Collapsible brazier (80 photos): folding and folding, prefabricated portable and camping barbecue, mini brazier in a case, made of stainless steel and tourist with skewers

Varieties and possibilities of collapsible barbecues

    In recent years, there are more and more outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor activities, because such a pastime is not only pleasant, but also very beneficial for health. When planning a vacation with a warm company, you definitely need to purchase a folding barbecue where you can cook fish, poultry, meat or even vegetables.

    Such barbecues are also called portable, travel, prefab, camping, folding or mobile.

    Design features

    The assembled collapsible brazier has small dimensions, the legs are removed from it, and the coal container itself can be easily disassembled into separate elements. The brazier fits perfectly in a small case or bag, which is easy to carry in the trunk of a car or even carry in your hands. A distinctive feature of such models is low weight, however, when purchasing a folding brazier, it should be borne in mind that the lighter the structure, the thinner the material from which it is made.

    Therefore, you should be aware that the products will not serve for a long time - thin steel quickly burns out, deforms and collapses.

    The following advantages of prefabricated models can be distinguished:

    • compactness;
    • ease of assembly and disassembly;
    • light weight;
    • low cost;
    • mobility.

    Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting a short service life. However, users note another drawback inherent in most hiking models: after use, under the influence of high temperatures, its walls often get stuck on the legs, the collapsible mechanism gets jammed and assembly becomes almost impossible. Attempts to eliminate such a problem with strong pressure often lead to a violation of the integrity of the sheet.

    Some users confuse folding and prefabricated barbecues. Despite the similarity of functions, they have a fundamental difference: folding models cannot be disassembled into separate parts, unlike prefabricated configurations. They are several separate sheets of sheet metal that are inserted into special slots in the legs from the bent corners.

    Experienced craftsmen prefer do-it-yourself collapsible designs. In this case, they are stronger and more durable.

    A quality brazier, made by yourself, must meet the following parameters.

    • easy to manufacture, without the use of special sheet bending equipment and guillotine;
    • wear-resistant, resistant to the adverse effects of high temperatures and atmospheric phenomena;
    • easy to assemble and disassemble;
    • fireproof;
    • made of environmentally friendly materials that do not emit harmful and toxic substances under the influence of heat.

    Types: advantages and disadvantages

    To prepare a delicious and fragrant barbecue in the forest, instead of 4 stones, which are not so easy to find, it is easier and more convenient to use a folding brazier. Such designs are widely represented in stores, and are also made by hand at home.

    They all fall into 2 categories.

    • Braziers-transformers - fold and unfold, however, the individual elements of the brazier are fastened together with one-piece hinges.
    • Braziers-sets are fully folding models consisting of several separate parts.

    Transformers are much more difficult to manufacture, since here it is required to hingely fix individual elements, as well as to think over the dimensions of the bottom and sidewalls so that they do not interfere with each other during transportation.

    In terms of external design and functional features, several models stand out.

    • With folding legs. This is the traditional standard type of installation, with a charcoal container and legs that can be removed. This model is a simple mechanism that is optimal for summer cottage use. However, you should not use it on hikes - with such a "trough", even without legs, going long distances is quite problematic.

    Such barbecues are often made in mini-versions, they are also called pocket ones. But in any case, transport is needed to transport them.

    • A brazier laptop is an interesting design, which resembles well-known computer technology in appearance and features of a collapsible device. It unfolds with the help of special hinge mechanisms, all work takes no more than half a minute.

    The main difference between such a barbecue and the usual design is that its firebox is made in the form of a truncated triangle (if you look at the mechanism in section).

    • Brazier-book is another popular modification, similar to a "laptop", but has a different location in length and width. Such an installation holds heat well, saves fuel and provides the necessary traction.

    For outdoor enthusiasts, both of these models can be ideal.

    • Brazier-suitcase - is a bottom and a lid, holes are made in each element: in the bottom - for air flow, in the lid - to protect it from the wind, and on the sides there are slots for skewers. The products are also made of galvanized steel. Additional elements are mounted on the lower edge, which fold back and serve as a support for the brazier.
      • Portable grill without a basket. In fact, the product is not a brazier, but simply two guides on which skewers are placed. Instead of a reservoir, a fireplace is made of stones for coal or a depression is made in the ground.

      From the point of view of mobility and ease of transportation, this is the most convenient device, but its use requires the expenditure of time and effort to find materials and equipment suitable for the hearth. In addition, in humid weather, for example, after rain, it is impossible to achieve the required dryness of the brazier, and lighting a fire is often simply impossible.

      The variety of models presented in stores for tourists and summer residents is striking in its variety. Here, each buyer can choose a model for every taste and budget and purchase the best option for himself.


