Forged canopies (42 photos): awnings over the porch, exclusive products over the entrance, construction over the door, artistic forging of the canopy

Building a house is an important and crucial period in the life of every family. To create unique projects in different styles, professional artists advise using forged visors, which will help to realize the individual ideas of customers of any shape and complexity.


Forged canopies are a versatile decorative element that is made according to individual drawings, taking into account all the requirements of the customer and designer. Professional builders will help to create a structure in compliance with all technical norms and rules, and the aesthetic design of the project must be entrusted to experienced designers and decorators. Wrought iron elements on the facade of the building will create a sense of wealth and enhance the social status of the owners of the house.

The great popularity of the finishing material indicates the presence of the advantages of forged products, such as:

  • reliability and long period of operation;
  • strength;
  • high aesthetic performance;
  • the possibility of manufacturing according to individual drawings;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • the possibility of both self-installation and with the involvement of professional builders;
  • mobility;
  • the possibility of harmonious combination with different types of hotel interior elements;
  • the use of different roofing materials;
  • reliable protection against negative environmental influences;
  • wide price range depending on the complexity of the design.

Forged visors have the following disadvantages:

  • high price of hand-forged products;
  • the need to treat the canopy with anti-corrosion agents.


A forged visor above the front door is an important element of the decorative design of the building facade. The form, appearance and style in which the porch of the house is made shows the social status and aesthetic taste of the owners of the residential building. Modern manufacturers of forged products offer a huge selection of their products of various shapes and designs.

The most popular are the following types:

  • flat (pitched) - located horizontally to the base of the building above the entrance to the house;
  • arched - look like an arch, are used in combination with polycarbonate sheets;
  • angular - produced with different angle of inclination depending on the project and design solution;
  • gable - protect from light rain and weak wind;
  • tricycle - have a metal frame, protect against negative environmental influences;
  • semicircular - used for expensive design projects;
  • multi-level - has a complex design and a large number of bends.

By the type of fastening, forged visors are divided into the following types:

  • support - they are heavy, fixed on metal pipes or wooden beams;
  • suspended - lightweight, mounted on the wall of the building.


To implement design projects for the manufacture of forged sheds, builders use high quality materials from well-known manufacturers.

The canopy visor consists of parts such as:

  • frame construction;
  • pillars for support;
  • decorative details.

The frame is made of wood or metal. Strong and durable metal and galvanized structures are the most popular. In order to make a forged element of the interior, it is necessary to correctly and harmoniously combine parts made of different types of material. On the shelves of modern hardware stores, the buyer can purchase stamped forged products. The use of innovative production technologies makes it possible to serially produce high quality products that are not inferior to handmade decorative elements. Products purchased in retail chains are highly demanded goods with an affordable price.


The frame is the main element of the planned structure, on which the strength and durability of the product depend. The size of the frame and its parameters are selected individually for each object. Before you start making a canopy, you need to think about its shape and dimensions. The main requirement for the size of the visor is a complete shelter of the object from rain and wind, as well as a harmonious combination with the surrounding interior.

Professional builders will help you to choose the right canopy and make an accurate drawing. Manufacturers of forged products can offer the customer their own catalog of goods with the required dimensions and parameters. The use of special computer programs will help to see and evaluate the planned object. Forged items purchased in hardware stores have standard sizes and are selected in accordance with the parameters of the visor. Forged elements are also used to decorate and protect welded fences, gates for summer cottages and backyards.

Style and design

Artistic forging is an exclusive decorative material that is combined with wood, brick, concrete, stone.

To decorate the finished structure, designers use the following decorative elements:

  • lamps;
  • lanterns;
  • decorative plants;
  • elements with the image of birds and animals.

Canopies, consisting of forged elements, have the following area of ​​application:

  • decorating the porch of the house and the visor over the front door;
  • decoration of the veranda and gazebo;
  • decoration of gates and gates;
  • decorating handrails and lattices;
  • design of recreation areas and barbecue.

Forged visors are the decoration of all design projects. The design, made according to an individual sketch by hot or cold forging, is heavy and expensive.

Professional builders identify several popular options for combining forged structural elements with auxiliary materials.

  • Polycarbonate is a popular and practical option for unique design projects. The universal properties of polycarbonate make it possible to make awnings of different shapes, sizes and colors, effectively combine with different materials.
  • Metal gives the structure strength, reliability, durability. High decorative characteristics will give the room an exquisite look and aesthetic content.
  • Profiled sheets are used to create large structures. When choosing this material, it is necessary to take into account the low resistance to mechanical damage.
  • PVC. Long service life and technical properties are similar to those of polycarbonate. They make the material in demand and popular among builders and customers.
  • Metal tiles are metal sheets with an applied tile pattern. They are lightweight, do not require additional maintenance, and are coated with special protective solutions.
  • Wood is a flexible material that allows you to create structures of various shapes to decorate wooden houses. Naturalness is an undeniable advantage of wood.

Selection and installation

For a high-quality choice of a decorative element, the buyer must take into account such characteristics of the product as:

  • used material;
  • the form;
  • frame material.

The strength and reliability of the visor depends on the quality of its frame. Experienced builders advise making the frame from a shaped pipe. The section of the pipe depends on the load and the dimensions of the structure. The safety factor should not be less than 20 percent. To assemble the planned structure, all elements of the required pattern must be laid out on a flat surface and connected by welding. If the designer has provided for the use of volumetric decorative elements, they must be carefully attached to the product. The assembled structure is cleaned with a grinder and covered with corrosion protection agents. Before installation, the product is primed and covered with dark paint.

Heavy structures of large sizes are attached to installed support pipes, the size of which depends on the parameters of the canopy. To increase the strength of the structure with a pipe diameter of more than 5 cm, the empty middle of the support must be filled with mortars. Anchor bolts are used to fix the canopy to the wall, bolted connections are used to attach it to the supports. Only after installing the frame and its high-quality fastening can you start installing the roofing material. The choice of roofing depends on the individual requirements of the customer. The main properties are protection and aesthetic design of the object.

Beautiful examples and options

The canopy over the front door with wrought iron elements is an original and practical design of the building facade. Forged structures will become not only a decoration of any project, but also reliable protection of the house from negative atmospheric influences. For a competent and high-quality choice of design and material, professional builders recommend carefully studying all successful design projects, objectively assessing all their positive and negative sides.

A hinged polycarbonate canopy on a dark wooden frame looks spectacular on a sandy wall and reliably protects the entrance door from rain and wind. The design is robust and reliable.

A semicircular transparent structure with a dark metal frame, decorated with hanging lanterns, favorably emphasizes the uniqueness of the house, made in an authentic style. Dark wrought iron elements harmoniously echo the yellow stone wall and black shutters.

A wooden swing with a polycarbonate canopy and wrought-iron decorative elements will decorate the backyard and become a favorite vacation spot for all family members at any time of the year.

    A summer gazebo with a transparent roof and a wrought iron frame is in harmony with the nature of the summer garden. Relaxing in an airy shelter filled with nature and air will be unique on hot summer days.

    The area in front of the garage door, decorated with wrought iron patterns, will not only decorate the site, but also become reliable protection of personal vehicles from the negative impact of the environment.

    A simple version of a forged visor will be a decoration of a standard residential building, and its low price will pleasantly surprise the owners of the premises. Refinement and elegance will attract the attention of others.

    For information on how to install forged visors, see the next video.