Projects of log houses (66 photos): drawings of chopped structures in size 6 by 4 and 8 by 9, hand-cut logs, options for wooden cottages with dimensions of 6x8

Original projects of log houses

    The design of log houses today has gained great popularity in cottage construction. It can be a small house or a spacious building with an attic and a veranda. The variety of projects allows you to significantly increase the design possibilities, however, such structures have a number of their own characteristics, which is due to different types of logs.

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    A blockhouse is called a box of logs that does not have a floor, roof or enclosing ceilings. All this is being completed separately. The shape of the log box is often rectangular, the walls made of wood are distinguished by reliable fastening. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, so a favorable microclimate will be maintained inside the structure, which is especially important for allergy sufferers and children. However, for the durability of wood, it will have to be treated with antiseptic, water-repellent and fire-resistant impregnations.

    It takes a little time to build a log house. The box can be assembled in about 20 days. At the same time, the project can be implemented independently, without resorting to the help of a construction team. Sometimes the walls do not require additional decorative finishing inside, which creates the desired color of the interior and allows you to save on cladding finishing materials. Those who are bothered by the abundance of the massif outside and inside have to carefully think over the design of the building so that outwardly it does not resemble a large wooden box.

    The disadvantage of some types of raw materials is the reduction in diameter towards the top, which complicates the joining of the crowns. In addition, caulking has to be done to reduce heat loss. Another feature of the main material is its shrinkage, which takes place in 2 stages : active (up to a year) and passive (all the rest of the time while the house is standing). Until the box settles, the interior cannot be finished. This can lead to cracking and chipping of the facing materials.

    The five-wall is a special structure of the log house. This box has a fifth load-bearing wall in addition to the standard four. In addition to the four-walled and five-walled, the layout can be six-walled. In this case, the six-wall has 2 transverse walls and one longitudinal, covered with a roof. In such houses, the place is located not only for the main premises, but also for household needs.

    The best gables (triangular or semicircular tops) are today recognized as low and wide , since they are more durable and are distinguished by increased resistance to loads. In houses, they serve as a load-bearing wall for an attic or attic. They differ in size and materials of manufacture. Usually they are built from planks, logs, timber. If the structure provides for the operation of the attic, low options will limit its comfort.

    Types of building materials

    Today, several types of raw materials are used for the construction of such houses. These include chopped, rounded logs, massive and glued beams. Each type of array has its own characteristics.

    For example, chopped logs are harvested by hand, choosing more even and high-quality trunks of spruce, pine, and larch. After removal of the bark, they can be subjected to additional grinding. They are particularly durable and have a wide range of barrel diameters.

    Rounded counterparts need milling in order to obtain an identical building material. Due to the stability of their shape, they are convenient to work with, however, they are less durable in relation to biological destruction.

    When a square or rectangular section is needed, a massive bar is cut. It is convenient in comparison with previous logs, since it is easier and more convenient to assemble such a box. However, pruning wood leads to a reduction in service life and the mandatory need to impregnate wood from rot, insects and rodents. In addition, such wood can shrink or deform during the drying process.

    Glued laminated timber is obtained by sawing logs into lamellas, after which they are glued together to obtain a material with a square or rectangular cross-section. Such material is durable, its shrinkage and deformation during the drying process are minimal. It is not subject to decay. The disadvantage of raw materials is their cost, which forces us to turn to more acceptable options for log material.

    For the construction of a building with thick walls, an uncylinded log is used. Chopped logs retain their natural characteristics as much as possible. They are more resistant to moisture, the center of their trunks is not displaced, this raw material is less susceptible to cracking. These logs allow you to convey the aesthetics of Russian antiquity.


    Design implies taking into account the required footage for specific needs. It is created before purchasing the necessary material, using a special design program or drawing a schematic sketch. The figure shows the footage of each room, its dimensions, the location of window and door openings, communication systems, as well as the placement of furniture elements.

    If the house has two floors, they think over the location of the stairs so as not to take up much space.

    The bathroom should contain a bathroom, a toilet, and sometimes a shower. In this case, there should be room for freedom of movement. Doors should not prevent users from entering. In the project, the height of the ceiling is also reflected. A visual design project will allow you to understand what exactly the customer needs and how the building will look in the landscape of the site.

    Usually, the creation of an attic is not included in a standard project of a log house. However, if the customer wishes, you can make changes to the architecture and add even a bathhouse or a terrace to the house. The rectangular shape contributes to a comfortable layout of the rooms. If this is provided by the design, you can equip the basement, using it for a boiler room, a sports hall, billiards. On the second floor, you can make a recreation room, a balcony and even a bathroom.

    Difficulties in planning can be created by the limited space for the building. For example, projects 3 x 3, 3 x 4, 4 x 4, 3 by 5 m will only accommodate the essentials. The smaller the usable area, the stricter the restrictions. You will have to combine a bathroom and a toilet, connect the kitchen with the living room, set aside a small room for the bedroom, or even settle down for the night in the living room.

    When a large area is allocated for a building (for example, 6 x 8, 9 x 9 m), it becomes more hospitable and comfortable. So, with an area of ​​10 by 12 m, you can find a place for a terrace, rest rooms, baths and even a garage. Moreover, all the amenities will be close by, which is especially important for a modern person. If a simple project is not designed for this, a house with a larger area can accommodate not only households, but also guests.

