Tripods for a laser level (35 photos): how to make a tripod with your own hands? Overview of models from the Bosch brand and others

The maximum accuracy of the data provided by the laser level will help ensure the use of a quality tripod. It is for this reason that many are interested in the varieties and brands of these devices. No less relevant topics are the competent choice of devices and the possibility of their own production.

Purpose and design features

First of all, it should be noted that the operation of the considered measuring instruments provides for the complete elimination of oscillations. A quality laser level tripod will provide maximum stability. In this case, even minimal deviations that can negatively affect the marks will be absent.

Level stands are a special support or holder for reliable fixation of equipment. It is in this position that it is possible to achieve the appropriate accuracy of the readings. Many experts refer to the described devices as tripods because of their design features and appearance.

In practice, geodetic tripods equipped with special screws are often used to set laser levels. This type of device can be classified as universal. They are used when:

  • monitoring the implementation of construction work of varying complexity;
  • determining the parameters of objects under construction;
  • erection of linear structures (power lines, pipelines);
  • identification and determination of the scale of deformation of various structures.

Structurally, the stand for a laser level consists of a base and a tripod head. At the same time, budget models are non-collapsible. At the same time, professional devices allow the installation of different types of measuring instruments. An integral part of the fixture is the screw that attaches the device itself to the bracket.

Different models of stands can be equipped with rectangular, triangular and spherical bases.

    Universal tripods have a more complex design. This is a tripod, in the center of which there is a telescopic tripod with a worm gear. Thanks to these features, the specialist has the ability to change the position and direction of the central post. The retractable part allows you to adjust the height of the entire structure.


    As the demand for measuring equipment and accessories grew, manufacturers tried to expand their model ranges as much as possible. As a result, there is now a whole list of tripods for laser levels and levels on the market.

    It includes many varieties.

    • The geodetic tripod mentioned above , which is a specialized device equipped with a thread for mounting instruments. The main advantages in this case include a wide working surface, versatility and maximum reliability of equipment fixation. These tripods are used effectively for both indoor and outdoor work.
    • The Elevator Tripod is a robust device that allows you to handle levels with a lot of weight. Its main feature is the presence of a crank arm. Using the handle of this mechanism, you can adjust the working height with maximum precision.
    • Photo tripods , which are extremely lightweight devices. Their advantages include mobility, as well as the ability to quickly change not only the location of the device, but also the angle of inclination. The main disadvantage is the presence of rubber pads on the legs, which makes it difficult to use outdoors. An equally important point will be the inability to operate in strong winds due to its low weight.

      In addition to all of the above, there are wall holders (brackets).

      Another type of level fixing device deserves special attention. These are so-called spacers, which are an alternative to classic tripods. The principle of operation of this device is to move the equipment up and down the boom. The latter is installed between the floor and the ceiling.

      These telescopic racks are usually brightly colored with alternating orange and black stripes. This solution allows you to use the barbell both in the daytime and in the evening. The height of some structures can reach 3 meters or more. The racks are made of aluminum and have a minimum weight, which makes them easy to transport and install.

      It is important to take into account that the spacer rods are used mainly indoors.

      Manufacturers overview

      Nowadays, many manufacturing companies present their products on the market for tools, measuring equipment and accessories. Naturally, the leaders of the segment are such giants as Bosch . And in this case we are talking about the largest developer of power tools and electronic devices. For many, this brand is associated with traditional German quality.

      On the market, the company offers high quality tripods of various types, as well as rods and holders for laser levels.

      In addition to the German giant, other manufacturers also present their developments.

      • ADA Instruments is a company that started its activity more than 10 years ago. It was originally positioned as a brand name for diagnostic and measurement equipment designed for a wide variety of industries. By the way, ADA stands for ADditional Accuracy, which means “additional accuracy”. The manufacturer offers potential buyers models of geodetic and telescopic tripods and rods.
      • Condtrol is one of the well-known domestic manufacturers of measuring instruments for geodesy, as well as for construction and repair work. The main office of the Russian company is located in Chelyabinsk, and its products are sold both in the Russian Federation and far beyond its borders.
      • Chinese brand of power tools and accessories Crown . The company's products have been on the market for over 35 years. The developments of the representative of the Celestial Empire are supplied to more than 40 countries, including the Russian Federation. Since the distant 1983, the customer base of this manufacturer has been constantly expanding.

        Given the variety of accessories available, high quality AEG tripods can be found in some specialty stores. Despite the fact that these structures are developed for the installation of lighting devices, laser levels can also be fixed on them. By the way, the company has almost 40 years of history and today it is a part of such large associations as the Electrolux Group and the Clatronic Group .

        Another representative of Russia is the Praktika company , which produces, among other things, wall brackets. Now her products, including high-quality measurement stands, can be found in many stores.

