How to print a photo on a printer? 15 photos 3x4, 10x15 and other formats, printing photos from the Internet and a flash drive of the required size

Printing a photo is easy. You just need to have the necessary equipment and suitable paper on hand, and also know the basic rules. Experts advise using color inkjet printers for such purposes. However, if the quality of paper images is not a very important point for you, you can print a photo on a conventional laser model. Let's consider the nuances of creating photos of different sizes in more detail.

How to print a 10x15 photo?

First of all, it is worth deciding where the images will come from. Direct connection of the camera to a printer is possible using PictBridge technology. You can also print from a USB flash drive or memory card inserted into your computer.

You also need to purchase the correct size and type of photo paper. When choosing the latter, it is worth considering the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer. To print a 10x15 photo on a printer, look for paper with the same numbers on the package.

Also, sometimes dimensions are indicated in inches - 4x6.

The process itself is pretty simple:

  1. if printing is done from a PC, find on it the photo that you want to transfer to paper;
  2. by right-clicking on the image, select "Print";
  3. in the window that opens, specify the printer model;
  4. select the paper size (10x15 or A6) and its type;
  5. decide how the image will be positioned on the page, think about whether you need margins;
  6. indicate how many copies you want to receive;
  7. confirm the specified parameters and wait for the process to complete.

How do I print other photos?

The process of printing photos of other sizes in most cases is also easy.


Before you print an image at this size, prepare it. As a rule, these are photos for documents. Therefore, you can use the appropriate graphic editor. The printing process is practically the same as described above. The only difference is how the image will be positioned on the paper. Usually, several small photographs are placed on one large sheet at once.

Don't forget about the preview option. This will ensure that you have done everything right before printing.

On several A4 sheets

Sometimes the image is so large that one A4 sheet is missing (for example, a poster). If desired, you can also print photo wallpaper in this way, although professional large-sized equipment is usually used for such purposes.

In this case, click on the image to open the print window. Then you need to select the equipment, paper size and type. In the "Layout" tab, check the box next to the word "Multipage". After that, you need to select "Print poster", set the desired parameters and start the process.

It is important to remember that only high resolution images are suitable for this purpose. Otherwise, the final quality may upset you.

You can also pre-use a service that performs not only photo editing, but also its division into equal parts (ProPoster).


    In conclusion, it is worth giving a few tips to help you take beautiful and high-quality photos from electronic versions.

    • When choosing between matte and glossy paper, consider where the photo will be stored. If it will lie in an album under a film or stand in a frame under glass, the matte version is preferable.
    • Regardless of the size of the image, inspect it carefully before printing. You may need to adjust the brightness and contrast, add richness to shades, remove some defects (for example, red eyes). Some modern printers have automatic correction options. If the equipment is not equipped with such an add-on, you can use graphic editors (Paint. NET, Photoshop, etc.).
    • Please be aware that the image may not be as bright on paper as it appears on the monitor. If you are going to print several photos at once, first take one test shot to check the degree of match.
    • Experts say that it is better to save images in tiff format rather than jpeg. This allows you to maximize the quality of your photos when printing.
    • Pay close attention to resolution. If you want to get high quality images, this parameter should not be less than 300 dpi.
    • Do not rush to insert the image into the album or frame immediately after the paper comes out of the printer. Leave the photo in the air for about half an hour to allow the paint to dry completely.
    • If you want to print a photo from the Internet, you should first download it to your PC, and then proceed as described above. You can also use another method. In this case, you need to copy the image, paste it into a text editor, and then open and send it to print.
    • To print photos from your phone, you need to install a special mobile application, for example, Dropbox. In this case, you need to create an account on the PC. Then you just need to mark the photos that need to be printed on the phone. They will appear on the computer, from where you can start the process.
    • If your printer has a Cloud Print Ready label, you can use any cloud service to print. You just need to register on it. If the equipment does not support this function, you will have to use a PC to connect the printer to your Google account. The "virtual printer" service will allow you to print files via the "cloud" from any device.

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