    There are several successful examples of designing log houses.

    • 6 x 4 m. With an area of ​​6 by 4 m, you can equip a kitchen-dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a vestibule inside the box. The project clearly demonstrates the location of windows and doors.
    • 6 x 9 m. In addition to the terrace, such a house can accommodate a kitchen combined with a dining room, as well as a living room, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms. In this case, the wiring of all rooms can be a hallway.
    • 7 x 8 m. An original solution with a terrace and a separate entrance from the side of the house. The ground floor can accommodate a dressing room, a sauna, a bathroom, a hall, a kitchen-dining room and a common room. The second floor can be used as bedrooms for all household members.
    • 8 x 8 m. An example of the layout of a house with a basement. The welcoming house is distinguished by a spacious living room through which you can enter the kitchen. Bedroom and bathroom have their own entrances. The entrance to the house is through the terrace.
    • 8 x 9 m. The layout of wooden houses 8 by 9 m with slight discrepancies can make a two-storey log house with a terrace, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, as well as an open space combining the kitchen-dining room and the living room hospitable. The convenience of the project is a demonstration of the arrangement of furniture elements.
    • 8 x 10 m. Such a house can be two-storey. At the bottom, at the same time, you can arrange a terrace, a bathroom, a large room for a living room and a kitchen combined with a dining room. Upstairs, you can equip spacious bedrooms or even a billiard room.
    • 10 x 10 m. The project with a successful layout of the rooms of a one-story house contains 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a technical room, a vestibule, a bathroom, a toilet, a hall and a small storage room.

    Design allows you to choose the best option, since you can look at several sketches for one area. For example, the same 10 x 10 m of a one-story house, depending on the enclosing structures, can accommodate a chic space for a kitchen, a dining area and a guest space. At the same time, the house can accommodate 1 adult and 2 children's bedrooms, as well as a bathroom and a boiler room. For the construction of the building, you can use an edged beam 50 x 150 mm.

    You can turn to a professional designer who will help you visually change the aesthetic perception of a house from a bar. For example, logs, chopped or rounded logs look great with metal tiles. In some places, you can highlight the facade with siding, decorate with landscaping, pick up original lighting that will give the exterior its originality.

    Tips & Tricks

    Projects of log houses look original, however, not everyone likes the abundance of wood. And the wood itself loses its expressiveness if there is a lot of it. To make the atmosphere inside the house comfortable for every household, it is necessary to reduce the number of wooden floors due to different cladding. Since wood does not allow the use of heavy materials for finishing, you can resort to lightweight cladding options.

    For example, walls can be decorated with clapboard, laminate, wall panels and slabs. The fireplace area can be played with clinker. This is a kind of alternative to brick and stone, however, the weight of the cladding will not create a colossal load on the load-bearing walls. With such material, you can designate a fireplace area or simulate a torn stone in a hallway or living room.

    In the kitchen, the idea of ​​national traditions can be supported by highlighting the apron with patchwork wall tiles. The cooking zone will look especially, while the wood will acquire great expressiveness. To soften the heavy wood effect of the Russian bath, you can paint the walls or ceiling with light-colored water-based paint.

    For wall cladding, you can use slats or panels with imitation of different textures. This material is simple and easy to install, does not create a weight load on the walls and is able to realistically repeat the desired texture to contrast with wood. In this case, you can choose panels for painted wood, plank, laminate, stone. This is an excellent material for decorating the ceiling, which often creates a gravity effect due to beams and a complex rafter system.


    Often it is the lighting that pulls or destroys the interior of the dwelling from the log house. It should be noted that the presence of embossed walls inside itself requires an easier approach to the design of the ceiling. For this reason, massive chandeliers with many shades, crystal and forging are undesirable here. All this is characteristic of the classical style with its craving for palace solemnity, which does not at all fit with the idea of ​​imitating Russian life.

    Of course, a dwelling should not resemble an uninhabited hut.

    It is better to choose pendant lamp models using the zoning technique. For example, it can be central lighting and illumination of the cooking area or dining room, bay window. This way you can emphasize the uniqueness of different materials and introduce an unobtrusive organization into the space.

    Beautiful examples

      Original ideas from the presented photo gallery will help to evaluate the design possibilities of log houses, whether they are options from factory or manual logs.

      • Playing on the ceiling and floor to smooth out the texture of the walls. An original choice of flooring.
      • Cozy living room with plasterboard wall cladding. Harmonious selection of materials for the floor, ceiling and fireplace ledge.
      • A slightly complex but original project with wooden walls and a stone fireplace. Complex roofing system. The interior softens the correct choice of furniture.
      • Sheathing of the ceiling with slats, an original solution for decorating a fireplace. The interior is diluted with decorative pillows of upholstered furniture and a stylish tea table with a glass top.
      • Stylish living room project combined with kitchen and cooking area. The use of materials of different textures allows the tree to look original, but appropriate and habitable. In such a room any household will be comfortable.
      • A painted blockhouse looks easier. It is harmonious against the background of a video zone decorated like a stone, a fireplace ledge and compact furniture.
      • The kitchen can be illuminated around the perimeter with single lamps. An example of beating the ceiling with slats and painting a tree. An atmosphere of lightness and comfort has been created.

      You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a log house in the next video.