TV in the bedroom (45 photos): the height of the TV on the wall, tips for installation and design, placement options

The TV is present in most modern apartments and the options for its placement are endless. Some people prefer to put appliances in the living room, while others like to watch their favorite TV series while cooking or lying in bed. The TV located in the bedroom will allow you to relax during the day and before going to bed, so its installation should be approached with special care.

Do you need a TV in the bedroom?

There is no definite answer to this question. TV will be needed for those who regularly watch it and cannot see their life without watching movies. This is a great option for night owls who prefer to follow the life of TV characters from the comfort of their bed or couch. If a person prefers to watch movies and programs on a computer, then buying a TV will become a waste of money for him. This option is also not suitable for people with insomnia, since screen flickering will interfere with sleep.

You should hang a TV in the bedroom when a person knows how to accurately dose the time allotted for watching it. In this case, the possible negative consequences of such a pastime will be minimized. It is not recommended to abuse watching TV in the semi-darkness, as this makes your eyes very tense and tired. In addition, before buying it, the dimensions of the room are taken into account: the panel on the wall will visually “eat up” the space of an already small room.

At what height to place?

TV installation options are correlated, first of all, with the personal preferences of an individual person. Before arranging the premises, it is enough to sit in front of the place of potential placement of equipment and see where the eye will fall. This is approximately how the top point of the screen is determined, and its center should be located directly opposite the viewer's eyes. For convenience, hang the panel on the brackets.

What determines the location of the TV on the wall:

  • The location of the bed. The technique is installed opposite the bed and takes into account the height at which the audience will be located when watching films.
  • Height of other furniture. The harmony of the panel in the interior of the room depends on this. It should correspond in size to a sofa, wardrobe, bedside tables.
  • Screen diagonal. An overly large TV may simply not fit in a small room or visually reduce the space.
  • The height from the floor should be at least 1.3-1.5 m. The higher the TV is installed, the more tired your eyes will be, since you will have to constantly look up, and this is an extra effort. A block of sockets is located next to the TV, stepping back 25 cm from the bracket on which the equipment is installed. The distance to the viewer is several meters: it should be equal to 2-3 times the size of the diagonal.
  • The angle of inclination of the panel is also taken into account when installing it, since the picture is distorted when the viewing angle is changed. When LCD TVs are purchased, the exact height of the suspension is determined empirically: you should test several options for its location, and only then carry out the final installation.

Beautiful location options

Room design is the defining criterion at the stage of TV placement. The most practical solution is to mount the TV on the wall using shelves, metal frames, brackets. There is a cabinet or a small table under the panel. When mounted at a considerable distance from the floor, a long chest of drawers will fit underneath. It is recommended to choose solid wood furniture as it will look good with any technique.

TV shelves must be strong, capable of withstanding heavy loads, since the safety of the panel depends on this. Also take into account the ease of installation of parts and their performance characteristics. This is especially important in conditions of high humidity: the shelf must have an anti-corrosion coating. Then it will last a long time, and with proper design it will become part of the interior. The easiest solution is to buy a shelf in a variegated color.

If there is a niche in the room, the panel is installed there, since the competent design of the area with the TV is also responsible for the functional component. This allows you to rationalize the space as much as possible using every free centimeter. The panel will be in the same plane with the wall and look like one with it. This technique is ideal for a high-tech bedroom, giving it a touch of futurism.

Plasma panel installation above the door is not the best solution. First, a TV set too high is inconvenient to watch. Secondly, so the screen can glare. However, in a limited space, the solution may be the only one possible. In premium rooms, the TV is hung over the fireplace. So, watching movies, accompanied by the crackle of burning logs, will become even more enjoyable.

Tips for choosing

There are no unequivocal criteria for choosing the perfect TV. It depends, among other things, on the preferences of the person and his financial capabilities. There are many brands on the electronics market, each offering a different model of plasma display. They differ in thickness, diagonal, and functionality. Some choose miniature TVs, others cannot imagine life without huge plasma panels; in the latter case, the room becomes a mini home theater.

Popular TV brands:

  • Philips. A well-known Dutch company offering a wide range of products. The production of TVs is one of the leading directions in the work of the brand.
  • LG. One of the world's largest electronics manufacturers. The company is based in South Korea and creates equipment for a wide consumer segment.
  • Samsung. Another Asian company that has been on the electronics market since the late 30s of the twentieth century. The advantage of the brand is the sale of high quality equipment at an affordable price.
  • Sony. A multinational company known for the production of high-tech products. Due to the regular introduction of innovative technologies into production, the products are distinguished by a high level of practicality and are equipped with many modern functions.
  • BBK. One of the largest machinery manufacturers in China. He creates cheap appliances that are shipped to over 30 countries around the world. The brand's popularity is due to a large assortment of products and good quality for the price segment.

As a rule, expensive models are of high quality, so you should not save on buying equipment. On the other hand, when TV is not going to be watched regularly, you can completely opt for budget products. The same is the case with models purchased for summer cottages and suburban areas. In this case, buying a very expensive TV is pointless.

What is considered when buying a TV panel:

  • TV size. To select a suitable diagonal, take into account the available free space. It also depends on the distance to the audience: the further the panel is located, the larger the model should be chosen.
  • Specifications. These include the ability to connect cable TV, the presence of a built-in media player, the ability to connect a game console. An important characteristic is the presence of an intuitive interface.

A hanging TV is not recommended for a classic bedroom. They are mainly purchased for modern interiors. When the design combines features of different styles, it is permissible to buy panels with a not very large diagonal, made in a neutral shade case.

Wall decoration with TV

Additionally, you can decorate the space around the TV by fitting it into the interior of the room. When creating an accent TV wall, the area next to the panel is pasted over with contrasting wallpaper, lined with stone, sheathed with wooden panels of a different shade, or decorated with decorative plaster. The final look of the space depends on the style of the bedroom and the apartment as a whole.

When the design of the room is based on minimalism and simplicity, the decor next to the TV is absent. The screen is hung on a plain, for example, white wall, and it acts as a contrasting element. In this case, black lamps will also be appropriate, which will give the room a touch of conceptuality.

The TV, framed by a "frame" of wooden beams, looks original. Real paintings or photographs are placed next to the panel, creating a single ensemble. To create a harmonious, complete image for different objects, wood of the same shade is chosen, and the wall covering is made neutral: sand, white, beige, vanilla.

You will learn how to properly install the TV on the wall in the next video.