      Collapsible braziers are made of metal. Most often, stainless steel is used for portable grills. This material is distinguished by its resistance to corrosion, therefore, it is stainless steel that has become the main and most popular material for the production of transitional structures.

      Depending on the thickness of the sheet metal, braziers are divided into thin-walled and thick-walled options.

      • Thin-walled models are made of metal with a wall thickness of less than 3 mm. As a rule, they are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Such models are distinguished by their low weight and low price. These installations are not intended for kindling fuel, as they quickly deform and burn out under the influence of open fire. Therefore, the wood is kindled in another place, and already hot coals are poured into the brazier, which prolongs the service life of the product.

      However, despite these features, their service life rarely exceeds 1-2 seasons, so this option is used, as a rule, only for hiking.

      • Thick-walled products are made from metal sheets with a thickness of 4 to 6 mm. These models are heavier, therefore they are widely used in the country. For the winter, they are folded and put away in a room for long-term storage. These products are often made in improved versions: they have a grill and barbecue grid, an adjustable blower and a lid that allows you to cook meat and fish even in bad rainy and windy weather.

      Less often, portable barbecues are made of cast iron. The advantages of this material are obvious.

      • Strength. The structure does not deform or crack when exposed to high temperatures.
      • Long term of use. Cast iron is one of the most durable alloys. This design can last at least 100 years and be passed down from generation to generation.
      • Rust resistant. Unlike steel, cast iron is less susceptible to corrosion, therefore it retains its appearance and physical and technical condition longer.
      • Profitability. The material perfectly retains heat and heats up rather quickly, which significantly reduces fuel consumption (coal or logs).
      • Fast food preparation. Shashlik cooks faster in a cast iron brazier than in steel products.
      • Aesthetic appearance. The design of such a barbecue can include cast elements that allow you to realize any ideas. The brazier can be made in national, modern or classical style and become a real decoration of the local area.

      Disadvantages of a cast iron barbecue.

      • Heavy weight. This parameter is of fundamental importance when it comes to portable channels. Transportation of such a cast iron structure can only be carried out by car.
      • Cast iron products are quite expensive - the price for them is several times higher than the cost of similar steel models.

      If this material is preferred, then you should know that it can crack from sudden temperature changes. Therefore, if a picnic with barbecue is planned in the winter season, then such a product should not be taken with you, since during the cooking process the barbecue material is damaged. It is better to use this design exclusively in the warm season. But if this still happened, then you need to warm up the grill gradually.

      Unlike stationary models, collapsible structures are not made of concrete and brick.

      Drawings and dimensions

      There are no universal parameters and schemes for making a collapsible barbecue with your own hands - everyone creates a model individually.

      The calculation should be based on:

      • the number of skewers and portions of meat that must be cooked at the same time;
      • the size of the trunk of the car in which the brazier will be transported in a disassembled state;
      • the growth of the "head chef" - a person who is most often engaged in the preparation of barbecue.

      If the experience of working with metal is limited, experts do not recommend experimenting with the dimensions of the installation. It is worth dwelling on the standard parameters adopted based on the traditional length of the skewer and the size of the side, suitable for the production of a sufficient amount of kebab.

      It is recommended to take the following indicators as a guideline:

      • Width - 30 cm (based on the length of the skewers, which is usually 40 cm).
      • Length - 60 cm (assumes 6 skewers, located in steps of 8-10 cm).
      • The depth of the side is 15 cm, and taking into account the grates - 20 cm (it was bred empirically - with such dimensions, the meat turns out to be evenly fried, and the cooking process does not drag on in time). If you focus on a lower height, then the meat may burn, and with a larger size, it may remain moist inside.
      • The height of the legs is 60 cm. It is sufficient for making the barbecue convenient and not causing discomfort to the one who is responsible for it. However, this parameter can be adjusted taking into account the size of the car trunk.

        Below there are several different drawings of prefabricated barbecues - of which every lover of tasty food can choose the model that will meet the abilities and capabilities.


        To create a collapsible barbecue model, some work skills are required.

        Traditionally, any outdoor grill contains several basic details:

        • frame - 1 pc .;
        • legs - 4 pcs.;
        • bottom - 1 piece;
        • boards - 4 pcs.;
        • grate - 1 pc .;
        • hardware.

        Depending on the wishes of the master, the brazier may have a different number of removable parts.

        The brazier can be divided into two groups according to the manufacturing method.

        • With removable legs. This is the simplest model to perform. It has a welded body and support elements that are inserted into specially equipped grooves.
        • Fully collapsible option. Such a model is the most difficult to make, since to connect the elements, you need to mount special mounting holes and fasteners.

        The most common are several types of mounts.

