted and moistened with water.

    If the method is not decked, then reinforcement is installed over the pillow, and concrete is poured over it. If the method with formwork is chosen, the course of work will mean pouring concrete in several stages. First, the pillow itself is poured, then the formwork is installed, and then the mixture is poured into the formwork again, which will have to wait for up to five days to solidify.

    The production and production of concrete is now carried out in various batches, so you can always order the volume required for your construction.

    If the proportions are not properly proportioned at home, it may be necessary to replace the structure, which crumbles during operation.

    Then the floor of the terrace is sewn up with boards, the frame for the stairs is attached, as well as the frame of the fence. The visor is installed last.

    Spectacular examples in the exterior

    The color combination of the entrance to the house often repeats the decor elements of the entire structure. A spectacular example is shown in the first photo.

    A porch with a small canopy is usually more functional than an outdoor patio. A well-chosen visor will be an excellent addition to the exterior design of the entrance group.

    It is widely believed that structures made of glass, metal and concrete do not carry any beauty in themselves, but only add functionality. Pay attention to photo three. Here, a very originally designed flower garden adds sophistication to the laconic entrance group.

    The fourth photo shows the design elements in the Art Nouveau style. Beautiful, original, not like the commonly used techniques, new.

    Choose the most convenient options for entrance groups for yourself, taking into account the characteristics of your site or enterprise for which you plan to install these elements.

    For the construction of the entrance group, see the next video.