Family photo frames (32 photos): in the form of a family tree on the wall, models for several photos and collages

In the digital age, most people store their photos on digital media and rarely admire them. Photo albums made of paper and cardboard with plastic "pockets" have long faded into the background. However, there is a device that will allow you to beautifully arrange your photos and at the same time will not collect dust in the closet and take up space there - this is a family photo frame. Read about how to choose and place it correctly in the article.

Features of choosing a photo frame

When choosing a frame for photos, you need to be guided by several criteria:

  • the material for the manufacture of the frame itself;
  • what the glass is made of;
  • functionality;
  • design;
  • budget.

Everything is clear with the budget - everyone has their own. Let us consider the remaining criteria in more detail.

The frame can be made from the following material.

  • Glass is a durable tempered material. Such a frame is suitable for a photograph that captures a particularly memorable moment: a baby's birthday, a wedding. To make the glass last longer, you need to take care of it: wipe it from dust and fingerprints.
  • Plastic is an inexpensive, very fragile frame. May crack if dropped. And if the production standards are not followed, such a photo frame may have uneven seams.
    • Wood - such frames will add coziness to the house. They are durable and durable. The production uses environmentally friendly materials. MDF is specially sanded so that there are no seams, irregularities, and then paint and varnish material is applied.
    • Metal - metal frames are original, but also expensive. They require a lot of space, are bulky and not always safe.

      Whichever frame material you choose, the main word is behind the glass. After all, literally everything depends on the color rendering! It can be:

      • plastic - lightweight, does not break, but scratches remain on it, during transportation it can simply break;
      • glass - heavier than plastic, perfectly conveys the color of the photo, durable, but fragile; must be anti-reflective and acid-free.

      Immediately decide on the place where your family photos will be placed in the apartment.

      Perhaps it will be a Provence-style wall panel or cute tabletop compositions.

      There are two types of photo frames according to the method of functional attachment.

      • Wall mounted - equipped with a small hook on the back. To attach, you will need a drill and dowel or hammer with nails. Attach to a load-bearing wall, especially if the frame is metal.
      • Desktop - have a leg on which to hold. It is convenient and effortless to install.

      There are photo frames where these two principles are combined - they are with a hook and a leg.

      Having looked at a certain frame for yourself, you need to ask yourself how it will fit into the interior of the apartment.

      Types of photo frames

      The shape of the photo frame can be varied: from small desktop hearts to a huge wall multi- frame with an inscription.

      • A collage of photos looks interesting on the wall. When composing it, the main rule must be observed - do not overdo it. Height from 150 cm above the floor is ideal for collage. Choose a place - it can be a wall in the kitchen-studio or hallway. Place small photos at eye level, large ones above.
      • Manufacturers do not stop at a variety of frames and offer to choose a multi-frame that combines several photographs of different directions (vertical, horizontal) and shapes. The frames are interconnected by an inscription. For example, you can order the nominal phrase "Ivanov family" or the words-values: love, loyalty, support. Such a frame is presented for a wedding, anniversary of family life, the birth of a child.

      Photo frame design

      When choosing a photo frame as a gift for your loved ones or for yourself, remember that it should be combined and harmonized with the interior of the room, be its continuation. To do this, choose a product made in the same style as the home decor.

      • When purchasing a desktop photo frame, pay attention to the family tree made of metal (aluminum) or wood. It will fit into any interior. On a strong trunk, apples, hearts with photographs of relatives and friends are held. You can make the same tree yourself by drawing on the wall. It will be really great if you can trace your ancestry back to distant relatives, get hold of their photos and put them in a collage.
      • Multi-frames with the inscription Family are suitable for a gift to a young family. A heart-shaped frame can hold multiple wedding photos, and the white color of the decoration will not distract from their details.
      • The design of the photo frame can be supplemented by yourself, by attaching a plush along the rim or by laying out the lower part of the frame from pebbles and shells.
      • Decorate family photo frames in the children's room in bright colors - let it be the moments of the baby's birth and the most interesting moments of his life.
      • An interesting design solution will be an acrylic three-dimensional (3D) photo frame-sticker on the wall.
      • A small table photo with a wide frame and an inscription of surnames, names and dates will always be a reminder of the beginning of family life and significant events.

      How to place?

      When posting photos in an apartment, include imagination and design skills.

      Place several photographs of different sizes on the floor before hanging them.

      It is better to determine the place of each of them on the wall in this way than to get nervous and beat a myriad of holes.

      • On the wall with acrylics paint a tree with branches and leaves . On each branch, determine the location of the photo. Photo frames should be of different sizes but the same color.
      • Several small frames 10 * 15 in size, placed on the mantel, will add coziness to the apartment and will keep guests looking at them while you set the table.
      • Place six photos on the wall with "candy": the first photo, the next column to the right - two photos (vertical photos), in the middle three photos (horizontal), then again two photo frames, and the final one photo. All frames must be in the same style.
      • Family travel photos can be decorated with a nautical theme , with a blue and white frame. Frames should be of different sizes and shapes.
      • Subject photographs, enclosed in frames of the same color and shape, can form a geometric figure on the wall. This will fill the wall and make the interior rich and extraordinary.
      • Collect photos of your ancestors and style them in style . It is possible by "seniority" - from old to young, but it can be vice versa. Make the sun, where in the middle is the youngest (or oldest, if desired) family member, and everyone else is his rays.
      • You have a house, and there is a staircase to the second floor. Fill the space of the walls under the staircase with photographs of all family members, maybe even those where you are in non-standard, funny situations.
      • When placing photos near the sofa / bed / on the dressers, do not clutter them . If you love photos, but there is no place - just take an electronic photo frame. And when there are small children in the house - generally remove everything higher and wait until the child is 5-6 years old.

      Beautiful examples

      This section contains the types of frames and design solutions that we talked about in the article.

      • original metal watch frame;
      • just a family;
      • marine theme in a family photo frame;
      • collage;
      • posting photos "candy";
      • multi-frame with an inscription;
      • collage in the form of a heart;
      • placement of photo frames of the same shape and color to create a single composition;
      • filling the staircase space;
      • photo collage in the kitchen on the whole wall;
      • 3D wall acrylic photo frames stickers;
      • digital photo frame.

      See below for how a family photo frame might look like.