        • The walls are fixed using a bent corner. At the same time, holes are cut out in the racks of an even oval shape, and in the walls, the eyes narrowed from above in the form of a check are punched and bent. The bottom of such a structure is placed on a frame formed by drawn shelves in the lower wall fragments without any additional fixation.
        • The second method involves the entry of the sidewalls into separate grooves of all end walls. This method is more time consuming and requires the use of special tools.


        On the Internet, you can find many diagrams and drawings of collapsible braziers. Below is the simplest example: a transformer.

        First you need to make a drawing or download it from the Internet. It is worth remembering that all parts must be cut out of steel in strict accordance with the diagrams, since, otherwise, the transformation of the barbecue will be significantly difficult.

        Manufacturing technology includes several steps, which are described below.

        First of all, the lower part is cut out of a sheet of metal with a grinder, from all four sides of which "shelves" are bent by 2 cm. Thus, two sidewalls are made, only the shelves in them are bent from three sides: the top end does not bend, on one of the walls vertical cuts are made on top, and round cuts on the second.

        The walls are hinged to the bottom with screws. Wall-ends are performed in a similar way: in them, the shelves are bent only on the sides.

        There are three things to do at the finish.

        • Attach nuts to the bottom along the bottom. Directly the racks are made from a bar, a thread of the required size is cut at one of its ends.
        • The entire installation is drilled through in the central part, and a bolt is screwed into the resulting hole, which is reinforced with a wing nut. This is necessary so that the sidewalls do not come loose when moving.
        • A handle is fixed on the side shelf of the lower part, which will facilitate the transportation of the barbecue.
        • The legs are easiest to make collapsible. For this purpose, pieces of pipes are welded to the bottom, through which a U-shaped metal bar is passed. During transportation, these improvised legs are pressed against the frame, and during installation, they are stuck into the ground.

        If desired, the model can be equipped with a roof.

        Rust protection

        It is important to ensure the safety and protection of the product during storage: it is necessary to perform anti-corrosion treatment of the product.

        There are two main ways to protect metal from rust - painting and bluing.

        Experts recommend using baked powder dyes as a heat-resistant coating. To do this, the brazier is disassembled into separate elements and carefully treated with powder, and then sent to the oven for further baking. Such processing significantly improves the strength characteristics of the metal - the products become strong, resistant to constant heat and adverse weather conditions.

        However, this method is very expensive, and the necessary equipment cannot be found in every home.

        That is why automotive silicone enamels are most often used in everyday life, which are sold in stores for car owners. Such substances are used to paint mufflers. They can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees, so they are ideal for a brazier. The paint is available in spray cans. It is easy to use and does not require dyeing skills.

        The brazier can be painted with other paints, but they must meet a number of conditions:

        • be heat resistant;
        • contain anti-corrosion components;
        • do not emit harmful substances during combustion.

        All the listed parameters are indicated on the package. If the information you are looking for is not found, then this means that this is a fake.

        Do not confuse fire retardant and heat resistant enamels. The first is used on wooden surfaces to prevent fire. It does not withstand heat and under regular exposure to high temperatures can deform and crack. Accordingly, the substance cannot be used to create a barbecue.

        As an alternative to paint, you can use a heat-resistant varnish, the active component of which is alkyd resins. The substance perfectly protects surfaces from the adverse effects of moisture and temperature extremes.

                  The second way to protect metal is bluing. To carry out the procedure yourself, you need to disassemble the structure, degrease every part of it, and then boil it in a caustic soda solution (for a solution, water and caustic soda are mixed in a ratio of 20: 1) for an hour.

                  This is a long process. It requires compliance with safety regulations, while the room must be well ventilated, but the result is worth it. In the process of bluing, the top layer of the metal changes its structure, due to which it does not crack and does not lose its appearance for many years.

                  In the next video you will see the process of making a collapsible V-shaped barbecue with your own hands.

                  Finished models

                  Making a barbecue, especially a collapsible one, requires special experience in working with metal and technical skills. That is why most consumers prefer ready-made models.

                  The advantages of finished products are obvious:

                  • they do not require time and effort to design and manufacture;
                  • the price for them is comparable to the final cost of a homemade construction;
                  • factory-made products meet all fire, environmental and technical safety requirements.

                  The most popular models include products from companies from the Russian Federation and other countries:

                  • Grillver;
                  • Doorz;
                  • Megagrill;
                  • Alder Smoke;
                  • Onix;
                  • Forester.

                  Usage: tips

                    A collapsible grill serves as a real assistant during hikes, trips to nature and on trips. It is quite simple to make such a structure, but this requires at least minimal work experience and a set of necessary tools (drills, welding machine and grinder). Otherwise, you should give preference to ready-made models.

                    Correct operation, observance of the rules of storage and use of the barbecue will significantly extend its service life and will bring a lot of joy to all those who use such an attribute.