Decorating the hall for the New Year (32 photos): DIY New Year's decoration ideas for the living room, how to decorate with crafts

New Year is the largest holiday in the world. It is celebrated by all peoples, adhering to modern and age-old traditions. Many people thoroughly approach the preparation of this celebration, choosing menus, outfits, inviting guests and, of course, not forgetting to decorate the house in the appropriate theme. In the article, we will talk in detail about decorating the hall for the New Year with our own hands.


For most people, the New Year is a favorite holiday associated with kindness, magic, bright positive emotions and colorful celebration. To tune in to the next year's meeting and create a festive mood, you need to think over the appropriate design.

When designing, you need to find harmony between all the elements. It is very important not to overdo it with decorations, and distribute them correctly throughout the room. The things that will be used in decorating the hall can be made by yourself and bought in themed stores. Don't forget about the symbol of the Chinese New Year. It can become the basis for the design theme.

There are many ways to beautifully decorate your living room for a celebration with your family or friends. Let's pay attention to affordable, and at the same time bright and interesting ideas for decorating a house for the holiday. If you think over the decor correctly, everyone who crosses the threshold of your home will have a New Year's mood.

Christmas tree

Spruce or pine is the main New Year's attribute in many countries. As a rule, this element becomes the center of the decorative composition and attracts everyone's attention. Balls, rain, garlands and other tinsel are used to decorate the tree, but an original approach is always appreciated.

You can use tasty and healthy decorations such as fruit and candy to decorate your tree. Confectionery in colorful wrappers combined with bright citruses and other fruits will look original and interesting. This design will especially appeal to children who can feast on treats.

Do not forget about the style of the interior in which the house is decorated. For a high-tech hall, a spruce tree decorated with futuristic toys and modern garlands is ideal, chrome plating will also look. Gold jewelry and elements in the form of angels will ideally fit into the classic direction. A natural spruce covered with snow and cones is suitable for any style.


Candles of various shapes and sizes are considered traditional elements of home decoration on Christmas Eve and New Years in America and Europe, but such decor is also in demand here. Various candle compositions are hung on the door, placed on the festive table, window sills, cabinets and other surfaces.

Candles can be placed on a stylized candlestick or simply placed on a metal tray. They complement the composition using Christmas tree branches, toys, crafts, cones, artificial and live fruits, as well as other elements associated with the New Year holidays. Candles can be dipped into transparent vases or glasses, pouring artificial snow and stones on the bottom.

If you are going to light candles, make sure that the details of the composition do not touch the fire. It is recommended to refuse such registration if there are small children or animals in the house.

Ceiling decoration

The ceiling decorated with "rain" looks spectacular, expressive and solemn, while the shiny elements are arranged vertically, hanging from the ceiling. Light streams along the glossy surface of the "rain", filling the room.

On sale you can find a thin "rain" or serpentine, ideal for such a design. The elements are fixed with small pins or transparent tape, but in the second case there is a risk of ruining the wallpaper.

Distribute decorations evenly, over the entire horizontal plane, or arrange compositions around the lamp and in the corners of the room. You can complement the decor with large Christmas tree decorations in the form of balls or snowflakes. Using elements in the form of a crescent or asterisks, it will turn out to recreate the night sky in the room.

Artificial snow

To create a winter fairytale atmosphere in the room, use artificial snow. They are decorated with forest beauty and compositions of fir branches. Given the rich assortment of modern stores, you can find artificial snow on sale, which is sold in a convenient aerosol format. It is very easy to use, and one package will last for a long time.

You can also make it from hand-held materials, for example, foam rubbed onto small balls. To create an original composition, it is enough to tie several coniferous branches at the base, gently smear the tips of the needles with glue, and sprinkle them with crushed foam. If desired, you can add sparkles, cones or Christmas tree decorations.

There is a way to cover coniferous branches with artificial frost at home. Prepare the mixture by adding 2 cups of salt to 2 liters of boiling water. After the liquid has cooled, dip the branches into it and leave for 5 hours. When the moisture on the needles dries up, they will be covered with crystals of frost.

Decor of individual parts of the room

When decorating a room, many often forget about important components of the room, such as doors and stairs. They cannot be ignored. Christmas wreaths will look great on the doors, the basis for which are coniferous branches, vines and cones. They decorate the item with details of various themes and sizes. You can find wreaths, supplemented not only with elements of the New Year's theme, but also with hearts, shells.

Large cans in traditional red or gold look impressive and elegant on a classic wooden staircase. A twisted staircase can be decorated with garlands that fall or braid the railing.

Don't forget about accepting contrast. Place dark and bright elements on a light background, and vice versa. Snow-white or silver snowflakes look great on dark doors, and a colorful composition will not be overlooked on a light surface.


If a large and voluminous chandelier is installed in the hall, it can become the centerpiece of the ceiling composition. Modern toys weigh little, so you can safely decorate the lamp with them. Place the balls on the same level or in a chaotic order, at your discretion.

On sale you can find New Year's beads of various colors, and bows, with the help of which any chandelier will transform into a spectacular New Year's decoration. Fluffy "rain" braided around the chandelier or light streamers hanging from the tiers will add volume and shine.

To slightly dim the brightness of the artificial light source, it is recommended to arrange a pendant made of wide satin ribbons or dense spruce branches. If the height of the ceiling allows, attach a large crescent-shaped figure to the center of the chandelier and lower it to a comfortable level where it will not be touched by guests, and at the same time it will be noticeable.


The most versatile, effective and widespread decoration for the hall and any room in the house is considered to be a garland. Iridescent lights that fill the room and shine on glossy surfaces will instantly create a sense of celebration and cheer up.

The use of such decorative elements is universal and varied. They are suitable for decorating walls, canvases, window openings, fir trees, doors, stairs and other surfaces. To make the garlands more expressive, they can be braided with "rain", on the surface of which bright lights will shine.

The range of models is varied, when choosing it is recommended to take into account the style of the room. If the room is decorated in a minimalist direction, choose a simple garland with small round bulbs. The model with lamps in the form of stars, candles or large balls will fit into the classic decor. The original garland in the form of incandescent lamps will be a great addition to the loft.

When using several garlands in the same room, make sure that they complement and harmonize with each other.


If large windows are installed in the hall, they must be properly decorated. Decorating with garlands is considered one of the simplest and most effective ways to decorate. They are attached to glass in the form of certain shapes or chaotically. In this case, the light will fill not only the room, but also the street, creating a New Year's mood both inside and outside the room.

If you wish, you can paint the windows with gouache in the New Year's theme or supplement with paper or foil applique. Watercolors are also used, but they do not provide the necessary saturation. The combination of several techniques at the same time looks expressive, combining the use of paints, applications, Christmas tree decorations and garlands.

Christmas wreaths can be used to decorate window tricks, but due to their large volumes and heavy weight, they are difficult to attach to the surface. It remains only to hang next to or cling to the window frame.

Thematic compositions

This technique is especially popular in the United States. On the eve of Christmas, compositions of figurines on the theme of the events underlying the holiday are installed in the house. From year to year, similar installations begin to appear in the homes of Russians.

A gingerbread house placed on a festive table, next to a spruce or other New Year's composition will add home comfort and warmth to the atmosphere. Not only beautiful, but also delicious decoration. It can be a fabulous hut in bright colors or a snow-covered house that looks as close as possible to the real one.

See the following video for several room design options.