        Manufacturers from the United States also do not stand aside. These include, for example, Dewalt , an American brand that specializes in the development of power tools and accessories.

        Tips for choosing

        The higher the class of measurements performed, the more stringent the requirements for the sets of equipment used. Based on this, special attention should be paid to the main selection criteria, including tripods for laser levels. One of the key points will be the material from which the device is made. Most often used:

        • metal (in the overwhelming majority of cases it is aluminum, one of the main characteristics of which is lightness);
        • wood;
        • fiberglass (fiberglass).

        Each of these materials has its own characteristics that should be considered when choosing a specific tripod model. First of all, you should pay attention to deformation under temperature influence. By the way, metal has the highest coefficient of expansion, and therefore it will deform under the influence of sunlight.

        The result of such a phenomenon can be significant deviations of the sighting axis of the level from the horizon.

        Wood and fiberglass fixtures have nearly the same coefficient of thermal expansion. Based on this, it is difficult to give one of the options a clear advantage. In this case, they most often rely on personal preferences.

        Weight plays an important role when choosing tripods. Heavier structures provide maximum stability. But at the same time, transportation is significantly hampered and the mobility of equipment is greatly reduced. Another important criterion is the features of the "legs" fixation mechanism. Currently available models equipped with:

        • clamping screws;
        • fasteners in the form of special clips;
        • combined elements.

          The use of models with fastening clips allows you to maximize the speed of work. In situations where rigid fixation of a level or a level is at the forefront, tripods with screws or combined mechanisms should be preferred.

          Taking into account all the existing nuances, the following basic rules for selecting the most suitable device can be distinguished:

          • with increased requirements for accuracy, heavy models made of fiberglass or wood will be a priority;
          • if maximum mobility of the entire structure is required, then it would be wiser to choose aluminum tripods equipped with clips;
          • if there is a level with a compensator, you can be guided solely by preferences, taking into account financial capabilities.

              Naturally, the list of key criteria includes product quality. In this case, it is worth focusing on the tripod manufacturer. Experienced professionals prefer to use proven and proven products from market leaders. These tripods and holders are certainly expensive to purchase. However, their performance and durability will fully pay off all financial costs.

              How to do it?

              As noted above, high-quality devices from famous brands will not be affordable for everyone. You can reduce costs by purchasing Chinese models, which are significantly inferior to them in quality and basic characteristics. But do not forget about the possibility of making the necessary structure with your own hands. A homemade tripod can be assembled in several ways, namely:

              • equipped with fasteners in the form of magnets;
              • using the so-called cross-tripods;
              • using belts for fixing devices.

              One of the simplest and lowest cost options is to use a conventional camera or camera tripod. If such a device is available, it remains only to adapt it to the installation of the laser level. An equally simple way would be to independently make a tripod with a platform for a leveling from any materials. The main requirement in this case will be the stability of the entire structure.

              A telescopic rod can be made independently and at relatively low cost. This will require two tubes, the diameters of which are selected so that one fits into the other. One of them should be twice as long as the other. The manufacturing process includes the following steps:

              • cut the large tube in half;
              • from two ends of a smaller pipe we put on a large one to achieve a telescopic effect;
              • holes are drilled in the tubes onto which nuts are welded;
              • for fixing the components, thumbs with the corresponding thread are used.

              It is important to remember that the total length of the boom should be commensurate with the height of the room. In addition, it is necessary to take into account a small margin so that you can install the stand between the ceiling and the floor.

                  The most budgetary option would be to build any stable stand. It can even be a shovel handle with a stand made of plywood or OSB board. It is important to set this structure strictly vertically using a regular level or plumb line.

                  Operating rules

                  The main requirement when using a laser level is its correct installation. That is why at the preparatory stage it is required to pay appropriate attention to fixing the device on a tripod. More expensive models of levels have a self-leveling function. In other cases, the desired position of the entire structure is selected by changing the length of the "legs" of the support.

                  Regardless of the design features of the device and the adapters used, first of all it is necessary to determine the installation site. We can talk about classic tripods, elevation models and spacers. The location should be such that the beams are not interfered with during measurements.

                  It is advisable to take into account the distance to all objects, which, if possible, should be approximately the same.

                  When using sliding models, make sure the legs are securely fixed with the screws. If the work is carried out outdoors, then, if possible, the legs should be drowned in the ground. In this case, it is necessary to try to give the platform for installing the measuring device as horizontal as possible.

                  When choosing a place for a tripod, it is important to consider the risk of the device tipping over, possible vibration.

                  If the equipment is operated on a solid surface, it is recommended to securely fix its supporting elements in any available way. Some models are equipped with special accessories.

                  The following video provides an overview of the telescopic tripods for the KACKAD T1.2 and KACKAD T1.5 laser levels.